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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Leaving Virbank/Return to Virbank

    Welp after doing some annoying Pokestar Studios that I should really press charges for (they won't let you leave a building unless you make a movie) and dealing with Team Plasma, I decided to head off towards Castelia city. However, I encountered the same issue that I did when I headed off towards Virbank - I am underleveled. So I decided to return to Virbank and Audino grind my team a bit.

    I really hope I don't have to do this for every time I enter a new area...
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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 4

    Acc: Cleared Victory Road and the League with no trouble. A team of Lv.100's will do that. :\
    Acc: Explored around to each town and city in the post-E4 sections.
    Acc: Transferred all my Pokémon (except for my two complete collections of all 28 shapes of Ruins of Alph and Solaceon Ruins Unown) from HeartGold and Platinum, used my White1 to teach some of them new moves and attach some held items.
    Dis: Now I'll have to restart and recomplete my HG and Pt games...
    Acc: Caught the Muskedeers and Legendary Dragons, fused for my very own White Kyurem.
    Dis: Stuck pretty solidly on the puzzle to unlock Regirock. Nine steps right and [circle] steps down from the eyeball? I don't even know what they mean by "the eyeball..." :S
    Dis: Still haven't done anything with the Strange House, but I transferred over my Cresselia from Pt, so I don't need the catchable one in W2.
    Dis: I also have a Latias transferred from HG and the Pixie trio and Heatran from Pt, so I don't need the catchable ones within W2.
    Dis: I DO, however, need to catch the Regi Quads, so I need to complete these puzzles and get the other key from B2 to finish my Legendary collection.
    Dis: I REALLY wish I had either WiFi for Genesect, or a way to reliably get to my nearest Gamestop in time for giveaways like Keldeo. I'd love to fill that last slot in my Legends! PC box.
    Acc: Prepping to take on the powered-up form of the League. It should be almost as easy as before, except they give more money and can occasionally do damage to my team.

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    Having lots of fun so far! I just got my seventh Gym Badge. I didn't really plan to get the Pokémon I did (I seriously didn't expect to use four Unova Pokémon), but the team has been really fun so far.

    Ampharos Lv. 42 w/ Magnet
    Fire Punch
    Bulldoze (I swear I don't have anything better to put here)
    Confuse Ray

    Sigilyph Lv. 42 w/ TwistedSpoon
    Air Slash
    Light Screen

    Samurott Lv. 43 w/ Mystic Water
    Aqua Jet

    Mienfoo Lv. 43 w/ Eviolite (for times when I know I won't be using Acrobatics, like the 7th gym)
    Jump Kick
    Drain Punch
    Rock Slide

    Weezing Lv. 43 w/ Black Sludge (I could use Leftovers, but Black Sludge is cooler)
    Sludge Bomb
    Fire Blast
    Explosion (I never really use this - may replace with Will-o-wisp)

    Sawsbuck Lv. 43 w/ Silk Scarf
    Horn Leech
    Jump Kick
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    I visited the Strange House today. After making my way through all of the rooms, I found the Lunar Wing and then left. I then headed into Reversal Mountain. Bianca was there, and she teamed up with me. I did a lot of training in there and got around half of my team to level 45. I also managed to catch an Excadrill after many tries because Bianca kept screwing me over. >_<

    When I found the exit, I ended up in Undella Town. My rival showed up and battled me. He was pretty easy to defeat since he only had three Pokemon. Now, I'm just focusing on raising the levels of my Pokemon, then I'll start heading towards Lacunosa Town.
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    Finally got around to making a good length through the game this weekend dispite working all week. I finished up business in Opelucid City and I must say I love the shadow triad. I'm now in Humilau City and I'm going to fight Marlon. I feel my Pokemon are a little underleveled mid to late 40's but when I grinded I beat the other leaders with little effort so hopefully this will give me more of a challenge.

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        Spoiler:- Previous post:

    Well. I made it. May as well recount the warstories, then.

    Vs. Marshal: Apollo 18 took out his Throh and Mienshaoand enabled Sawk's Sturdy, but got OHKOed by the returning Payback. Brought in Flood to make Marshal use his Full Restore, ate a Brick Break, and made the KO. Used The Else to fight Conkeldurr, two Screeches and an Acrobatics sent him on his way (he Bulked Up and missed with Stone Miss).


