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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Let's see…

    Registered my game on game sync

    Challenged the Virbank Gym, won on the first try(she KO'd my pig tho)

    Did my movie at PokeStar Studios, it grossed 36 billion whatever unit of currency the games use lol \o/

    Did the thing where u had to run around looking for Team Plasma

    Reached Castelia City, went to the sewers(surprised how quick I found TP prob cause the sewers were drained)

    Caught a mild natured Eevee, prob gonna evolve it in a Espeon or Glaceon

    Challenged n beat Burgh \o/

    Gonna make my way to Route 4 now…wondering if I should wait until next week Monday until the Braviary is available

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    Man, took ages to get a Modest Genesect. I was getting like every other nature. =\ I eventually got a few, but their IVs weren't that great. Finally, the 4th Modest one I kept, I think it has great IVs considering it isn't RNG'd.

    Genesect - #649 (Modest)
    HP: 26, 31
    Att: 20 - 26
    Def: 24 - 29
    SpA: 20 - 26
    SpD: 24 - 29
    Speed: 22 - 28
    Successful Serebiiforum Wi-Fi trades (51): Redblood012, jabs4, NoobPokemon, EH TuCker, talface, Palagerini, tyvaughn, Ubermac, BattleElf, kinder suprise, "Freak" owns, ninjakitten, cyclo195, Poke Rock, LegndKillr83, Merchant, Petal (x4), Penguin_Man, caffeine87, MegaGalvatron, Jirachidude, Dragon Rules, Wicked Weavile, Stevenwoo (x2), dax324, VealChop, Troggy, J.T., zivc, DaRkJoLtEoN, pkfan, faethemoose, thegreattjtoot, Zormon, ebevan91, Pharosher, The Apostle, Bloodflowers, Cear13, Celestial Moth, hawkmbl, Mare, ShinyRay5, Italianbaptist, MechanisticMoth, Earendil, Pokemon Professor

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    just won my 6th badge.

    jolteon owned her flying pokemon

    vaporeon lvl 44
    jolteon lvl 44
    arcanine 44
    Serperior 46

    still deciding who I should add to fill my team.. flying type and physic/ground type. any suggestions?

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    Even though I like Snivy the best, I decided to pick Oshawott for White 2 since I picked Snivy for White. I thought of my team in advance and don't want to train Pokémon I'll never use, so I've gotten through the first two gyms with just Oshawott/Dewott. (Am I the only one who thought Roxie's gym song was really embarrassing?) I just got to Castelia City, and I'm going to add an Espeon to my team. I haven't used one since Pokémon Crystal, though perhaps I'll breed a DW Eevee so I can have Magic Bounce.

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    Just defeated the Elite 4! Once again I didn't bother grinding but thanks to a few Full Restores, Revives and Max Revives I just about scraped through. Also made the decision to teach my team all the HMs and Flash so I don't have to swap in and out when exploring the world map (something I will be doing a lot again now I've defeated the E4). My poor Jellicent is only going to have one non-HM move once I get Dive, but one of them is Surf so I guess it's not THAT bad. :P When I next play I'm going to go check out Victory road again. After that I'm probably going to work on my Pokedex a bit and revisit other areas.

    Current team:

    Jellicent, Lv 55, Psychic, Ice Beam, Waterfall, Surf
    Magnezone, Lv 58, Flash, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave
    Emboar, Lv 62, Flamethrower, Arm Thrust, Strength, Assurance
    Sigilyph, Lv 59, Ice Beam, Fly, Air Slash, Psychic
    Leaveanny, Lv 59, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Cut
    Liepard, Lv 58, Shadow Claw, Slash, Pursuit, Night Slash

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    Pokeworld(Nimbasa City)


    Today I played Black 2 and caught up with White 2.I went through Route 23 defeating all the trainers and got many items including TM Flamethrower.I also went to some Post-Waterfall places.I met Yancy at Ferris Wheel and gave her lost Xtransceiver to her.I then proceeded to defeat all the trainers at the tough Victory Road.When I was about to reach the Pokemon League,Hugh came over and challenged me to a battle.He was easy.

