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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Alright, so last time I was training for Drayden. I managed to get both Dexy and Vivi to level 45, where both evolved. Now my team is officialy complete!

    On that note, I entered the Opelucid Gym, which had a pretty awesome redesign, bringing Dexy, Vivi, and Lucas. Vivi suffered a little, seeing as her only Dragon move was Dragon Tail (damn you low priority!), but I still managed to beat everyone and reached Drayden. Vivi managed to take down Drayden's Druddigon, and Lucas took out his Flygon with a single Ice Punch. I then sent out Dexy and KO'd Haxorus with a single Outrage. After his defeat, he met me at his place to discuss legendary dragons. He also mentioned some 'DNA splicers'. But we were interupted by some sounds outside. We looked and saw... A flying ship. It then opened up, revealing a large cannon. Then, it fired...

    Luckily, Drayden and I were unaffected by the giant freeze cannon Team Plasma barraged the town with. I was then tasked with clearing out the town of those goons. I eventually faced off with Zinzolin again, winning of course. He ran off, and Drayden grabbed the DNA Splicers out of a safe. Of course, Drayden forgot one important rule... Never hold something extremely important out in the open when you're enemies have ninjas! I battled one of the Shadow Triad, but the other two were able to escape with the Splicers. I was then told to go to Humilau City.

    After traveling through the Marine Tube, I arrived in the tropical Humilau City (I still have no clue how that's pronounced...) where I saw Hugh. He recommended fighting the Gym. I tried to, but the Gym leader was out. Figures. But it gives me a chance to explore a little. While wandering Humilau, Marlon, the gym leader, sprung out of the water and went to the gym. But I decided I needed more training. So after walking a lady's Mienfoo (who wouldn't let me walk it outside), I went around Routes 21 and 22, as well as Seaside Cave. After that, it was time for another Gym challenge!

    This time, I entered with Maria, Arachne, and Zoroark. The gym was pretty interesting, but not too hard. I quickly reached Marlon. Maria would've made short work of Carracosta, but it had Sturdy, so it took longer than it should've. Wailord also went down after two Electro Balls from Arachne. I tried to have Arachne take out Jellicent, but with it's high Sp. Defense, she couldn't KO it before going down herself. However, Zoroark came out and finished it up for me. Now I have my eighth badge! Now I can take on the Pokemon League. But as Hugh says, Team Plasma comes first. I've now been sent to investigate Route 22 for suspicious Plasma activity.

    I'm also going to retire Maria for now. From here on, I don't think I'll have much use for a Maractus with only Grass moves.

        Spoiler:- Team Progress:
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    Exploring Castelia Sewers!

    Alright I made some significant progress. I entered Castelia and cleared through the city. It oddly took me less time than it did in BW1 even though it's the same structure and I think there might be more trainers, I'm not sure. I then entered Castelia sewers, and after dragging Hugh through the entire sewer even though Team Plasma was close so he could heal me all the time, I confronted Team Plasma and beat them. I then went inside the cave and caught meself a Roggenrolla. I then cleared out the trainers and I'm ready to challenge Burgh
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    Battled the trainers in the Stadiums, the wonderfully intelligent and caring Kindergarten caretaker by the Ferris Wheel and the two Game Freak employees in Castelia. After that, I went to the foundation point in Castelia City to battle wild Audino since they give better experience than wild Pokemon in the desert. I got all members of my team to level 30, and managed to catch a Whimsicott and an Eevee. Too bad I couldn’t find a Lopunny, but I can always get one later. My Magnemite also evolved into Magneton. Went back to Nimbasa, this time to challenge the Gym.

    I entered and challenged the three trainers before Elesa, then the famous star herself appeared. I challenged her, and she proved to be my toughest challenge so far. I started with Pignite, but it could only weaken her Flaaffy and Emolga a little before my pig went bacon. I continued with Magneton and managed to defeat her Flaaffy. I sent out Maractus next, and it took care of her Zebstrika. Finally, my Magneton could take care of her Emolga. I won and got my fourth badge. Exited the Gym, and was about to exit the City towards Route 5 when I ran into my Rival and a few members of Team Plasma.

    My rival had, once again, found a few Team Plasma members which he decided to defeat. But he couldn’t do it alone, and since he is my friend, I had to help him defeat these Plasma members. I did, and they ran away as usual. After that, something happened that I never would have expected. My Rival told me about how Team Plasma stole his sisters Purrloin two years ago, and that he had been too young to do anything about it. He had since then been after Team Plasma for what they did. That surprised me, seems like this game has an unexpected deep to its story. It also explains why he holds such a grudge against Team Plasma.

    I went out to Route 5, where I met nobody else but Bianca! She gave me a HM containing Fly, which was just awesome as it means that I can now fly freely through the region. She also showed me the Hidden Grotto on the Route, where I met and captured a Minccino. I went out to the normal grass and captured a Liepard, Emolga and Gothita. The Gothita is going to be a part of my team, so I need to train it before I can go further.

