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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    After quite a bit of searching, I finally found a Trapinch, I named her Mystica. Once she was caught, I left the Desert, and headed for Join Avenue. After setting up some shops, and taking advantage of it's services, I went to Nimbassa.

    First, I teamed up with Rosa to challenge Igno and Emmet. Rosa's Pignite took care of Gurrdur, while Mystica and Eva handled Boldore. Then it was off to the Gym.

    After riding a roller coaster, I participated in a Fashion Show. I love Elesa's new Gym music. =D ♪Are you ready? *Moans* Give me what I neeeeeeed!♪

    Mystica is doing great against the Trainers. Her knowing Bulldoze at the start is great. And she learns Rock Slide.

    As expected, Mystica made Elesa easy as pie. I did have some trouble with Zebstrika once she managed to take Mystica down, but I pulled through in the end.


    Mystica the female Trapinch level 28
    Shelby the male Dewott level 21
    Louise the female Lucario level 25
    Eva the female Eevee level 20
    Genesect level 23
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    Arrived in Driftveil City and explored a little bit. Defeated all the trainers up till the Chargestone Cave and headed back to Driftveil for my Gym match against Clay. Got through Clay's Gym with little trouble and received my 5th badge. After the Gym I took part in the PWT and won 1st place, then I defeated Plasma on the Frigate and headed back to Chargestone Cave. Arrived in Mistralton and decided to strengthen up my team before the Gym so I defeated all the trainers before Twist Mountain and defeated all the trainers in the Celestial Tower. Headed back to town and trained my team a bit more by defeating some Audino with my newly obtained Lucky Egg, evolving Dewott and Trapinch in the process. Challenged Skyla's Gym and won my 6th badge thanks to Electabuzz and Growlithe. Saved.

    Trainer: Mr.Mime

    Current Team:

    Badges: 6

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    Ok, so I entered Mistralton City, where I ran into Prof. Juniper and Skyla. Apparently Skyla is going to fly Juniper over to Lentimas Town. But Juniper decides to hang out at Celestial Tower until I beat Skyla. I went ahead and followed her, training my team as I went. I managed to evolve Samuel, Vivi, and Arachne So after training my team into the mid-thirties, I challenged the gym.

    I entered the gym, bringing Dexy, Zoroark, and Arachne with me, when I suddenly get hit by a flying Clyde. I have to say, Mistralton Gym is pretty freaking awesome. Way better than cannons, imo. When I reached Skyla, the battle commenced! I started off with Zoroark, who quickly defeated Swoobat with a Night Slash. Skyla then switched straight into Swanna, who also quickly fell to Arachne's Electro Ball. Skarmory took a little longer, because of it's Sturdy ability, but was defeated by Dexy after a few Flamethrowers. Has anyone else noticed Skyla's obsession with the letter S? Swanna, Swoobat, Skarmory, and I think she gets a Sigilyph in challenge mode...

    Upon exiting the Gym, Juniper requested I fly with her and Skyla. Juniper said she wait in the Cargo Service building. Before that, however, I flew to the PWT, and had Samuel relearn Megahorn. I'm now currently hunting Blue Shards in Relic Passage, although it seems like I'm finding everything but...

        Spoiler:- Team Progress:
    All your Kirby are belong to us! (>' . ')> (>' . ')>(>' . ')> (b^-^)b

    I am proud to present my first wild shiny since the 3rd Generation, Magikarp!
    ...We all got to start somewhere, right?

    FC: 0602-6317-4560
    Friend Safari: Electric-Pachirisu, Stunfisk, Manectric
    Add me if you want to, I'll add most anyone. Just shoot me a PM if you do.

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    I caught Verizion and defeated Drayden. I defeated Team Plasma and then got my eighth badge. I defeated Team Plasma again on their Frigate and caught the last musketeer.
    My team:
    Every other cast member > Clemont/Bonnie

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    Kat's Unova Journal: Day 1
    (Black 2 - Memory Link with Black: Nutter)

    Today, I started by Pokémon Journey.. Again. I chose Snivy. Bianca was dragged me around town, and she knew where she was going.. strange for a someone who's new in town. We soon got out of town and she showed me to Catch some Pokémon, right after she gave me a few Pokéballs. I caught a few Pokémon on the Way.

    Soon after finding a lost Herdier, I Challenged our Local gym. I won against Cheren, who just been appointed Gym Leader.

    I had found a few Pokémon that some how I dreamt up.

    Taking Munna, which some out appeared in a Dream, I head to Virbank City.