    Vs. Grimsley: Led with Flood and X-Scissored his Liepard. It lived, making him waste his Full Restore and allowing me to do another one and KO with Aqua Jet. Used John Henry against Krookodile, tried to stack Bulk Ups, but his second Earthquake got a crit and KO'd me. Flood ate an Earthquake, got down to about 30ish HP, KO'd with Surf. Used The Else against Scrafty, Revival Herbed Conkeldurr, took the Crunches, and brought him down with Acrobatics. Ended up keeping The Else against Bisharp, ate the Night Slash with 29 HP to spare, OHKO'd with Sky Uppercut.


    Vs. Shauntal: Started off with Lincoln, Thunderbolt paralyzed. Ate a crit Shadow Ball that dropped SpD, finished it with Flash Cannon. Swapped to Flood to fight Golurk, one-shotted with Surf. For Drifblim, went back to Lincoln, Thunderbolt did it in. Against Chandelure, it's Flood again. Didn't know it had Energy Ball, went into very low health, defeated it with Surf.


    Vs Caitlin: Led with Lincoln again, Flash Cannoned, got Yawned, brought in Flood, Yawned on the switch. X-Scissor brought it to red, Yawned again, fell asleep. Casteliaconed while she Full Restored. Two more X-Scissors put in red again while I got Yawned twice more. Woke up with Casteliacone while she tried to Dream Eater, nailed it with Aqua Jet. Made the mistake of keeping Flood in on Gothitelle, paid the price in his OHKO by Thunderbolt. Went back to Lincoln. She Calm Minded and Psychiced me, I Flash Cannoned her. Managed to defeat Gothitelle. Against Reuniclus, sacced The Else to her Psychics to deliver a Screech and Revive Flood, then sent out Flood to OHKO with X-Scissor. Pit Lincoln against Sigilyph, ate a crit Psychic, OHKO'd with Thunderbolt.

    And there I was. One fight left. Dat Champion. To recap my party member's accomplishments:

    Flood: General awesomeness, being reliable, scoring kills on like half their 'mons, MVP by far
    Lincoln: Having reliable defenses and typing to combat Shauntal and Caitlin, hitting hard with his STABs, just being overall broken
    Mink Car: Absolutely nothing
    Apollo 18: Made mincemeat out of many of Marshal's 'mons, didn't do anything else
    John Henry: Tried to make him useful for the Grimsley fight, got haxed and it didn't work, so nothing
    The Else: Actually really good, made for a valuable hit-taker against Marshal and Grimsley, pulled off a couple of good kills, did a great service against Caitlin, probably 3rd MVP after Lincoln

    Took my gulp of nervousness, broke out the healing items, and rode that elevator. It was our time now, all of us. The final battle between good and not-me. I travelled to the center, and pressed that crucial button. A. What is meant by A? Affirmative. Affirming all that I stood for, all that I had accomplished in a button press. A.

    I rode that elevator down. Down to where the dragons roamed. Down to where the final moment awaited. Down to my toughest challenge yet. Down to where all that I had dreamed of waited. And then... I walked up. Up to my moment of glory, up to Andy Warhol's fifteen minutes of fame. Up to where all that I had would be on display. Up to where my stuff was to be strutted. Up to where my legacy would be forged.

    Down, and then up, to a Pokefight.


    Awesome vs. Iris

    Hydreigon time. Lead with John Henry. Takes a Dragon Pulse, loses a little over half his health, OHKOs with Hammer Arm. You overgrown concrete-lifting clown, you, this is what you was born to do, to one-shot evil three-headed demon hydra dragon lizards owned by champion space princesses. Hell yeah.

    Druddigon. Need to save Flood for later, so this is on Lincoln. Supersonic succeeds, but confusion fails and he gets hit with Focus Blast. Not much health left, but may as well Thunder Wave for parafuse. She snaps out of confusion, Focus Blasts... misses. Sac Lincoln and Flash Cannon some half health out of it. May as well bring on the Flood. Ice Beam for the finish. Score is 5-4.