    That was all I had time for today. I’ll also include my team in every post from now on:

    - level 24
    - level 30
    - level 31
    - level 31
    - level 31
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    Wow it's been a long time since Ive posted on here, but I am happy say I have purchased White 2 and just arrived in Castelia City with Hiro ( my rival) to beatdown Team Plasma...again.
    Played the Pokestar Studios minigame and enjoy it so far.

    Current team:
    Pignite lv. 19 Lucario lv. 17
    Flaaffy lv. 18 Herdier lv. 17
    Pidove lv. 17 Patrat lv. 13 ( HM user)
    Still Gotta Catch Em' All

    Diamond: 1892 6146 4869
    Heartgold: 3524 4472 0206
    White: 4942 4792 9130
    X: 2621 3531 6651

    PM me to add FC please.

    Possible Future Team:

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    I began the battle with Burgh. His Swadloon was very simple to take out, and I had similar ease with Leavanny. His Dwebble, however, was slightly more challenging. Anyway, once I had obtained the Insect Badge, I headed north to challenge Colress. The battle wasn't exactly difficult. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable. I then began exploring Route 4. I battled all of the trainers and located all of the items, including hidden ones, thanks to Bianca's recent gift; the Dowsing MCHN. I entered the Desert Resort after that, defeated the nurse, and saved.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 22
    Rupert Lv. 21
    Omega Lv. 21
    Cinna Lv. 23
    River Lv. 22

    29/649 (4.47%)

    Quote Originally Posted by Endoplasmic Reticulum View Post
    I then entered Castelia sewers, and after dragging Hugh through the entire sewer even though Team Plasma was close so he could heal me all the time, I confronted Team Plasma and beat them.
    As soon as I began to challenge trainers in the sewers, I wished that I had done this. I had to leave to heal so many times. D:
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    I got through route 13 and caught cobalion. He was actually not to hard to catch. I think I only used like 8 or 9 ultra balls =D Now I'm in Lacunosa town.
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    Just completed level 6 in Black Tower using my Lucario, Espeon and Samurott now I am going to do Level 7:

    Current Team:
    Samurott Level 80
    Lucario Level 80
    Arcanine Level 80
    Espeon Level 80
    Flygon Level 80
    Eelektross Level 80.
    Pokemon Sun: Primarina, Lycanroc (Midday), Palossand, Vikavolt, Salandit and Kommo-o.
    Pokemon Moon: Decidueye, Mudsdale, Crabrawler, Oricorio (Baile Style), Oranguru and Toxapex.

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    Just got 3 medals by beating the E4 using only my Chandelure! Fire-type Champ, Ghost-type Champ, and the One and Only medal aw yeeaahh.

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    Okay so I have managed to put the game down for 5 minutes to write my progress:

    Chapter 1
    So Me and the Rival met Bianca up the top of the view point where my starter awaited me, all 3 looked solid choices but my mind was made by the fact I'm playing along side 2 friends who had already shot gunned Snivy and Tepig which i wasnt too bothered as Oshawott was my favourite of the 3 So i took him and to my great suprise he was JOLLY just what i wanted so I went on and destroyed the rival's snivy

    Chapter 2
    After meeting alder I travelled onto Floccesy Ranch where me and Swotter trained to around level 14 by defeating trainers wild pokemon and the rival again, we went on and found the missing Herdier and met someweirdo in a suit, then went back and trained with Alder, and after that went back to our home town where the gym had just opened up.
    So me and oshawott destoyed the gym trainers and eventually made it to Cheren. It was tough battle using only one pokemon but Oshawotts determination shone through as he survived on 3Hp and managed to score a crit on Cherens Lillipup. So I managed to get my first badge and a new TM, but the biggest prize was my Oshawott evolving

    Chapter 3! A new member..
    On this stage of the journey Me and Swotter continued battling the trainers untill we made it to the next city, where immediately I went in search of my next member, A growlithe so i ran into the first patch of grass I saw, THEN BANG A GROWLITHE BUT NO ORDINARY ONE! THERE WAS A SPARKLE AND TING, A SHINY!!! so i weakened it a bit then threw a great ball and caught it :P checked the nature Jolly could it be any better, so i trained around here on the trainers and Audinos till the team were about level 20.

    Chapter 4! Gym 2..
    Growlithe dealt the main damage here sweeping all bar Roxies Koffin which was dealt with by Dewott, In all was an easy battle got the badge and the Tm then went onto the studio poo thing, and did the plasama encounter and made my way to Castelia City I love that place and spent about 4 hours there.

    Chapter 5! Smelly sewers and Glorious gyms..
    I ran straight to the gym thinking I'd be ready but was informed the leader was out so i went to investigate the sewers where i met my rival and went to find plasma again and whilst I was down there both Swotter and Mufasa grew to Level 25, after this i explored the upper part of the city and then challanged the gym, after sending over an egg containg Aron who i hatched and gave the EXp share so it soon caught it to the level of Swotter and Mufasa. Then I challanged Burgh using my new Aron who destoyed it I love him! Got the badge the left towrads the desert.

