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So a Kanto Cup that gets you the Kanto Starters C-Gear skins eh? Pretty much EVERY team will have Drought Ninetales, Chlorophyll Venusaur, Solar Power Charizard and a few others thrown in.

I'd personally have an Aerodactyl to counter the obvious Charizard. Set up Stealth Rock and it's pretty much a dead lizard. Unfortunately I don't have the Japanese games so I won't be able to enter.

Oh that game lags quite a lot when loading it the first time in that session. Don't know why.
Timid max speed DW Venusaur can switch in on Aerodactyl live the Rock Slide that was meant for Charizard outspeed an Adamant Aerodactyl and OHKO with Solarbeam just as a warning.

Best way to counter would be Jolteon with a Focus Sash Timid Nature moves Rain Dance Signal Beam Thunder Wave and Thunder