    Lapras now. With Lincoln out of commission, I have no good response to this. Ultimately, Apollo 18 ends up taking on the duty of stalling this out for a bit. Revival Herb Lincoln while she Sings me and Hyper Potion John Henry while she Surfs me. Sorry, Apollo 18, but she has no Fighting types for you to feast on, and god knows I can't put Mink Car or The Else in here. Surf does a little less than half, so I Casteliacone Apollo 18 while Lapras Surfs him again. Manage to land a Psyshock for almost half her health while Apollo 18 dies to Ice Beam. Go for it, Lincoln! Lincoln, distraught by its brother's sacrifice, brings the vengeance with Thunderbolt. Score is 5-3.

    Aggron? John Henry bait. Lose about a quarter health to Double-Edge, irrelevant Rocky Helmet damage, OHKO with Hammer Arm. God bless you, John Henry. May God bless you and your mighty, hammer-like arms of Fighting-typeness. May God bless you for making the score 5-2, my favor.

    Archeops. We're getting close now. This is where Flood makes his true, grand entrance. Aqua Jet once to activate Defeatist, take pittance from Rock Slide, 2nd Aqua Jet for the KO. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

    Here it is, ladies and gents. The ace. The queen. The one. The only. The Hax 'r' Us. Sporting a 540 BST and a level that rivals Flood's own (he's 61 now from the League Exp., she's 59), she's too skilled to be confuse-haxed like her counterpart in Opelucid. She's mean. She's tough. She's got powerful Dragon moves that'll sweep me away if I'm not careful. I may be winning 5-1, but she's got three Full Restores at the ready, and Dragon Dance is in her moveset.

    This is the moment when the two girls look each other in the eyes (probably, but idk, I was eating a bagel. Or was it a donut?). The moment when their two ace Pokemon meet on the field of battle, each ready to show its respective moves, each ready to claim the victory for the one who brought them here. Awesome looks to Flood. He nods toward his seamitars (sic?). Awesome smiles. She knows he's got this. Iris draws her final Poke Ball. Within it, an axe-faced lizard with unspeakable power in its claws rests. The white button is pressed, and a red light flashes out, materializing...


    She breaks the mold. That much can be said. The mold? Oh, it's broken. She means business. Iris, in her own words, will hone her mind and become one with her Pokemon. Though it sounds creepy, I don't doubt her resolve. She starts with a Dragon Dance. A bold choice, but only the beginning of what could be to come. In a moment of rashness/misclicking, Awesome calls for an X-Scissor. Unwise? Yes, but Flood, hesitant but faithful, acknowledges and manages to land a crucial critical hit, healing off some of the previous Rock Slide thanks to his Shell Bell. The Haxorus's health is down to about 6/10ths. We can win this.

    An Earthquake. Awesome cringes as Flood's health bar drops. Lower, past the halfway point. It stops at 59 of 207, a drop of 124 Hit Points, or a loss of almost 60%. A brutal hit, but to Flood's credit, he bears it stoically. Bellowing a mighty roar, the sea otter samurai charges an Ice Beam in its mouth. The space princess and the axe-faced dragon sweatdrop. Flood fires.

    It is a KO. F*ck yeah.

    I am now the Champion of the Unova region.

    F*ck yeah.

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    I haven't done a lot in a couple days, aside from some Dream Radar stuff (Tornadus and Thundurus caught!), and beat the trainers along routes 1, 2 and 3. I have done a few trades so I can get my Unova Dex (seen) filled up. I got a Lopunny (so I can breed Buneary) and a Mandibuzz (for Vullaby). I am trying to get a Dewott in trade, as well. I caught a Vulpix, but don't have a Fire Stone! -_- Ugh! Now I need to see which Pokemon I need to see.
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    After some training, both in levels and in strategy, finally went to challenge Skyla again, this time Swanna gave me no trouble at all, as Emboar's Return was strong enough to win the match. Thanks to its decent bulk, Bubblebeam and Air Slash didn't KO it so I was able to defeat Skyla and earn my 6th badge.