    Chapter 6! Harsh winds and sweet Roses
    After obtaining my 3rd badge me and my team travelled to the desert where we met Colress strange fella him, My growlithe dominated his steel types then i went back to heal and buy items, (Breeders are so annoying yet so useful) I skipped through the desert reort and went straight to lostlorn forest after my newest member a roselia, which i encountered right away so named her Blossom (may change it to Ivy what do you think?) I then headed to the hidden grotto and found a Moxie Pinsir but it had a modest ability so i boxed it straight away, Then i went back to the desert and trained everyone to level 30 bar Aron level 32 so he evolved

    Chapter 7! A dazzling Beauty and a Hotshot trainer!
    After getting very confused at the old gym in Nimbasa i travelled to the real one where when I managed to defeat the trainers and not get para haxed i battled the Model Elesa, and the only beauty of this Match was Roselia, I started out with 2 layers of toxic spikes where EMolga used Pursuit twice i then healed and venoshocked the pesky little thing killing it in one! Then after that the battle was fairly easy with venishock grounding those elecic types, Badge 4 got!

    Chapter 8! Dewott the destroyer
    After defeating Elesa and getting the HM for fly i decided to visit Mom then got on with my adventure. Where i trained eveyone to level 35 then went and faced clay. This gym was a cake walk Dewott was absolutely unstopable! And after Excadrill fell in battle Dewott began to glow and Evolved into samurott! I then traveled to the PWT! which was a cake walk :/ then re-taught Samurott Mega Horn then defeated Plasma on their ship.

    Chaper 9! A firey fighter
    After beating Plasma I decided to take a break from gyms and explored Relic passage where we trained to level 38 then went deep into the cave and found a volcorona which i decide to catch it was a hrad task but avetually after freezing it my 5th duskball sealed the deal! Then I travelled on to the next city where badge 6 awaited!

    Chapter 10! A triple evolution nd a crash landing..
    After everyone was trained to aboult level 40 I took the route leading to the celestial tower where after many hard fought battles my Lairon managed to evolve into a mighty Aggron and after ringing the bell we looked at eachtohter and decided to solo the next gym We went in and swept the trainers then made it to Skyla. It was a tough battle but a mixtur of ice punch and outrage took down Swanna and Swoobat, then cam skarmory a hard battle to say the least but Aggron just came out on top after a criticval hot rockslide badge 6 got! i then trained everyone to level 45 on audinos and breeders, Then ofter Roselia learned Toxic she was evolved as well as Growlithe and thats where i put the game down!

    Sorry for a massive log

    Name Jimmy
    Badges 6
    Game Time 31 hours

    Samurott- Swotter lvl 45
    Arcanine- Mufasa lvl 45
    Aggron- Iron Roar lvl 45
    Roserade- Blossom lvl 45
    TBD (Dragonite / Skarmory)
    TBD (Absol / Claydol)

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    After visiting Pokéstar Studios, I headed back to Virbank City and had my first confrontation with Team Plasma. After sorting them out I caught the ship to Castelia City! I wandered around the city for a while, getting myself a bike and lots of a nice items. The Gym was closed but Iris appeared and helped me look for Team Plasma, leading me to the sewers. Hugh came along and we walked through together and found Plasma! We dealt with them and then I trained for a little while, levelling up my team nicely. After that I headed to the Gym, which was finally open! The Gym was pretty easy.


    I then headed off to Route 4, but not before meeting Colress again. Bianca gave me the Dowsing Machine and then it was off to Route 4! Colress immediately challenged me, and I beat him.

    Current team
    Servine / Level 23
    Flaaffy / Level 23
    Whirlipede / Level 25

    (One thing I hate about the Gen V games are the lack of Pokémon early-game T__T it's so hard to get myself a good team)
    nothing lasts forever, but this is getting good now.
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    I beat the sage and the plasma grunt, beat all the trainers an got all of the items on route 12, also evolved Rita since she learned outrage, now my wjole team is fully evolved ^^ now I'm at Village Bridge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Frankie on 10/6/12 View Post
    Got Black 2 and White 2. Since Black was my main game between Black and White, started up Black 2 first, but will start up White 2 as well today just so it says my adventure started a day earlier. ^^

    Played through to the point where I met up with Bianca (again), but shut it off without saving because I forgot to upload memories from Black. After adding the memories, I quickly sped through to the point I shut it off the first time. Picked up a new little oshawott since my first one was an oshawott. He was Yunowun (combination of Uno from Unova and one as in the first pokémon in this new region) an this new on is Lilwun. Even Bianca called him a little one. ^^ Battled Hugh's snivy, but was confused when he said he hatched it from an egg when Bianca just gave it to him. o.O?

    Went through the basics and shut it off after she taught me how to catch a pokémon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Frankie View Post
    Ok, so went along doing the basic stuff up until getting to Cheren's gym. It was nice seeing Clyde again. As usual, he gave me some fresh water. Moving on with only my Lilwun, we defeated each of the trainers on the field, they could have been close battles though with the stat modifications going on. In the first battle after defeating the guy's patrat which lowered Lilwun's def, right away I used the gift x defend on Lilwun to bring his def to normal...only for the lillipup to lower his def again. But like I said, we won those two battles.

