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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Just got my game yesterday!! But started my adventure off with oshawatt this game and played through all the way until alders training. So far I've caught every Pokemon I could see and immediately placing them in the box except dunsparce and audino, the ground just doesn't want to shake :/ making it really had to level grind.
    Current team
    Oshawatt lv 15 (grinding for him to evolve in gym battle)
    Riolu lv 14 (grinding for force palm)

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    I beat the game days ago now I'm going back to it. May play a little PWT and maybe go to Join Avenue. Ad of now, all of my Pokemon are like level 71

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    Beat the game yesterday morning and stomped the elite four and Iris. Did some after game stuff, and started visiting the old cities. Iccirus is still awesome and so is Nacrene. I love how Uxie showed up in front of the museum with it being the Pokemon of knowledge. Then made my way to Striaton and it still looks awesome.

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    Default Exploring and Funfest!

    Well in Virbank City, I explored the whole city, it's pretty legit, and the gym actually reminded me of how the anime had it (the room before Roxie's, so not the actual gym place yet, haven't seen it yet). I saw Roxie and her dad arguing, pretty legit :P He went to the Pokestudios, oh well. Anyways, after that I went to the Virbank Complex. In there I met a fatty that asked me to find the three construction workers, cool, I'll help you. I found them and battled them, but before all that I got myself a Growlithe, who I called PyroPuppy!! Pyropuppu is a beast, and has a good nature, I think (can't remember well because Im not playing atm) Mild. He beat all the trainers, and we found this scientist. I truly thought he belonged to TP since he was running away, but no he just gives me an Ether... Well I decided to stop there, and decided to try my C Gear. I entered the Entralink, and somehow I ended up doing Funfest Missions :3 I did the first one, then tried to other Berry one and the kids one, but in both I always was missing one at the end -_-
    Oh right, and my Snivy evolved meanwhile

    White 2

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    Training On the Outskirts

    For like an entire hour all I've been doing is battling the various trainers on the route to Chargestone cave, flying back and forth to heal my Pokemon and rotate them. Rotating is really annoying, but it is challenging. Thank god I had my Staravia in my party.

    And speaking of Staravia, it is the first Pokemon to become a higher leveled than my Braviary. Maybe I can finally use it soon!

    Anyways, now that I'm done with that I am going to go challenge the Driftveil gym. I am tempted to go through Chargestone cave and see how far I get without actually needing the Quake Badge, but my Pokemon will inevitably be fainting throughout the cave and I won't want to leave the damn area to go to a Pokemon Center, so I will need to buy Revival Herbs. Then again, there are doctors...

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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 15-17

    Episode 15: The Cursed Sewers, Part I
    I saw Clyde in the Gym's entrance saying Burgh was taking care of Team Plasma (hope they didn't steal Stalker's Pokémon, that would be the nightmare of the century), then Iris appeared (that's official, Team Plasma stole Miss Green Hat's Pokémon) saying about the Plasma Grunts being hard to find (well, we are in the BIGGEST city of the Unova Region) she went to the Pokémon Center.
    In that place, she said something about a hiding place nearby and went to the pier closest to the Skyarrow Bridge.
    Then, I saw the entrance to the sewers (I was in that pier before, but never noticed that).
    I went to the sewers and Hugh tagged along with me (had a Servine and a Pidove), now we have to find those Grunts.
    My first wild battle was... NO! ARGH! THE CURSE! IS FOLLOWING ME! ARGH! (Screams like Justin Bieber while running away from Hugh).

    Episode 16: The Cursed Sewers, Part II
    What the Arceus's ****ing hell are Rattata and Zubat INGAME and in a Regional Pokédex?
    After calming down, I had to face Rattatas, Zubats and the Hell with them.
    Man, the sewers are worse than the Cretan Labyrinth! I almost got lost at least 69 times, facing rats and bats! I swear if I don't kick those Grunts' asses, I'll kick the entire GameFreak!
    I got a Leftovers, I faced some trainers, I got a Super Potion made of poison (I must get rid of dat bottle, those Scientists are crazy).
    Faced the Plasma Grunts (with slightly better Pokémon btw) and kicked their sad and sorry Terrorist's asses (NOBODY FORCES ME TO FACE TONS OF RATTATAS AND ZUBATS, NOBODY!).
    After they ran away, I saw Burgh, now I can challenge him and score another Gym Badge.
    After that, I saw a scientist with a really weird hairstyle (I wonder who's the hairstylist) coming from the hole nearby.