    Vs Hugh
    -He started with Unfezant and I sent out Probopass.
    -Unfezant used Swagger to raise Probopass's Attack and confuse it while Probopass's Power Gem did heavy damage.
    -Unfezant used U-Turn to do little damage(and take little damage due to Rocky Helmet) and switch to Bouffalant.Probopass's Power Gem did little damage.
    -Bouffalant defeated Probopass with Earthquake.I sent out Swanna.
    -Swanna did some damage with Air Slash but it was defeated by Bouffalant's Wild Charge.Bouffalant also took some recoil.I sent out Magmortar.
    -Magmortar knocked out Bouffalant with Flamethrower.Hugh sent out Simipour.
    -Magmortar's Psychic did some damage but it was defeated by Simipour's Surf.I sent out Scrafty.
    -Simipour's Surf did some damage but it was defeated by Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.Hugh sent out Emboar.
    -Scrafty's Zen Headbutt did heavy damage but it was defeated by Emboar's Brick Break.I sent out Serperior.
    -Hugh used Max Potion to heal Emboar while Serperior's Aqua Tail did heavy damage.
    -Serperior knocked out Emboar with Aerial Ace.Hugh sent out Unfezant.
    -Serperior finished off Unfezant with Aqua Tail.

    After defeating him,Hugh gave me TM Thunderbolt which I taught to Probopass and Magmortar.Then I proceeded to Pokemon League and healed my Pokemon.I am almost ready to take on the Pokemon League.


    Lv.57 Male Calm (Leaf Blade/Aqua Tail/Aerial Ace/Dragon Tail) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.56 Female Hasty (Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Psychic/Bulldoze) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Expert Belt

    Lv.56 Male Naughty (Crunch/Hi Jump Kick/Rock Slide/Zen Headbutt) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Wide Lens

    Lv.56 Female Bold (Surf/Air Slash/Ice Beam/Fly) Ability:Keen Eye Held Item:Mystic Water

    Lv.56 Male Lax (Power Gem/Earth Power/Thunderbolt/Bulldoze) Ability:Sturdy Held Item:Rocky Helmet

    Lv.56 Male Quirky (Return/Close Combat/Shadow Claw/Ice Punch) Ability:Immunity Held Item:Silk Scarf
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    So I played for 6 hours today xD

    I started beating Drayden's Gym, prociding to the next city. I explored the dungeons and the seas, then I managed to beat Marlon pretty easily with Eelektross. After that I stopped Team Plasma again (and my Rival unleashed your rage). In the Giant Chasm, I had the most difficult battle yet, with Ghetsis. At least his last Pokémon was Toxicroak so Golduck OHKO'ed it with Zen Headbutt xD.

    Finally, I defeated White Kyurem and saved my game after a long dialogue with Ghetsis and N. As for the Lv. of my monsters, they're all lv. 55 or so.

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    I'm currently preparing for my elite 4 rematch. Level grinded unfezant and arcanine to level 75 on route 1, just three more pokemon to go... thankfully level grinding in B2 is easy with high level audinos and the lucky egg.

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    I just did a round on Dream World and after that I organized my Pokémon boxes. I have my White organized with numbers, i.e. Box 1 is 001-030, Box 2 is 031-060, etc. Finally took the time to setup my White 2 the same way. I have a few boxes at the end for Misc., but I wish we had more boxes.

    I'm still not sure when I'm going to start transferring all my Pokémon from White to White 2. Seems like it's going to be a big hassle doing it one at a time so not sure when to start. Will probably take me a few days to do it sessions at a time.

