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Thread: WildShot's (Lord Zoroark's) PokeSwap and Shop

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    Default WildShot's (Lord Zoroark's) PokeSwap and Shop

    Welcome, all! Welcome, I say, to WildShot’s PokeSwap’n Shop!

    This here is my shop, WildShot’s PokeSwap’n Shop.

    …Of course, you already knew that.

    ... OR DID YOU?!?

    If you did, you though wrong! This shop is now owned by both myself AND NotACookie (AKA Wez)!

    Well, as per SerebiiForums’ regulations, I’ll put up our shop’s rules (speaking for both Wez and myself):

    1. All of the SerebiiForums’ Rules and Regulations apply here.

    2. I don’t take any hacks, nor will I distribute them knowingly. If I have traded you a hack, then please inform me and give evidence. I will give you a full refund plus a Masterball. I will also attempt to track down the person who traded me the hack and blacklist them, so please keep the evidence after you have received your refund.

    3. I will take it for granted that all Pokemon that you trade me are fully redistributable. Conversely, all of my Pokemon are fully redistributable. Redistribution rights made after the trade will not be honored.

    4. Any Pokemon that you trade me may not have any ridiculous nicknames. If you have a Flawless Braviary nicknamed “Uncle Sam”, I may consider it, but I won’t trade for that Jolly Flawless Terrakion nicknamed “Cindy”. (I actually considered nicknaming a Quiet Terrakion “Cindy”. Just for laughs, of course.)

    5. No flaming of myself or others will be tolerated in my shop. Anybody who does so will be blacklisted and reported to the moderators.

    6. If I don’t say that I want a Pokemon in my Wants List to be shiny, then I don’t want it to. You can offer one if you want to, but I’ll probably give you less than what I would have given if you had stuck to the letter and not made it shiny. (I mean, seriously. Just look at a shiny Honchkrow. Nobody’s gonna take that thing seriously.)

    My Pokemon and Wants List are below.
    If you want to offer me something that's not on my wants list, go right ahead: I've been allowed to do that in the past, and the resulting agreements often turned out profitable for both parties.

    Thanks for taking your time to visit and browse my wares.

        Spoiler:- Pending Trades:

    I also offer a few services:

    -Game Information (don't post here, send me a VM) (I give information free!)

    Information is FREE! =)

    Once again, thank you for visting!


    1) Flawless Adamant Ruby and Sapphire Anniversary Groudon
    2) Flawless Timid Ruby and Sapphire Anniversary Kyogre
    3) Flawless Hasty Oblivia Deoxys (Attack Forme)
    4) Flawless Jolly PC Garchomp
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