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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Ok, sorry I stopped updating regularly, I got lazy. :/ Anywho, I beat Iris. Hydreigon and Haxorus were difficult... the rest of her Pokemon were taken out easily with an appropriate attack.

    Now, I'm doing the PWT, I beat Unova Leaders, and Sinnoh Leaders. Johto Leaders is difficult, but that may be due to the Pokemon I'm using. I've lost to Morty's Gengar (twice!), Pryce's Jynx, Whitney's Miltank (First time I lost to that since Silver/Crystal. lol. xD) And Jasmine's Steelix. (Though, I managed to beat her the second time.)

    I also lost to Norman's Slacking in Hoenn leaders. :/ Why is his Slacking female? I thought it was male.

    Also, is it just me, or is their dialogue recycled from the older games?

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    Found a shinny golduck while searching for a shuckle.
    So unexpected.
    Discussions on forums are always serious business :3

    Party Hard

    Looking for gen7 6iv Ditto and shameless about it, PM me if you can help.
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    VS Clay

    Well I'm back with the Quake Badge, but not on my first attempt. Not even my second, not even my third, ON MY FOURTH ATTEMPT.

    Before going to Clay's gym, I decided to head out to Chargestone cave to battle all the trainers I could before your progression is blocked off. Unfortunately, the first two Pokemon I was planning on training fainted early so I decided to train other Pokemon in my party as I was too lazy to return to Driftveil to heal up. While in the cave, I caught two of N's Pokemon, his Ferroseed and Boldore. I then returned to Driftveil to challengethe gym.

    After I was done clearing out the trainers, I noticed Grotle was in my training party, making me relieved as with Grotle I wouldn't have any issues with Clay even with my underleveled team. Grotle was my planned star due to its defenses, being able to take a few of Clay's nasty Excadrill's hits, while being equipped with the powerful Seed Bomb. However, after I healed up after defeating all the trainers, healing, and returning to go challenge Clay, I accidentally encountered a trainer I missed. I then challenged him, which resulted in Grotle gaining a level. This was an unfortunate case because now I had to deposit it, I only wanted the lowest leveled Pokemon in my party.

    So I returned to battle Clay with a pretty terrible roster, and lost. Koffing was actually the most helpful due to its ability to tank so I could poison his Pokemon. Because of this, I got to his Excadrill. Unfortunately, Koffing is pretty useless against Excadrill with it being immune to poison, and my attacks being poison type attacks, Return, and Assurance. So he easily wiped out the rest of my team.

    The second run I didn't even get Excadrill out. That stupid Sandslash got a Rollout chain going on my party and swept them all (including the resistant Solrock).

    The third run I had enough and decided to forget the low leveled party, this was a boss I was having trouble with, and I refuse to grind when I can just strategize. So I got the best team possible for Clay, able to combat his party. However, I lost because it managed to flinch Grotle with Rock Slide CONSTANTLY, and then getting a crit on it with Slash, while the rest of my team was OHKOed but it's power.

    The second time I got a bit more lucky. I was a bit more strategic by sending out Lucario to deal with Krokorok instead of saving it for Excadrill, where it would just be OHKoed anyway. Granted, Krokorok did take it out so I sent out Grotle to deal with it. I tried using Koffing against Sandslash, but it missed with Posion Gas, so I couldn't just do the strategy where I'd keep on healing it until Sandslash faints of poison. So I sent out Horsea to deal with it. Then Excadrill came out.

    My plan was to use Grotle first to wear down it's HP, and then finish it off with Horsea. However, Grotle managed to deal with it on its own. It's Seed Bomb was pretty damn powerful, and it could survive two of its hits, as opposed to my rest of the teams 0. So eventually I managed to defeat it, and it wasn't that hard actually. Just I wasn't getting awful luck (granted it still got flinched several times, but I kept on healing it).

    Clay Gym Star: Grotle.

    Now I am going to head out to the Pokemon World Tournament, but tomorrow since I have a lot of stuff to do

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    I just barely beat Clay and I'm heading towards the next town pretty soon.Only my Wartortle and Manectric made it out alive. ;w;

    Black 2 Team:

    Italy-Female Level.33
    Russia-Male Level.28
    Zorua-Male Level.25
    England-Male Level.31
    Austria-Male Level.22
    America-Female Level.22

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    Beat the Elite 4 and the champion yesterday. Somehow, they felt a lot easier then in Black/White, despite the fact that I didn't have a single EV trained Pokemon on my team.

    Now I'm working on getting all of the tools I need to get some strong Pokemon. I was fortunate enough to have a rank 9 shop that I was able to convert into a nursery, so that's one thing (Almost) out of the way.