    My Party:

    Munna (Telepathy)

    3DS - 3007 - 8991 - 4413 (VM/PM me to add you)

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    Made it all the way through black tower, im going to be honest, i thought it would be way more difficult. My only loss came to the lv. 9 boss trainer, even though entei ko'd itself with life orb recoil, i still lost because i guess he ko'd me before he was KO'd. i was so pissed. My team went from mid 60s to mid 80s while doing the challenge. Now SRing my shiny gible to get either adamant or jolly, whichever one comes first

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    Default White 2 Journey Post 3: Castelia and Nimbasa

    To make things quick, I made it to Castelia and healed. Then, I explored the city and the Castelia Sewers. After clearing out Team Plasma, we challenged Burgh's Gym. Buscuit destroyed there, earning us our 3rd Unova League Gym Badge. Next, we went north and battled Colress on Route 4. I bolted to Desert Resort and caught a male Sandshrew, whom I named Coal. We went back to Castelia and I trained Coal at the Battle Company. Then, Coal was trained even more as we explored the rest of the Castelia Sewers, where he evolved into a Sandslash. We then took Route 4 and Desert Resort more slowly, battling all the trainers and Dowsing for items. After finishing up there, we went to Join Avenue and then Nimbasa, where I just obtained the Bolt Badge.

    EDIT: I battled Charles the Heartbreaker on Route 5, and then caught a male Ducklett on the Charizard Bridge, whom I named Syrup and added to my team. We did a little bit of training on Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest so that my other 3 team members could reach level 30. I taught Syrup HM02 Fly and healed, then saved, in Nimbasa's Pokemon Center.

        Spoiler:- Current Team:

    Badges: 4
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    Current Team: Adamant Pignite, Modest Roselia, and Timid Jolteon (All Lv. 29)
    Current Location: Mistralton Cave
    Badges: 4

    After getting my Modest Roselia, I headed to Route 4 and the Desert Resort to train. I got back and headed to the stadium to train some more. I started using the Dowsing Machine, and what do you know, there was a Thunderstone right next to the Pokemon Center in Nimbassa City! I evolved my Eevee into a Jolteon and headed to the gym. It was amazing! The music was lovely and Elesa put up a great fight. But, thanks to Roselia's Toxic Spikes and Jolteon's Work Up, I won the battle! I healed, battled Plasma Grunts, heard about Plasma's Story in Drifveil, and traded with my friend to get a Pokemon with Surf. I went to Mistralon Cave and I am now hunting for a Male, Jolly, Mold Breaker, Axew.

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    A lot of updates:

    - Did a lot of pre-gym training in/around Driftveil. Evolved Trapinch & taught Metang ThunderPunch.
    - Beat Clay thanks to Maractus. This gym's puzzle was annoying...
    - Went through Mistralton Cave, got to Mistralton City.
    - Did a lot of searching for Shards. Taught Vibrava Fly, went back to Driftveil & taught Azumarill Ice Punch.
    - Caught Seviper on Route 7, used it in the gym, it helped out a lot against Skyla's Swanna, though Azumarill with Ice Punch took care of the other two.
    - Taught Maractus Hyper Voice at the move tutor
    - Decided to catch a Skorupi and use it instead of Seviper at the Reversal Mountain, for the dual-type coverage which I figured would help a lot in the league as I didn't have much to counter Psychic-types. Saving you for the (hopeful) Ruby/Sapphire remakes, Seviper!
    - Traveling through the Reversal Mountain now with Bianca, Pignite just evolved. Have the EXP Share on Skorupi, hoping he evolves before I get out of the cave

    I also find it funny how I considered switching out Azumarill, but now she is one of my useful Pokemon... goes to show how far training can go.

    Lvl 36 ~ Male/Naive/Good endurance/Blaze
    Heat Crash / Flame Charge / Rollout / Arm Thrust

    Lvl 36 ~ Female/Quirky/Good perserverance/Huge Power
    Surf / Ice Punch / Double-Edge / Return

    Lvl. 33 ~ Genderless/Timid/Often dozes off/Clear Body
    Traded over a baby Beldum I bred in White, so I wouldn't have to wait all the way until Giant Chasm >.>.
    Zen Headbutt / Bullet Punch / Pursuit / ThunderPunch

    Lvl. 32 ~ Female/Lax/Sturdy body/Water Absorb
    Giga Drain / Needle Arm / Pin Missile / Hyper Voice

    Lvl. 36 ~ Female/Naive/Often lost in thought/Hyper Cutter
    Bulldoze / DragonBreath / Crunch / Fly

    Lvl. 36 ~ Male/Impish/Strong willed/Battle Armor
    Bug Bite / Poison Fang / Venoshock / Toxic Spikes


    MOON: Popplio / Rockruff / Salandit / Bewear / Bounsweet / ???

