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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    So I started my White 2 and Black 2 copies... oN my White 2 version I Soft Resetted my game to get female species of each starte and desired. Natured Genesect. I sent em all to my Black version. Then I started my White 2 version forreal and Chose an Oshawott (male - Rash) So Imma make it a mixed attacker. I got. Timid Genesect so that one is obviously a special sweeper. I got to Floccesy Ranch and caught a male Riolu (Adamant) so he will be my physical powerhouse. Then GET THIS, I found a shiny male Lillipup and ofc caught it. Im not gonna train it to be a Stoutland tho. What I did was send it to my Black Version and Train it to a high level so that its pickup ability can find me awsm items. I traded a Hasty lvl 5 Zorua to my White 2, So right now my team is Oshawott, Riolu, Genesect, and Zorua.. while I train my Lillipup to a high level and send it back. I already beat Cheren and Bianca gave me all the C Gear, and Xtranciever stuff. Now I am headed to Virbank City.

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    I beat Colress near the P2 lab and got my second Master Ball from him. I have no idea what I'll save it for now. I also just finished Black Tower, and now SR'ing for my Gible. After that, I'll continue to complete the pokedex and get the shiny charm eventually. Maybe I'll look to more time in the PWT and beat the tournaments remaining or do more in Join Avenue.
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    I spent the last couple of hours in Virbank City/Virbank Complex, going around battling trainers and capturing Pokemon. I encountered an Elekid and thought "Screw my planned team I want an Elekid" as I've never actually used an Elekid before. I captured it and then battled an Audino almost right after. I lol'd when Elekid gained almost 3 levels after the battle. I continued battling vs. wild Pokemon and trainers until Snivy evolved into Servine. I trained Elekid and Riolu a couple more levels in preparation for the gym. After that, I went to the gym and battled the drummer and the guitarist (bass player maybe?). I actually struggled vs. them so I thought it would be a good idea if I trained some more. I'll do that tomorrow.

    Lvl 17 Servine
    Lvl 17 Riolu
    LVl 16 Elekid
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    i feel so behind lol

    urgh I just got to Castelia, currently talking to Iris about Team Plasma

    Roxie was waayyy too easy

    My current team is
    Arcanine level 13
    Mareep lvl 12
    Herdier lvl 16
    Magnemite lvl 10
    Genesect lvl 17
    and my Pignite at 18

    Elekid was really getting on my nerves not trying to be captured =___= ended up wasting all of my pokeballs

    Still can't find Riolu in the Ranch

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    I finally mustered enough courage to finish the Opelucid Gym. I absolutely detest rotation battles, so it took me some time. Drayden was easy, though, and I helped him kick New Plasma out of the city. I headed through the Marine Tube (so pretty) and made my way to Humilau City. I was worried that Mimi the Emolga would be... I dunno... a dud. I gave her some Proteins, and made her relearn to use Spark. She was just fine. I can't wait until I get Wild Charge for her! heh I found my way to the Plasma Frigate, and finished them up, as well. I beat Ghetsis (after the AWESOME cut scence!) pretty easily. I worked my way to Route 23, and cleared all the trainers there, too. My team is all around 52-53, so I am hoping to level them a bit more while in Victory Road. For now I am saved outside the new (again, AWESOME!) Badge Check Gate until tomorrow!!

    My Team
    Persephone (female Serperior)
    Auron (male Lucario)
    Violet (female Espeon)
    Komaga (male Camerupt)
    Lorelai (female Lapras)
    Mimi (female Emolga)
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    Alright, so on my way to Driftveil, I ran into Charles who challenged me to my first Rotation battle this game (probably my favorite type of battle). After beating him and crossing the Drawbridge, I arrived in Driftveil to see a conversation by two different Plasma grunts. Hugh came out of nowhere to beat one the New Plasma, while the Old Plasma invited us to where members of Old Plasma are staying. Upon arrival, I was challenged by Rood, one of the Seven Sages. When I beat him, he offered to give me N's Zorua, which I accepted. You know, this is my first time ever having a Zorua (I never got the Celebi or Shiny Beast events). Zorua will be filling the 7th slot in my main team, allowing me to officially call it a Rotation team. Anyway, I explored Driftveil, taught Lucas Ice Punch (I really wish this tutor had Drain Punch), challenged Charles to a Triple battle this time, and then explored and trained on Route 6 and a little of Chargestone Cave. I also got a Srene Grace Deerling from the Season Lab. After all that, I decided to take on the gym.