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    For the past few days I had been working on the White Treehollow in Black 2, and now I'm catching fodder to Fred to trade to black to get all my pokes over to Black 2
    tbc war team
    among other things

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    I finally found a female Bagon in the Pinwheel Forest Hidden Grotto. YESSSS. Then I did some shard farming and got enough to teach my Volcarona Giga Drain and my Metagross Thunderpunch. I also bred some Scraggy with Dragon Dance and Zen Headbutt and trained my Moxie Salamence to level 62. ^_^

    Currently trading:
    3-4 IV Eevee with Yawn, Wish, Curse
    Shiny Adamant Kangaskhan
    Shiny Quirky Harvest Phantump
    Shiny Naive Protean Frogadier
    3-5 IV Timid Drought Vulpix
    5 IV Bagon with Dragon Dance
    5 IV Bulbasaur with Giga Drain
    Various HA Pokemon
    ...and much more...

    FC: 1805 2252 9810

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    White2. After two weeks of....doing nothing XD

    Finally beaten Marlon. He was really easy tbh XD Then made my way to the seaside cave that took me 2 hours x_x I was lost XD and I saved near that boat thing of team plasma, nya~


    Dewott: 55
    Lucario: 56
    Gothorita: 55
    Meowth: 60
    Altaria: 54
    Axew: 53

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    Just ordered White 2 online! Will hopefully be here in a week and a half or so...

    Will be my first Pokemon game since Pearl. (Own SS, but barely played it...)
    Will be interesting getting to know all of the new pokemon.

    .:l Shiny Ditto l:.
    .:l LoL l:.

    Thanks to Lil Crickee for the Awesome Chaos

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    Well im at star studios just bein an acter lol. But im working on b, well getting the um the gym badge from drayden since well i not even been to his gym yet im just at the dessert.So the cave with bianca is annoying im not sure what to do. Im just training my pokemon um.
    Yups i need ta train lol!

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    Last time I was here I defeated Drayden and got my seventh badge. A lot has happened since then. I got a lot of new fire pokémon, they grew stronger and I defeated powerful opponents. After I managed to beat Iris, I continued on Challenge Mode. I went to Nuvema Town to show Juniper I met all pokémon in the Unova pokédex, except Victini. Yes, I count Keldeo and Genesect as I have them both. I went to the Nature Preserve and caught the shiny Haxorus. I went to the PWT, won many battles against the Gym Leaders and was allowed to compete in the Champions Tournament. It was harder than I thought but I won that tournament as well. My latest victory was in a Double Battle Tournament with my opponents being Cynthia, Wallace and Red in that order. My suicide-strategy worked perfectly, except against Red. His Charizard K.O.'d my ''bomb'' before it could explode. Still managed to beat him though. Thunder Wave + Air Slash + Serene Grace = U mad bro? Lol.

    In the meantime I was training my new fire pokémon too. Black Tower is a perfect training facility, my pokémon gained a lot of levels there. As a result, all of them are above lv.90 now and 2 of the 11 pokémon are lv.100 with the second one reaching that level being my new Heatran, nicknamed Blargg. The rest will soon follow. Thanks to the increased strength of my fire pokémon I won against Iris a second time, and against Benga for the first time. All I'm doing right now is training my team to lv.100 and maybe then I'll train the other pokémon I have to lv.100 as well.
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    I'm still level grinding for my elite 4 rematch. The goal is to have everyone at level 75. My team so far:

    Sumurott level 90
    Unfezant level 75
    Arcanine level 75
    Heracross level 70 *current project*
    Zebtrika level 61
    Weavile level 61

    I also went back to the dream world -I've been away for like a week- and caught a fineon. I didn't find any good ones today unfortunately, however I went from 900-1,300 points which means that I should be able to unlock two more areas tomorrow. I also got a crazy amount of berries to take back with me. I'm currently growing chesto berries and a few others I can't remember the names of.

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    Today I managed to beat the Pokemon League and the Champion Iris.Here are the battles.