    Episode 17: Insects, cocoons and paintings
    The hole led me to the Relic Passage, however I couldn't explore the cave very well (though it still had Rattatas).
    One of the paths of the sewers led me to the Park, the one with the Eevees, I managed to catch one on my first encounter (no good news, I want a Trapinch from the Desert Resort).
    After doing everything I could, I went to the Gym.
    The Gym changed a lot in the last two years (the Gym Theme is a lot creepier), now I can travel to different parts of the Gym via the cocoons (me gusta tanto).
    Faced all the Harlequins (they have a super weird Trainer's Theme btw), most of them with Growlithe and Dewott (only against the Dwebbles), now Burgh stands between me and the Insect Badge.
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    Just beat the Elite Four and Champion again, now going to complete the medals.

    Current Team:
    - Samurott level 100
    - Lucario level 100
    - Arcanine level 100
    - Espeon level 100
    - Flygon level 100
    - Eelektross level 100.
    Pokemon Sun: Primarina, Lycanroc (Midday), Palossand, Vikavolt, Salandit and Kommo-o.
    Pokemon Moon: Decidueye, Mudsdale, Crabrawler, Oricorio (Baile Style), Oranguru and Toxapex.

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    Got Black 2 yesterday!

    Going to do something like what ArcanusX does with the episode stuff. Looks pretty cool.

    Episode 1: Useless Starter.

    Well, Basically started off doing the boring tutorial, yadda yadda yadda, stolen cats.

    After some looking around in Aspertia, i went to Bianca, gotmy starter which i shall later ditch, Snivy. Battled my Rival, and lived with one hp! <3 darn you crits.

    Did some traning while heading to floccessy ranch, Punched a mareep then ran away with a Mustache Dog, which i later gave to its rightful owner, albiet by force.

    Went back to Aspertia, beat the gym, got the C gear, no real biggie.

    After minutes of running around in grass, I finally found what i was looking for.

    Episode 2. IS IT A DALMATION? A FIRE HYDRANT? No. Its a Growlithe, you derp.

    Yeah, found my "first" team member, since im ditching Snivy. <3 i got owned by it though, was in the thick grass. Darn you crits!

    A few more minutes later, I finally found another Growlithe, caught it, and named it Cynder. >:U Roxie shall get owned by a Growlithe.
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    I've done a fair few things in the past couple days. I brought Genesect to the P2 Lab, and received the Douse Drive, and the Chill Drive. I've also gone out to collect some of the legendary Pokemon that I didn't have, like Reshiram and Kyurem. I ran out of Pokeballs when I was battling Latias, so she flew away and left a Soul Dew. Damn. :/ I saw all the Unova Dex Pokemon, and took a plane to the Nature Preserve after getting the permit. I caught the shiny Haxorus, and named him Darax. I love him! I began trading over some of the Dream World Pokemon I have on my original White file, as well as a Pansage, Pansear and Panpour that I bred for egg moves. I also (finally) got enough dream orbs to capture Landorus, and picked up the Reveal Glass at the Abundant Shrine!
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    I'm almost done getting my team to lv 50. Only Rita to go now.

    Pokemon fan girl since 1999 =D
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    My English version of Pokemon Black 2 finally came and I just ripped off the plastic and just started playing. But, I only got to play for a while, think it was about a hour and a half. Anyways:

    Chapter 1

    - Named my character: Dylan
    - Wondered around Aspertia City
    - Talking to random people hoping for items
    - Named my rival: Daniel
    - Finally went to visit Bianca
    - Picked my first starter, Snivy (who else?)
    - Defeated Daniel easily
    - Got taught how to catch Pokemon
    - Blahblah, you know that boring side quest, beating trainers
    meeting Alder, saving Herdier. BORING...
    - Yay! I beat the first gym. Take that Cheren.
    - Went to the PC and traded my second team member and items
    from my Japanese White 2 game
    - Saved in front of PC

    This is how my team stands at the moment:

    Level 13 ~
    @ Life Orb
    - Tackle
    - Vine Whip
    - Wrap
    - Growth

    Level 14 ~
    @ Choice Scarf
    - Growl
    - Water Gun
    - Rollout
    - Whirlpool
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    Beat Cheren, and got Oshawatt to evolve into Dewott time to find audino and dunsparce. didn't realize that the shaking grounds don't happen until after you get your first badge

    current team
    Dewatt lv. 17
    Riolu lv. 15

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    Today, I explored Nimbasa City. I battled the trainers in the domes for some extra training, then headed out to Anville Town. I met a girl who had lost her Pansage, though it was returned to her with the help of some intervention by yours truly (Lost at the Stamp Rally!, anyone?). I then went out onto Route 16 and eventually Lostlorn Forest. I was glad to receive the TM for Snarl there. After that, I headed back to the Pokémon Center and saved.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 25
    Rupert Lv. 26
    Omega Lv. 25
    Cinna Lv. 25
    River Lv. 23

    33/649 (5.08%)

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    Unfortunately, due to blanking out on the release date, I had to work all over the release. Whereas I finished Pearl, Platinum, Soulsilver, and White all within 36 hours, I've had times where I'm just not playing Black 2.

    I've got six badges, in that one cave after(Twist Mountain? Or is it a new one?). My team's all in the early 30's, barring a few in mid. I'm roughly five levels under all the time, great for challenges and EXP.

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    Battled the trainers in Nimbasa, then I went west to Route 5 once more. I battled all the trainers here, but the road ahead was blocked by a bunch of people. I cleared them by battling Charles, the charming biker, in a Rotation battle. After defeating him, he drove away on his old bike. I went out to the Driftveil Drawbridge, obtained a few feathers and captured a Ducklett along the way. Then, I arrived in Driftveil City.

    The first thing I saw there was some more members of Team Plasma. There were two different kinds of them; one belonged to the new fraction of the team which wants to take over the world while the other one was from the older part of the team which only wants to take care of Pokemon. My rival also appeared and scared them, but the one from the old Team Plasma invited me to come to their house at the northernmost part of Driftveil. I entered the main part of the City and found that it was full of hotels! Quite a surpise. I met Charles again and battled him once more, this time in a Triple Battle.

    After exploring the city, I went to the north of it. The entrance to the Gym was blocked since the leader was busy with meeting an old friend in Castelia, there was a road which led to a cave, but it was also blocked. Finally, there was the hideout for the old Team Plasma. I entered as I had been invited, and they told me about things. They also wanted to give me a Zorua, but as I didn’t have place in my party, I went back to the Pokemon Center and deposited one of my Pokemon, then back again.

    And I was met by a huge surprise. There was nothing inside the house but a Zoroark. It walked towards me, and my world started fading, emotion playing. Another flashback. This one showed how two members of Team Plasma were talking about how their organization had changed in a negative way, and they wanted to recreate it. Then, young N appeared and talked about his special talent, which is being able to talk to Pokemon and understand them. The Flashback ended, but no one was in the house, not even the Zoroark. What happened? Was it just a dream? What if the whole world we live in is nothing but a dream of what we imagine reality to be?

    I exited, then entered again, and everything was back to normal. I received the Zorua and exited once more, the place was a bit creepy to be honest. The Gym is apparently open now, so I guess I’m going to challenge it next. That will have to wait until tomorrow though, going to spend the night in Driftveil, all the hotels were full but I guess I can stay at the Pokemon Center as usual.

    - level 33
    - level 33
    - level 33
    - level 33
    - level 33

    Regina noctis pro nobis.
    Mundus noctis aeternae velit. Mundus vult lunae. Lunae lumen lucidus orbis erit.
    Sacra Luna. Nos coniungamus. Sit luna oriatur.
    In luna credimus. Lunae lumen habet claritatem veritatis. Lunae lumen in mundo, Lunae lumen in me.
    Cantate ei regnum. Cantate ei gloriam. Sidera ducet nos. Luna nos protegat.

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    I defeated Clay with my Dewott and Krokorok. I won the PWT and took out the Plasma Grunts. Then I headed off to Chargestone Cave, catching a Ferroseed and a Nosepass along the way to Mistralton city. After arrival, I Audino grinded my team until they were level 36 each, where my Dewott evolved to Samurott. Then I head to Skyla, where Krokorok was KO'd by Swoobat's Acrobatics. Then I sent out my Espeon to take care of her Swoobat and Swanna. Finally Magmar took out Skarmory with Flame Burst from there. I decide to evolve Magmar to Magmortar and then head out to Lentimas town. I then Audino grind my Pokemon some more along with my newly caught Drifblim. All were tooken to level 40, where Krokorok evolved to Krookodile.