    Next it was time to beat Cheren. His patrat was about the same as the other trainer's pokémon. His lillipup was tougher. I believe he's the only pokémon I fought at this point who was the same level as Lilwun. We lost, but I cheated and ran from the fight (shut the game off and restarted from the save in front of Cheren). The next battle was basically the same; I even ran again. The third battle we won (which was luck since he just kept using work up and Lilwun finally got a crit from using focus energy he learned from defeating the patrat), but after talking with Cheren (who didn't mind me cheating in our first two battles), the other trainers, and most importantly Clyde who put on a smile telling me how I'll always remember this badge. Like someone pushing but not shoving someone to make the right decision, I took Clyde's words to heart and gave the badge and tm back to Cheren. I didn't want to win that way; what would I be teaching my Lilwun? So Lilwun and I battled him again. To make amends, we lost the battle at the lillipup (even though he just kept working up again) and gave the money Cheren deserved from our first loss. We headed back to make amends with our second lost battle. Since Lilwun hadn't used his oran berry, I swapped it with a new one and threw the old one away to make up for the last time. The other trainers' lillipup fought over the tossed oran berry. Second battle we did the same thing: beat the patrat and lost to the lillipup, handed over more money, healed, and tossed another unused berry. Now my conscience was clear, and we'd try again for real this time. Everything was as if we lost the first two battles and accepted our loss (Lilwun was still the same level, though he had extra attack evs that I doubt affected things). If we won, great, but if we lost, we'd try again (though if I would otherwise run out of oran berries, I'd prolly ask Cheren to not count that battle ^^u). So again, we battled his patrat who I told Lilwun that while he's easier than his lillipup, that we shouldn't get cocky. We beat him and next battled his lillipup once again. I decided, since this was more of a luck battle, to focus on using our focus energy water gun combo which payed off in our last win against him. No crits, but we did take him out. I think even Cheren didn't pull punches like the last time (to maybe make me realize something?) and actually may have scored a work uped tackle which we survived. We even got to use the oran berry this time. ^^ Cheren handed me my badge and tm back and recited his last speech saying "That battle has made me feel really glad you were my first challenger as a Gym Leader… I give you this in honor of the strength you and your Pokémon showed!". Clyde also repeated his saying which was more sincere. "I hope you'll remember the wonderful moment in which you received that Badge forever."

    Well, this sure will be a memory now. ^^
    Ok, haven't really posted much about my game since my last post here (which is the last quote in this post). After getting the first badge, went to the ranch to catch some pickup lillipup (to trade over to my Black since I'm trying to get two pickup lillipup for each level of pickup, so a total of ten) to trade in some low level pokémon I had wanted to train but never got around to. So after trading in my team became Lilwun my oshawott, Maiden my panpour, a currently unnamed pansage, and Grandage another pansage. I'm ev training while going through the game, so I planned my way to Virbank fighting only wanted and mandatory battles. Did the basic stuff and then decided to do some ev training before fighting Roxie. I fought two trainers who had two pokémon so I'd only defeat the first and lose to the second so I could keep getting evs that way (stocked up on pokéballs and primier balls so I wouldn't just lose the money). Defeated all the trainers before her using whichever pokémon of mine needed the evs and then battled Roxie. It went well, but on her last pokémon she knocked out the only pokémon I had to take the 2 def evs. Since I was at an advantage and could have easily defeated her whirlipede, I canceled the battle so my pokémon could be healed at the center (had no revives) and get the evs. This was fine with her. We started again and Grandsage beat her whirlipede easily and got the 2 def evs. After defeating Roxie, I caught another pickup lillipup to trade for an old dratini I found in my FireRed. It was a perfect addition to the team since I wanted to raise a dragonite in this gen since it learns a level up move it doesn't in others and it was at a level that now I was able to train without the badge numbers getting in the way. I also caught a koffing as a souvenir of Roxie and the Toxics. Things went on pretty linear after that just going through the game; introduced to Pokéstar Studios, brought back Pop Roxie, defeated Team Plasma grunts, and finally headed to Castelia.

    It was interesting seeing Castelia after two years. Got the dowsing machine from Bianca, did some ev training by battling in the Gamefreak building, and finally did the sewers. Hugh helped me out and we took out the two Plasma grunts. Hugh was still itching to beat Plasma, but Burgh popped up and told him it was clear from that point on in the sewers. Hugh went off and I talked a little to Burgh. Than Colress said something and kept on walking. Burgh didn't recognize him (which shouldn't he have seen him down there?), but then he headed back to his gym. Before leaving the sewers, I found a rattata that wanted to battle and that got lilwun his 10th speed ev. Headed out of the sewers and talked a little to Iris giving me options such as seeing how well I'd do battling Burgh. I decided I would fight the gym now, but first sent Lilwun to Black to give him nine carbos to help his training.

