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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Went through the Plasma Frigate both times, and defeated Ghetsis at the Giant Chasm. The team is rockin' this sh*t up, just ripping through everything. I love it.

    Versus Colress, used The Else to take out his Magneton, did some damage to Magnezone, then switched to Mink Car to finish it. Brought in Lincoln to fight Metang, and stalled Zen Headbutts while I healed. Finished Metang with Discharge, used Flood's X-Scissor against Beeheeyem, and two of Mink Car's Flamethrowers brought down Klinklang. Meh.

    For the Kyurem fight, used Lincoln. Freeze Shock missed, and it took two Flash Cannons to bring it down. Lame.

    Ghetsis was a weird fight due to hax. Lincoln critted Cofagrigus with Discharge, and Apollo 18 critted Seismitoad with Psychic, giving me two one-shots right off the bat. Tried John Henry against Eelektross, but only brought it down to 5/7thsish health when he Full Restored, after which I got Acrobaticsed, so Mink Car finished it with Flamethrowers. Used The Else against Drapion, thought I could win (both Bulldoze and Night Slash would 3HKO each other, and Bulldoze gave a speed advantage), but the second Night Slash critted me, so Flood dealt the remaining damage. Versus Hydreigon, kept Flood and took it out with two X-Scissors - both Dragon Rushes missed. Finally, Apollo 18 one-shotted Toxicroak with Psychic.

    Current team:

    Lv. 53 Flood
    Lv. 53 Lincoln
    Lv. 53 Mink Car
    Lv. 52 Apollo 18
    Lv. 52 John Henry
    Lv. 53 The Else

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    After watching Roxie's dad make a fool of himself on film, and making a couple of movies of my own, (Can someone explain how Sabrina got into acting?) I continued on my journey. I encountered Hugh, Roxie, and battled a Plasma Grunt, then had to chase down another, and battle her. After all this was done, Hugh and I took a boat to Castleia City. Burgh was out of his Gym, then Iris appears and leads me to the Sewers. There, I team up with Hugh, and battle a couple of Plasma Grunts. After we find Burgh, I take a quick trip to the park to catch an Eevee. (I'd don't think one tree and some grass counts as a park, but whatever...) next, it's off to the Gym.

    Oh yeah, I decided to use my new Genesect for a bit. Normal Techno Blast isn't that bad. :P


    Genesect level 18
    Shelby the male Dewott level 20
    Louise the female Riolu level 17
    Eva the female Eevee level 18

    Female Eevee and female Riolu, FTW! (Those are rare. ) Now, if only Eva had Adaptability, instead of Run Away... It's not gonna matter when she evolves but it'd be nice...

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    Explored route 4 and the Desert Resort, catching every new Pokemon we stumbled across. We eventually came across a female Sandshrew who wasn't content to go play with my other Pokemon in my boxes, she wanted to battle and travel with us. So she joined our team and it turned out to be a great decision, she is an awesome fighter. We all trained for a bit during which times the two eggs I was given hatched to reveal and little baby Swablu and Lapras So we all trained some more so that everybody was level 28-32 and then, after spending some time exploring Nimbassa City, we headed over to the amusement park to challenge Elesa!

    We had discussed it before hand and as per tradition, because Elesa only used 3 Pokemon, I could only use 3 Pokemon too, even though I have a full team of six available.

    I decided to go with my own electric type to match hers, Jolteon. Growlithe is always up for a good scrap, and my secret weapon, Sandshrew, who was eager to prove herself!

    Jolteon KO'd her Emolga with one Thunderbolt. Then she sent out Flaffy which I sent out Growlithe for. I use Flame Wheel but then Growlithe got paralyzed. Sensing that she was going to then use Volt Switch to set up her ace, I switched to Sandshrew and nullified the attack. Then Sandshrew finished it with Earthquake to leave the finale I had planned all along! Sandshrew vs Zebstrika! Sandshrew obviously won and afterwards, I let her evolve into Sandslash in front of the adoring crowd!

