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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Well, this sitting I had tha started about 12 yesterday ended just now so I could get some sleep. So far progress was, defeat Drayden, defeat Shizui/Marlon, defeat Neo Team Plasma, and am now at the beginning of Victory Road. All the while I went through, battling trainers and collecting all possible pokemon (save for a few cause I lost patience), Routes 9, 11, 21, 22, and 23. As for landmarks I went through... Village Bridge, Opelucid City, Marine Tube, Seaside Cave, and Giant Chasm. The whole amount of time clocked in was 16 hours and 20 minutes. My team of 5 pokemon had a level increase of 45-57. Total clocked time for the save is about 56-60 hours.
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        Spoiler:- Current Team:

    After reading the above comment about using the C-Gear for trading (Yes, it's easier), I decided to trade a Wailord over from White so I could surf around and explore a bit more. So afterwards I went back to the previous towns that I've been to and collected items from the places I couldn't explore before. I also traded over my Lucky Egg and EXP. Share to help train my Pokemon faster. I then traded my Skitty over to White so I could teach it Ice Beam and Shadow Ball since it hand no moves that were any help. When I sent it back to White 2, I evolved it into Delcatty. I'm now working to level up my Pokemon so I can face off against Clay. I'm also trying to figure out who will fill the sixth slot on my team. Whatever it is, I know I want it to be a duel type.

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    Did many things in White 2.I went to Route 4 and caught my fourth team member,a Darumaka.It is male and has Naive nature(+Speed/-Sp.Defense).I went back to Castelia Garden to train it among Audino(s).Then I went through Route 4 defeating all the trainers and getting many items.I also defeated Colress quite easily.He started with Magnemite and I sent out Dewott.Dewott did heavy damage with Razor Shell.Magnemite used Thunder Wave to paralyze Dewott.Dewott was buffeted by Sandstorm.Colress used Super Potion.Dewott did heavy damage again with Razor Shell.It was buffeted by Sandstorm.Magnemite used Spark to do some damage but it was defeated by another Razor Shell.Colress sent out Klink.Dewott was buffeted by Sandstorm.Klink's ThunderShock did some damage while it took heavy damage from Dewott's Razor Shell.Dewott was buffeted by Sandstorm.Klink used Charge to raise its Sp.Defense but it was defeated by another Razor Shell.I then went to Desert Resort and caught my fifth team member,a Trapinch.It is female and has Sassy nature(+Sp.Defense/-Speed).I went back to Castelia Garden to train it some more.Then I defeated all the trainers of Desert Resort.Golbat evolved into Crobat.I went to Relic Castle and defeated the few trainers there.I then arrived in Nimbasa City and saved the game.BTW,what's with that Breeder who fights you again and again?


    Lv.25 Male Serious (Razor Shell/Water Pulse/Fury Cutter/Tail Whip) Ability:Torrent Held Item:Mystic Water

    Lv.26 Male Mild (Electro Ball/Low Kick/Swift/Thunder Wave) Ability:Static Held Item:Eviolite

    Lv.25 Female Sassy (Venoshock/Wing Attack/Bite/Swift) Ability:Inner Focus Held Item:Scope Lens

    Lv.25 Male Naive (Fire Punch/Dig/Rock Tomb/Headbutt) Ability:Hustle Held Item:Charcoal

    Lv.25 Female Sassy (Dig/Bulldoze/Rock Slide/Bide) Ability:Arena Trap Held Item:Soft Sand
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    Long entry since this is my first post here here I have 3 gym badges

