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    Default Roll to Dodge! V.3

    I recently got permisson from the orignal GM to remake this, so that is what I am doing.

    Hey, is anybody interested in playing a Roll to Dodge game here? RtD is pretty much a D&D-like rpg played on a forum, in irc, etc. You create character sheets, have skills, roll to see what your actions do (hence the name, Roll to Dodge) fight things, et cetera. There are multiple players in a RtD game, and usually they interact with each other, such as being in a group with each other, or fighting against each other, or maybe going off independently, until they run into each other somewhere or group with each other. Here are the rules, in the most basic form, without skills, equipment, items, and stuff that, if I were to host a game, I would include:

    The GM (Game Master) posts a situation the players are in. The players then post their actions, according to the conditions GM sets. The GM then rolls for the actions' results, and writes them out in his post. Then the players post actions again, ad infinitum.

    The action results are defined by a six-sided die roll:
    [1]: Epic Fail. Your efforts only worsened your situation.
    [2]: Fail. Your skills or luck were insufficient.
    [3]: Meager success: The situation didn't improve by as much as you have intended.
    [4]: Success: Your efforts were sufficient to achieve your goal.
    [5]: Epic Success: Your skills and luck have combined to ensure your success.
    [6]: Overshot: Your efforts were more than required for the goal's completion, and your luck is such that side-effects are inevitable.

    If at any time something threatens a player, that player may make a roll to avoid the threat.

    More stuff about RtD:

    You get a trait given to you by me based on your character. This trait also has a weakness that is given to you. These will be explained in detail as the game progresses. There are major skills and minor skills. You pick one major skill for your character. This is usually defined by your character much like a trait is. You pick two minor skills, these are usually basic stuff you'd find in Elder Scrolls or something. Swordplay, Healing, Sneakiness are examples but most anything goes.

    Magic will be an assortment of spells, which by themselves are (relatively) easy to cast, but you can combine them, to create a harder to cast but much more powerful spell. If you want to cast a more powerful basic spell, you combine the spell with itself.

    A character sheet example:

    Name: Doc Brown
    Gender: Male
    Backstory: Was a brilliant scientist who discovered time travel but only told one other person who plans on using it for evil
    Major skill(if applicable): Teleportation
    Minor skills(if applicable): Hand-To-Hand, Magic
    Equipment(if applicable): Trenchcoat, Sneakers, Jeans, +1 Resistance Helmet, Gun

    You can (attempt) to do anything in Roll to Dodge. Want to try to fly off of a building? You can, but you might get a negative modifier or two to your roll, due to the difficulty. Trying to see how far you can go underwater? You can, but you may overshoot and accidentally turn into a mermaid.

    With plus modifiers, they will always work unless they will cause an overshoot or otherwise stated. That's the fun of it, anything goes.

    Basic Magic:

    If its a pokemon type then its a basic magic spell, I'll just put it that way.

    Dont make an overpowered character, anything that I deem overpowered or impossible, I will change slightly. Just test stuff out, cause like I said most anything goes

    You start the game out with 10 Health and 10 Mentality. You can die. If you die, you're out of the game. If you want to get back in, you can get on the waiting list with a different character if your character isnt revived. As the game progresses special effects will happen to your character depending on what they do. Affection, Rage, Zen, and Loss of Limbs are a few of the things that might happen by chance.

    InSaNiTiY MoDe:
    In InSaNiTiY MoDe, you will be rolling a special 12 sided dice, here is how it breaks down, 1-3 = Auto Death. 4-5 = Epic Fail. 6-7 = Fail. 8-10= Success. 11-12 MEGA OVERSHOOT!.

    In MEGA OVERSHOOT you will do things above the realm of possibilities, You see a torch, roll an eleven and you might become a Human Torch, MEGA OVERSHOOT is so strange and extreme, you never know what could happen. However if you want, you can regain more mentality, and go back to normal, if you do not like the odds. It also discounts all modifiers.

    SPPF Rules apply.
    No Overpowered Characters
    You need to be active.

    Each turn is 48 hours. If you fail to roll in time, we pass you and you lose a health. If you need to be on vacation you should get someone to fill in for you.

    For your turn, You put your action in bold. You can do anything you want. The more impossible it is, the more it is likely to fail and vice versa. Here's an example of someone's post

    Roll to jump up and down

    After every has done an action I or one of the refs will update with a post that explains everything that happened.

    You may only carry 5 items, not counting sign up items, if you already have five, you may drop one and pick up a new one.

    No Editing. Period.

    Certerified Ref
    The Meddler*
    Curious Heartless
    (* Means that this person is a co-owner, and thus is able to accept new refs.)

    Round 1 Winner = Jackson Black - CuriousHeartles 96.
    Round 2 Winners = Sirirus, Ignis, and Pastel - Creature of the night - Psiionic, CuriousHeartless 96 and Digipoke1.
    Round 3 Winner = Sora - Winder
    Round 4 Winner = Locher Neston and Arthur - Infernal Blaze and Mon1010
    Round 5 Winner = Jon Teou the Dragon of Free Will, Roma-Laa the Kantus, Captain Octavio Pye the Pirate Captain - PokeLegend, Ghost of The Forums, Thecatteam
    Round 6 Winners = Damone and Zai - The Meddler and Psiionic
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