    Right now I'm finding my team a little underleveled. I caught a Lv.35 Camerupt in the double grass near Reversal Mountain, so now my team is complete. Litwick was raised until Lv.41 and evolved, just in time to take advantage of the Dusk Stone found in Strange House, which means, Chandelure is born ^^

    Currently I'm on training in the double grass again before entering the mountain. The wild Pokémon levels almost match my own so it's a nice place. Growlithe is starting to have trouble due to being NFE, but with Eviolite it can grab some KO's. I'll evolve it once it reaches Lv.45 but I hope it occurs soon. I'm still divided between Extremespeed and Thunder Fang for Arcanine as I'm keeping Flare Blitz, Outrage and Crunch for coverage. Thunder Fang is only useful for Waters, because otherwise, STAB Flare Blitz is stronger than super-effective Thunder Fang. However, a water gym and the trouble I had with Swanna makes me think that Thunder Fang is more useful for this team.

    Once my team reaches Lv 40-42, I'll enter the Reversal Mountain and explore the home of the legendary Heatran ^^

    Current team:

    Scorch Lv.42 (M)
    - Flame Charge
    - Blast Burn
    - Return
    - Bulldoze (changing to Hammer Arm maybe)

    Apollo Lv.40 (M)
    - Flamethrower
    - Flame Wheel
    - Crunch
    - Dig

    Abyss Lv.39 (M)
    - Flare Blitz (best animation ever!)
    - Bulldoze
    - Hammer Arm
    - Headbutt

    Symphonia Lv.39 (F)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Fire Spin
    - Signal Beam
    - Gust

    Lights Lv.41 (F)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Flame Burst
    - Hex
    - Inferno

    Desert Lv.39 (M)
    - Lava Plume
    - Earth Power
    - Rock Slide
    - Strength

    @a person: Very nice battle descriptions ^^ Flood's the boss.
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    I Just defeated Skyla & now I'm on her plane

    Current team :

    Swampert lvl 39
    Charizard lvl 37
    Emolga lvl 39
    Serperior lvl 37
    Scizor lvl 37
    Gabite lvl 38
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    After decending down the mountain I defeated my rival and Undela town. I went south and defeated all the trainers there. Then I went to the northern route and made my way to Lacunosa Town, where I learned a bit about the town and defeated one of those Sages. I went to Route 12 where I got a Rosalia. I defeated all the trainers there and went to the Village bridge. Which was a great place to get a couple of levels. I went to Route 11 that is where I got Rosalia to level 40 I decided that it would be a good level to evolve Rosalia into a Roserade.


    Samurott Level 44

    Ampharos Level 42
    -Fire Punch
    -Confuse Ray
    -Power Gem

    Lucario Level 42
    -Focus Palm
    -Ice Punch
    -Bone Rush

    Growlithe Level 42

    Vibrava Level 42
    -Earth Power

    Roserade Level 40
    -Giga Drain
    -Petal Dance
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    I Beat Black Version 2. I guess now it's time for me to transfer most of my guys from Black Version over I think I'm going to aim to get that Shiny Haxorus now.

    Current Team

    Samurott 60
    Jolteon 60
    Lucario 60
    Unfezant 59
    Roserade 59
    Unfezant 59

    Also I put it on Challenge Mode.. so I guess I'll just do a little exploring and training and then I'll go get all the legendary Pokemon.

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    I just arrived at Mistralton City. Juniper went to Celestial Tower, Skyla went back to the gym and i am taking a rest at the pokémon center. My team is now:

    Keldeo, all of these somewhere between lv.36 and lv.38
    Vibrava, lv.41

    However, i am thinking about replacing Keldeo with Eelektross. When i fought an Archen yesterday it K.O.'ed Monferno and Meganium, it was then that i realized three of my pokémon are weak to flying types. So yeah, that's why Keldeo has to make room for Eelektross. That sixth spot is already taken btw, i'm gonna catch a Pawniard and evolve it into Bisharp.

