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Thread: All For The Love of Meloetta (746)

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    Good episode. I liked Cynthia and Ash meeting again. We got to see her Glaceon, too bad it was only shown using Ice Beam to make ice for Meloetta. Axew vs Garchomp didn't make sense, though, especially Axew taking both Dragon Rush and Draco Meteor. And Axew didn't even use Guga Impact again, much like Outrage. What a shame.

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    Figures that Shirona would appear at an ice cream stand given her love of snacks. I liked that she now owned a Glacia as a reference to B2/W2, and Mijumaru and Emonga getting on each other's nerves while tending to Meloetta was hilarious. I thought that Kibago battling Gablias was very unfair, though.

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