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    I just did a session where I nuked everything. Zinzolin, Colress, Ghetsis, the Elite Four, Iris, all swept by three Pokemon that were struggling to even sustain one normal trainer battle before they suddenly became so powerful.
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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 9

    Acc: Watched all the Memory Link cutscenes.
    Acc: Cleared the first area of White Treehollow.
    Dis: You actually decend beneath the treehollow into basement floors, I was under the impression you ascended up the inside of the trunk to the treetops.
    Acc: My Eelektross, whom I've dubbed Mjollnir, is definitely the ace of my team. What he doesn't "nail" for SE damage is "hammered" by his NatDex-spanning neutral coverage. Even with a Jolly nature, he mixed-sweeps like a champ.

    My team:

    Eelektross (Mjollnir)@Life Orb
    -Dragon Claw
    -Aqua Tail

    Reuniclus (Cellulus)@Wise Glasses
    Magic Guard
    -Focus Blast
    -Shadow Ball

    Chandelure (Doomfire)@Choice Specs
    Flash Fire
    -Shadow Ball
    -Energy Ball

    Samutorr (Masamune)@Choice Scarf
    -Ice Beam

    Ferrothorn (Feyblade)@Leftovers
    Iron Barbs
    -Power Whip
    -Iron Head
    -Poison Jab

    Haxorus (Khleevur)@Choice Band
    Mold Breaker
    -Rock Slide
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    I beat marlin. Man he was easy with just Mushu my serperier. After that I caught a delibird, meinfoo, and terrakion. He was pretty difficult evven though Barkly paralyzed it with force palm. It still took like 24 ultra balls >.>

    Pokemon fan girl since 1999 =D
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    A lot has happened since my last entry so I'll try and the put te events of my adventure in neat points

    - We traveled through Chargestone Cave and came out at Mistralton City.
    - We finally met Professor Juniper in the flesh and also met Mistralton's Gym Leader, Skyla.
    - We traveled up to Celestial Tower to observe Juniper's field research and get some extra training in before our gym battle.
    - We met a member of the Elite 4, Marshall, who was blocking the entrance to Twist Mountain, saying there had been a collapse. I hope everyone is okay.
    - We maneuvered Skyla's Gym and I defeated her using Jolteon, Sandslash and Volcarona.
    - I flew around to some previous places I'd been, seeing where I could use Surf to find previously inaccessible areas.
    - Then we took Skyla's plane to Lentimas Town - I absolutely LOVED the music here! Graphics cool on the plane, too!
    - I explored a Strange House and helped Bianca with her research in Reversal Mountain, cool place!
    - Explored Undella Town, Undella Bay, Route 14, Route 13 and bumped into Juniper and Bianca in Lacunosa Town, where we where told a story about a possible third legendary Dragon. It seems things are getting pretty serious with Team Plasma. We need to get stronger, in case we are needed!
    - After defeated a sage alongside Will, we continued our journey to Opelucid City to fight the Dragon Master Drayden and get some info about the possibility of a third dragon.
    - Explored Opelucid and Route 12, finally we felt ready to fight Drayden and made our way through his awesome gym.
    - Defeated Drayden's Druddigon and Flygon wit Lapras. My trusty friend Arcanine (who I'd evolved on the way to Opelucid) defeated his powerful Haxorus by using Outrage.
    - The city became under attack from Team Plasma, who plan to turn the world to ice! Drayden and I fought side by side and repelled the threat, only for the shadow triad to steal the DNA splicer from under our noses!
    - Cheren and Will called me saying they needed my help in Himlau City, so I immediately flew to Undella Town, leaving Drayden to protect is city, and made my way through the Seaside Cave and adjoining route. Will has suggested I defeat the city's gym leader in a final show of my power whilst Cheren tracks Plasma's location down!

    - I have been catching every new wild Pokemon I can, except for a few 5% Pokemon who I lost patience with. I also caught two legendary Pokemon in Cobalion and Virizion! I already have almost 100 Pokemon!