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    Finally beat the Elite Four and Iris! I found they seemed to be a bit harder than in BW, though maybe it was just my luck that was different this time around. I was capable of taking out Grimsley's, Caitlin's, and Chauntal's teams in OHKO (if you don't count Liepard's Fake Out), but only Marshal's Mienshao was able to be knocked out in one hit. Iris' team wasn't too much trouble since I had Vannilluxe; they only two that I had trouble with were Lapras and Aggron. The only reason I had trouble with Aggron was because I thought it would have Sturdy so I hit it with a weak attack first, but when it didn't get recoil from Double-Edge I knew it had Rock Head instead, but I didn't want to risk Haxorus (my only Pokemon with a Ground attack) getting hit by and Aggron. My team might be a little overpowered, though; they were level 70. Now I can finally catch Regirock and focus on the PWT!

    -Close Combat
    -Flare Blitz

    -Aqua Jet

    -Rock Slide
    -Dragon Claw

    -Ice Beam
    -Flash Cannon

    -Night Daze
    -Aerial Ace

    -Giga Drain
    -Quiver Dance
    -Hidden Power (Dragon)
    -Petal Dance

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    Fresh off black 2 and onto white 2 and challenge mode, this should be fun, Imma try to get past the first gym and get the c-gear today, getting a Riolu and Mareep for the gym.
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    Well, I got Black 2 on the US launch day, but didn't end up starting it until the 14th. Was procrastinating on finishing the original White storyline.

    So far I've gotten 3 badges and made it to the entrance of Nimbasa (before turning around). I've been training just 3 pokemon really, Snivy (now Servine) and Riolu (now Lucario), and then sort of Genesect, since he's been helpful at times, though it feels like I'm cheating whenever I use him, especially at the very beginning.

    My main goal at this point is working on making my first ever real team as well as EV training for the first time. I'm making my team as the members appear in the game - the first being Growlithe (to become Arcanine later on). I want to finish EV training him before moving on in the game, as I want to be able to use him from now on without messing up his EVs...Yeah, I'm probably a noob for not just using the berries and whatever else to take away EVs and train him the way I want later. But oh well, I just don't want to bother with that stuff.

    So right now, I'm just finishing up his Sp. Attack EVs and then he's all set. Training in Virbank complex trying to get Magnemites...Certainly wouldn't mind running into (and capturing) a shiny growlithe...Probably one of the shinies I want most at the moment, second only to Umbreon. Hopefully I'll get my first shiny ever within a few months! (And hopefully a cool one I like!)
    ★★Click the card to see my complete shiny card!★★

    ★★Current Shiny Hunts★★
    -Eevee???; Black 2 (Castelia City): 650 REs
    -Aerodactyl; Black 2 [Alternate Hunt]: 400 SRs
    -Ralts (Day; Route 209); Snorunt, Sneasel, Swinub, Snover (Night; Route 217); Platinum: 6,200 REs
    -Caterpie, Metapod (Day; Ilex Forest); Venonat, Girafarig, Flaaffy (Night; Route 43); HeartGold (Route 48): 3,400 REs

    ★Side Shiny hunts★
    -Charmander; HeartGold (Pallet Town): 5,300 SRs
    -Chimchar; Platinum (Route 201): 8,250 SRs

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    Just got to Milstralton City. I realized I was kind of under leveled with all my Pokes around 36-37. I decided my I was tired of Growlithe getting his *** kicked and went on a major Audino grinding spree. I managed to get him up to level 45 in which he was able to learn Flare Blitz and Outrage. I then used the Fire stone I obtained earlier in my journey to evolve him into Arcanine. How bad *** does Arcanine look? I decided it wasn't fair to use Arcanine against Skyla but would let him enjoy being a newly evolved Pokemon for a while.

    Skyla told me to check out Celestial Tower first so I did that battled a few trainers and rang a bell on top of the tower and to my surprise nothing happened.

    I took to the gym and led the way with Braviary due to its knowing Rock Slide, I sprinkled in a little Conkeldurr here and there because of his Ice Punch and Rock Slide but was a little afraid as he was at a huge disadvantage especially being slower than mostly every Pokemon in this gym. Swoobat was an easy task for Braviary although Braviary took some damage. Braviary also knocked out Swanna but was left barely standing. Skamory was up next who finished off Braviary. I brought in my lovely Zoroark for the 2HKO with his Flamethrower attack. I now have my 6th badge!

    Now on my DS so forgot my team levels. Will post next update
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    Pally's (Dis)Accomplishments! Post 10!

