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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Default Pokemon White 2 Adventure POST 8 Plus B2

    Ok again I did quite a bit since my last post. Not sure if I'll be able to remember it all. Yay for super long posts! =D

    White 2
    Well anyway, I trained my team to lv. 30.
    Zakuro evolved into Scolipede. And I evolved Kyoko into Ninetales at lv. 30.
    Decided to take on the Gym Leader Clay.
    I beat all the trainers in the Gym with Kyoko's Energy Ball.
    On Clay, I decided to use Yamamoto, which he did take the first two out easily.
    But on his Excadrill, I wanted to try using Revenge which was a bad idea, Yamamoto fainted.
    Tried using Ryohei, he fainted but then I just used Kyoko and she finished the job.
    So thus, I obtained the Quake Badge and the TM Bulldoze.

    Then I went South down to the PWT.
    Before entering, I had Ryohei remember Dark Pulse and Kyoko remember Nasty Plot. I forgot Zakuro's Megahorn at this point.
    After some talking, I entered the Driftveil Tournament.
    All three challengers were pretty easy with the help of Ryohei. So obtained 1 BP.

    Before going to the boat to fight some Plasma Grunts, I did some detouring.
    Did a few movies in Pokestar Studios, went to the route to right of Nimbasa.
    Went inside Lostlorn Forest and got the TM Snarl.

    So then I went to boat, which I kinda forgotten about.
    Battled some grunts, they weren't too much trouble.
    Teamed up with Cheren, but his Stoutland seemed to have done most of the work.
    Then teamed up with my Rival Hibari, beat them easily too.
    So after that, we were all booted off the boat by the Shadow Triad.

    Before going to Chargestone Cave, I did 2 Tournaments.
    It was fun, I got to face Bianca and Burgh in Mix who they all chose Kyoko.
    So I had to fight her 3 times, but won every time even when using Haru.
    I fought against Clay and Elesa in another Driftveil Tournament.

    So then I headed to Chargstone Cave. And I obtained the HM Surf.
    Gave it to Yamamoto. And entered the Cave.
    I caught all available Pokemon there. Battled the trainers. Collected the items.
    One trainer did give me trouble. One with an Archen, beat almost all my Pokemon, its a miracle I survived.
    In the Cave, Gokudera finally evolved into Vibrava!
    So now I'm in Mistralton City. Now for some more training.
    I also went back to teach Zakuro Megahorn and Poison Tail from the Relearner. And taught Gokudera Fly.

    I also explored Relic Passage some. And soon I'll explore the cave where Axew is found. I forget this cave's name...

    Next time I play, I'm going to trade over Yamamoto and Zakuro to teach them some TMs.
    Yamamoto Ice Beam and Zakuro Rock Slide. And when Gokudera is a Flygon, I'll trade him over and teach him Dragon Claw and Earthquake.

    Current Team:
    Yamamoto [M] lv. 34 || Hasty | Torrent // Revenge | Return | Surf | Razer Shell | @Mystic Water
    Ryohei [M] lv. 34 || Docile | Inner Focus // Dark Pulse | Dig | Ice Punch | Force Palm | @Leftovers
    Zakuro [M] lv. 34 || Impish | Poison Point // Return | Megahorn | Poison Tail | Strength | @Rocky Helmet
    Kyoko [F] lv. 34 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Nasty Plot | Will-O-Whisp | Energy Ball | @Charcoal
    Haru [F] lv. 33 || Serious | Own Tempo // Magical Leaf | Quiver Dance | Sleep Powder | Giga Drain | @Big Root
    Gokudera [M] lv. 35 || Docile | Levitate // Rock Slide | Dig | Fly | DragonBreath | @Expert Belt

    Black 2
    On B2, which my niece has played some, but I have been playing it lately.
    I had obtained the Genesect on here as well.
    In it, the trainer is a Girl named SARAH. Eventually I'll do my own save and name the Girl Sayuri.
    And right now, she is in Mistralton City. So the team will also be trained for the Gym.
    On it, I have also changed the movesets around using my Black and bred a new Psyduck on my Black as well.
    I also obtained a Jolly natured Serene Grace Female Deerling from that scientist in Route 6. Awesome!