    Vs Caitlin
    -She started with Musharna and I sent out Scrafty.
    -Scrafty's Crunch did heavy damage while Musharna used Yawn to make Scrafty drowsy.
    -Scrafty knocked out Musharna with another Crunch.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.Scrafty fell asleep.Caitlin sent out Reuniclus.
    -I used Full Heal to wake up Scrafty while Reuniclus's Focus Blast did heavy damage.
    -Scrafty's Crunch did massive damage but it was defeated by Reuniclus's Energy Ball.I sent out Zangoose.
    -Caitlin used Full Restore to heal Reuniclus while Zangoose's Shadow Claw did heavy damage.
    -Zangoose knocked out Reuniclus with another Shadow Claw.Caitlin sent out Sigilyph and I switched to Probopass.
    -Sigilyph's Psychic did little damage while Probopass's Power Gem did some damage.
    -Sigilyph's Psychic did little damage and it was defeated by Probopass's Power Gem.Caitlin sent out Gothitelle and I switched to Zangoose.
    -Zangoose's Shadow Claw did some damage while Gothitelle used Calm Mind to raise its Sp.Attack and Sp.Defense.
    -Zangoose's Shadow Claw did some damage.Gothitelle's Sitrus Berry restored some of its health and it did heavy damage with Psychic.
    -Zangoose knocked out Gothitelle with another Shadow Claw.

    Vs Shauntal
    -She started with Cofagrigus and I sent out Scrafty.
    -Scrafty's Crunch did high damage.Scrafty acquired Mummy.Cofagrigus's Shadow Ball did little damage.
    -Scrafty knocked out Cofagrigus with another Crunch.Shauntal sent out Golurk and I switched to Swanna.
    -Swanna's Surf did heavy damage while Golurk's Shadow Punch did some damage.
    -Shauntal used Full Restore to heal Golurk while Swanna's Surf did heavy damage again.
    -Swanna knocked out Golurk with another Surf.Shauntal sent out Drifblim and I switched to Probopass.
    -Drifblim's Thunderbolt did some damage while Probopass's Power Gem did high damage.
    -Drifblim's Thunderbolt did some more damage while Probopass's Power Gem did high damage again.
    -Drifblim's Thunderbolt did some damage but it was finally knocked out by Probopass's Power Gem.Shauntal sent out Chandelure and I switched to Swanna.
    -Swanna's Surf did heavy damage.Chandelure's Sitrus Berry restored some of its health and it defeated Swanna with Fire Blast.I sent out Scrafty.
    -Chandelure defeated Scrafty with Fire Blast.I sent out Zangoose.
    -Zangoose knocked out Chandelure with Shadow Claw.

    Vs Marshall
    -He started with Throh and I sent out Swanna.
    -Swanna's Air Slash did some damage and made Throh flinch.
    -Swanna's Air Slash did some damage and made Throh flinch again.
    -Marshall used Full Restore to heal Throh while Swanna's Air Slash did some damage again.
    -Swanna's Air Slash did some damage while Throh's Rock Tomb did some damage and reduced Swanna's Speed.
    -Swanna knocked out Throh with another Air Slash.Marshall sent out Conkeldurr.
    -Swanna OHKO'ed Conkeldurr with Air Slash.Marshall sent out Sawk.
    -Sawk defeated Swanna with Rock Slide.I sent out Magmortar.
    -Magmortar's Psychic did heavy damage.Sawk's Payback did high damage but it got burned due to Magmortar's Flame Body.Sawk fainted due to burn.Marshall sent out Mienshao.
    -Magmortar OHKO'ed Mienshao with Psychic.