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    I entered Roxie's Gym (the international music is so bad. D:<) and challenged the members of her band. Once they were finished, I moved onto Roxie. Her Koffing was very easy, and that was without using Magnemite. However, her Whirlipede was a different matter; I had to resort to my steel-clad friend to take it out. I can't even imagine how hard she'd be on Challenge Mode (guess I'll find out in a month or so), or without Magnemite. Anyway, once I had my Toxic Badge, I headed to the docks and battled Plasma (best villain theme and outfit ever). I pursued them on Route 20, then took the boat to Castelia. What a view. It's really easy to imagine the Unova cities as real-life locations, I must say. In Castelia, I received the bike, took a trip on the Royal Unova and battled the two Game Freak employees. My Lillipup evolved during the latter of the two battles. I'm a bit under-levelled, I think.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 16
    Rupert Lv. 16
    Omega Lv. 16
    Cinna Lv. 15

    17/649 (2.62%)

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    After defeating Elesa, I healed mah Pokes, then did some Musicals. Afterwards, I found Hugh and battled some Team Plasma grunts. When it was over, I went onto Route 5, where Bianca gave me HM Fly. Then, she lead me to a Hidden Grotto containing a Skill Link Mincinno, which I caught. Then, I battled Heartbreaker Charles, then went to Driftveil. I deposited Genesect and my Mincinno, then I went to hear the story of N and Team Plasma, and got a free Zorua.

    Then I went to fight Clay. Louise managed to beat Krokorok, and Shelby managed to beat Sandslash with several Razor Shells. Taking down Excadrill was a team effort, and took a lot of Potions on my end, but we got the job done. Now, it's on to the PWT.



    Edits to come....
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    Decided to make my attack against the Elite Four today. They were relatively easy, with the exception of Caitlin. She was tough because I didn't have a Pokemon that could land a stab super-effective attack against her Pokemon. Auron, my Lucario, knows Dark Pulse, and Violet the Espeon knows both Signal Beam and Shadow Ball. It took a little work. I was nervous when it came to battling Iris, but with no real reason. I taught Persephone, my Serperior, to use Dragon Tail. She took a Flamethrower from Hydreigon, then landed a critical hit Dragon Tail, bringing it to less-than-half HP, and sending it flying. Her Arecheops was next, and I (foolishly) kept Persephone in. I did some damage with Aqua Tail before succumbing to Acrobatics. I brought Mimi (my Emolga) in, and finished Archeops with Wild Charge. I kept Mimi in to battle Lapras. She did some damage with Wild Charge, but Surf took her out. Auron came up, and finished Lapras with Aura Sphere. He also did the same to Aggron, clearing it out quickly. My own Lapras, Lorelai, easily finished Druddigon and her Haxorus, then Auron stepped in again to finish Hydreigon. All-in-all it wasn't so bad. I loved the end credits, especially seeing all the old places celebrating my win!!
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    Watching you


    White 2

    Just picked up this game today
    So far just have Snivy level 6

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    Is it just me or does anyone else literally catch the same pokemon until you get the nature you want?
    Stupid Growlithes....Stupid Magnemites....*throws game at wall*

    Also, I ran into a shiny Growlithe and ran out of pokeballs to catch it. FML

    X & Y:
    FC: 1762 4121 3903
    Water - Quagsire, Octillery, Frogadier

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    Explored Castelia, or at least everything except for the Battle Company, which I decided to wait with. Found the three Clowns positioned around the city, and the first one I met earlier gave me a Rare Candy when I came back to him. The whole process reminded me of a similar event from Jubilife City in the Sinnoh games. I went to the Gym, but found out that I couldn't battle the Leader since he was away. Iris appeared and suggested that he might have gone to the Castelia Sewers, which had previously been inaccessible. I followed her there, where I met my rival. He ran before me down to the Sewers while Iris stayed outside. I entered, and found myself paired with my rival for wild double battles. That came as a huge shock to me, having a partner while doing wild double battles is something I really missed from HG/SS and B/W (though the latter had Double Grass as a compensation), but I didn't expect it to return in B/W2, causing an unexpected nostalgia overdose.

    I love it.