    Finally got to the gym and WOW! It's really beautiful and the music is relaxing. Now I'm curious to see how all the gyms look now. Burgh's got a new gimmick, instead of honey walls, now he's got a cocoon theme. Figured out how they worked and proceeded through the gym. Battled all the trainers I had to battle. I was running out of needed evs for the only poke I have that's collecting def ones, so I decided to avoid the last minion of the gym and head straight to Burgh when ready since I'd have to get his def evs if I wanted the badge. All battling in the gym up to this point was fine. The only fighters were Lilwun and Grandage. Lilwun took out the speedy combee with razor shell and Grandage took out the tough bug/grass with acrobatics (only didn't ohko while holding item the swadloon) I taught before sending them over or seed bomb in the case of the dwebble. Finally went to fight Burgh. Was actually nervous since I'd be using water and grass types. First was his swadloon against Grandage who knocked it out in one hit with acrobatics (I removed his lucky egg just to be safe). Next was his dewebble who I had him use seed bomb on. It took out about a third of his hp. I was really nervous about struggle bug, but luckily he setup with a rock polish...unfortunatly it made his bug faster and it went first the next turn. He used struggle bug, but luckily the training payed off I guess since it didn't do much at all. I leech seeded to get some hp back and I think leered while he struggled with struggle bug. Finally I knocked it out with a final seed bomb. Next was his leavanny. I really wanted to swap in all the pokémon that would benefit with the 3 evs it gives out when beaten, so first Lilwun started, switched into the unnamed pansage who took razor leaves that took almost half of his hp since he wasn't as leveled as the others, and then I switched in Grandage who took struggle bug. His leavanny's struggle bug was much more powerful, so I healed with fresh water and the next struggle bug took about half of Grandage's now full hp. Grandage took another struggle bug going into the yellow, but his next attack of a full benefited acrobatics ohko the leavanny (I think they were the same level).

    Great battle. Burgh's really cool and it was interesting to hear him brag about his bugs before the battle and than learning about his interest in bug types after the battle. It reminded me of how I became fascinated with psychic types all those years ago in gen I.
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    I trained Seviper against the trainers of Route 7 and then inside the Celestial Tower as well. I didn't feel like going to the gym so I went to various surfing areas to explore and then I headed to Pokestar Studios and did a few films before getting bored. The next thing I did was go Hidden Grotto hunting and I managed to capture two Pokemon from them, a Herdier from the Floccessy Ranch and a Zangoose from Route 7. I captured a few other random Pokemon and then I challenged the gym. Electabuzz swept through all the gym trainers while I ran through the wind. Skyla ended up being one of the more difficult gym leaders. Electabuzz beat Swoobat no sweat and then she sent out Swanna. I admit that I wasn't paying attention but all I know is Electabuzz fainted from a single attack from Swanna (I'm assuming Bubblebeam). Swanna didn't stop there as it proceeded to beat Seviper with Air Slash, but fortunately Poison Fang poisoned it which let Braviary knock it out with Slash. Samurott beat her Skarmory with Surf and I won the battle. I flew with Skyla to Lentimas Town and headed east towards the Reversal Mountain where I captured my last team member, a Camerupt! I took a break after the capture.

    White 2 Team
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    I gave up trying to catch a lapras. They were not appearing >.> Now I'm on route 11 trying to find a gligar and gliscor. I actually found a amoongus first XD
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    VS Burgh

    Welp, defeated Burgh. His Swadloon was a joke thanks to my Houndour, then Dwebble came out and I switched to Riolu. It gave me a bit of issues but I triumphed it and defeated it.

    Then Leavanny came out and that thing was a nightmare. His not very effective moves would do like 2/3rd of his health to me, man that thing is tough. However, I triumphed it with my Houndour.

    Burgh Gym Star: Houndour.

    I then went to Route 4 and said no to Colress's battle because I always say no to those things because I wanna see what they'll do. However, I got scared when he LEFT so I thought I'd be missing out on some EXP. However, he battled me in the desert and gave me a bit of issues. I think I might be underleveled again...

    Oh well, next time I'm going to explore the desert and head off towards Nimbassa. Hoping for not too many issues, but then again there are a lot of trainers between the two cities, especially with the Desert Resort...
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    My first post about BW2, recently I went against Elesa with my Servine soloing her. After that I went around and beat up the Plasma Grunts and Charles the heart breaker. After that I obtained N's Zorua and went on to challenge Clay. After Stomping everyone in his Gym and then him with Servine I left off trained Servine and evolved her to Serperior, then proceeded to the PWT for all that. Now I head to DW.

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    Holy crap! Ugh... really need to start updating more...

    Gah! I don't even remember where I last left off here.

    I'll see if I can remember....