    Vs Grimsley
    -He started with Liepard and I sent out Probopass.
    -Liepard's Fake Out did very little damage but made Probopass flinch.Liepard was hurt by Probopass's Rocky Helmet.
    -Liepard's Night Slash did little damage(and it was hurt by Rocky Helmet) while Probopass's Power Gem did high damage.
    -Grimsley used Full Restore to heal Liepard while Probopass's Power Gem did some damage.
    -Liepard used Attract to make Probopass infatuated.Probopass was immobilised by infatuation.
    -Liepard's Night Slash did little damage(and it was hurt by Rocky Helmet) while Probopass was immobilised by infatuation.
    -Liepard's Night Slash did little damage(and it was hurt by Rocky Helmet) and it was defeated by Probopass's Power Gem.Grimsley sent out Krookodile and I switched to Serperior.
    -Serperior's Leaf Blade did high damage while Krookodile's Crunch did some damage.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Serperior defeated Krookodile with another Leaf Blade.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.Grimsley sent out Scrafty and I switched to Swanna.
    -Swanna's Air Slash did high damage and made Scrafty flinch.
    -Swanna defeated Scrafty with another Air Slash.Grimsley sent out Bisharp and I switched to Scrafty.
    -Bisharp's Aerial Ace did some damage and it was defeated by Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick.

    Vs Iris
    -She started with Hydreigon and I sent out Scrafty.
    -Hydreigon's Dragon Pulse did some damage but it was defeated by Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick.Scrafty's Moxie raised its Attack.Iris sent out Druddigon.
    -Scrafty's Hi Jump Kick did heavy damage but it was defeated by Druddigon's Focus Blast.I sent out Swanna.
    -Iris used Full Restore to heal Druddigon while Swanna's Ice Beam did high damage.
    -Swanna's Ice Beam did some damage and froze Druddigon.Druddigon couldn't move due to being freezed.
    -Swanna knocked out Druddigon with Air Slash.Iris sent out Lapras and I switched to Serperior.
    -Serperior's Leaf Blade did high damage while Lapras's Ice Beam did heavy damage.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.
    -Serperior defeated Lapras with another Leaf Blade.Serperior's Leftovers healed it a little.Iris sent out Haxorus and I switched to Swanna.
    -Haxorus's Dual Chop did heavy damage while Swanna's Ice Beam did heavy damage and froze Haxorus.
    -Haxorus thawed out and defeated Swanna with Dual Chop.I sent out Zangoose.
    -Haxorus used Dragon Dance to raise its Attack and Speed but it was defeated by Zangoose's Ice Punch.Iris sent out Aggron.
    -Zangoose OHKO'ed Aggron with Close Combat but its Defense and Sp.Defense fell.Iris sent out Archeops and I switched to Probopass.
    -Archeops's Rock Slide did little damage and made Probopass flinch.
    -Archeops's Rock Slide did some damage while Probopass's Power Gem did high damage.
    -Archeops's Rock Slide did little damage and made Probopass flinch.
    -Archeops's Rock Slide did little damage and it was defeated by Probopass's Power Gem.

    I became the Champion of the Unova Region.The Credits rolled over.I unlocked Challenge Mode.I found myself again at the same spot where it all started - Aspertia City.Cedric Juniper came over and upgraded my Pokedex to National Mode.My Mom gave me some Max Revives.I went outside and met Hugh and his little sister.They congratulated me and told about the Zoroark in Victory Road.I saved the game.But I would start the Post-game only in December due to exams this month.


    Lv.57 Male Calm (Leaf Blade/Aqua Tail/Aerial Ace/Dragon Tail) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.57 Female Hasty (Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Psychic/Bulldoze) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Expert Belt

    Lv.57 Male Naughty (Crunch/Hi Jump Kick/Rock Slide/Zen Headbutt) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Wide Lens

    Lv.57 Female Bold (Surf/Air Slash/Ice Beam/Fly) Ability:Keen Eye Held Item:Mystic Water

    Lv.57 Male Lax (Power Gem/Earth Power/Thunderbolt/Bulldoze) Ability:Sturdy Held Item:Rocky Helmet

    Lv.58 Male Quirky (Return/Close Combat/Shadow Claw/Ice Punch) Ability:Immunity Held Item:Silk Scarf
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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 73-78