    That's all for now

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    Been a while since I updated. I went through Route 20 and into Virbank City. I healed up my pokemon. And heard Roxie and her dad argueing. After that I went to the Virbank complex, and got myself a lovely Growlithe. I defeated all the trainer and trained my pokemon a bit and that made my Oshawott evolve into a Dewott, and my Mareep evolve into a Flaaffy. After that I went back and challenged the gym. Which I defeated quite easily. I got introduced to Pokewood. And after that I took the boat to Castilia City.

    Once there I got a bicycle and particepated in the find the clows competition. While doing that I trained my pokemon a bit and got a lot of useful items. I went to the gym only to be told he isn't here so from there we got to Iris helping us to find team Plasma. We went into the sewers and defeated team Plasma there. I went up into the park. There I got an Eevee, but decided not to use it.

    I went back to the gym and I finally could challenge him, which is what I did and my Growlithe proved to be extremly useful. After I took care of him I went to route 4 where I defeated some trainers and my Riolu evolved into a Lucario!


    Dewott Level 21
    -Focus Energy
    -Razor Shell
    -Fury Cutter

    Flaaffy Level 21
    -Take Down
    -Cotton Spore
    -Thunder Wave

    Lucario Level 21
    -Quick Attack
    -Work Up
    -Focus Palm

    Growlithe Level 21
    -Fire Fang
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    I've just arrived at the desert. Right now I'm looking for a Scraggy, but it's taking a while now. I also have to find a Fly-er for my team. My team atm:

    Servine lvl 25
    Psyduck lvl 25
    Lucario lvl 25
    Magby lvl 25
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    Soft Resetting for a Shiny Kyurem hoping its Adamant Natured.
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    I'm now on my way to Driftveil City with my Fire trio doing well so far. Elesa was tougher than I expected (I was underleveled) and Burgh was just too easy. His gym is cool on the other hand. The plot with Hugh and Plasma is kind of funny, the guy is really obsessed.

    My team right now is:

    Darumaka Lv.27
    Fire Punch
    Fire Fang

    Growlithe Lv.28
    Flame Burst
    Flame Wheel

    Pignite Lv.30
    Flame Charge
    Arm Thrust

    Not sure where to put Work Up on Pignite because all the other moves right now are useful. Maybe I'll drop Return sometime...

    As for HM-slaves, Sigilyph is my Fly user, Patrat works for Cut but I'll need someone for Surf and Strength... maybe Psyduck back in the ranch (if only Bibarel was available).
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    In White 2,I defeated all the remaining trainers in Castelia Sewers.Here Zubat evolved into Golbat.Then I defeated all the trainers in Relic Passage.I then challenged the Castelia Gym.I defeated all the trainers,healed my Pokemon and challenged Burgh.He defeated me on the first try but I prevailed on the second try.He started with Swadloon and I sent out Elekid.Elekid used Thunder Wave to paralyse Swadloon.Swadloon used String Shot to decrease its speed.Elekid did some damage to Swadloon with Electro Ball.Swadloon used String Shot to decrease its speed.Elekid defeated Swadloon with another Electro Ball thanks to a critical hit.Burgh sent out Dwebble.Dwebble's Smack Down did heavy damage to Elekid.Elekid's Electro Ball did some damage.Leftovers restored Elekid's HP.Dwebble defeated Elekid with Faint Attack but Static paralyzed it.I sent out Dewott.Dewott knocked out Dwebble with one Razor Shell.Burgh sent out Leavanny.Leavanny did massive damage with Razor Leaf while Dewott's Fury Cutter did little damage to it.It knocked out Dewott with another Razor Leaf.I sent out Golbat.Leavanny's Cut did some damage but it was knocked out by a single Wing Attack.I won the Insect Badge and also got TM Struggle Bug.I healed my Pokemon and saved the game.