    Acc: Cleared White Treehollow! Managed to find a Nurse right before battling Benga!
    Dis: Good God, it took forever to clear that whole thing! When I do Black Tower, I'd better pace myself!
    Dis: The trainers have smart AI and great Pokémon with awesome moves and hold items, even on Easy mode!
    Acc: Scored a shiny Dratini and a bunch of medals for my trouble!
    Acc: Ranked up to Rookie Medalist and got my medal box bronzed!
    Acc: Also picked up that DW Eevee from Amanita.
    Dis: I don't plan on using either the DW Eevee or the shiny Dratini on my team.
    Acc: Got the Treehollow key after clearing Area 5, will transfer it to B2 later.

    Acc: Forgot to mention in my last post, I caught the Dreamyard Latias and got its Soul Dew.
    Dis: Now I need to trade over more Master Balls, that blasted game of hide and seek ate up my last one.
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    Ugh, I feel bad for doing this, but I used Genesect to beat the first gym on challenge mode, I just couldn't do it. I'm gonna deposit it in the box afterwards, and then get the team ready.
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    Black 2:

    Just obtained the third badge.

    Team so far:

    Hermione the Dewott
    Pollutena the Koffing
    McQueen the Leavanny

    I'm kind of annoyed at the moment, mainly because I haven't decided on a finalized team yet. I'm definitely going to ditch the starter once I'm able to catch a Ducklett. I also want to use a Grumpig, but that won't be until after the 6th gym, and I'd like to have at least four permanent team members before then. Also sucks that I can't use a Heatmor AT ALL in this run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Frankie on 10/6/12 View Post
    Got Black 2 and White 2. Since Black was my main game between Black and White, started up Black 2 first, but will start up White 2 as well today just so it says my adventure started a day earlier. ^^

    Played through to the point where I met up with Bianca (again), but shut it off without saving because I forgot to upload memories from Black. After adding the memories, I quickly sped through to the point I shut it off the first time. Picked up a new little oshawott since my first one was an oshawott. He was Yunowun (combination of Uno from Unova and one as in the first pokémon in this new region) an this new on is Lilwun. Even Bianca called him a little one. ^^ Battled Hugh's snivy, but was confused when he said he hatched it from an egg when Bianca just gave it to him. o.O?

    Went through the basics and shut it off after she taught me how to catch a pokémon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Frankie View Post
    Ok, so went along doing the basic stuff up until getting to Cheren's gym. It was nice seeing Clyde again. As usual, he gave me some fresh water. Moving on with only my Lilwun, we defeated each of the trainers on the field, they could have been close battles though with the stat modifications going on. In the first battle after defeating the guy's patrat which lowered Lilwun's def, right away I used the gift x defend on Lilwun to bring his def to normal...only for the lillipup to lower his def again. But like I said, we won those two battles.

    Next it was time to beat Cheren. His patrat was about the same as the other trainer's pokémon. His lillipup was tougher. I believe he's the only pokémon I fought at this point who was the same level as Lilwun. We lost, but I cheated and ran from the fight (shut the game off and restarted from the save in front of Cheren). The next battle was basically the same; I even ran again. The third battle we won (which was luck since he just kept using work up and Lilwun finally got a crit from using focus energy he learned from defeating the patrat), but after talking with Cheren (who didn't mind me cheating in our first two battles), the other trainers, and most importantly Clyde who put on a smile telling me how I'll always remember this badge. Like someone pushing but not shoving someone to make the right decision, I took Clyde's words to heart and gave the badge and tm back to Cheren. I didn't want to win that way; what would I be teaching my Lilwun? So Lilwun and I battled him again. To make amends, we lost the battle at the lillipup (even though he just kept working up again) and gave the money Cheren deserved from our first loss. We headed back to make amends with our second lost battle. Since Lilwun hadn't used his oran berry, I swapped it with a new one and threw the old one away to make up for the last time. The other trainers' lillipup fought over the tossed oran berry. Second battle we did the same thing: beat the patrat and lost to the lillipup, handed over more money, healed, and tossed another unused berry. Now my conscience was clear, and we'd try again for real this time. Everything was as if we lost the first two battles and accepted our loss (Lilwun was still the same level, though he had extra attack evs that I doubt affected things). If we won, great, but if we lost, we'd try again (though if I would otherwise run out of oran berries, I'd prolly ask Cheren to not count that battle ^^u). So again, we battled his patrat who I told Lilwun that while he's easier than his lillipup, that we shouldn't get cocky. We beat him and next battled his lillipup once again. I decided, since this was more of a luck battle, to focus on using our focus energy water gun combo which payed off in our last win against him. No crits, but we did take him out. I think even Cheren didn't pull punches like the last time (to maybe make me realize something?) and actually may have scored a work uped tackle which we survived. We even got to use the oran berry this time. ^^ Cheren handed me my badge and tm back and recited his last speech saying "That battle has made me feel really glad you were my first challenger as a Gym Leader… I give you this in honor of the strength you and your Pokémon showed!". Clyde also repeated his saying which was more sincere. "I hope you'll remember the wonderful moment in which you received that Badge forever."