    Also when I do my own save, the team and Genesect and the Deerling will be traded over to my Black.
    The Servine will be bred for another Jolly Female for my playthrough.

    The team on it is as follows:
    Servine [F] lv. 34 || Jolly | Overgrow // Slam | Leaf Blade | Return | Leech Seed | @Miracle Seed
    Lucario [M] lv. 34 || Naughty | Steadfast // Dark Pulse | Dig | Ice Punch | Force Palm | @Leftovers
    Arcanine [M] lv. 34 || Relaxed | Intimidate // Aerial Ace | Flamethrower | Wild Charge | Snarl | @Rocky Helmet
    Golduck [M] lv. 35 || Naive | Cloud Nine // Psychic | Return | Surf | Ice Beam | @Mystic Water
    Krokorok [M] lv. 34 || Lonely | Moxie // Crunch | Rock Slide | Low Sweep | Earthquake | @Eviolite
    Tynamo [M] lv. 32 || Naive | Levitate // Tackle | Thunder Wave | Spark | Charge Beam | @Exp. Share
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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 12-14

    Episode 12: New York... I mean, Castelia City
    After taking the boat to Castelia City, I was stunned, it's the biggest city of the Unova region.
    I met an Harlequin who gave me a Bicycle, now I have to find/hunt three Harlequins, they are at the Medal Office, the Passerby Analytics HQ and the Battle Company.
    Went to the mentioned places and found the three Harlequins.
    I got a Rare Candy from the Harlequin who gave me the Bicycle (I was waitng for a TM but you can't have everything).
    I went to the Skyarrow Brigde, but there was some inspection running at the moment, so I can't talk to Lenora in Nacrene about the Basic Badge.
    Now, I'll explore the rest of the city.

    Episode 13: Needles in haystacks are so zetta small without a certain machine
    Explored the city, got a crapload of gifts from NPCs here, there and everywhere.
    Riolu received a massage from the woman inside the building at the front of the Gym.
    Bought 12 Casteliacones (yeah, TWELVE, not kidding), looks like business isn't the same as it was 2 years ago.
    In the north part of the city (to the Route 4), Bianca the Stalker with the Big Green Hat and Cheren's glasses gave me a Dowsing Machine.
    Yay! Now, I can find hidden items (managed to find just a Pearl in Floccesy Town if I recall correctly, crappy machine)!

    Episode 14: Evolution times two!
    Did some battles at the Game Freak Company, where Oshawott evolved to Dewott and in the Battle Company, where the new boss is not the janitor anymore, but his grandson.
    In Battle Company, my Riolu evolved to Lucario.
    Checked Lucario's stats and man, he bacame a super powerhouse, shame he can't use the Force yet (he has Force Push as I write this post).
    Went to the Royal Unova (now you can do that as soon as you put your feet in Castelia City), faced the trainers and got a Berry Juice.
    Now, I'll face Burgh, Castelia's Gym Leader.
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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 8

    Acc: Successfully taught my W1 Serperior Dragon Pulse and Aqua Tail.
    Dis: Got completely lost trying to find the tutor who teaches Giga Drain for my W1 Volcarona--turns out he's in Humilau post-E4.
    Acc: Got the shards I needed for Volcarona's Giga Drain, my W1 team is very well off now.
    Dis: Not much left to do except hunt down the legendaries I don't need and beat the White Treehollow.

    Dis: Nothing to report.

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    Alright, it's time.

    After some thought, I decided to that Samuel would be the partner out of my seven I'd store. First time I've ever taken on the League without my starter. So with everyone at level 60, I threw around some TMs, and ended up with this:

        Spoiler:- League Team:

    I've also set aside a group of hold items that'll use (I couldn't decide on just 6).

    And then, I enter...

    I started with Shauntal. She was a little too easy. With Zoroark, the battle literally lasted four turns. Well, one down...

    Next up was Grimsley. He actually managed to take out two of my team.While his Liepard went down effortlessly, I decided to use Sig against his Scrafty. Despite holding Brightpowder, he managed to land two Rock Tombs on me, which allowed him to outspeed Sig with Crunch. Dexy managed to finish him, though. Then he sent out Krookodile, which I thought could be taken down with an Ice Punch from Lucas. But I forgot about Intimidate, which let him survive and take down Lucas with an Earthquake. I sent Arachne back out, and dealt with him quickly. His Bisharp, however, was child's play with Dexy's Flare Blitz. Halfway done with the E4!