    After choosing Oshawott as my starter, and doing the usual tutorial business, we head to Floccesy Town, from where we progress to Floccesy Ranch. We find a Lillipup in long grass before getting caught up with the next part of the story, catch her with a Pokeball and name her Beagle. We do the Team Plasma Herdier stuff, and head back to Aspertia City, where Beagle takes him down on it's own. We then go to Virbank, where we train in the Complex, then proceed to beat Roxie. After healing, we head back to Floccesy Ranch and catch a Riolu, name it Aura and train it for a while. Then we head back to Virbank, and do whatever happens in the story then hang around in Pokestar Studios, and at some point Beagle and Oshawott evolve. Before heading to Casteilia, where we go into the sewers and find the scientist person, then head into the ancient tunnel thing and catch a Roggenrola and name it Bronze, which seems appropriate. After challenging Burgh and losing, we head back into the sewers and find an area that we hadn't seen before, so we explore there and catch a Pidove and name her Tiny Wings, train a bit, and Aura evolves. We head back to Burgh, and Tiny Wings somehow KOs Leavanny to get us the badge. After renaming Dewott, we battle the scientist person on route 4, and Tiny Wings evolves into a Tranquill. Then we head to the avenue and manage it for a bit then pass through it to Nimbasa.

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    I'm playing Black 2. Maybe I'll get White 2 soon.

    I beat Skyla the other day, she wasn't too bad. The most challenging part was getting up to her with that wind blowing. My goodness.
    I traded over a Honchkrow and a Seel from Black. Didn't like any flying type in the new Unova pokedex.

    Found the Shadow Ball TM outside of the Strange House, taught it to my Espeon. Further explored the house, got a Rare Candy, battled, and got the Lunar Wing!
    Afterwards, I battled my way exploring through Reverse Mountain with Bianca. That was fun...But there's a HUGE gap between the Mistralton and Opelucid Gyms in this game, wow! I'm thinking there's something I can or should do before I go to fight Drayden.

    Anyways, I found Cobalion, weakened him, and caught him on my third pokeball. Found Virizion, but he's a pain-in-the-neck to catch, so I'll go to him later.
    I got all my pokemon on my team to Lv. 50. Not sure what I'll do next.

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    In Black 2,did all the same stuff as in White 2.I went to Route 4 and caught my third team member,a is male and has Naughty nature(+Attack/-Sp.Defense).I went and trained it up in the sewers.Then U battled and defeated all the trainers on Route 4.I also defeated Colress quite easily.He started with Magnemite and I sent out Scraggy.Scraggy's Brick Break did heavy damage but it survived due to Sturdy.Magnemite used Thunder Wave to paralyze Scraggy.Colress used the Super Potion to restore Magnemite's HP.Scraggy's Brick Break did heavy damage but again couldn't knock it out due to Sturdy.Magnemite's Magnet Bomb did little damage and it was defeated by another Brick Break.Colress sent out Klink.Klink used Charge to raise its Sp.Defense but it was still OHKO'ed by Scraggy's Brick Break.Then I went to Desert Resort and defeated all the trainers there.I also defeated the few trainers in Relic Castle.Then going through Join Avenue, I reached Nimbasa City.I then saved the game.


    Lv.25 Male Calm (Leaf Tornado/Tackle/Leech Seed/Growth) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.26 Female Hasty (Flame Burst/Fire Spin/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Charcoal

    Lv.26 Male Naughty (Faint Attack/Brick Break/Payback/Rock Tomb) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Eviolite
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    I explored all of Castelia City, and even took a trip out to the desolate Liberty Garden. During the battles to be had in Castelia, my Snivy evolved. I think that's the longest it's taken for my starter to reach its second stage; it usually happens before or right after the first Gym. Anyway, I then headed to Castelia Sewers and battled the Plasma grunts with my rival. I met Colress, then prepared to head deeper into the sewers and Relic Passage.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 17
    Rupert Lv. 18
    Omega Lv. 18
    Cinna Lv. 18

    20/649 (3.08%)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoniteftw View Post
    Got my copy last night, Played an hour last night

    Chose my name and rivals (poopboy)
    Met up with bianca choose snivy - bashful nature meh. Hey its female 12.5% chance cool!
    oh hey alder!
    Saw loads of riolu at the ranch but with the first one I had a tense battle, tackled on to 1hp with snivy. On the 14th pokeball (last one) it caught. PHEW
    riolu - naive nature WAHEYYY!
    About to challenge the 1st gym - I want to stay relatively under-leveled for a challenge