    Well, this sure will be a memory now. ^^
    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Frankie View Post
    Ok, haven't really posted much about my game since my last post here (which is the last quote in this post). After getting the first badge, went to the ranch to catch some pickup lillipup (to trade over to my Black since I'm trying to get two pickup lillipup for each level of pickup, so a total of ten) to trade in some low level pokémon I had wanted to train but never got around to. So after trading in my team became Lilwun my oshawott, Maiden my panpour, a currently unnamed pansage, and Grandage another pansage. I'm ev training while going through the game, so I planned my way to Virbank fighting only wanted and mandatory battles. Did the basic stuff and then decided to do some ev training before fighting Roxie. I fought two trainers who had two pokémon so I'd only defeat the first and lose to the second so I could keep getting evs that way (stocked up on pokéballs and primier balls so I wouldn't just lose the money). Defeated all the trainers before her using whichever pokémon of mine needed the evs and then battled Roxie. It went well, but on her last pokémon she knocked out the only pokémon I had to take the 2 def evs. Since I was at an advantage and could have easily defeated her whirlipede, I canceled the battle so my pokémon could be healed at the center (had no revives) and get the evs. This was fine with her. We started again and Grandsage beat her whirlipede easily and got the 2 def evs. After defeating Roxie, I caught another pickup lillipup to trade for an old dratini I found in my FireRed. It was a perfect addition to the team since I wanted to raise a dragonite in this gen since it learns a level up move it doesn't in others and it was at a level that now I was able to train without the badge numbers getting in the way. I also caught a koffing as a souvenir of Roxie and the Toxics. Things went on pretty linear after that just going through the game; introduced to Pokéstar Studios, brought back Pop Roxie, defeated Team Plasma grunts, and finally headed to Castelia.

    It was interesting seeing Castelia after two years. Got the dowsing machine from Bianca, did some ev training by battling in the Gamefreak building, and finally did the sewers. Hugh helped me out and we took out the two Plasma grunts. Hugh was still itching to beat Plasma, but Burgh popped up and told him it was clear from that point on in the sewers. Hugh went off and I talked a little to Burgh. Than Colress said something and kept on walking. Burgh didn't recognize him (which shouldn't he have seen him down there?), but then he headed back to his gym. Before leaving the sewers, I found a rattata that wanted to battle and that got lilwun his 10th speed ev. Headed out of the sewers and talked a little to Iris giving me options such as seeing how well I'd do battling Burgh. I decided I would fight the gym now, but first sent Lilwun to Black to give him nine carbos to help his training.

    Finally got to the gym and WOW! It's really beautiful and the music is relaxing. Now I'm curious to see how all the gyms look now. Burgh's got a new gimmick, instead of honey walls, now he's got a cocoon theme. Figured out how they worked and proceeded through the gym. Battled all the trainers I had to battle. I was running out of needed evs for the only poke I have that's collecting def ones, so I decided to avoid the last minion of the gym and head straight to Burgh when ready since I'd have to get his def evs if I wanted the badge. All battling in the gym up to this point was fine. The only fighters were Lilwun and Grandage. Lilwun took out the speedy combee with razor shell and Grandage took out the tough bug/grass with acrobatics (only didn't ohko while holding item the swadloon) I taught before sending them over or seed bomb in the case of the dwebble. Finally went to fight Burgh. Was actually nervous since I'd be using water and grass types. First was his swadloon against Grandage who knocked it out in one hit with acrobatics (I removed his lucky egg just to be safe). Next was his dewebble who I had him use seed bomb on. It took out about a third of his hp. I was really nervous about struggle bug, but luckily he setup with a rock polish...unfortunatly it made his bug faster and it went first the next turn. He used struggle bug, but luckily the training payed off I guess since it didn't do much at all. I leech seeded to get some hp back and I think leered while he struggled with struggle bug. Finally I knocked it out with a final seed bomb. Next was his leavanny. I really wanted to swap in all the pokémon that would benefit with the 3 evs it gives out when beaten, so first Lilwun started, switched into the unnamed pansage who took razor leaves that took almost half of his hp since he wasn't as leveled as the others, and then I switched in Grandage who took struggle bug. His leavanny's struggle bug was much more powerful, so I healed with fresh water and the next struggle bug took about half of Grandage's now full hp. Grandage took another struggle bug going into the yellow, but his next attack of a full benefited acrobatics ohko the leavanny (I think they were the same level).