    Lv.23 Male Serious (Razor Shell/Water Gun/Fury Cutter/Tail Whip) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

    Lv.23 Male Mild (Electro Ball/Low Kick/Swift/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.24 Female Sassy (Venoshock/Wing Attack/Bite/Swift) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

    In Black 2,I defeated all the remaining trainers in Castelia Sewers.Then I defeated the few trainers in Relic Passage.I then went to Castelia Gym and defeated all the trainers.I healed my Pokemon and challenged Burgh.He started with his Swadloon while I sent out Servine.Servine used Growth to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack while Swadloon used String Shot to decrease Servine's Speed.Servine's Tackle did little damage and Swadloon used String Shot to decrease Servine's Speed again.Swadloon used Struggle Bug to do some damage and decrease Servine's Sp.Attack.Servine used Growth to raise its Attack and Sp.Attack.Leftovers restored Servine's HP.Swadloon's Struggle Bug and Servine's Tackle did some damage to each other for a few turns and Leftovers kept healing Servine.Burgh used Hyper Potion to restore Swadloon's health while Servine's Tackle did some damage.Leftovers restored Servine's HP.Swadloon's Struggle Bug and Servine's Tackle did some damage to each other.Leftovers restored Servine's HP.Swadloon defeated Servine with another Struggle Bug.I sent out Magby.Magby defeated Swadloon with a single Flame Burst.Burgh sent out Dwebble.Flame Burst did heavy damage to Dwebble while Dwebble used Rock Polish to raise its Speed.Magby took heavy damage from Smack Down but defeated Dwebble with another Flame Burst.Burgh sent out Leavanny.Magby OHKO'ed it with Flame Burst.I won the Insect Badge and got TM Struggle Bug.I healed my Pokemon and saved the game.


    Lv.22 Male Calm (Leaf Tornado/Tackle/Leech Seed/Growth) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.24 Female Hasty (Flame Burst/Fire Spin/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Charcoal
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    My Pokemon team and I have been training really hard in Nimbasa City. I caught a Roselia and I named her Rose. I battled the beautiful model Elesa and won, I even got to walk down the runway with her. My team has learned some new moves and we are still training before we head to the next town. My avenue is doing very well it had two new shops. I love my Pokemon team and I can't wait to catch more Pokemon.
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    Recently.. the following things have happened

    -Defeated Drayden
    -Defeat Marlon
    -Invaded Plasma Frigate
    -Defeated Colress
    -Defeated Shadow Triad
    -I went to the Giant Chasm to defeat Black Kyurem and Ghetsis
    -Now I'm currently on my way to Victory Road

    Samurott 54
    Unfezant 53
    Roserade 54
    Arcanine 54
    Jolteon 54
    Lucario 55

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    Trained a little bit more before going to the Gym. I challenged the two trainers there as well as Roxie, and I won without any major difficulties as my Magnemite took care of everything. The victory gave me my second badge and a Venoshock TM. I tried to exit the Gym, but I was stopped by a man who told me to go to the Pokestar Studios. I went there, got a guided tour before watching a movie and recording one of my own. The Captain of the ship was also there, and after I had watched the movie he was in, he went back to do his job which meant that I could continue... almost. Back at the harbor, I found my rival and Roxie standing against a bunch of strange people who said they were from Team Plasma. We battled them, and they ran off to Route 20. We followed them, and I had to battle one more of them there. With that done, I could finally go to Castelia City. Together with my Rival, I took the boat to get there. After arriving, I met a clown who gave me a bike. Next up, I'm going to explore this city.
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    Got the games last night, started playing Black 2. I chose Snivy as my first Pokémon, got the Pokédex off Bianca and won my first battle against Hugh. I headed to Route 19 on my way to deliver the Town Map to Hugh, and caught some Pokémon along the way. I met Alder and then went up to Route 20. I then headed to Floccesy Ranch where I battled my Hugh again, and won, We then teamed up to find the owner's Herdier - which was with a Team Plasma member. At Floccesy Town, Alder made me battle two trainers and then I received a Medal Box from Mr. Medal. I then made my way back to Aspertia City, catching a Mareep and Venipede along the way. I challenged Cheren to his first Gym Battle and won!