    *Checks to see last post*

    Ah! Okay good, I think I got this:
    • Started training Trapinch as well as the rest of my team to around level 30 in preparation for Elesa
    • Did a test run to see if Trapinch would be adequate enough to handle her... turns out, he barely got a scratch xD.
    • Did a few things in and around Nimbasa afterwards, including the domes, and battling my "opposite".
    • Explored the rest of the city, before heading East to route 15 to see if there was anything else I could do.
    • Battled the trainers along that route, did some training in the dark grass patch, and proceeded to return to Nimbasa.
    • Headed West for Driftveil, but not before taking down some Team Plasma grunts.
    • Not sure how to take one of their statements; you'd think training a Pokemon to level 27 wouldn't take 2 years to do :P.
    • Listened to what my rival had to say in regards to Team Plasma.
    • Took off to towards Driftveil.
    • Got my team to about level ~30. I believe my Magnemite evolved.
    • At Driftveil, did some exploring, found the Old Team Plasma group.
    • Got the Memory Link talking about the time between B/W and B2/W2. Mostly in regards to some of the grunts' decisions. A bit of reflection on N's part.
    • Re-entered, acquired Zorua, of which I swapped Petilil for.
    • Took on the Driftveil gym, Mainly used Dewott.
    • Got my 5th badge with relative easy. Lucario did a bit to help out.
    • Headed South for the Pokemon World Tournament. Took on my Rival, Cheren, and Colress.
    • Afterwards, headed to the pier and stepped aboard the Team Plasma frigate.
    • Approached and defeated all TP members until I was whisked away by the Shadow Triad.
    • After finding out about the Relic Passage, I decided to do a bit of backtracking and clear some stuff.
    • Noticed the levels around there, started to do some training to level up some much needed team mates.
    • Found the bottom of Relic Castle. Caught a Baltoy and Volcarona.
    • Debated between keeping Growlithe or swapping it for Volcarona, opted for the latter.
    • Travelled NorthWest to Mistralton, first stopping by the Weather Institute and hearing what Cheren had to tell me.
    • Got HM Surf, of which I was eagerly anticipating.
    • Proceeded to do some major backtracking, as well as enter Mistralton cave.
    • Caught what I wanted from there, battled the trainers, got the items, left.
    • Headed to Chargestone Cave, where I suddenly meet Cobalion.
    • I get told about why Cobalion might be around here, and that I should befriend it for a valuable ally.
    • Do some training/catching in Chargestone Cave. Magneton inadvertently evolves.
    • Catch 1 of N's Pokemon here as well... left before catching the rest :P.
    • Get to Mistralton, talk with Skyla and Juniper. Skyla suggest either battling her, or seeing what Juniper is up to. I choose the latter.
    • Ventured North towards Celestial Tower, did some battling along the way. Rather like the levels there, so I stay and train a bit.
    • Battle my way up Celestial Tower. Juniper gives me the Lucky Egg! YES!
    • Make a few captures, level up some more members, then proceed to leave
    • Do some last minute leveling up on my Magnezone and Vibrava... oh, I forgot to mention my Trapinch evolving :P.
    • Defeat Skyla with ridiculous ease.
    • Swap out Zoroark for Genesect, after finally getting access to a good wifi zone!
    • Proceed to level up Genesect to around level 40.
    • Do some more leveling, then talk with Juniper to go flying to Lentimas Town.
    • Arriving there, I hear that I'll have to venture to Opelucid in order to learn more about the dragons of Unova, and some more details.
    • Do a few captures East of Lentimas, then head to the Stranger's House.
    • Do some training there, get the Lunar Wing, then head into Reversal Mountain.
    • Travel with Bianca, getting all the items I need, as well as taking on the necessary trainers.
    • Bianca says she wants to stay and do some research, so I leave her be.
    • Arrive at Undella... not a whole lot to do, proceed to the Bay.
    • Battle a few trainers, get the items there, head back.
    • Challenge my rival, then head North to Route 13.
    • Battle the trainers there, get the items, proceed to do some training to round out my team at roughly level 50.
    • Catch Cobalion, head to Lacunosa. Get some more details about the area, find out why the place is named "Lacunosa", then head out towards Opelucid.
    • Defeat Neo-TP Sage Zinzolin, and proceed West.
    • Battle the trainers on Route 12... get the items, next.
    • Village Bridge... same deal.
    • Route 11... battle the trainers, catch Virizion. Swap Genesect for it.
    • Do some training around the Village Bridge to raise Virizion's level.
    • Arrive in Opelucid, Iris greets me!
    • Suggests I should go to route 9 to do some training, which I promptly do.
    • Battle the 7th gym... which winds up being the most HAX area I've ever been in the entire game! When you're Flygon with a very high speed stat is being outsped by EVERYTHING there... you know something is up :/.
    • Neo-Team Plasma shows up... I put a good fight. Learn about the DNA Splicer, and get to battle one of the Shadow Triad members.
    • And.... here I am!

    *Deep Breath*

    Good god, talk about an update! LOL!

    Anyhow, my team is as follows:

    - Flygon lvl 54
    - Samurrot lvl 51
    - Lucario lvl 52
    - Magnezone lvl 50
    - Arcanine lvl 50
    - Virizion lvl 51

    I think at this point, I'm very much considering either keeping Lucario, or swapping it out for either Zoroark (doubtful, but it would definitely serve a better use), or Cobalion/Terrakion. Lucario, having just learnt Aura Sphere, is getting to actually be useful again, so probably not. I think this is pretty much going to be my team for the remainder of the game, I think.