    Great battle. Burgh's really cool and it was interesting to hear him brag about his bugs before the battle and than learning about his interest in bug types after the battle. It reminded me of how I became fascinated with psychic types all those years ago in gen I.
    Let's see. Since my last post, I've basically done a whole bunch of ev training (and to a lesser extent, did some Join Avenue stuff and beat Ingo and Emmet with Rosa). Finished eving Grandage first. Sent him to Black to double check everything and found out I messed up a little getting confused with his power item, but figured out where I went wrong, gave him some ev reducing berries, sent him back to Black 2 to get the right evs, sent him back to Black to give him some wings to finish his training, and double checked again and did it correctly this time. The next, and currently last, ev trained poke on my team is Lilwun. Did the same sending him to Black to double check. Everything was done correctly thank goodness, just gave him a wing since he has pokérus and can't get just 1 ev (though I could have double checked and sent him back to Black 2 to get the remaining ev now that I think about it since it would have been his last).

    After that, headed to Desert Resort for more training (and caught all but N's sigilyph; just tossed a pokéball and if they stayed that was good, otherwise we ran and tryed again when we found them again). Maiden, pansage, and koffing's training been sporadic up to this point. I did focus on ev training Elizabeth against maractus an sigilyph that wanted to battle. After enough of those, started fighting trainers again and worked my way to the Nimbasa gyms using pokémon who needed the evs the defeated pokémon gave (also did a little exploring of the East side of Nimbasa including finding a lost xtransceiver and talking briefly to it's owner). It was nice to see the roller coaster again, reminded me of the first time going through it. I knew it was the old gym, so just battled the trainers that wanted to battle and then was told at the end of the ride...something. Anyway, got a paralyze heal, took the exit roller coaster, and continued into the next gym building.

    Again, WOW. These gyms are all so well done and all have great music. Cylde told me something, gave me another fresh water, and then talked about using ground type moves to deal a lot to electrics, but to ("please"?) be careful when it comes to emolga. It was a really interesting gym to go through. Did the battles again keeping ev distribution in mind basically having Lilwun take the speed evs since no on in my team's currently collecting those and Elizabeth taking the sp atk ones. Lilwun was around the same levels as what he was fighting I believe, but was surprised that he ohkoed every electric type with his razor shell. Go ev training? Andway, finally got to the main stage and battled Elesa (after leaving and healing at the center). Lilwun was out first, but her emolga was too fast and it ohkoed Lilwun with volt switch. She was definitely a higher level trainer than her minions. Since she switched in her flaaffy, sent out Elizabeth. Elizabeth was faster, so she did a twister which did about a third of damage. The flaaffy thunder waved, but Elizabeth's shed skin (which I honestly forgot about) cured her (I am so gonna miss that ability after she evolves). We than attacked again, however it wasn't enough to take it out and we got paralyzed again which didn't get healed for a while. I'm sure Elesa did some healing and Elizabeth got paralyzed and couldn't attack, but we did manage to take it out and she did cure herself. Next was Emolga again. Switched into Grandage and defeated it and Lilwun (who I revived) and Grandage got exp. Next was her zebstrika. I think I started with Lilwun again. I guess I next went into Grandage. Was nervous at times of pursuit. Thought Grandage would be fine, but her flame charge took me off guard. Basically both fainted and had to switch into Elizabeth to heal them all, but she fainted so tryed this time to lower it's defense with leer from Grandage for Lilwun to use his newly acquired (and about time) aqua jet. I think I got two in before Grandage fainted. Next sent in Lilwun, but aqua jet wasn't enough and the zebstrika's berry went off. Lilwun fainted and had to switch into someone (any of the remaing pokes would faint easily ) to revive him. I did and one last aqua jet was enough to win it for us.