    Bianca then gave me the C-Gear and I put Cheren and Bianca's numbers in my Xtransceiver. I then headed off to Virbank City, witnessing an argument between Roxie and her dad. I first went to the Virbank Complex and helped get the workers fired up. I then went back and challenged Roxie, and won!


    I really loved Roxie's gym, the rock club idea was really well done. I then went up to Pokéstar Studios and watched Roxie's dad's movie. The scout introduced me to the boss and I made a few movies (which were all somehow box office hits!).

    Current team:
    Servine / Level 17
    Flaaffy / Level 16
    Venipede / Level 16
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    Default Episode 1: Oshawott, I choose you!

    Started in Aspertia City as a boy named Nate.
    Found Bianca, the girl with the big green hat and Cheren's stolen glasses.
    Chose Oshawott and obtained a Pokédex.
    Faced Hugh's Snivy and passed the test with flying colours.
    (Re)watched the tutorial about Pokémon Centers and obtained 10 Poké Balls.
    Saw the saddest flashback ever (poor N).
    Obtained the Running Shoes from Mom and two Town Maps from Hugh's sister, one of them to give to his brother.
    (Re)learned how to catch a Pokémon (seriously, these tutorials with Bianca are getting annoying) in Route 19.

    Note: I didn't know Professor Juniper's first name was the same as a very famous Portuguese singer.
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    I headed back out to Route 20, this time advancing past the hiker, all the while catching Pokémon for my Pokédex. I soon made to Virbank City (which I just love, by the way), where I encountered Roxie and her father. I explored the city, then headed south to the complex. I caught a Magnemite and a Magby for my team, battled the trainers, then saved in the Pokémon Center.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 14
    Rupert Lv. 14
    Omega Lv. 12
    Cinna Lv. 13

    16/649 (2.47%)

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    Alright! I just caught my Female Modest Natural Cure Roselia! I'm gonna heal and challenge the Subway Bosses with Mei, sounds really fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypnosis View Post
    I've just arrived at the desert. Right now I'm looking for a Scraggy, but it's taking a while now. I also have to find a Fly-er for my team. My team atm:

    Servine lvl 25
    Psyduck lvl 25
    Lucario lvl 25
    Magby lvl 25
    May I suggest a Flygon?
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    I did my favorite part of the game: taking down Team Plasma for good! They're so fun to fight in this game~.
    I also completed route 23 and got Waterfall, so I flew around Unova getting all the treasure I can using Waterfall.
    Now I'm ready to take on Victory Road.

    -Robyn the Emolga lv 62
    -Starmie *shiny* lv 61
    -Kirikizan the Bisharp lv 61
    -Truck the Tyranitar lv 61
    -Egoist the Roserade lv 61
    -Linemile the Flygon lv 61

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    I defeated Iris yesterday. Now, I'm heading to Nuvema Town to see what's going on there. Next on my list is going to Black City.

    Serperior (Jalorda) Lv 70
    Starmie (Shuichi) Lv 65
    Braviary (Raya) Lv 70
    Espeon (MorningSun) Lv 62
    Flareon (SolarFlare) Lv 61
    Dlecatty (Tiger Lily) Lv 65

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    I have finally received my copies of Black2 and White2, and so I shall henceforth begin posting:

    Pally's Pokémon (Dis)Accomplishments!

    Acc: Got my games finally! *queue rabid fanboy "awww yeeeah!!!"*
    Dis: Found out from the post lady, that my post office received them on the 9th!!! I could've had my games, in my hand, playing them since last Tuesday! D:< RWAR!!! I R ANGREH!!!

    Acc: Completed the intro, and after SRing for a non-Modest Oshawott, I got one with Lax nature and good offenses.
    Acc: Cleared the noob tutorial, made it to Floccesy and then located the Herdier.
    Acc: I like the rival's personality, he reminds me of myself when I was younger. I named him Kevin, btw.
    Acc: Exited Floccesy, beat Cheren quite handily with my Lv.15 Masamune, and I'm now prepped to save after healing up, and take a break to start Black2.