    Snivy / female / bashful / lvl 11
    Riolu / male / naive / lvl 11
    Completed the first, second and third gym
    Second gym was extremely difficult with only lucario and servine because of weakness to poison. But growth + return got through it fine.
    Caught a daramuka in route 4 - jolly WAHEEYY
    Caught drillbur in relic castle - bashfull meh.
    Third gym was easy with daramuka such a great pokemon would recommend it to anyone looking for a fire type.
    On my way through route 4 right now waiting for a braviary to appear.

    current team:

    Servine / female / bashful / lvl 26
    Lucuario / male / naive / lvl 26
    Daramuka / female / jolly / lvl 27
    Drilbur / male / bashful / lvl 25
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    Default White 2 Journey Post 5: Mistralton

    This morning, we left for Route 6. I focused on leveling up Coal until he was on par with the rest of the team. When we reached the Season Research Lab, Cheren gave me HM03 Surf, and I taught it to Syrup. We continued onwards and made it all the way through Chargestone Cave, battling EVERY trainer in there. Next, we arrivevd in Mistralton and headed for Route 7. We battled all the trainers out there. Then, we traveled up the Celestial Tower, battling every trainer there as well. After I rang the bell, Syrup flew me back to Mistralton where I challenged the Gym. Pearl the Ampharos dominated there, and gained a total of 5 levels throughout the challenge, because she was holding a Lucky Egg. We beat Skyla and obtained the Jet Badge, then we were flown to Lentimas Town on her plane. Entered the Pokemon Center and saved.

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    Last night I was playing some Pokemon before and after watching the musical "Rent".
    I started the game, chose a Snivy as my starter, named it "Jalorda". I walked around the ranch for a long time trying to find Riolu, I did find one, caught it, and named it "John". Last thing I remember doing was beating Cheren with Quick Attacking and Countering with Riolu.

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    Entered the Gym and battled the trainers there, they were pretty easy. I also love the design of this gym, might be the best one I have ever seen in any game. After battling the regular trainers, it was time for Burgh. My Pignite could take care of him all by itself, but his Dwebble was a bit hard to defeat due to high Defenses and being neutral to Fire moves. But I still won and got my third badge as well as a TM containing Struggle Bug. I exited the Gym and the City itself since I was done here for the moment. At the end of the City, I met Bianca who gave me a Dowsing Machine, very nice of her. I also met a strange man presenting himself as Colress. He challenged me to a battle on Route 4 which I won and he told me after the battle that he was disagreeing with Team Plasmas opinions about liberating Pokemon. I battled all trainers on the Route and captured a Sandile, Trubbish and Darumaka, also traded my Cottonee for a Petilil inside one of the houses here. Went up to the Desert Resort and captured a Scraggy and Sigilyph, both previously belonging to N. I also captured a Trapinch, Sandshrew, Dwebble and Maractus. I plan to make the Maractus part of my team, so I am going to train it against the trainers in the Desert Resort before I go to Nimbasa.
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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 2-4

    Episode 2: The Nightmare Ranch
    On Route 19, I met Alder, a guy whose hair reminds me of Goku.
    He wants to train me in Floccesy Town, but I had to deliver Hugh's Town Map first.
    Went to Route 20, battled the Trainers, caught some Pokémon and finally got access to Floccesy Ranch.
    Heard the weirdest music ever, reminds me of a Hiker dancing in the mountains with flowers around me.
    Caught Lillipup, whose Pickup ability was useless, since it never worked (only 2-3 times before evolving at Virbank Complex).
    Took at the very least 100 random encounters to find a single Riolu (with Steadfast btw).
    I don't want to know what will happen at Desert Resort, since I want a Trapinch from that place.