    Was really nervous I'd lose that one. But if I did, I would have accepted it and tryed again. It was a really nice touch to have my character replace Elesa on the back screen and even being asked to walk back down the runway with them was an honor. Talked to Clyde and thought it was funny he called me a supermodel, but than was like ", just a good trainer." or something. XD

    Went back in and it was like it was the first time. Walking back to the main stage the catwalkers, lights, and Elesa reanimated the first walkthrough. Was cool.
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    November 2001 - February 2005


    v--Current Black 2 Team--v
    Lilwun lv34 Maiden lv37 Grandage lv40 Crash lv40 Elizabeth lv32 Ballarina lv30

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    Before I had beat Clay at the Driftveil gym, I had caught Therian Forme Tornadus at lv 20. And transferred him to black 2. Wow, I thought it was gonna be a challenge. But caught it on the first try. Wanted the other two formes to be at level 20 but after getting the Driftveil badge, I guess I'm gonna have to settle for them at level 30 and 40. Shouldn't be too bad but I like to train my Pokes at the lowest level possible.

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    Since my last post I've trained my team up to their mid-40's, improved all of their movesets with some shards & heart scales, and just won my 7th badge from Drayden. Decided to save my game after Team Plasma froze Opelucid City.

    Trainer: Mr.Mime

    Current Team:

    Badges: 7

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    Getting through Victory Road was really hard but I think I'm ready to take on the Elite 4

    Current team :
    Swampert lvl 61
    Garchomp lvl 60
    Charizard lvl 60
    Serperior lvl 60
    Scizor lvl 60
    Emolga lvl 54
    My Pokemon Y Team

    My favorite Poke's from each generation :

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    Chapter 2

    - Ran through Floccesy Town
    - Got the Pokedex from Bianca
    - Looked through the Dex and its new features
    - Went to route 20 and beat that damn hiker blocking the path
    and his damn Level 11 Rioulu
    - Beat all trainers
    - Cheren warning Daniel and I about the double dark grass thing
    - Beat all the trainers and ran to the town connector thing
    - Got great balls from the nice reception lady
    - X-tran call from mom
    - Virbank City!!!! Met Roxie
    - Talking to random people getting items
    ex. Burn Heal, Poke Balls, Great Ball, Silk Scarf
    - Went to Virbank Complex, beat trainers
    - Finally found Magnemite Level 10
    - Ether from weird scientist
    - Fat dude gives TM94 - Rock Smash
    - Trained my Pokemon for a while in Virbank Complex
    - Headed to the second GYM - Poison Type
    - Killed Roxie's Whirlipede and Koffing easily and got the Toxic Badge
    - Went to Virbank Complex and trained (again..) a lot!
    - Saved in front of PC

    This is how my team stands at the moment:

    ~ Level 20
    @ Life Orb
    - Return
    - Wrap
    - Leaf Tornado
    - Leech Seed

    ~ Level 21
    @ Choice Scarf
    - Rollout
    - Whirlpool
    - Astonish
    - Water Pulse

    ~ Level 17
    @ ???
    - Thundershock
    - Supersonic
    - Sonicboom
    - Thunder Wave

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon trainer View Post
    Well I got my White 2 today.

    Watched the epic opening scene of the game.
    Choose female trainer
    Named myself after my own name
    Named my rival Hugh
    Agreed with my mum to have a pokedex and pokemon
    Went and met Bianca and there I saved my game.
    Finally settled on Brave Snivy. Still yet to choose a decent nickname for him.
    Easily and happily beat Hugh in the battle.
    Headed from route 19 and was taught how to catch a pokemon.
    Headed up north and met Alder
    Headed to Floccesy Town and headed north into the ranch.
    Saved my game here

    In Floccesy Ranch I caught myself a Lax Natured Riolu and nickanmed him 'Anubis'
    didnt want to end up finding another since they are so rare here and it took ages to find one.
    Currently heading through the ranch looking for the lost Herdier and training up my Snivy and Anubis up to level 15 during this time

    Still working out what pokemon I want in my team.

    And huge error made I forgot to save it after completing the ranch!!! So I'm looking ALL OVER AGAIN!

    And on the plus side came across a Lonely natured Female Riolu nicknamed her Aurora so very happy so going to train up my pokemon to Level 15 since I got crit haxed on both pokemon whilst battling Cheran the cheating hexer!
    Yay grew up my pokemon up and managed to beat Cheran even with his critical hexs every other move!
    Headed to Virbank City and into the Complex
    Decided on what pokemon I'm going to have in my team now.
    Easily managed using Aurora (as Riolu) to beat Roxy and the drummer and guitarist
    Headed to the Pokestudios and re-made the film was really good fun.
    Next stop Castelia City.
    Got my bike
    Headed to Route 4 and caught a Adamant Darmanitan nicknamed Chimp
    Went through Sewers with Hugh and beat Team Plasma and met Burgh the gym leader.
    Hugh left and I headed up to the Gardens and caught myself a Timid Eevee, perfect for a Vaporeon with decent defences nicknamed Nepturne
    Had a look around Castelia City and beat Battle company and Game Freak and got myself Amulet Coin and Exp Share in process.
    Aurora evolved to Lucario
    Grew up everyone to Level 21. Chimp to L25 after taking on the Castelia Gym.
    Now currently getting onto Route 4.
    Going to be looking for a Jolly Trapinch as my next member and as the Flyer.
    Friend Code X: 4914-4884-2329
    Friend Code Y: 0404-6504-6432