    So now I start my gym challenge, bringing Samuel, Maria, and Lucas along with me. The gym was very interesting in design, although a lot of the trainers there were super weak. After satisfying my completionist tendencies by turning on all the platform lights, I faced of against Clay. His Krokorok went down easy, thanks to Maria's Giga Drain. Sandslash was able to withstand one of my Dewott's Razor Shell, but fell the next turn (although he did quite a bit of damage). I hoped Lucas could make quick work of Excadrill, but he was taken out in one hit, but he did do quite a bit of damage and paralyzed the drill mole. Luckily, Maria was able to take it down with a few Giga Drains. The Quake badge is mine!

    Clay then led me out, and suggest that my rival and I check out the World Tournament.

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    Well since I last posted both my Azurill and Sewaddle evolved twice to their final evolutions in relic passage. I beat Burgh, did join avenue and explored Nimbasa. Went to Anville Town for a bit, played around in the battle subway and fought Elesa. Then did the Charles thing got to Driftveil City which looks amazing! Fought Clay imo the best gym yet. Finished the PWT and did the plasma frigade. Now headed towards route 6.

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    Marlon's wailord will blindside you if you have magnezone just saying.

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    Just beat Elesa. She almost murdered my Lucario named Focus AND my Servine named Survivor. If it wasn't for Lucario's Bone Rush, I wouldn't want to have known what would have happened to my Genesect and Keldeo. For the most part however, she was pretty easy since first attack I came close to OHKOing Emolga with Stone Edge and then I almost OHKOd Flaaffy with Secret Sword. Thankfully she volt switched that turn and I changed to Genesect. He then wiped out Emolga and Flaaffy and then changed to Survivor and used a Leaf Tornado but her Zebstrika used Flame Charge and brought him down to the yellow. So I then switched in Lucario and did the rest from there.
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    For a first runthrough, i usually just build up the starter to a super high level and defeat the champion that way. Afterward, I would typically build a team and EV train. This time around, however, I decided to do something different and put together a team of 3. The only EV training that took place was for attack on the Emboar. Here is how the team ended up after defeating the champion in White 2:

    Play time: 22:22

    Emboar Lv.66/Adamant/Leftovers
    -Take Down
    -Heat Crash
    -Flare Blitz
    -Arm Thrust

    Lambro (Ampharos) Lv.68/Gentle/Razor Claw
    -Signal Beam
    -Confuse Ray
    -Power Gem

    Vivaldi (Sawsbuck) Lv.67/Brave/Expert Belt
    -Horn Leech
    -Faint Attack
    -Double Edge
    -Jump Kick

    HM Slaves/Revive & Heal Stallers
    Ducklett Lv.24
    Push (Boldore) Lv.28
    Buizel Lv.40

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    holy hell I managed to catch terrakion(jolly too!) and it at level 45 can more than stand toe to toe with my level 50+ pokemon. Serisouly this thing is the best ever!

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    Just beat roxie

    Currently my team is
    Alakazam - lvl 18
    Monferno - lvl 17
    Dratini - lvl 15
    Elekid - lvl 14
    Drilbur - lvl 14
    Dewott - lvl 17
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    Went to school and took a massive nap when I got home, so didn't play a lot. Cleared out Routes 9, 11, and 12, as well as Village Bridge. Leveled my guys and challenged Drayden. Flood handled his Druddigon until Drayden Hyper Potioned, at which point I sent in The Else to take over with Acrobatics and Bulldoze. The Else ended up getting Dragon Tailed out for Mink Car, who finished the job with Extremespeed. Apollo 18 ended up falling to Flygon due to a costly misclick (why do I have Quick Attack on him, anyway), but a Psychic from him and an Extremespeed from Mink Car did it in. Used Lincoln against Haxorus and parafused while he Dragon Danced twice, then switched to John Henry to Bulk Up in order to take the +2 hit. Said hit never came - Drayden's Haxorus ended up 3HKOing itself in confusion with its own boosted Attack stat.