    Episode 3: Frustration's power increased
    After training Oshawott, Lillipup and Riolu (Level 9), I faced Hugh.
    Snivy vs Riolu, where Riolu Quick Attacked Snivy to submission.
    Met a couple of ranchers with a Herdier, they said their second Herdier was missing and since I and Hugh are nice people, we had to find it.
    I found Herdier with a Team Plasma Grunt, I thought the Grunt's clothes were white.
    Team Plasma Grunt ran away without Herdier and gave me TM21 (yeah, he was so frustrated for ruining his plans).
    Now the Herdier couple is happy. Love wins again.

    Episode 4: Learning the basics about type match-ups
    Returned to Floccesy Town to be trained by Alder "Goku-hair".
    Battled two preschoolers, the first had Pansear and the second had Pansage. Lillipup defeated both of them.
    Goku-hair told me about Aspertia's school being opened, now I can face the Teach... I mean, the Gym Leader.
    Returned to Aspertia City to take the Gym challenge.
    Clyde game me the first Fresh Water of another set of eight.
    Faced the two trainers before facing Cheren, whose glasses were stolen by Bianca.
    Gym Leader Cheren had a Patrat and a Lillipup, while I used Oshawott and Riolu.
    vs , took some damage due to Patrat's Tackles (man, Tackles in Gen V are really powerful), however Oshawott's Water Guns were more powerful, defeating Patrat in the process.
    vs , (with epic music) used Water Gun once before Lillipup defeating Oshawott with a Worked Up Tackle.
    vs , Riolu Countered Lillipup's Worked Up Tackle and defeated Gym Leader Cheren.
    Obtained the Basic Badge (1 obtained, 7 to go) and TM 83.
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    I'm going to quickly sumarise what I did because it is quite a lot

    I got a Trapinch in the desert resort
    Defeated the 4th gym
    Went to Driftveil city and Flaaffy evolved into Ampharos
    Defeated the 5th gym
    Won the PWT
    Traveled through the Chargestone cavern
    Arrived at Mistralton
    Dewott and Trapinch evolved into Samurott and Vibrava respectivly.
    Defeated the 6th gym.
    Traveled with the plane to lentimas town


    Samurott Level 38
    -Fury Cutter

    Ampharos Level 37
    -Fire Punch
    -Confuse Ray
    -Power Gem

    Lucario Level 36
    -Focus Palm
    -Ice Punch
    -Bone Rush

    Growlithe Level 36

    Vibrava Level 36
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    Lets see...

    Got W2
    Did lots of stuff
    6 badges

    Drover the Espeon Lvl 42
    Rikar the Lucario Lvl 41
    Magneise the Magnezone Lvl 41
    Zero the Darmanitan Lvl 42
    Cassie the Drapion Lvl 40

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    I appreciate your test


    I leveled my team from Dewott, Magby, Eevee, and Sandile to the current team in my sig. I then faced Elesa with my level 30 team. Her Emolga used Quick Attack on my Krokorok twice but I took it out with two Rock Tombs. My Espeon then faced her Flaafy and was KO'd by Psychic. Lastly I sent Krokorok against Zebstraika. Her last Pokemon used Flame Charge on my Krokorok, bringing it nearly the red zone but my Krokorok used Dig and won my battle from there

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    I gave up trying to catch a castform because I couldn't find one >.> I did find a dunsparce though. I then did everything I could do with surf which was a lot less than in the original versions, also caught a basculin, frillish, and a alomola, Now I'm in the chargestone cave. I caught a ferroseed, nosepass, and a joltik but still need to catch a klink and a tynamo.
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    After the Driftveil tournament, I went to the Relic Passage to catch Volcarona and headed to Mistralton. Skyla is the hardest gym leader so far because of that speedy Swanna... Just caught a Litwick and doing some training in order to have my rematch at the gym.
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    Just defeated Clay and took part in the World Tournament.

    Pignite lv 26
    Octillery lv 32
    Magnemite lv 27
    Sigilyph lv 26
    Koffing lv 26
    Trapinch lv 28

    Overall I'm happy with my team, although Koffing and Pignite aren't pulling their weight right now.

    I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should have swapped Tepig out for Shroomish.