    Going through the Sewers with my Rival, I captured a Zubat, Rattata and Grimer. Almost feels like I was in Kanto again. Since the Zubat is going to be a part of my team, I exited the Sewers to train it a bit, battled all the trainers in the Battle Company which gave it a few levels. Returned down and battled a few trainers in the Sewers, the place was to my surprise much larger than I had expected, but it was stupid of me to expect it to be small since Castelia is one of the largest cities in the region. Zubat also reached level 22 and evolved into Golbat. At the end of the sewers, me and my Rival found two Plasma Grunts that we battled. They ran off after being defeated, and the Gym Leader, Burgh, appeared. My Rival ran off, and Burgh told me I should challenge him at the Gym. But first, I explored the place a bit more. I found a second opening to the overworld which led to a very small garden in Castelia City, where a man told me about that special place being the very first starting point of the city, probably in 1982. I captured a Cottonee and a Buneary there before returning down to the Sewers and continuing to the Relic Passage, where I captured Woobat, Drilbur, Timburr and Roggenrola. Battled a few trainers here, but couldn't get much further into the caves, so I went out again. Decided to take the boat to Liberty Island, but there was nothing of interest there, the legendary Victini was gone since long ago, so I went back to the City again. Going to challenge the Gym next, my three team members are all at level 23 so it should hopefully not be too hard.
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    Just beat Draydon. He was real easy. After I beat him, instead of fighting the plasma dudes, I went to try to catch Verizon. After like 3 attempts it didn't work so I just turned it off.
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    i have beat ghetsis. The Animation of Kyurem vs Reshiram was kind of nice. He was easier than the old version, now im getting reader to go to the Victory Road.

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    After arrived in giant chasm. Met up with ghetsis and kuyrem attacked but N arrived on time,great. Then kyurem attacked reshiram and absorbed him another great cutscene. its amazing that the ds can pull this off. defeated white kyurem. headed over to pkmn league after trekking through victory road. challenged the elite 4 they were easy but iris was a problem. flamethrower kills me my party sucks aganist fire. after a lot of max revives/herbs i won and saw a great ending. After chasing zoroark i fought N and reshiram defeating them. Went over dragonspiral tower and caught reshiram with a quick ball on my first turn. talk about luck.
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    I just came out of the house of the BW 1 protagonist, I wonder if he can be found in BW2..

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    Preparing a Start

    Alright I have gathered, and bred my entire planned BW2 team in Black and White 1 that can't be found in Black and White 2 or can only be found really late (see here). Time to open up the game and catch 17 random Pokemon and trade them all over. Oh jolly that's going to be fun!
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    Since last time, I annihilated Drayden and, because I'm a lazy bastard, basically dealt with Team Plasma for much of yesterday. Also, I beat the last Gym Leader in between the Plasma stuff. I'm kind of disappointed that Ghetsis didn't appear before the Kyurem event. Oh well.

    Most recently, I got Waterfall from N, and am now ready to take on... Victory Road. The ultimate test. My body is ready. Though I guess I already said that.
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    As of now, my focus is on Safaris with starters (barring Wartortle and Quilladin), but give me your Safari anyway. Chances are I'll find something interesting.

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    Gave up very quickly on trying to find a Dunsparce, I've seen one anyway so it all works out. Reached Virbank City, went to the Complex, caught Magnemite, Growlithe, Magby and Koffing, found the three workers, then did MOAR LEVEL GRINDING by hunting Audino. Once I was happy with my levels I went to the Gym and pffft it was unbelievably easy with my new Magnemite, it just shrugged off Pounds and Tackles and shot very unpleasant Thundershocks right back. Then I went back to the Complex to get my team members up a level or two, which also led to my Swadloon evolving into a Leavanny who is now pretty much the strongest Pokémon on my team (well, technically Lucario is but it has no special moves yet so it's not meeting that potential).

    My team is now:
    Tarka (Lv. 22)
    Anubis (Lv. 22)
    Levana (Lv. 22)
    Terry (Lv. 22)
    Wiress (Lv. 22) (I don't think its name suits it and intend to change it to Beetee as soon as I reach the Name Rater. Same reference but seems to work better.)
    Komainu (Lv. 22)

    And my PokéDex is at 32 seen, 24 obtained. At some point in the near future I'll probably evolve a few Pokémon like Pidove and Purrloin to bump up the total a bit.
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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 2