    "I'm not really here that much, if at all. I've moved on, to a different site."

    "But, it's been fun. I'll come back every so often, but for the most part, I won't post much."

    - Cobaltios

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    I just got to Nuvema town, I really liked the part where you meet Hilbert/Hilda's parents. You can also get some other backstory from Bianca and Cheren's parents about them, and that was definitely cool.
    This "Pokemon Rainbow" rumored game is already killing me. I want it!

    Also, general nintendo fans will probably like my youtube. I make unboxings and collection videos.
    Thanks if you check it out

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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 6!

    Dis: Resorted to cheating to augment my B2 team's levels. Sorry again, but it's all I really know...
    Acc: Swapped out Magmar for Darmanitan, definitely happier with my team.
    Acc: Caught a Trapinch, got him evolved and max level.
    Acc: Caught the Muskedeers, and a Crustle and Frillish for HM slaves.
    Dis: Tynamo DO appear in Chargestone!!! D:< ANGREH! ANGREH! AAAAANGREEEEHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
    Acc: Stomped Elesa, Clay, Skyla, Drayden, Marlon, and Team Plasma into a fine, soft powder!
    Acc: Saved for the night at Victory Road, will resume challenge tomorrow.
    Acc: I REALLY love Rosa's design! I can even look past the hair! I'm shocked!!!

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    Alright, so last time, I beat Marlon and was told to check out Route 22. I went there and ran into Terrakion! Colress then walked up, and talked about how Terrakion must be looking for someone to catch it to beat Team Plasma, or something like that at least. He also gave me a Colress Machine and mentioned seeing something in Seaside Cave that reminded him of one of our previous encounters... When I got there, I found a door being blocked by a Crustle. So this is what he did on Route 4! The Colress Machine caused it to attack me, so I caught it (hey, why not?). Through the door I found... The Plasma Frigate! Hugh joined me, and Marlon suddenly jumped out of the ship, lowering the entrance with him. He left, and Hugh and I boarded the vessel.

    After fighting some Plasma grunts, I was faced with an electric barrier that had four switches. The only way to reach the switches were through warp panels, though. Luckily this warp maze was easy compared to warp mazes from previous games. Once I passed the barrier, I met Zinzolin yet again. He showed me that they had captured Kyurem, and were using it to power their ice cannon. He and a grunt then challenged me, with Hugh arriving to back me up. We beat them, but were once again thrown out by the Shadow Triad. The ship then flew off. We then got word that it landed in the Giant Chasm.

    When Hugh and I got there, we saw Rood trying to negotiate with some Neo-Team Plasma, unsuccessfully. Hugh and I battled some of them, and Rood and some Old Plasma did the same. Hugh then ran off towards the frigate. I followed. When I reboarded the ship, I found my next puzzle. I had to beat a password and a card key out of some grunts while navigating a small maze. When I got the key and password, I lowered yet another barrier, putting me face-to-face with Kyurem. However, Zinzolin appeared and said there was nothing I could do to free him. He challenged me again (this guy just doesn't give up, does he?), and I once again wiped the floor with him. Next, I had to enter through a warp to see none other than... Colress? What are you doing there? He starts this big monologue, then challenges me to battle, saying that my actions will determine what he decides to do with Team Plasma. Yeah, apparently he's Boss Plasma now, and wants to unlock Pokemons true power no matter what the cost. He Steel-types were no match for me, though, and he allowed me to leave. I went back and entered a different warp, leading me to the real head honcho, Ghetsis! He didn't fight me, though, just talked, until he sent the Shadow Triad at me. I beat all three of them, while they showed Hugh his sister's Purrloin. Apparently, it evolved, and isn't so nice now. While Hugh tried to figure out what to do, I followed Ghetsis into the caves of Giant Chasm...

    I met him in the deepest cave, where he called Kyurem. He then told Kyurem to attack me with Glaciate. I couldn't escape! And just when I think it's all over, a bolt of lightning saves me. It's N! And he's brought Zekrom! Apparently this was a part of Ghetsis's plan, though. He uses the DNA Splicers, causing some cool cutscenes and Kyurem and Zekrom to fuse together! Ghetsis allowed me to fight this new 'Black Kyurem', thinking it would spell my doom. But I beat it (rather easily too), causing them to split back apart. Ghetsis, enraged, challenged me to a battle, which I won of course. After that, he was furious to have lost again, which is when the Shadow Triad appeared and took him away. When I left the cave, the Plasma Frigate was gone as well, with Rood mentioning Colress saying that Team Plasma would disband. And thus, the day was saved! My next goal, the Pokemon League!

    Oh, I also went ahead and caught Terrakion, and thought about catching the other two, but decided to wait until later.

        Spoiler:- Team Progress:
    Instinct or Extinct!

