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Thread: The Exciting League Battles

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    Default The Exciting League Battles

    Chapter 0: Enter The Unova League!

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        Spoiler:- List:

    Kay had dreamed of this day. She'll finally challenge the Unova League! She pondered about what could happen. Will she emmit victouriosly, or will she suffer a crushing defeat. Only time could tell. She then looked around at the 10 pokemon surrounding her. There was a Emboar, a Lilligant, a Lampent, a Sneasel, a Stoutland, an Arcanine, a Lucario, a Crobat, Cobalion (Long Story) and A Meloetta (An Even Longer Story.) She was choosing the 6 to use in her battles. Emboar, Stoutland and Lucario Were Defenite. They've been with her since day 1. Emboar and Lucario also had an Advantage against grimsley, while Stoutland was unaffected by Shauntel's Ghost Attacks, And could bite back with crunch. She Needed A Pokemon To Go Up Against Caitlin's Psychic pokemon, and Marshall's Fighting pokemon.

    She was against using meleotta or Cobalion. They were powerful legends, not your typical pokemon. But Meloetta's Begs won her over. That Was 4 pokemon chosen. The 10 there wern't her only pokemon. There was lots of pokemon in her PC. She Eventually Got Sneasel and Crobat out the PC. It Was Time To Get Going.
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    Here's my my first fic, Exciting League Battles Hope you like it!

    Chapter XII (7) is up! Go have a little sneak peek!

    Next Time: Kyurem, Lord of Thunder and Fire!


    Second Fic: Still in Construction (<THAT'S NOT THE TITLE!)

    Next Time: Prologue

    Lopunnies, Lopunnies it must be Lopunnies! Or maybe Mijamaru....

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