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I'm guessing it'll be after the current maintenance, because then the tournament rankings for the Japanese tournament where the Custap berry was a reward should be up. So we'll get them at the same time as the Japanese players (I was hoping we'd get them before but oh well).

I ranked in the tournament, so this thread has my personnel assurance that I'll do my best to distribute these berries.

I dunno if I'll be able to play in the Jaboca berry tournament yet though

Now onto the topic I came here to discuss: With GenV ending in October, do people think that that means the Dream World will be taken down?

I don't think they'll get rid of the dream world, but it'll likely be upgraded to fit 6th gen or something.

Though with gen 6 announced, I hope that they hurry up and release the rest of the DW pokemon, especially the rest of the starters for america. I mean seriously GF Japan, it has been nearly 2 years since you got them and you still haven't let us in on the fun! (barring the sinnoh region starters, but their DW abilities kinda suck)