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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquarelle View Post
    I'm assuming you're getting the "it won't have any effect" message when you try to give your Pokemon another Qualot Berry? If so, that means that your Pokemon's friendship is maxed out AND it has zero EVs in Defence.

    Yes, I think so that was the wording, but would like to beleive its not coz its Return is still weak. :/
    M gonna try the other berries I get today as well as the Beauty Salon makeup Kalosian mentioned a few posts earlier. Sigh... JA is sooooo expensive. I lost all of my bucks on the power lunch in the Cafe and only just remembered that you get power anklet in that petlil trade just before... -_-

    Q) Also, can i know just how early i can get herbal meds for a safety net? And, if my pokemon faint in Subway battles, does that count as decreasing friendship?

    at 24karat,
    I dont think so that the natures have been discovered yet, or I would have seen them in the PWT thread (which unfortunately is now closed). You shouldnt have too much problem with that Garchomp, SRing for otherwise would take too long. What you should be worried about I think is the hax-abuse. :/ There's sooo much of it!! My 90% accuracy leaf tornado missed three times in a row! And the twice acc reduced Kling klang managed to hit me without ever missing a beat right on my 21st streak! Talk about bad luck.
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