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    Audino Grinding

    Alright I had to make a slight detour with my plan to head to Virbank because my team of Level 1's were kind of not a match for the trainers or even the wild Pokemon. So instead I decided to go Audino grinding! It only took one Audino to get each of my Pokemon to increase a significant amount of levels. However, they were actually kind of tough which caused me to burn through potions. However, I got them all up to par, and now I am going to make the journey to Virbank!
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    Current Location: Mistralton City
    Current Team: Adamant Pignite, Modest Roselia, Timid Jolteon, and Jolly Axew, all level 32ish

    While in Mistralton Cave, I found the Axew I was looking for. I caught it and returned to Driftveil City to challenge the gym. The puzzle took me a bit, but I found Clay. Roselia defeated Krokorok with ease and almost knocked out Sandslash. Pignite finished it off with Flame Charge and Axew was used as a stall against Excadrill so I could heal my other Pokemon. He managed to pull of 2 Scary Faces which help tremendously. Pignite KOed Excadrill and we won the battle. Colin (My Rival) and I were invited to the World Tournament by Clay, where I battled Colin, Cheren, and Corless. I have to say, Pignite is a great Pokemon. He destroyed Cheren and Corless with ease. After that, I battled upon the Plasma Frigate. It looks really cool. I headed to Route 6, where Cobalion popped out of nowhere! Chargestone Cave was a bit of a challenge. It seemed that my Pokemon were a bit under leveled. I exited the cave and met with Juniper as well as Skyla. I am about to Audino train and get my Pokemon to level 34/35. The Lucky Egg would have been useful right now...

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    Not following the Rules as posted in the first post will result in infractions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kreis View Post
    -You may only post 1 time every 20 posts. This is to prevent people from trying to increase their post count, and also to help you provide content to your post.
    -Do not ask questions here. This is not the help thread, which you can find here: Black 2 & White 2 help thread.
    -Each post must contain 3 sentences or more. Don’t just post “Caught Pidove.” This is obviously you either being lazy or trying to increase your post count.
    We know you're excited about the game, but Many of the recent posts is just barely acceptable.

    Caught Mareep
    Beat Roxie
    Fought Team Plasma
    This is an example of a technically legal post, but just is close to being considered that you're just spamming just to increase your post count. If you're going to post: try to make them be full and proper sentences. You may have to wait for a few hours before you can post again, due to the once per 20 posts rules. So Spend some time and have a little fun with it. I'd prefer to have a giggle at a larger post than read pages of bullet points.

    If you think that I'm joking, I'm not, as certain users have got infractions already. Actually, it contributed to one person being banned.


    Kat's Unova Journal: Day 2
    (Black 2 - Memory Link with Black: Nutter)

    Virbank City Gym is a Rock Concert! Roxie was playing her heart out on her bass. I think she can play Lead if she wanted to. Munna took the lead on this and pulled the plug on the guitars, and the Poisonous Moshpit.. Well I assume that Koffing and Whirlipede was the Moshpit.

    Soon after that we get invited to the Movie Studios where Brycen was a movie but Roxie's Pa wasn't great at his role. I took at go and despite top being a size too small, we got a movie filmed and the Test Audience loved it.

    I soon did scene with Lady who claims to be a Kanto Gymleader. While the reviews where good, I'm not keen on the plot line for this movie.

    After that we found Team Plasma by the docks before we chase them around Route 20.

    My Party:

    Munna (Telepathy)

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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 3