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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 8-9

    Episode 8: Roxie time!
    Went to the club/Gym where Clyde gave me another Fresh Water.
    Didn't like the Gym's theme this time, the Japanese Version was better (I want to know if the German Version includes Smogons).
    Faced Roxie's partners, while dulling out the music.
    After silencing Roxie's band members, I got scared by Roxie's shout and battled her.
    vs , started the battle (again) with Oshawott who managed to endure Koffing's Tackles and Assurances while defeating with with a well-timed Return.
    vs (add DAT EPIC music), Returned once, but Whirlipede's Poison Point activated and fainted the sea otter with a boosted Venoshock.
    vs , Growlithe's Ember finished the battle in a very anti-climatic way.
    Got the Toxic Badge (2 obtained, 6 to go) and TM09 (Venoshock)

    Episode 9: Pokéstar Studios Part I
    After getting my second Gym Badge, went to the Pokéstar Studios, because the Captain (Pop Roxie) was there and I needed to go to Castelia City.
    Met Stu Deeoh and was LITERALLY FORCED to get a tour guide (Seriously, I like to explore on my own!), not to mention I had to watch the most boring movie ever (Roxie's dad is a really bad actor!)
    After the movie, I was EVEN MORE FORCED to participate in the same movie as Pop Roxie, however I acted a lot better than the Captain.
    While making the movie, I met the Movie Star Brycen (he was Brycen-Man, Riolu-Kid's villain in the movie), who was Unova's Gym Leader two years ago (and I REALLY want to find out what happened to Lenora).
    Watched the movie and people said encore and liked my act.
    I got scripts for four more movies and since I'm not in a hurry (Hugh may be, but that's of no importance to me), I'll do them (not to mention I can score a few Medals for the Rally).

    @a person You got some nice badass (and epic) descriptions there.
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    Popped into Chargestone Cave to train up for the battle against Clay. Came across a Joltik that once belonged to N... didnt know it at the time though. So i caught it and retured to training. After beating Clay and doing the PWT, i re-entered Chargestone Cave and made my way to the exit. Right before leaving another one of N's pokemon appeared, this time a Ferroseed. so i decided to catch that too

    Question... Will these pokemon that belonged to N, level up quicker?
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    Last night was legendary catching night.
    I made my way around Iccirus, Clay Road, Twist Mountain, Route 8, Moor of Iccirus, Route 15 and Black City, transferring over 60 Pokemon from my 4th gen games. Then I went hunting for legends.
    Zekrom, Kyurem, Azelf, Mesprit, Regirock, and Registeel were all captured with relative ease. The Regis put up a better fight on my White 2 version (took me over 60 balls to get each!) but last night no legendary took over 10. Oh well.

    Now I'm in Pinwheel Forest. Time to finish exploring the routes and towns of Unova!

    -Robyn the Emolga lv 73
    -Truck the Tyranitar lv 74
    -Linemile the Flygon lv 73
    -Starmie *shiny* lv 74
    -Egoist the Roserade lv 73
    -Kirikizan the Bisharp lv 74

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    Yesterday evening I took on the elite four, and swept through it. They seemed much less challenging this time around. Only one of my pokemon fainted, and that was only because I overestimated his speed. The team at the end of the game was as follows:

    Arthur the Samurott, level 56
    Lancelot the Lucario, level 55
    Morgana the Zoroark , level 55
    Gawain the Arcanine, level 54
    Mordred the Electvire, level 53
    Guinevere the Roserade, level 53

    After the credits rolled, I stopped playing, but I think I'm going to go check out the post-game areas soon.

    However, the best part of last night was not beating the game. While I was traveling through Victory Road, I caught a shiny Tranquil. I was never a big fan of the Pidove line, but that may change now, because the shiny Unfezant sprite looks really cool.
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    I caught everything outside of Reversal mountain except vibrava which I couldn't find >..then I went to the strange house which I really hate and caught a duosion and a banette. Then I got through the mountain but not without going back and getting shadowball and teaching it to Barkly. Now I'm in Undella town.
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    MC: Bento
    Recent Medals: Elite Guide
    Badges: 3


    Prinlplup (Talon): Level 30
    Lucario (Maxie): Level 28
    Jolteon (Sparky): Level 27

    Just got a Braviary with its Hidden Ability. Traded with some random youngster for a Cottonee, and did the Magnemite Coil a bunch of times. Join Avenue Rank is 6.

    Headed into the Desert Resort now to find my next team member, N's Sigilyph and complete the Habitat List there.