    Opelucid got freezehaxed by Plasma. Kicked Zinzolin's butt with John Henry and Mink Car, and The Else swept the Shadow Triad with its newly learned Sky Uppercut (how does it learn that, anyway?). I'm Impressed with The Else; he's a little weaker than his teammates, but for an NFE, he's keeping up well.

    Current team is all around Lv. 45/46/47. By date/time of capture, from earliest to latest:

    Flood the Samurott
    Lincoln the Magnezone
    Mink Car the Arcanine
    Apollo 18 the Espeon
    John Henry the Conkeldurr
    The Else the Gligar

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    Default Black 2 Journey Post 26

    Oh man is Victory Road confusing. It took me a bit to get my bearings straight and to form a strategy for tackling this down. I'm surprised I didn't get lost. But I made it out alive after fighting my rival at the end. I rotated my team around so everyone caught up. And now I'm prepared for the Pokémon League challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amittal12 View Post
    You can start Black 2.I am also playing both the versions simultaneously though I've only beaten the second gym in both the versions.
    I'll probably wait until I have 6 or 7 badges before starting Black 2 now that I think about it.

    I finished up the Desert Resort and then returned to Nimbasa City. I fought in the stadiums to train my team and then I went to Route 16 and battled the trainers as well as the trainers in the Lostlorn Forest. Zoroark gave me the Snarl TM and then ran off. With nothing really left to do I tried to go the gym only to discover that Elesa wasn't even there and that she was in the old gym. So I rode on the roller coasters and beat the few trainers there with Dewott before discovering that Elesa had gone back to the new gym. GAAH! I returned to Route 16 and trained my team to Lv30 on Audino's (They were Lv28-29 so it didn't take long). With everyone at Lv30 and newly evolved Electabuzz I finally entered the Nimbasa Gym.

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    Just got the game this evening

    I've saved outside the first gym and will pick it up tomorrow morning!

    I broke a decade+ long tradition today, and chose a female avatar as my 'main' for this generation. A tradition I'm keeping to is that, on my first run through, I always catch every wild Pokemon per route before I can move on. Thus I have caught everything I can so far but my team is still just Snivy and I!

    Will be back tomorrow with some updates! Have fun all!

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    I beat the e4 yesterday. I've been through every town, and now I'm working on my pokedex. I'm starting on the beginning to end of the unova dex, then I'll go to national. It's funny... I'm at sewaddle, and I evolved swadloon via friendship at level 25! It was really quick. I suppose the luxury ball helped a great deal...
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    This morning before going to class, I battled Roxie and she was much easier than I thought she would be. Elekid took out her Koffing and did some damage vs. Whirlipede. However I wanted Riolu to gain full experience so I kept using Leer with Elekid until Elekid fainted. Then Riolu came in and beat Whirlipede with a single Quick Attack and evolved after the battle. I saved as soon as I walked out of the gym and I'll continue from there later.
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    I finally caught a trapinch, it took awhile, and before that I caught a dwebble and a siglyph. Now I'm in Nimbasa city levelig up my team because they are way under leveled.
    Current team:

    Mushu the servine lv 23
    Barkly the lucario lv 23
    Ayame the koffing lv 26
    Rita the growlith lv 23
    Fufu the woobat which will evolve soon lv 23

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    Much has happened since my last post... and so I can't remember exactly how everything happened.

    First thing is that when I was training, my Riolu evolved into Lucario at Lv. 21 before battling Roxie.
    I caught a Magby just to help out with Roxie, nicknamed it Crash.
    When the Magby was Lv. 17, I went to fight Roxie.
    I beat her quite easily since I had Lucario and Magby.
    After that, I just boxed the Magby.