    Pokémon in my safari X: Dragon: Noibat; Druddigon; Gabite
    Pokémon in my safarai Y: Pupitar Boldore Shuckle

    PM me if you add me. GMT 0

    Looking to:
    Complete vivillion patterns
    Collect all FS

    Shiny charm collected 12/06/16

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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 18-20

    Episode 18: Finally, the Gym Match
    Battled Burgh with (only) two Pokémon, Growlithe and Dewott.
    Gym Leader Burgh had a Swadloon (why no Vespiquen, I saw two Combees in this Gym), a Dwebble and a Leavanny
    vs , Flame Wheel did the job.
    vs , two Razor Shells, while Dewott took one Smack Down, leveled up and learned Fury Cutter, maybe I can defeat Burgh's last Pokémon with that move.
    vs (MOAR EPIC MUSIC), I was stupid, I totally forgot Leavanny was faster and Dewott already sustained damage from the previous battle, Leavanny just used one Razor Leaf to defeat the scalchop master.
    vs , this time, it took two Flame Wheels to defeat a 4x Fire weak Pokémon, however, Leavanny was a lot faster (reminds me of certain Pokémon I trained before in White), trying (and did that twice) to Cut Growlithe, but was no real challenge against Flame Wheel.
    Obtained the Insect Badge (3 obtained, 5 to go) and TM76.
    Note: I hope the next time my starter faces a Gym Leader he doesn't faint.

    Episode 19: Scientists with weird hairstyle are always suspicious
    On my way to Nimbasa City (hope I can find the super sexy Kamitsure), I met the scientist with the weird hairstyle from the sewers.
    He wanted to see one of my Pokémon (in that case Lucario) and he said something about bringing out the power of my Lucario.
    I was completely shocked about that comment. Is the guy an idiot or the hairstyle really damaged his brain?
    I said before that my Lucario wasn't able to use his full powers, in that case, the Force (Aura Sphere) as I write this, he only knows Force Push and Saber Rush (reminds me of a double-bladed lightsaber).
    His name is Colress, but I'll call him Akuroma (since his Japanese name is a lot better).
    His research's theme was "Bringing out the power of Pokémon" and he wanted to battle me on Route 4 (maybe he wants to teach the Force to Lucario).

    Episode 20: I see Akuroma as a bad guy
    When Akuroma went to Route 4, I added 2+2 and I deduced that Akuroma is the bad guy and here are the reasons:
    1: Akuroma has a weird hairstyle (that should be the only reason but I'll go a little further),
    2: He's a scientist and everybody knows that scientists with weird hairstyle are always evil. No exceptions!
    3: His theme research, he wants to bring out the power of Pokémon. If he tries that on Legendary Pokémon, that would explain the Mayan prophecy.
    Anyway, I went to Route 4, where some "boulders" were blocking the way to the Desert Resort and Nimbasa City.
    Found Akuroma, who used some sort of Pokémon energizing device who woke the Crustle.
    The Crustle walked away from me and the scientist.
    After that, Akuroma explained his disagreement to Team Plasma's ideals (even more suspicious, he must work for them) and then battled me.
    Since I was in such good mood, I let Lucario use Saber Rush against Magnemite and Force Push against Klink. Lucario became a super powerhouse since his evolution.
    Unfortunately, Akuroma never teached the Force to my Lucario (and he was researching how to bring out the power of Pokémon).
    After being defeated, Akuroma gave me a Protein (maybe for Lucario, he thought, but he's going to be a special sweeper) and before saying farewell, he said about being impossible to being able to talk to Pokémon.
    Looks like Akuroma is two years late because there IS a person with that ability.
    Now, I'm going to explore Route 4.
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    Default Champion of Unova!

    Just finished the E4

    Man, this was easy... The actual E4 got swept by Volcarona, Emboar and Chandelure ALONE! Only used 1 Hyper Potion, 1 Revive and 1 Moomoo Milk to heal and only lost Chandelure because I missed a Will-O-Wisp against that stupid Sturdy/Rock Slide Sawk.