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    Currently leveling my Pokemon up for level 8 of Black Tower by going through the Elite Four again just beat Caitlin:

    Current Team:

    Samurott Level 85
    Lucario Level 85
    Arcanine Level 85
    Espeon Level 85
    Flygon Level 85
    Eelektross Level 85.
    Pokemon Sun: Primarina, Lycanroc (Midday), Palossand, Vikavolt, Salandit and Kommo-o.
    Pokemon Moon: Decidueye, Mudsdale, Crabrawler, Oricorio (Baile Style), Oranguru and Toxapex.

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    Finished up the Pokestar Studios movies (for now) by finishing all the ones I was missing and getting their good endings. Then I went to the PWT and had some heated tournies all the way up to beating World Leaders for the first time. Tomorrow I plan on going a B2 hiatus so I could do Dream Radar to get the legends that way I can link them to my W2 and obtain them at lvl 5. Then after that I plan to get the c-gear that way I can hurry up and get the current B&W2's GL promos for W2 before they die.
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    Had an amazing battle with the 4th Gym Leader last night.
    Using the team in my signature all at Level 27, I was 'touch & go' for ages, having to use a few revives + potions. Mostly because Snivy was useless whilst Zebstrika was around...

    Still though, Min's Sing + Thief and the technician ability proved to be vital and in a 1-vs-1 with Emolga, Snivy battled through.

    Was really great and the most exciting battle I've had yet.
    Pokemon White 2, Trainer name: Brend

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    After reaching Opelucid City, I did some training on the nearby routes (engaged into battle with Virizion by mistake twice... what's he doing in the middle of the road?), and went for the gym. It was really straight-forward. Arcanine decided to go on a killing spree and Outraged them all to death ^^ Then Team Plasma froze everything, and Drayden failed to stop the ice (I have 6 Fire types, I could have helped lol). So I went to Humilau City (the Marine Tube looks great!) and prepared for the gym. I'm currently in front of Marlon for a Fire vs. Water clash but I'm only going to beat him later.

    I'm very happy that the grass actually helps the training unlike a lot of the previous games. Repels were failing in the Double Grass and the exp. points are really good.

    Current team:

    Scorch Lv.50 (M)
    - Flame Charge
    - Flamethrower
    - Hammer Arm
    - Head Smash

    Apollo Lv.50 (M)
    - Thunder Fang
    - Flare Blitz
    - Crunch
    - Outrage

    Abyss Lv.50 (M)
    - Flare Blitz
    - Bulldoze
    - Superpower
    - Headbutt

    Symphonia Lv.48 (F)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Fire Blast
    - Signal Beam
    - Psychic

    Lights Lv.49 (F)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Flame Burst
    - Hex
    - Energy Ball

    Desert Lv.48 (M)
    - Lava Plume
    - Earth Power
    - Rock Slide
    - Strength

    So far all the team is been doing great barring Desert, who is not capable of winning a lot of 1v1 matchups due to low speed and defenses which lead to a kill or be killed situation that sometimes ends with me having to switch. I still hope he's going to be useful in the E4 somehow.

    Apollo is now a master of coverage and Lights has already sky-high Sp. Attack. Abyss is hitting stupidly hard with Flare Blitz too. Scorch is above average also and working well with Hammer Arm and Head Smash. Flame Charge helps the speed and he's turning into a very good sweeper in some occasions. Symphonia finally overcame her weak movepool and with Signal Beam and Fire Blast she's now hitting like she should.
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    Default Pokémon White 2 Episodes 10

    Episode 10: Pokéstar Studios Part II
    While I stayed at Pokéstar Studios, I was making lots of movies (and sequels), I acted with Brycen (as Mecha Cop) while I did a good job as the Sneasel Ninja and with Sabrina, which happens to be the hottest Kanto Gym Leader.
    People liked my movies (almost cried during the F-00 movie) and gave me a ****aton of items, mainly Lemonades (I'll be drown of healing items at this rate), Moomoo Milks, Escape Ropes and Regional Candies like the Rage Candy Bars, Lava Cookies and Old Gateaux.
    After getting 120 Lemonades, 45 Moomoo Milks (just add a few Revives and I'll be ready for the Elite Four before the third Gym Badge) and a massive amount of other items, Professor Aurea called me (that really never happened) about Nate being missing and I noticed I overdid the movie sidequest thing, forgetting my journey.
    So I had to go to the port.

    Episode 11: EVIL Black Plasma Strikes
    When I was about to ask Pop Roxie to get me and Hugh to Castelia City, I saw Hugh and Roxie with three Plasma Grunts (really, I thought their clothes were white), each one of us battled one of the Grunts with a crappy Patrat (their Battle Theme is even more epic than the one two years ago).
    After defeating them, they pushed me and ran to Route 20, so I and Hugh had to find them. Got HM01 (Cut) from Roxie.
    Battled the Female Grunt, which happens to be a very hot terrorist (I'm getting used to their terrorist costumes, since I didn't like their Knight clothes and Team Galactic's ones reminded me of Lady Gaga in a bad day) and a(nother crappy) Purrloin.
    Seriously, I thought they had Sevipers and Metagrosses like the Anime Trailer, maybe that will change in the future.
    Now we can go to Castelia City.
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