    Now for Caitlin. She also went down pretty easily, although some of her Pokemon needed a couple of attacks before going down. But overall, nothing a few potions can't fix. Now just one more...

    Marshall wasn't too difficult. While he did manage to defeat Sig, Sig had already taken down Throh and taken a good chunk out of Conkeldurr. The rest of my team managed to defeat him without too much effort. The Elite Four have been defeated!

    Now all that's left is the Champion...

    I take the elevator down, then climb the staircase to reach the palace atop it. When I enter, more stairs! At the top of those stairs is the champion, who is none other than Space Dragon Princess Iris! And so, the battle begins...

    She starts with Hydreigon, who is quickly dealt with thanks to a Bug Buzz from Arachne. Next up, Druddigon. I counter with my own dragon, Vivi. A Dragon Claw is all that's needed to KO it. Now I bring Arachne back out to battle Lapras. It manages to survive a Thunderbolt, and then sings me to sleep! I heal next turn, but at the cost of a large chunk of health. Luckily I only need one more T-bolt. Now the Pokemon I was afraid of, Archeops. I send out Sig, and hope I'm faster. I'm not. She strikes first with Rock Slide, and I watch Sig's health drain to ze... Wait... OH MY GOD! Sig survives with 2 HP! Sig's move! His Ice Gem activates when he fires an Ice Beam, KOing Archeops! The one Pokemon I was worried about, gone! Now she sends out Aggron. Easy! Lucas OHKOs it with Close Combat. Now her final Pokemon... Haxorus. I once again combat her dragon with my own. But will it be enough? A Dragon Claw drops it to red, and it uses a Dragon Dance. She heals while I use another Dragon Claw. This turn she chooses not to heal, and KOs Vivi with a Dual Chop. Knew I should've used Bulldoze to slow it down... Her sacrifice wasn't in vain though! I send out Dexy. She uses another Dragon Dance, allowing me to finish Haxorus with an Outrage. And this move secures me the victory!

    A staircase appears where the dragon statue was (not another one!), which we ascend. We enter the Hall of Fame, where our names will be recorded forever! Challenge mode unlocked! And if that wasn't enough, Fireworks!

    So, I guess my adventure's over. But I'm not done yet!
    Instinct or Extinct!

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    okay beat elsa so I will give a run through on what has occurred
    -Started Black 2: picked Snivy, obtained a Naive played through to felossey ranch catching everything in my path (I will get that shiny charm!) where I caught a jolly huge power Azuril and a jolly Riolu who immediately became team members
    -Beat Cheren w/ riolu and Azuril snivy & Genesect sat out was easy as I had grinded my Riolu to lv 15 for Force palm Riolu was way over leveled at this time

    -caught a Venepiede in the grass who almost swept me jolly nature added to team had great starting moves
    -Went to explore Virbank ComplexTransfered over synchronizers got myself a timid Magnimite and Jolly Growlithe. Snivy and Genesect were retired from use
    -Trained venepeide Magnimite Growlithe Riolu and Azuril all to lv 18. At lv 14 Azuril evolved to maril, and at 17, Riolu evolved into Lucario and Maril evolved again at lv 18
    -wiped out poor Roxie...

    -after escaping the move place I finally get to go to Castelia where I immediately rush access to the sewers to obtain a jolly Zubat at the entrance to the sewers (if you leave the stairs you join with your rival) used Rival to grind Growlith, Lucario, magnimite, Zubat, to 22 causing both Zubat and venepeide to evolve into Whirlepede and Golbat respectively
    beat the plasma grunts searched the garden where I syncronized a timid Eevee, got all the wind pokemon in the area
    -seached Castelia city for every item I could getting ready for Burg

    -Challenged Burgs gym w/ the syncronize munna I transfed over to protect my pokemon from the unwanted EV's (I EV train in game) was insanely difficult but I did it... ( I <3 Eviolite ) Levany thankfully gives attack EVs so a single wing attack was able to deal with the problem quite nicely Golbat evoled after the battle giving me a lv 24 Crobat