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    I played Black 2 today.I explored Nimbasa City and had some battles (the one with Rosa,in Sport Domes,in old Nimbasa Gym and Ferris Wheel).Then I went to Route 16 and defeated all the trainers there.I also went to Lostlorn Forest and defeated all the trainers there.I went looking for my fourth team member that would've been a Pinsir but after trying to find one for about 1 hour,I came to know that you can't catch Wild Pinsir in Black 2.But I clearly knew that I had not seen it in Bulbapedia's Version Exclusives list and now they are telling me that Wild Pinsir can only be found in White 2 but Pinsir can be caught in both the versions in the Hidden Grotto.I then went looking in the Hidden grotto but my bad luck I couldn't find it despite repeated tries.So,I decided to remove Pinsir from my future party and decided that I wanted a Bug type.But all of the Bug types are either too late available(Yanmega/Galvantula),are very weak(Vespiqueen/Shuckle),couldn't fit my team due to repeated types(Crustle/Volcarona) or I have already used them/planned them for another walkthrough(Leavanny/Scolipede/Durant).Guess another bad luck.So,I decided that I would just forget about Bug type and just use a Pokemon with Bug attacks and I chose Haxorus.I then went to Nimbasa Gym and liked the new gym design.I defeated all the trainers and healed my Pokemon.Then I challenged Elesa.While she was not hard the battle went on long.She started with Emolga and I sent out Magby.Magby did some damage to Emolga with Flame Burst.Emolga also did some damage to Magby with Volt Switch and switched to Flaaffy.Magby did some damage to Flaaffy with Flame Burst but Flaaffy paralyzed Magby with Thunder Wave.Flaaffy did some damage to Magby with Volt Switch and switched to Emolga.Magby couldn't move due to paralysis.Emolga defeated Magby with Quick Attack.I sent out Scraggy.Emolga's Volt Switch did little damage and switched to Flaaffy.Scraggy's Rock Tomb missed.Scraggy defeated Flaaffy with Brick Break.Scraggy's Moxie raised its attack.Elesa sent out Emolga.Emolga's Volt Switch did little damage to Scraggy and switched to Zebstrika.Scraggy's Rock Tomb did little damage to Zebstrika but lowered its speed.Zebstrika's Quick Attack did little damage while Scraggy's Rock Tomb did some damage and lowered its speed.Zebstrika's Sitrus Berry restored its health.Scraggy's Brick Break did some damage to Zebstrika.Zebstrika's Flame Charge did little damage to Scraggy but its Speed rose.Elesa used Hyper Potion to restore Zebstrika's HP.Scraggy's Faint Attack did some damage to Zebstrika.Zebstrika's Volt Switch defeated Scraggy.It switched to Emolga and I sent out Servine.Emolga's Quick Attack did little damage while Servine used Leech Seed on Emolga.Servine restored some of its health with Leftovers and Leech Seed.Emolga's Quick Attack again did little damage.Servine's Slam did some damage to Emolga but it got paralyzed due to Static.Emolga was knocked out by Leech Seed damage.Some of Servine's health was restored by Leftovers and Leech Seed.Elesa sent out Zebstrika.Zebstrika's Pursuit did some damage to Servine.Servine's Leaf Tornado did some damage to Zebstrika and lowered its accuracy.Leftovers healed Servine.Zebstrika's Pursuit did some more damage but it was defeated by another of Servine's Leaf Tornado.I got the Bolt Badge and TM Volt Switch.I healed my Pokemon and saved the game.


    Lv.30 Male Calm (Leaf Tornado/Slam/Leech Seed/Growth) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.29 Female Hasty (Flame Burst/Fire Punch/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Charcoal

    Lv.29 Male Naughty (Faint Attack/Brick Break/Payback/Rock Tomb) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Eviolite
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    Just arrived at Driftveil city, with a Pokedex of 70/90. There are TWO Pokemon I spent like 3 hours looking for but gave up, they are Cincinno and Leavanny

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    I'm currently in Castelia City in W2, as I only just found where you catch Eevee. I'm going to train it in parts of Relic Passage, Castelia Sewers and against Audino, until I get it to the same level as my other team members. I'm training for Elesa. I'm quite impressed that Trapinch gets Rock Slide as a move at such a low level. It's been really helpful. I've got 2 team spaces left, but they're taken. I'll update later, as this is just a brief 'what I've done' thing.