    Nate's Final Frontier Episode 5 (73): All aboard! Oh wait, Airships are supposed to Fly!
    After seeing Plasma's stolen Airship, Hugh appears (How did he catch me up so fast?) and Marlon helped us with setting up the board to getting access to the Airship.
    After that, the Gym Leader runs away since taking down Evil Teams isn't his department!
    Now, it's time to punish Team Plasma! Hey, Hugh! Stop running faster than Barry! We'll be... too late!
    Man, next time I go on a journey, I have to make sure Barry (or somebody similar) is not present.
    After the confusion, we saw a Plasma Couple (oh, love is so sweet), however, Hugh decided to ruin this happy moment with a Double Battle (I said lots of times that Serperior is useless against Poison-type Pokémon).
    After that, we saw an electrified barrier, looks like we have to find a Special Card and write a Password.
    Needless to say, I went to a room with six doors and faced the Plasma Grunts, getting the Password digits (the code was 9909, too easy, huh), the Plasma Card, a place to rest and heal my Pokémon (which was odd, sleeping in ENEMY territory) and two precious Pokédex entries for Reshiram and Zekrom.
    After deactivating the barrier, I saw a terrifying thing...

    Nate's Final Frontier Episode 6 (74): The third Legendary Dragon Pokémon... in Plasma's side
    After reaching the Storage Room, I saw a Dragon (fortunately it wasn't N's Reshiram or Hilbert's Zekrom), Kyurem and the Sage with the Frozen ***, Zinzolin and another Plasma Grunt.
    After having an interesting conversation about Kyurem, ruling the Unova region with an icy fist, Hugh appeared and engaged the four people inside the room in a Tag Battle (this game has even more Tag Battles than Pokémon Platinum).
    I burned Zinzolin's *** for the third time (it's not over yet).
    After the battle, the Shadow Triad did the black-out thing like that time after the Driftveil Tournament and the Plasma Airship flew away (that would be so zetta epic if we were battling Team Plasma while flying the Airship) from me and Hugh.
    After waking up in a beach (it's NOT Undella's beach btw), Cheren appeared (Late to the party, what were you doing?).
    So it's time to go to the Giant Chasm where the final battle against Team Plasma awaits.

    Nate's Final Frontier Episode 7 (75): The Giant Chasm
    Entered inside the Giant Chasm where Hugh startled the Plasma Grunts, unlocking the way to the rest of the cave.
    Explored the cave, but not before putting the boulder at Route 13 in its right place, unlocking the way to Lacunosa Town, now if I have problems with Team Plasma, I can return to the town.
    After that small detour, I explored the cave part of the Giant Chasm, where I saw another pair of Plasma Grunts blocking the way to Route 23 (looks like the Pokémon League is off-limits for the time being).
    After the cave exploration, I obtained TM13 (Ice Beam) which was taught to Samurott I went to the plains, which were frozen as hell.

    Nate's Final Frontier Episode 8 (76): Team Plasma's Epic Final Showdown
    After getting some fresh (or should I say, COLD) air, I saw Hugh, some Plasma Knights with Sage Rood and the Plasma Terrorists.
    Hugh, being a reckless bastard, screamed at them all to get their attention. After that, I was force to take down one of the Terrorists.
    After the battle, more Plasma Terrorists started attacking the Plasma Knights, giving me the chance to explore the Crater, where the Plasma Airship was.
    After sliding through the ice (something that Pokémon games can't miss), I entered inside the Plasma Airship, where Hugh was facing some Plasma Grunts on his own (Did he use cheats on his Serperior?) unfortunately, I can't get access to the resting room.
    After getting access to the new area, I was ambushed by two Plasma Grunts, thank Arceus my Double Battling skills were awesome, so I had no trouble at all.
    After the battle, I saw another electrified barrier, however to deactivate that one, I had to use a mix of walkways which appear/disappear if I hit a switch and teleporting pads to reach the four barrier switches.
    In the middle of that herculean task, I saw a Nurse who healed my Pokémon after battling him.