    -grinded team aginst the breeder on route 4 Whirlepede evolved into Scolipede Azumaril reached lv 31 and kills everything that opposes her cleared out route 4
    -cleared out the desert. Started to get mad that i couldn't find a trapinch but then.... SHINY SANDSHREW YES SHINY SANDSHREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
    eventualy catches a Traping Jollly
    -trained against breeder in lostlorn to make my entre team on par w/ Azumaril Scoilpede and Munna(burg sent it skyhigh), Evolved Eevee into Espeon Magnimite into and leveled up growlithe...........
    ...........way to much...... (I noticed this when it tried to learn outrage & flare blitz.....
    as growlith had maxed out its learn set I used I fire stone.... yeah.... I got carried away....

    defeated Elsa w/ my espeon battle went like this....
    Turn 1: Espeon used psybeam Emonga Fainted
    Turn 2: Espeon used Psybeam Flaffy Fainted
    Turn 3: Espeon used Psybeam (Zebstrika losses 70% its health sitrus berry activates) Zebstrika used pursuit! Its super effective (Espeon looses 60% its health)
    Turn 4: Espeon finishes Zebsrrika with psybeam I wonder why Elsa didn't heal her Zebstrika too much health left I guess?

    Current team rotation :
    Espeon(m): lv 31, timid nature, (Future sight, Psybeam, Quick attack, Bite) was the MVp of Elsa fast and deadly I just wish it new another special move to go with Psybeam...

    Lucario(m): lv 31, Jolly Nature, (Force palm, Ouick attack, Work up, Bone rush) Great Pokemon too bad its moves are limited but I believe the elemental punches are available in driftveil.... (he he ha...)

    Arcanine(m): lv 45 Jolly Nature, (Flare blitz, Outrage, Heat Wave, Crunch) (Definatly over leveled..... wow...... those breeders.... you can farm them forever at lv 44 the breeder at lost lorn was still giving me almost 1000 exp total per battle!!!!) This guy will definatly help throughout the game with its power I sholdn't have any problems untill the 8th gym... yeah I over did it I still lol how Growlite gets Outrage now...

    Trapinch(f): lv 31, Jolly Nature, (Rock slide, Dig, Return, Bulldoze) a work in progress I plan to make her a Flygon but first she must pick up Earthquake... at lv 55... this could take a while but noting Growlithe I can definitely do it...

    Magneton: lv 34 Timid nature, (Electroball, Mirror shot, Sonic Boom, Thunder wave) Awesome, and broken... what more can you ask for? Elecroball and sonic boom are there until I can get a better electric move and tri atack respectfully

    Crobat(m): lv 31 Jolly nature, (Wing Attack, Return, Bite, Confuse ray)
    This guy hasn't failed me once it is fast and deadly and i love speed Crobat has alawys been one of my favorites and it hasn't let me down this time either I plan to teach him fly soon

    Scoilepede(f): lv 30 Jolly Nature, (Bug bite, Poison Tail, Rollout, Defense Curl)
    I want to desperately improve her move set.... will have to wait till Driftveil for mega horn, and rollout isn't performing as well as it used to and the combo takes up 2 moves...

    Azumarill(f): lv 30 Jolly nature, (Return, Aqua Tail Work up Dig)
    She is my Nuke haven't had anything survive her return or aqua tail yet Azumarill is a great Pokemon I did intend to replace her eventually for a starmie but I may keep her around that power is just.... (I will use starmie though surf is natural ont it and azumarill is physical)

    Munna(m) lv 32 timid nature, (psybeam, Moonlight, Nightmare, Hypnosis)
    brought him over from white as one of my syncronizers but somehow ended up as part of my team.... This is the Pokemon I use to soak up all the unwanted Ev's so everyone else can reach their best potential also eviolite makes him a great wall

    wow that was a lot...
    Dragons are my friend, Ice is my foe...
    (Kyurem is an exception) dragonics rule

    -Let us hope for gen 6 to turn out well!