    I went to catch a Growlithe since it's part of my planned team.
    I nicknamed it Manny, and it's Naive nature.
    Checked out Pokestar Studios; made a movie and won in it. The audience clapped at the end. =)
    Found and fought some Plasma Grunts with Roxie and Hugh.
    Obtained HM Cut.
    Chased after them and beat the one grunt without much trouble.
    And then I headed for Castelia City!

    Obtained the Bicycle right when I got there.
    Explored Castelia City and obtained the items I could get.
    Beat everyone in the Battle Company.

    I talked to the person in front of the Gym and Iris showed up.
    Followed her to the pier and the Hugh showed up.
    He asked me if I found Team Plasma and I said yes.
    Followed him to Castelia Sewers.
    He teamed up with me and found some team plasma grunts after exploring some; beat them with ease.

    A mysterious man showed up after Burgh and Hugh left.
    He just left after saying some stuff.
    I so like this guy, though. I can't wait to fight him.

    Sometime after that, I traded over a Lapras I was training to Lv. 20 from my White.
    On White, I taught the Lapras Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam; it's Timid Nature with Water Absorb since it was taking way too long to hatch a Modest Natured. I hatched a Shiny Lapras instead though but with a bad nature.
    This should be it that I have done so far.

    Empress [F] Lv. 23 || Adamant | Overgrow // Return | Growth | Leech Seed | Leaf Tornado
    Harley [M] Lv. 22 || Hardy | Inner Focus // Return | Quick Attack | Endure | Force Palm
    Manny [M] Lv. 20 || Naive | Intimidate // Wild Charge | Flamethrower | Flame Wheel | Return
    Anastasia [F] Lv. 20 || Timid | Water Absorb // Psychic | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Water Pulse

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    I beat my first gym leader with snivy. Then i traded over a team a was wanting to use from my white version.
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    So I beat Burgh pretty effortlessly on the first go with Pignite, which means I took on the first three gyms entirely with one Pokemon (slammed Aspertia with Huge Power Azurill, Virbank was easy mode with Magnemite). Explored the entire city as I usually do, checking out every building and talking to all the people I can. Stocked up on Great Balls, Super Potions and Super Repels, made my way onwards to Route 4. Explored the buildings there, caught a few Pokemon (including Mandibuzz, whom I took care of with just Cottonee!) and trained a while there. I haven't explored up where the Resort Desert is, and I forget if anything's different this time around, so we'll just have to see. Whole team's in the early- to mid-twenties right now.

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    I have decided to play Black 2 and White 2 on alternate days because I don'y have much free time nowadays.Today,I played White 2.I went to Pokestar Studios and made a movie.Then I went to Virbank City Harbor and defeated the Plasma Grunt.I also defeated the Plasma Grunt on Route 20.I sailed to Castelia City.I explored the city(including some battles in Battle Company and Gamefreak Office) and then went to gym.But Burgh wasn't there and Iris told me that Team Plasma may be in Castelia Sewers.I went there and defeated all the trainers.I found the Plasma Grunts with Hugh.I met Burgh and also met Colress.I caught my third team member,a Zubat in the Sewers.It is female and has Sassy nature(+Sp.Def/-Speed).I trained it with Audino in the Castelia Park/Garden but it was very difficult due to its poor moveset.It learned Confuse Ray and I also taught it Venoshock via TM.But before I challenge the gym,I would defeat the few trainers in Relic Passage and (change DS Clock) and battle the trainers which are only available in Autumn and Winter unless you have Surf.Also I am looking for an HM Slave which can learn Cut,Strength,Waterfall and Dive.Fly and Surf will be covered on my main Pokemon.


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    Lv.21 Male Mild (Shock Wave/Low Kick/Swift/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.21 Female Sassy (Venoshock/Wing Attack/Bite/Confuse Ray) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens
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    I'm taking the game pretty slow, just four badges in. I just caught N's darmanitan (tip for anyone looking for his pokemon in desert resort- bring a psyduck/golduck with cloud nine, of the 5 pokemon there 3 take sandstorm damage), I'm looking for his sigilyph or sandile though.