    Acc: Caught a Litwick, female, Modest-natured, but Flash Fire. I kept it, since it's probably the better of her two non-DW abilities, and the nature rocks.
    Acc: Candied up my Axew, Ferroseed and Litwick on White1, then caught a Tynamo in White1, bred it down to egg form, then traded the egg to White2 in exchange for a throw-away Zebstrika.
    Acc: After hatching a male Jolly Tynamo, I traded back and forth between W1 and W2 for candies, TMs, evolution, etc.
    Acc: Beat Skyla, her gym is awesome! Then flew to Lentimas town, where I was surprised to learn that the move tutor there offers a wide selection of end-game moves--for blue shards... :\
    Acc: Kept going forward, through Reversal Mountain, and on to Undella. Up through Rte.13, Lacunosa Town, Rtes.11 and 12, Village Bridge, and Opelucid, where Eelektross' Dragon Claw made short work of Drayden's gym. Another awesome gym, too.
    Acc: After dealing with Team Plasma's Ice Cannon, getting back to Undella, and making it to Humilau, I beat Marlon for my 8th and final badge. Clearing Rte.21 and Seaside Cave, however, had to wait until morning.

    Acc: Backtracked on foot to Lentimas to teach my Eelektross and Samurott tutor moves, and after an item hack on W1, I traded for all the shards I needed for Aqua Tail and Superpower, and evolved my Lampent into Chandelure.
    Acc: Traded over some spare Master Balls so I could catch HM slaves, obtaining a Tranquill, Zangoose and Frillish for the tasks of Fly, Strength, and Waterfall/Dive/Flash, respectively.
    Acc: Cleared the Plasma Frigate by Seaside Cave, gave chase to Giant Chasm, and defeated Plasma Frigate round 2, Colress and the Shadow Triad, and White Kyurem and Ghetsis.
    Dis: Discovered that I'd been wasting my time searching for Tynamo in Chargestone Cave--they moved him to Seaside Cave! Needless to say, I R NOT HAPPEH!!! D:<
    Acc: Made it to Rte.23 and Victory Road, saved right inside the entrance, and turned my DS off while it recharges.
    Acc/Dis: Man, this game is LOOOOONG!!! Definitely not linear, either!

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    Been a good minute; I'm not going to cover everything.


    Completed the main story and challenged the Pokemon League (was somewhat scared to attempt it with my team).

    ~Hall of Fame Entry No. 1~

    1. Undine [Vaporeon] (Lv. 62)
    2. Yayoi [Absol] (Lv. 63)
    3. Sera [Lucario] (Lv. 58)
    4. Galvantula (Lv. 60)
    5. Fey [Flygon] (Lv. 61)
    6. Shizu [Serperior] (Lv. 62)

    -10/12/2012- (or so)

    Obtained some new pokemon: Ariase [Nidoqueen], Snowfire [Shiny Ninetales], Yuki [Froslass], Aura [Latias], Meena [Butterfree], Sakura [Shiny Cherrim], Rea [Banette], Amu [Mawile], Wargle [Braviary], Raisin [Eelecktross], Athena [Shiny Milotic].

    Did some heavy training on Route 3. (Basically the new Giant Chasm from White)


    Woman'd-up and hit White Treehollow. Bulldozed right through Areas 1~7, ran into issues and started having my Pokemon faint on occasion throughout Areas 8~10.

    Met Benga and challenged him:

    ~Winning team~

    1. Lv. 86 Yuki [Froslass] @Leftovers
    2. Lv. 86 Ariase [Nidoqueen] @Leftovers
    3. Lv. 78 Raisin [Eelektross] @Quick Claw (Why are these so hard to train?)
    4. Lv. 86 Snowfire [Ninetales] @Shell Bell
    5. Lv. 90 Aura [Latias] @Soul Dew
    6. Lv. 90 Athena [Milotic] @Leftovers
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    Alright, so I evolved my piloswine. I explored seaside cave (or whatever it's called) and raised my Pokemon a bit. I have to raise them to level 54 and than I'll fight the last gym leader. Hopefully my Pokemon aren't under raised.
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    Virbanking on a Good Journey Continued

    Just touched down at Virbank. Deino's dragon rage really wrecks crap. Had an interesting double battle, my Diglett had two HP left, and my Horsea was out and there was only one of my opponent's Sunkern left. So I kept on spammig Sand Attack and Smokescreen at it so my Diglett could stay alive. I didn't want it to faint because it was holding a lucky egg and I didn't wanna let that experience go to waste
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