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    I just won my 7th badge, now i have to fight team Plasma

    Current team :
    Swampert lvl 50
    Garchomp lvl 50
    Serperior lvl 48
    Scizor lvl 48
    Charizard lvl 44
    Emolga lvl 41
    My Pokemon Y Team

    My favorite Poke's from each generation :

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    Nimbasa Training

    Ugh today's progress has been really boring. All I've done is battled the trainers in the adjacent sides to Nimbassa. It's annoying because I always insist on the lowest leveled Pokemon to get the exp, so every time it faints (which is pretty damn often due to how underleveled I am), I have to go all the way to the Pokemon Centre each time. Plus higher leveled pokemon than me trap me in wild battles and I am stubborn and keep pressing "run" instead of fighting, so my Pokemon goes down without fighting back and I have to go back to the Pokemon Centre to heal up. And that breeder in Lostlorn OH MY GOD, I can't progress farther because that person always challenges me and I keep on losing my Pokemon I wanna train. Oh well, I finally cleared them all out and battled the sports dome which was less annoying because the Pokemon Centre was nearby plus I was trained a bit higher. Oh well I'm gonna go take on the Nimbassa theme park and then Elesa's gym, and call it a night. I'll report back when I do!
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    Beat all eight gyms, doing a few little side things before progressing on with the story.
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    Definition of satisfying: facing Black Kyurem with Ghestis watching and one-hit KOing it with a Flash Cannon shot from my lvl 56 Magnezone!

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    I Just got W2 yesterday, and have beaten the three first gyms. My Magnemite is also a moviestar. lol. Does that sparkle-thing last forever?...
    I also caught that Braviary in route 4, and got to Nimbasa City, where I found a Soothe Bell for me Riolu.

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    Oh god, Entralink is so broken it's ridiculous. The Lost Items and Shocking Shopper mission combo basically sets you up for life.
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    VS Elesa

    Okay after clearing the Nimbasa Theme Park as well as Elesa's catwalk, it was finally time to face her. However...after beating her thrice before I finally had trouble with her for the first time. She kept Volt Switching between Emolga and that damn Zebstrika so I had major trouble doing damage to each. Granted she'd set me up well like when I was about to Rock Slide her Zebstrika with my Solrock she'd switch to Emolga and I'd do more damage but I was never too powerful to actually faint any of her Pokemon.

    The Zebstrika kept on Flame Charging sweeping my team, then I sent out my Voltorb that managed to paralyze it with its static ability giving me a bit of the advantage. This allowed me to keep on healing Voltorb until the Zebstrika was fully parlayzed, as two Flame Charges would kill it so if I didn't heal it immediately after the first, it would faint me. However, when it finally didn't have much HP left, I attacked with Voltorb instead of healing it. To my surprise, the Zebstrika went first despite being paralyzed, I guess from all the speed boosts from Flame Charge, defeating my Voltorb. It then smashed through my remaining two ice types with Flame Charge and I lost .

    I then rechallenged her, but I sent out Snover first, as last time I sent out my Lucario, my most powerful pokemon, out first because I thought Flaafy was Elesa's first Pokemon. Instead of Volt Switching me and letting Zebstrika Flame Charge sweep like last time, for some reason Elesa was keen on Quick Attacking me. This allowed me to easily dispose of Emolga with my Ice-typed attacks. Then Zebstrika came out again.

    Sent out Voltorb hoping for the same results as last time without me being an idiot, but no luck as the Flame Charge crit and OHKOed me after a bit. However, I did have Lucario left and I sent it out. I then took a HUGE risk, using Counter to hope that Zebstrika's Flame Charge wouldn't KO me then I could take it down in one swoop, and it worked! Zebstrika was down. I then sent out my Snover so I could heal up Lucario to take care of Flaafy, but after Snover went down I decided to send out my other remaining Smoochum for the lulz. And I kept on using Confusion, and eventually I got it down enough for the hail to kill the sheep. And Elesa was defeated

    Elesa Gym Star: Lucario, for taking that Flame Charge like a champ and then taking down Elesa's toughest Pokemon. I would not have won if it wasn't for it

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    Spent most of my time today trying to get the champions tournament in PWT. Got it and I was also slipping in and out of the game to do Dream Radar progression when I could. Then after I got the tourney and ultimately failed multiple times, I then did the Ruri/Yancy sidequest thing and talked alot and went on plenty of da- I mean ferris wheel rides XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endoplasmic Reticulum View Post
    Nimbasa Training

