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    Default Bravely Second (SPOILERS FOR BRAVELY DEFAULT)

    It's about time to start a new thread, now that info is starting to pour out. In this thread, discuss Bravely Second and anything that was shown in the prequel that you want to see again.

    We have received our first bit of news about the sequel of Bravely Default.

        Spoiler:- Big Picture:

    In this report, it's revealed that Magnolia will be able to change jobs. So far, the only confirmed jobs are Time Mage, Red Mage, Performer, and Valkyrie.

    As for the story side of it, Agnes has become the pope of the Crystal Orthodoxy and is striving for peace in Eternia...but at the signing of the peace treaty held there, she is taken prisoner.

    And that's about it for info.
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