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    And im just beating the game with a lucario and serperior. plus loads of pokemons raised with the exp. share im trying to get my pokedex almost finished before going to the e4.
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    Black 2: Started a new game. I will be playing as a girl named Alexa and my rival is named Damon. First things first, Damon drags me to find some assisant by the name of Bianca. I found her at the outlook of town, where she allowed me to pick a Pokemon and she gives me a Pokedex to boot. I chose Oshawott as my starter Pokemon [the same as my original Black, except this time, for no apparant reason, it's a girl] and then I battled my rival with his Pokemon, Snivy. Naturally, I won that battle and moved onto the next objective.

    Skipping a lot of the story, I challenged Cheren for my first gym badge, the Basic Badge. Winning that gave me access to the C-Gear and the next town of Virbank. It is here that I get my second team member, Magby. Setting the place on fire, Magby destroys most of my opponents [with the combination of Flame Body and Ember burning Pokemon practically 90% of the time] with the help of my Dewott [that's right, my starter evolved] and my next badge was easily in the bag. Roxie handed over the Toxic Badge.

    Next up, I get forced to take part in the PokeStar Studios. It was alright. Anyway, afterwards as I head to the docks of Virbank, some New Team Plasma grunts cause trouble for Roxie and Damon. As a result, Damon sent me on a chase to Castelia City in a bid to follow those punks. Luckily that Roxie has a captain for a father and he happily allows Damon and I onboard. We arrived in the huge metropolis and, what do you know, our first order of business is going into the Castelia Sewers. This is not my idea of sightseeing.

    And so, we find two Plasma grunts hiding there. We best them in battle and move on. Before heading out of the sewers though, I decided to take the stairs on the west side. This takes me outside into a patch of grass, where I catch another team member. Yup, Eevee. My initial idea was to evolve it into a Leafeon or Glaceon, but seeing it's a bit of a hassle to get those before the Pokemon League and the fact that I winded up with a Naive natured one, I'm going to train it into a Jolteon instead. Finally, I went around all the locations doing just about everything there is to do in this city. The last thing left is the gym. Until next time, I saved the game and left Burgh waiting.

    Dewott - Level 21
    Magby - Level 21
    Eevee - Level 20
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    Genesect made Burgh a joke. I was able to wipe the floor with him using Signal Beam. (And Louise for Dwebble.) After the battle, Louise finally evolved into a Lucario. After battling some trainer's in battle company, it was off to Nimbassa. But not before battling Colress (Whom Louise made short work of...) I'm currently in the Desert Resort, searching for a Trapinch


    Genesect level 23
    Shelby the male Dewott level 21
    Louise the female Lucario level 20
    Eva the female Eevee level 19

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    I've (in gameplay terms) just beaten Cheren and then done a lot of level grinding on Route 20 to keep my team even. Now I'm about to try and find a Dunsparce before I move on.
    My team is currently:
    - Tarka the Oshawott (Lv. 16)
    - Anubis the Lucario (Lv. 16) (evolved much earlier than I'd expected, I was quite pleased)
    - Baabaara the Flaaffy (Lv. 16) (yes, the name is a terrible pun. Embrace it)
    - Terry the Herdier (Lv. 16)
    - Levana the Sewaddle (Lv. 16) (Shiny and caught in my first few hours of gameplay, which was nice)
    - Columbus the Pidove (Lv. 16)

    Also I have 20 Pokémon seen and 17 obtained. I got my Genesect but I'm not using it because I actually want even a tiny bit of a challenge :')

    So yeah, Dunsparce hunting time.

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    I've done so much since my last post... I sure love playing these games and I still have White 2 to play. For one thing, it's hard playing my game and posting my happenings, because it's hard for me to remember things exactly how it happened. >.< Everything I've done so far is on Black 2 since it's going to be my main game between the two.
    Just to be clear, everything didn't happen in one day.