    Ugh today's progress has been really boring. All I've done is battled the trainers in the adjacent sides to Nimbassa. It's annoying because I always insist on the lowest leveled Pokemon to get the exp, so every time it faints (which is pretty damn often due to how underleveled I am), I have to go all the way to the Pokemon Centre each time. Plus higher leveled pokemon than me trap me in wild battles and I am stubborn and keep pressing "run" instead of fighting, so my Pokemon goes down without fighting back and I have to go back to the Pokemon Centre to heal up. And that breeder in Lostlorn OH MY GOD, I can't progress farther because that person always challenges me and I keep on losing my Pokemon I wanna train. Oh well, I finally cleared them all out and battled the sports dome which was less annoying because the Pokemon Centre was nearby plus I was trained a bit higher. Oh well I'm gonna go take on the Nimbassa theme park and then Elesa's gym, and call it a night. I'll report back when I do!
    I had the same problem when I was looking for a Pokemon in the Hidden Grotto there.So,I sneaked past him/her when he/she was not looking in the direction.
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    The other day my Pignite, Blaze evolved into an Emboar. I also caught a Roselia named Rose and she is now a Roserade. I battled Gym Leader Clay and won. I also entered the Driftveil Tournament and won that as well. I traveled through Chargestone Cave and I am now in Mistralton City. I have caught a Buizel named Jet and a Braviary named Sky. I am training them now.

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    Just got into Castelia Sewers, training in Relic Passage. Want to make all pokemon lvl 20 +.
    Have Keldeo, DW Combusken, Dw Tropius ( Trunks ), and a Servine called Speedy.

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    And Marlon was defeated. His water team was given a lesson by my flaming Pokémon and it was crushed.

    I sent Lights at start (I swear I didn't know it was a Carracosta he was sending lol). She used Energy Ball on Carracosta that held on with Sturdy and tried to Scald Lights. She went to red HP but that was enough to Energy Ball again as Carracosta received a Hyper Potion. As Sturdy activated again, Hex was enough to finish. 1-0.

    Then, Wailord. As Lights had few HP left, I sent Apollo. Thunder Fang did about 70% as he used Amnesia. Bad mistake. Another fang and KO. 2-0.

    Lastly, here comes Jellicent. Apollo almost OHKOed him with Crunch but it was enough to receive a Scald to put Apollo in red HP. Not a problem, as another Crunch ended the battle. 3-0. A complete sweep of the most difficult gym battle my team was supposed to face.

    After that, I went for the best part of the game. Team Plasma is even better, White Kyurem is awesome, the animations are great. A big welcome to N and Reshiram, I'd have loved to battle Ghetsis on a 2v2 alongside N and Reshi.

    Right now, I'm on my way to the E4.

    Current team:

    Scorch Lv.53 (M)
    - Flame Charge
    - Flamethrower
    - Hammer Arm
    - Head Smash

    Apollo Lv.53 (M)
    - Thunder Fang
    - Flare Blitz
    - Crunch
    - Outrage

    Abyss Lv.53 (M)
    - Flare Blitz
    - Bulldoze
    - Superpower
    - Headbutt

    Symphonia Lv.53 (F)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Fire Blast
    - Signal Beam
    - Psychic

    Lights Lv.53 (F)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Flame Burst
    - Hex
    - Energy Ball

    Desert Lv.50 (M)
    - Lava Plume
    - Earth Power
    - Rock Slide
    - Strength

    Happy to say that Desert became more and more useful against Plasma due to his powerful Earth Power, however, since I needed Surf, he stayed on the bench on the final showdown, that's why he's underleveled. I start to feel the need for Shadow Ball in Lights. Guess I'll go back to Reversal Mountain and get it (don't know how I missed that).
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    Default White 2 Journey Post 6: All Badges Obtained

    The last time I updated, I'd just made it to Lentimas Town. Now, I have all 8 Badges. My teams consists of Emboar, Ampharos, Sandslash, Swanna, Drapion, and Virizion. I don't even know HOW I beat Drayden, but I did in a very close match. Then after that, Opelucid had something happen to it, and I fought Team Plasma. We made our way through the Marine Tube which was pretty awesome, and then arrived in Humilau City, where we challenged and defeated Marlon. Ampharos and Virizion are a bit overleveled. I will amend this update with team stats later. Time for school :P

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        Spoiler:- .:

    I've accomplished the following things since my last post:
    • Won the Driftveil Tournament
    • Encountered Team Plasa
    • Went through Chargestone Cave, Trapinch evolved in the process.
    • Caught a couple of N's Joltik and Ferroseed while looking for a Tynamo.7
    • Arrived in Mistralton

    Current Status
    On my way to Celestial Tower

    Samurott "Takeru" lv.37
    Monferno "Sun Wukong" lv.35
    Haunter "Ophelia" lv.36
    Houndoom "Midnight" lv.36
    Magneton "Gamma" lv.34
    Vibrava "Horizon" lv.35
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    Took some time to hit the PWT after taking down Benga in White Treehollow..

    So much hax..

    First I challenged the Unova Leaders:

    Yuki (Froslass) @Scope Lens
    Timid - [Snow Cloak]
    -Ice Beam
    -Shadow Ball
    -Destiny Bond

    Ariase (Nidoqueen) @Leftovers
    Adamant - [Sheer Force]
    -Hone Claws
    -Poison Jab

    Aura (Latias) @Soul Dew
    Timid - [Levitate]
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Hidden Power [Fire]
    -Calm Mind

    {Unova Leaders}

    Alright, I can't remember off the top of my head who I was pit against in each round, but I do know that Aura practically swept the entire tournament.

    {Kanto Leaders}

    (Aura @Dragon Fang)

    Now this right here, was a challenge. First, I was up against Misty. All I can say is this; Dat Starmie Speed... Outsped Yuki and one-shot with Hydro Pump. ". . ." Sent out Aura, swept Starmie and Golduck with Dragon Pulse. Then came Slowbro. Took two DP's cause of dat Spec. Defense, but I won all the same.

    For some reason, I'm drawing a complete blank on who I fought next, but it was another Aura sweep.

    Then, came Janine. ...It was now that I came to realize... how much I ****ing HATE Venomoth. EVERY time I see that thing I believe it to be Bug/Flying or Poison/Flying.. but after a Thunderbolt AND Ice Beam from Yuki, I realize that it's still Bug/Poison... Well, after some Quiver Dancing and a hax Bug Buzz crit, Yuki is down. For whatever foolish reason I had, I sent out Ariase.. soon realizing I had not a single move to use (COMPLETELY forgetting that Venomoth isn't Flying) and proceed into Poison Jabbing, only to lose Ariase as well. At this point, I was mad. At myself. Sent out Aura in an attempt to HP [Fire] that Venomoth, but 'lo and behold, that Quiver Dance made it faster than Aura! Bug Buzz. Crit. Aura fainted. ...I lost to Janine. I apologized to Yuki, Ariase, and Aura for failing as a trainer... and cried in my usual crying corner..

    {Mix Tournament}

    Aura @Soul Dew (I believe)

    After that horrid failure of mine, I tried to redeem myself by taking my girls to the Mix Tournament. Same team. Well, first battle was with some random Psychic who took Yuki while I took his Coforigus or whatever. Battle begins, I realize the pokemon of his that I took sucked, so I let Yuki take it out. Sent out Aura, had her use HP [Fire], took down Yuki. The rest was Dragon Pulse-fodder.

    Battle two was against good 'ol Giovanni. This scrub took Ariase, and I can't remember what I took from him, I just know it was never used. The battle was pretty much won by Yuki and her Ice Beam bossness. However, it was at the end of the fight that a certain pattern finally hit me like 37 tons of bricks; My pokemon are taken from top-to-bottom, meaning Aura was next to be taken. And if memory served me, I gave Aura her Soul Dew after my failure with Janine... I was terrified.

    Final battle was against my dear friend Bianca. As I thought, she took Aura, and I took Musharna (was the smartest move I coulda made betwee that, Dewott, and Servine). The battle begins, and I believe was led off by Aura. I froze. I knew how powerful Aura's Soul Dew'd Dragon Pulse was. I also knew how fast she was. I prayed.. Attempted to Ice Beam with Yuki, Aura used Calm Mind. "Oh thank Go- ......OH GOD NOOOOOO!!!!" Ice Beam didn't even take half of Aura's HP. I expected a sweep, so I shoot for Destiny Bond. Turns out, you need to be faster for that to work. Derp-moment. Yuki was gone. It was then that I realized Musharna was a decent Special Def tank and figured, "Why the heck not?"