    The Team:

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    Pokemon X
    Name: Ry
    FC: 3926 5477 2209
    Badges: 8
    True Champion of Kalos

    Dogs of War

    HA Pokemon I have:
    Froakie, Fennekin, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Goomy, Fletchling, Venipede, Sableye, Natu, Shroomish, Mienshao, Litleo, Emolga, Blitzle, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, Dratini

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    Well, i've actually erased my White 2 file, sold it, and got Black 2 instead. in other words, i've started anew.

    So far i've chosen oshawott as a starter, beat my rival twice, Rescued the Ranch owner's Herdier, caught a few native Pokemon, and by a stroke of luck, defeated Cheren and earned my first badge!

    Now i'm en route to Virbank...
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    Default Black 2 Journey Post 33: Cresselia

    I explored the Abyssal Ruins. It took me ten tries to get every item and check out every wall with text. I then explored the rest of Route 14 and went into the Abundant Shrine where I heard the tale Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus as well as getting a hint about their Therian Formes. Then I went to Black City. I'm saving the Black Tower for later. At Route 15 I did everything I could and went inside the Poké Transfer building. Since I didn't do anything there, I left. I did deposit Exia and Arios in the PC though since I needed 2 empty spaces in my party. Then at the Marvelous Bridge I battled Cresselia. I caught it in my first try, but almost had all of my Pokémon knocked out. Mandrag was the only one left in the red by the time I caught Cresselia. I caught it in a Heal Ball since it matched. It could've been easier, but oh well. I then got the Magikarp from the salesman on the bridge. That's what I needed the empty space in my party for. Now I'm in Nimbasa City with my party back. Since I've come full circle, my option now is to head southeast.

        Spoiler:- Progress:
    - Homie has been my favourite Pokémon since I evolved my Marshtomp in Sapphire.

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        Spoiler:- Battle Info:

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    Just got the fifth Gym Badge.

    Empoleon (Talon): Lvl. 38
    -He's been doing as well as I expected. He always ends up being more leveled then the rest of my team though.

    Lucario (Maxie) Lvl. 35
    -With a newly learned Ice Punch, Maxie will destroy everything.

    N's Zoroark (Zoro?) Lvl. 35
    -The newcomer. I'm still not sure whether I want him to stick around, but he's been doing pretty well right now.

    N's Siglyph (Siggy) Lvl. 36
    -The breakout. I did not expect him to be so good. Truly a mainstay.

    Jolteon (Sparky) Lvl. 36
    -A work in progress. It doesn't really have any good moves yet, so it's been hard to find a spot for this guy.

    I've been mainly building up my Join Avenue.
    Rank: 12

    I think I'm on my 3rd call with Yancy.

    All these distraction ingame. It's hard to focus on the main story, though I've already beaten the game, so that's probably why it's not that important ^__^

    The flashback with N in Driftveil made sense the second time. Now to figure out the voice in Chargestone Cave.

    So much progress made in this game. I really hope GF doesn't take all of them out in the next mainline games.
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    Beat Iris on Black 2, but that's not the best part, the best stuff is what happened during the first 5 turns, here's a quick play-by-play:

    1st turn Weavile uses Ice Punch Hydreigon, freezes Hydreigon.
    2nd Turn Weavile uses Ice punch again for KO
    3rd turn Weavile uses Ice Punch Crit Drudiggon for KO
    4th turn Weavile uese Thief and Steal Haxorus Focus Sash, Haxorus uses X-scissor, Weavile has 1 hp due to focus sash
    5th Turn Haxorus uses Dual Chop but miss, Weavile uses Ice Punch for KO.

    And a Crit from Magnezone's T-bolt leaves me with the win.

    Normal Mode Game complete 31:41

    Overall Casualties: Weavile Lucario

    Here's my team before the battle:

    Weavile lvl 52
    -Ice Punch
    -Beat Up
    -Night Slash

    Lucario lvl 52
    -Bone Rush
    -Aura Sphere
    -Force Palm
    -Dark Pulse

    Volcarona lvl 52
    -Signal Beam
    -Silver Wind
    -Fire Blast

    Magnezone lvl 53
    -Thunder Wave
    -Volt Switch
    -Flash Cannon

    Starmie lvl 53
    -Ice Beam

    Flygon lvl 52
    -Dragon Tail
    -Hyper Beam

    I now have a new appreciation for Weavile.
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    Caught Uxie at Nacrene City with a Pokeball. I didn't have any Ultra Balls so I threw every basic ball I had at it until something stuck.
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