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        Spoiler:- .:

    I've accomplished the following things since my last post:
    • Started the sidequest with the lost Xtransceiver
    • Activated one of the Memory Link events
    • Ghastly, Houndour and Magnemite evolved
    • Did some level grinding
    • Arrived in Driftveil
    • Obtained N's Zorua, whom I then trained up into Zoroark (felt like Zoroark could make a nice "unofficial" member of my team alongside Lucario)

    Current Status
    Just beat Clay using Dewott and Monferno, currently on my way to the PWT.

    Dewott "Takeru" lv.33
    Monferno "Sun Wukong" lv.32
    Haunter "Ophelia" lv.31
    Houndour "Midnight" lv.30
    Magneton "Gamma" lv.30
    Trapinch "Horizon" lv.30
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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 5!

    Acc: Figured out how to unlock Regirock's chamber, caught him, and used the Iceberg Key to catch Regice, too.
    Acc: Did some more running around, mostly to random places. Did that thing with Cheren in Pinwheel Forest, but not much else that's notable.

    Acc: Decided to put away W2 and start playing B2. Got Alicia's adventure started, catching a Mareep, Sewaddle, Patrat and Pidove on Rte.20/Floccesy Ranch.
    Acc: Beat Cheren, went to Virbank, caught a Magby in the Complex that I think I'm gonna use instead of Darmanitan as my Fire-type.
    Acc: Beat Roxie, became a movie star, and travelled to Castelia.
    Acc: Cleared the sewers of Team Plasma, stopped by Relic Passage and caught a Woobat for my team, and I'm now just one teammate away from having all six members!
    Dis: My team desperately needs to level up before facing Burgh... Everyone's stuck on Lv.16-18, and I have five team members to train already!

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    I caught a staryu in undella town, caught everything in undella bay including my final team member marina the remoraid who has a docile nature, and now am on route 13. Just finished catching everything here and Marina evolved into octillery.
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    Black 2: Burgh is down. I destroyed him with all three of my Pokemon because using just Magby would be too easy. With the last thing done in Castelia, I headed out of the city for the first time and some scientist guy questioned me as I tried to leave. I think his name was Colress and apparently he has a device of some kind. He used it to scare a bunch of Crustle away and clears the path for me. I go through the rest of the route, beating all trainers along the way. Same goes for Desert Resort, which doesn't have much going for it at the moment. At the end of Route 4, I approached a brand new building, which for some reason, is now mine. That building is, of course, Join Avenue. Catching me completely off-guard, my two new assissants forced me to come up with a favourite phrase on the spot. They also ask what I say when impressed and what they should call me. I have no idea what this does, so I wrote basically the first things that came to mind.

    Anyway, moving on. I arrived in Nimbasa City and witnessed Damon in front of the Battle Subway. He wanted to double battle with the Subway Masters, Ingo and Emmet. We do exactly that and beat them [possibly the only time I will ever managed to do that]. Next, I wandered into the Pokemon Center, spoke to someone there and activated a flashback scene involving N [since I used Memory Link shortly before doing this]. Speaking of memories, I went to the Pokemon Musical Theatre for no real reason and received Handel's [my Black trainer name] Prop Box, which has all the props contained in it. This is good, I guess. Saves me from having to obtained these props again. Returning back to the Desort Resort results in finding N's Darumaka in the wild. Great, I have now caught one of his Pokemon.

    Heading to the Amusement Park, I stumbled upon a lost item on the ground. I'll deal with that later. For the moment, I went through the Nimbasa gym and rode the rollercoasters only to discover Elesa was not even there. Feeling a little underleveled, I decided to train at Route 15 and Lostlorn Forest. Someone at the back of the forest gave me TM95 Snarl and then transformed into a Zoroark O.O; Well, o-kay. Next on the list, I attempted to progress as much as I could on Route 5. It is there that I get interrupted by Bianca again. She was on the search for a Hidden Grotto, and yep, she finds one straight up. Inside was a Minccino. After catching it and defeating every trainer possible, I saved the game and kept Elesa waiting until next time... because leaving gym leaders waiting is what I do.

    Dewott - Level 27
    Magby - Level 26
    Eevee - Level 26

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