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    Oh, so it's been a good amount of time since I've updated, and lots happened, so I'll pick up from where I was derping around Nimbasa city

    Ok, so I skimmed my last post, and it looks like I was going around and doing all of the misc stuff in Nimbasa before actually going to challenge Elesa, so I finished up that (big field, rollercoaster trainers, ferris wheel) and went to challenge elesa. I don't remember what my team was like exactly at this point... All I know is that along the way I was able to friendship evolve my Buneary into Lopunny, and also Golbat into Crobat, which were the major accomplishments. But yeah, so I took on Elesa's gym. I thought it was super cool ... except the "Beauty" trainers were kinda ugly imo... but not important! Elesa looked good and that's all the mattered Elesa's team did give me some trouble, but not nearly as much, since she only has 1 Emolga now. I was able to isolate Flaaffy first with drillbur and use dig so it couldn't volt switch away, then nail it the next turn. Same for Zebstrika. Luckily the pokemon AI doesn't give them the common sense to switch out to their flying type on dig haha. I do that all the time with flaaffy and crobat xD;; But anyways yeah, I think I only had 2 pokemon ko'd which was nice. Volt Switch was good to have, went straight on Flaaffy.

    The events following this are a little blurry in my mind now, since a lot happened... I explored the Lostlorn forest some to the right of nimbasa, then went left towards Driftveil and Bianca taught me about hidden grottos, so I've been searching those out now. Pretty nifty, and now I have a minccino with skill link 8D didn't replace anything on my team, but still! In driftveil there wasn't a whole lot to do up front besides go and beat up clay. I did all of the former plasma stuff and got the zorua too. Clay's gym was pretty easy, he himself on the other hand, was not. he technically KO'd 6 of my pokemon, but I used a revive and was able to quick attack myself into victory haha.

    After that was... The world tournament I thought that was really cool. Like I had heard about it a little before the game was released, but I tried to avoid as many spoilers as possible (some were inevitable, especially since I do comp. battling... like the new move tutors and such... I knew about those and the new metagame and stuff months ago LOL) But yeah. My main misconception was that I thought it was for XP, while it's actually more of a... phoney battle frontier that I were hoping they'd put in this game. Like when I looked up and saw there was no BF added, I like cried. However, this doesn't give many pts (1 BP for beating the /WORLD TOURNAMENT/. wut???). BUUUT I don't mind cuz it seems fun anyways

    In the story required tournament, I actually almost lost lol. The team I took with me was Flaaffy first, then I picked Crobat 2nd to cover Flaaffy's ground weakness, then Drillbur to cover crobat's electric weakness. Flawlessss. However, my rival Nick was actually kinda tough, since he had a varied team as well. I just barely pulled a win. Cheren and Colress were ez pz. lol dem mono teams. After that was over, I went and did the ship scene with team plasma. it was extra fun since that was one of the scenes from the trailer 8D

    At some point between then and now, Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos finally. I started doing Route 6 or wev is the one after Driftveil. However, I got distracted several times and have run up and down it like... 10 times. First, Cheren gives you surf once you reach the weather place, so I back tracked, and explored the first few route's water areas. Then I started back up the trail, and didn't even make it quite back to the weather place when I met a new friend at the club meeting I was at, and ran back to the pokemon center to do union room, entralink, and such. Finally made it after that. Cobalion jumping out at me was a surprise (tbh, i though the like "BWAGHHHH" speech bubble before he's actually on screen was my rival LOL). I was kinda hoping I'd be able to battle him then, but nope... oh well. Chargestone cave... has been even more annoying than in BW1 so far. like I know the lay out better now so that's good, but I swear, my pokemon keep fainting to like... random trainers that have something with Acrobat. it's really obnoxious... also, some wild pokemon have been bugging me and not letting me run away... super obnoxious. On the bright side, I found and caught N's Klink, so that makes 3 of his pokes now, Darumaka, Zorua, and Klink. Gotta catch em all, poke- oh, woops.

    But yeah, I saved by the doctor in the cave, will be making it to Mistralton or wev it's called city today hopefully.

    so yeah, I'll start doing this now too:
    Lv. 30 Lv. 30 Lv. 31 Lv. 30 Lv. 30 Lv. 30
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