    Not to my surprise, Musharna had nothing that could remotely injure Aura. She did, however, possess Hypnosis, a move I never trusted when utilized by me. However, now was not the time to be picky; I NEEDED to cripple Aura somehow. Hypnosis was used. And landed. And lasted (you'll see why in a second). However, just prior, Aura's Dragon Pulse left Musharna with about 20~24 HP. With Aura now asleep, I switched out and got Ariase on the field. It took two Poison Jabs, and three lucky turns of sleep, but I got Aura off the field. Then came that accursed Dewott. I figured, "Eh.. Ariase should have enough def to handle this scrub." And she probably did. Poison Jab took more than half Dewott's HP.. but a lucky as **** Razor Shell crit took Ariase down in one blow. All I was left with was a horrendously weakened Musharna. Needless to say... didn't end well.

    I cried twice in one day.
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    Default Opelucid Gym.

    That's right, that's where i am right now. My team has gone through some changes since last time i was here. Here's the update:

    Samurott lv.49
    Infernape lv.51
    Meganium lv.48
    Flygon lv.48
    Porygon-Z lv.48
    Bisharp lv.52

    I threw out Keldeo, otherwise i would have three pokémon with a weakness to flying types. I underestimated Drayden a little. I lost the first time (Infernape, Meganium and Flygon), even though i was so freakin' close to beating Haxorus.. .____. Yes i could have used more than three pokémon. But i didn't because that would be ''unfair''.

    So i tried a second time, again starting with Infernape and boosting attack with Swords Dance. Druddigon attacked with revenge and crunch but it did little damage. I didn't want to risk a third Swords Dance because of Dragon Tail, so i attacked with Close Combat and defeated Druddigon with one hit, making Infernape level up to lv.49 and putting him against Flygon. Pushing my luck a little, i attacked with Close Combat once more. And again, a 1HKO. This time, it levelled up Infernape to lv.50 and put him against Haxorus. The damn pokémon that got away so lucky last time. Well a third 1HKO with Close Combat prevented that and as a result, Infernape got it's third level up of this battle, and i got my badge!

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    In White 2 I just finished defeating the E4/Champion with a Terrakion that was borrowed from Black 1. So I got the medals for beating them with fighting type, rock type and only one pokemon all at once.
    Now I'm SRing my genesect from Black 2 for a good nature so I can reset that game for a Nuzlocke later. Then it's back to White 2 for pokedex completing.

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    I trained my team to level 27, and Eevee evolved into Espeon. I then beat Elesa pretty easily with Trapinch and Servine (whose name isn't Charles, it's Lucas). I then saved. I'll update with a bit more later.

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    I beat the guy from the shadow triad and went through the Marine tube. Man than thing is so cool =D got to the next town, beat the trainers in the gym, now I'm getting my team to lv 50 before battling Marlin.
    Pokemon fan girl since 1999 =D Raichu is #1 Forever!!!

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    The History of Team Plasma

    As the title suggests, my last progression mainly involves me interacting with Team Plasma. First as I was leaving Nimbassa I battled a bunch of grunts and found out about Hugh's beef with them. Then I left and had a rotation battle with Charles. It was actually somewhat tough for me but I defeated him.

    Then I crossed the Driftveil Bridge and found NO feathers even though I usually find a lot. Then I arrived at Driftveil to see ex team Plasma confronting the current Team Plasma. I have to say their dialogue and what they were saying was incredibly interesting.

    Then I explored Driftveil for a bit, and challenged Charles to a triple battle. Oddly I did not stand a chance against him and lost not once, but twice. Afterwards I decided to go to the Sages house and he offered me a Zorua. I went back to the Pokemon Center to make room in my party for it (I wasn't going to use it I just wanted to have it), but when I returned N's Zoroark popped up and I had an interesting flashback which had to do with two grunts discussing the differences between the old Team Plasma and the new, and it was very captivating stuff. After I was done, the building was for some reason empty so I left and come back where it was suddenly full again and got N's Zorua.

    Now I am going to go beyond Driftveil, training against the trainers there, then battle Clay. I hope I am not too underleveled even though I most likely am. I may stock up on some Revival Herbs

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