    Acc: Made it to Virbank, got Oshawott/Dewott to Lv.21 on the gym, which he annihilated by himself.
    Dis: After reaching Castelia, I decided to use my White1 game to help me White2 team level--this involved hacks.
    Dis: My AR doesn't work for BW2, the firmware version must need updating---AGAIN!!! D:<
    Acc: Got Samurott to Lv.100 with a decent moveset before Burgh, used him to single-handedly obliterate many gym leaders, rivals, Plasma thugs, and PWT opponents.
    Dis: Charles required that I capture 3 Pokémon to pass him on the way to Driftveil, and because of an egregious lack of foresight, I had one Lv.100 starter and one Lv.10 Patrat, so the Solosis I wanted to catch on Rte.5 was out of my reach, unless I traded over hacked Master Balls from W1, muled on HM slaves who require I use the Union Room to trade them instead of the C-Gear. Major hassle, there.
    Acc: After doing so, and candying my male Brave Magic Guard Solosis to Lv.100, I moved on and am now hunting Tynamo in Chargestone. Caught a female Impish Ferroseed and a male Hardy Axew with Mold Breaker for my team along the way, both of which were rather difficult to find.
    Dis: Tynamo, however, appear to have gone EXTINCT! I swear it! Not a one to be found after an hour or more of searching! Plenty of N's Pokémon respawning everywhere, but not one blasted Tynamo. /ragequit, my back and neck are killing me, plus I'm hungry, tired, and my dogs are starving for attention.
    Acc/Dis: I might get my Ferroseed and Axew candied up tonight yet, but we'll see. Sorry about using AR hacks, everyone. *braces for incoming infraction*

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    Default Pokemon White 2 Adventure POST 7

    Since my last post, I have done quite a bit. I do love this game, so I'm glad I got both versions.

    But anyway, in the Desert Resort, I caught N's last pokemon there, his Darumaka.
    I also finally caught my Trapinch for my team, a male Docile natured. And named him Gokudera.
    I obtained the rest of the items and battled the rest of trainers.
    Then headed to Nimbasa City!
    Went through the Join Venue thing first.

    When I got there, I obtained the Thunderstone and the Sun Stone.
    And near the Battle Subway, I noticed the Subway Masters and the female trainer, Rosa.
    This is my first time seeing the overworld sprites of the Masters.
    Rosa asked me to team up with her to battle them, so I did and beat them easily. She then gave me the Vs. Recorder.

    I then went to the right a bit and obtained the lost item, the lost Xtransceiver.
    Then someone calling herself Yancy called, but I like her Japanese name Ruri better.
    After exploring a bit more as well as obtaining my Black version Callen's Prop Case.
    I then went to Route 6, where I would be training for the Gym and obtained the HM Fly from Bianca.
    She then showed me the the Hidden Grotto, which I captured the Minccino from inside it.

    I trained my team to lv. 28.
    And at lv. 27, I evolved Haru into Lilligant!
    At lv. 30, I'll be evolving Kyoko into Ninetales.
    So then I headed to old gym, battled the two trainers there.

    Then entered the Gym, I battled the first with Gokudera.
    On the third, I used Haru with the help of her Sleep Powder and Quiver Dance.
    And I arrived in front of the Gym Leader Elesa.
    I decided to try my hand at using Haru on Elesa as well.
    After using a Sleep Powder and setting up 3 Quiver Dance, I swept her team with Giga Drain.
    So I obtained the Bolt Badge and TM quite easily.
    Her gym sure was nice with the music, the board at the back, and the catwalk.

    After exiting the Gym, I saw a group of Plasma Grunts and my rival Hibari.
    He wanted my help so I did, I beat both grunts easily with Ryohei.
    Hibari then talked about his sister's lost Purrloin and then ran off.
    So then I headed off to Driftveil City!
    First battled the biker Charles in the Triple Battle.
    Went over the Driftveil Drawbrige, going into Driftveil City, I saw 2 Plasma Grunts.
    One was an Ex-Grunt. They were talking then Hibari showed up again and chased off the other Grunt.
    When I arrived in the City, I saved. Next happening will be soon.
    I did teach Ryohei Ice Punch with shards.
    I'll be training the team to lv. 32 for Clay's Gym.

    Current Team:
    Yamamoto [M] lv. 28 || Hasty | Torrent // Revenge | Return | Water Pulse | Razer Shell |
    Ryohei [M] lv. 29 || Docile | Inner Focus // Return | Dig | Ice Punch | Force Palm |
    Zakuro [M] lv. 28 || Impish | Poison Point // Return | Bug Bite | Venoshock | Screech |
    Kyoko [F] lv. 28 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Hex | Will-O-Whisp | Energy Ball |
    Haru [F] lv. 30 || Serious | Own Tempo // Magical Leaf | Quiver Dance | Sleep Powder | Giga Drain |
    Gokudera [M] lv. 30 || Docile | Hyper Cutter // Rock Slide | Bide | Dig | Bulldoze |
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    Shiny Ponyta || almost 600 eggs || Jolly nature || Flame Body ability

    Currently Hatching: none atm

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    A New Journey

    Did all the beginning stuff in Aspertia blah blah blah. Now I'm catching wild purrloin and patrats. 5 down 12 to go!
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