    After defeating Burgh, I went up to Route 4 and this breeder kept on wanting to fight me which kinda got annoying and so I found a way to avoid her.
    Oh before I went up to Route 4 I met the mysterious man a second time and he asked if I wanted to battle him, I said yes of course.
    In Route 4 he was waiting to fight me and he revealed his name, (I think this is where he reveals his name) Colress; fought him and won. It was easy since I had Lucario and Growlithe. Colress is one of my favorite characters in these games!
    I went to the Desert Resort afterwards and caught a Trapinch as a temporary member, but I'll most likely be using him throughout most of my playthrough.
    Battled the trainers and collected the items while I was there.

    I then headed to Nimbasa City and right when I got there I see the Subway Masters which I haven't exactly seen in the games and the female trainer, Rosa, was also there.
    She asked if we can team up against the Subway Masters, said yes, we won, and she gave me the VS. Recorder.
    Collected the items in the city and I found the lost Xtransciever.
    A mysterious girl named Yancy called except to me her japanese name better, I wish they didn't give her a new name. >.< Ruri was just fine.
    I headed to Route 5 and Bianca showed up, she gave me HM Fly and showed me a hidden grotto. I caught the Minccino within it.

    I started to train my team to Lv. 28 for when I go up against Elesa.
    It didn't take much time to train them and so I was ready.
    I really loved her gym when I got there, especially the music.
    After beating the normal trainers, next up was Elesa.
    She first brought out her Emolga which I beat easily with Rock Slide from Trapinch. I used Trapinch against the others but they kept on using Volt Switch and so I kept on healing. I had to switch out Trapinch for another to keep it from fainting, healed him and when Zebsrtika was left I brought Trapinch back out and beat her Zebstrika with one Dig.
    Elesa walked with me and the crowd shouted my name which was cool!
    Now I was off to Driftveil City!

    Before that, some Team Plasma members showed up. Hugh was there as well and we had to take them on and so we did. He took half while I took the other. And of course, they were easily beaten.
    I then headed to Driftveil. One of the first things I did was get N's Zorua, but I won't be using it, so I just boxed it.
    I'm now training my team for when I battle Clay.

    Empress [F] Lv. 30 || Adamant | Overgrow // Return | Slam | Leech Seed | Leaf Tornado
    Harley [M] Lv. 30 || Hardy | Inner Focus // Return | Ice Punch | Bone Rush | Force Palm
    Manny [M] Lv. 30|| Naive | Intimidate // Wild Charge | Flamethrower | Dig | Snarl
    Anastasia [F] Lv. 31 || Timid | Water Absorb // Psychic | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Water Pulse
    Aaron [M] Lv. 30 || Naughty | Arena Trap // Rock Slide | Dig | Bide | Bulldoze
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon Booster90 View Post
    [FONT=Book Antiqua]
    After defeating Burgh, I went up to Route 4 and this breeder kept on wanting to fight me which kinda got annoying and so I found a way to avoid her.
    Haha, agreed.
    Though I have to admit, she is an amazing way to grind money this early in the game.

        Spoiler:- .:

    I've accomplished the following things since my last post:

    • Beat Cheren in an extremely close (as in, my last pokémon has 1 hp left) battle.
    • Traded the aforementioned eggs.
    • Caught a Riolu as my temporary fighting type.
    • Arrived in Virbank and did the whole complex thing, catching a Magnemite in the process.
    • Did some level grinding for an hour.
    • Defeated Roxie and went to PokéStar Studios (which is certainly more entertaining than the Musical).
    • Arrived at Castelia and did pretty much the same things I did back in White.
    • Explored the Castelia's sewer system and wandered into Relic Passage.
    • Beat Burgh.
    • Did some level grinding in Desert Resort and Route 4, catching my sixth member in the process.

    Current Status
    Just arrived in Nimbasa.

    Dewott "Takeru" lv.24
    Monferno "Sun Wukong" lv.24
    Gastly "Ophelia" lv.23
    Houndour "Midnight" lv.22
    Magnemite "Gamma" lv.22
    Trapinch "Horizon" lv.22
    MyAnimeList | School Idol Tomodachi
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