    Nate's Final Frontier Episode 9 (77): Team Plasma's Epic Final Showdown Part II (Plasma Sage Zinzolin vs Ace Trainer Nate)
    After deactivating the barrier, I saw Kyurem, however I was forced to face Zinzolin for the FINAL time, however his *** was burned again by Arcanine, so... I got to the next challenge.
    A Plasma Grunt who is blocking one of the teleport pads warned me about a very powerful scientist on the other side of the other teleporting pad. After ignoring his advice, I went to the other teleporting pad, only to find out a certain evil person...

    Nate's Final Frontier Episode 10 (78): Team Plasma's Epic Final Showdown Part III (Evil Scientist Akuroma vs Ace Trainer Nate)
    I KNEW IT! AKUROMA IS A BAD GUY! AND HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE WORLD BEING DESTROYED! I knew that characters with weird hairstyle were always evil and that theory is flawless.
    Akuroma wanted to see my full potential, so he is going to see that!
    Magneton vs Flygon (with epic battle theme), Magneton's Sturdy activated twice (man, I hate that Ability), one after taking an Earth Power in those magnetic faces and the other after Akuroma used his Full Restore.
    Before being taken down by my ace Pokémon, Magneton used Flash Cannon once, which lowered Flygon's Special Defense.
    Countdown: 4
    Magnezone vs Flygon, Magnezone took an Earth Power, which activated Sturdy (AGAIN) and countered with Flash Cannon, defeating Flygon.
    Magnezone vs Lucario, Lucario punished Magnezone with the Force.
    Coundown: 3
    Metang vs Arcanine, Clear Body negated Arcanine's Intimidate, but that didn't stop the sheer power of Flamthrower burning Akuroma's super computer.
    Countdown: 2
    Klinklang vs Lucario, saw the gear's Air Balloon, but since Flygon was out of commission, I didn't care. Once again, the power of the Force smashed Akuroma's gears.
    Countdown: 1
    Beeheyem vs Samurott, the Cerebral Pokémon took a Megahorn which sent the alien to the other side of the world.
    Countdown: 0
    Battle over!
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    I caught heatran, azelf, uxie, and mesprit yesterday and got a fearow and a helix fossil. Today I got a armor fossil.
    Pokemon fan girl since 1999 =D Raichu is #1 Forever!!!

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    I explored Lacunosa Town after talking to Professor Juniper and Bianca, then I headed out to Route 12 after I stocked up on items at the Pokemon Center. I battled against the trainers there, and I captured some wild Pokemon in the tall grass. I eventually passed through a gatehouse which led to Village Bridge. I battled the girls at the tennis courts, then I battled an old man on top of the bridge. After healing my Pokemon in a nearby house, I battled the dudes at the basketball court. I also trained my Pokemon in the tall grass after that. I headed west to Route 11 after grinding in the tall grass, and I battled more trainers there. I captured a wild Gligar in the tall grass and I saw Virizion on a cliff. It jumped down, but I decided not to battle against it just yet. I arrived in Opelucid City after training some more, and I healed my Pokemon at the local Pokemon Center upon arrival. I saved there.

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    I decided to go on a catching spree. I camped out on Route 1, searching for fishing spots, and found a female Milotic very easily. I went to Routes 17, 18 and the P2 Lab, and searched for a Kingdra. The first one I found (the minute I got onto Route 17) was female. Boo! After about a half hour I managed to find a male. It is Calm with Swift Swim. Not the ability I wanted, but whatever.
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    Been a while since I played White 2, so not much happened since I last posted. After winning the last badge and working my way through Giant Chasm and thwarting yet more wacky Plasma schemes, that was done and I could finally head onto the Pokemon League. After a brief foray into the all-new-and-improved Victory Road, I caught a Golurk and finally decided that Excadrill's painful weakness to ground-type attacks was becoming too much of a liability, so he was retired in favour of Golurk. I caught a Skarmory earlier on before, but she's likely to be an interim team member who'll be replaced by either a Rufflett/Braviary or some sort of Dragon when I come across one. Team's not ready to take on the E4 just yet, we only scraped by fighting Ghetsis and White-Kyurem, so some training shall be in order.

    In the meantime...

    Black 2 arrived! Ordered it after I was Emailed about the HA Pikachu offer, was going to get it anyway but that was a nice bonus. Anyway, started on that with an Oshawott and to cut a long story short, i'm now at Humilau City with 7 badges in my case. Team is as follows;

        Spoiler:- Black 2 Team Details:

    Not sure about Grumpig at the moment, he's very much an interim 'mon unless I really can't find anything I prefer over him. Sandslash I intend to keep but i'm aware he's highly underleveled at this point, and Raichu...eeeeh. I don't think that, as a Pikachu, he participated in too many battles because the damn thing is just that weak. Still, i've persevered and evolved him, so he might be useful in that final Gym battle.


    Emphasis on might.

    EDIT: Might have to take back what I said about Raichu. He's still impossibly weak in defense but dayum, he just knocked over Marlon's entire Gym pretty much single-handedly, including taking out Marlon without taking a hit. Only the trainer with Basculins caused him problems but to be fair, those little swines nearly took the rest of the team out too. Time to take on the Plasma Frigate and snag one of the most important items my team needs; A Magmarizer (since a quick jaunt through my Black and White inventories revealed I didn't actually have one that I could use).
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    Did some more things before starting with catching legendaries. I went to the Relic Castle and captured the Volcarona there. Then, I took my newly obtained Genesect and went to the P2 Laboratory, where I met a Scientist who I had never seen before. He told me that he was the one who had created Genesect, and challenged me to a battle. I won, and he gave me two drives which supposedly will change some things regarding Genesect. I left the place and headed to Nacrene City. There, I revived an Archen from a Plume Fossil I received long ago. Then, I headed out to the Marvelous Bridge and bought the Magikarp from the man there. Headed further on to Route 15 and captured a swarming Fearow there. It made me feel a bit nostalgic since Fearow could be captured there normally in B/W.

    After this, it was finally time for the Swords of Justice a.k.a. the Musketeer Trio. I captured Cobalion on Route 13, Terrakion on Route 22 and Virizion on Route 11. This also meant that I now had seen all Pokemon in the Unova Dex, so I obtained the Permit from Professor Juniper which allowed me to travel to the Nature Preserve with Skyla. In the grass there, I captured Fraxure, Kecleon, Girafarig, Nuzleaf and Noctowl. I also captured a Magikarp through fishing. Then, I captured the very exclusive and super-rare Shiny Haxorus in the middle of the place. After this, I decided to head out to Dragonspiral Tower, probably the only place in the game I hadn’t explored yet. At least the inside, I had explored the outside earlier.

    I entered the tower and climbed all the way to the top. Didn’t meet anything interesting along the way, just found a ton of items. When I arrived at the top, the Dark Stone I had received earlier started to shake. It went out of my bag and transformed itself into Zekrom, with the help of the surroundings in the area. Zekrom now stood in front of me, and I battled it. I captured it, which wasn’t very hard. After I had captured it, N appeared again. He told me that Kyurem had returned to the Giant Chasm and that I should go there. I guess I should… sometime in the future. But first, I will do a few other things. Went to the Day-Care on Route 3 for a little more breeding. I hatched a Larvesta and an Archen, which I needed. Next up, I will start with trying to complete the Sinnoh Dex.
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    Just took on the pokemon league with all my team in late level 50s and won. Scraggy was my main weapon, helping to beat 3 of the elite 4 members almost single handedly and taking down 4 out of 6 of Iris's pokemon with a single hit. Only needed Magnezone to beat Archops and my starter Samurott to take out Haxorus, in a very fitting end to it all. Now to enjoy the credit ls and find out what the game has in store for me next.
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    Finally got a chance to go on DW ^_^

    Did as many mini-games as I could, collected as much items as I could and sent a Finneon to Entalink

    Now I just need to get help transferring an Elekid from Platinum to White 2

    OR Team:

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