    Chandelure swept Shauntal with Shadow Ball, only losing HP to Cofagrigus.
    For Grimsley I sent Emboar. Used X Attack to avoid the Fake Out and then Flame Charge to kill Liepard. Due to the Full Restore I could bring 3 Flame Charges that allowed me to sweep with Hammer Arm and never be out-sped.
    Caitlyn was so EASY! Chesto Berry on Volcarona, 2 Quiver Dances, sweep. Not a scratch.
    Marshal was less easy. Volcarona had Psychic but Sturdy from Sawk forced me to try to burn him first. I missed, Chandelure was KOed. Then Volcarona swept with Psychic.

    Iris gave me more trouble though. Focus Sash on Haxorus? Damn... Missed the OHKO from Arcanine's Outrage and had Chandelure also OHKO by that idiot's EQ. Then Archeops... he's too fast and powerful. I lost Darmanitan and Emboar to him before Volcarona out-speed him, who was able to bring him into Defeatist range which was enough to avoid the OHKO from Rock Slide with 4 HP left and KO back. Then I had to sacrifice Camerupt to Revive Arcanine and OHKO Druddigon with Outrage.

    It was a fun battle ^^

    The Hall of Fame

    Scorch Lv.61 (M)
    - Flame Charge
    - Flamethrower
    - Hammer Arm
    - Head Smash

    Apollo Lv.61 (M)
    - Wild Charge
    - Flare Blitz
    - Crunch
    - Outrage

    Abyss Lv.60 (M)
    - Flare Blitz
    - Bulldoze
    - Superpower
    - Headbutt

    Symphonia Lv.61 (F)
    - Quiver Dance
    - Heat Wave
    - Signal Beam
    - Psychic

    Lights Lv60 (F)
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Flamethrower
    - Shadow Ball
    - Energy Ball

    Desert Lv.60 (M)
    - Flamethrower
    - Earth Power
    - Rock Slide
    - Strength
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    Just until a few minutes ago, I was soft-resetting for a good Genesect. I got a Mild Genesect with flawless Speed, and every other stat was over 20, except for Special Defence. So, soon I'll be restarting my game, to get another one (prefferably a Naive/Hasty one). I've also bred my future team, who all have great IVs/natures/moves.
    My 3DS FC: 1607-1814-4768
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    I finished exploring every inch of Unova on Black 2 last evening and completed the Unova Dex. I caught Heatran too, meaning I caught all of the legendaries in the game now. I also beat Cynthia and the Elite 4 for the second time on Challenge Mode.

    With this, my main adventure through Black 2 is complete at 53 hours and 38 minutes. The honorable team will now be disbanded and allowed to relax in the PC:
    -Robyn the Emolga lv 82
    -Truck the Tyranitar lv 83
    -Starmie *shiny* lv 83
    -Egoist the Roserade lv 83
    -Linemile the Flygon lv 82
    -Kirikizan the Bisharp lv 83

    From now on, the true post game begins. First and foremost, I will be tackling the Black Skyscraper with my handy Infernape, shiny Dragonite (the one give after clearing White Treehollow), and Lugia, all 3 of which were EV trained on my White 2 version.

    Once I earn my shiny Gible, it will be time to challenge the Pokemon World Tournament, Battle Subway, Musical Hall, and Pokestar Studios!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amittal12 View Post
    How can you have a level 30 Samurott?Dewott evolves into Samurott at level 36.Did you cheat/hack?
    Quote Originally Posted by Hypnosis View Post
    (S)He also has a lvl 29 Magmar, iirc Magmar can't be caught and Magby evolves at lvl 30.
    Oops, I made a mistake. Those were the levels they started with, not counting the evolutions *edited previous post*

    Black 2: After checking Serebii's Pokedex, I realised I could have caught a Heracross in Lostlorn Forest. I decided to backtrack there and do some searching around for one. About five minutes later, I find one and luckily, it has Guts. Attaching an Exp. Share helped to give it a lot of level ups without subjecting it to any of Skyla's Pokemon. Speaking of her, I won the Jet Badge using mostly Jolteon. After her defeat, she, Juniper and I flew off to a whole new town via airplane. As soon as it touched ground, I headed straight for Reversal Mountain for my next team member: Skarmory. Then, I did a bunch of the story, meeting Bianca, Juniper, Damon and Team Plasma along the way, not to mention Cobalion and Virizion.

    Samurott - Level 43
    Magmar - Level 42
    Jolteon - Level 43
    Heracross - Level 42
    Skarmory - Level 41
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    I went through the sea cave, caught a seel and a dewgong, got through the plasma frigate the first time, went through giant chasm and caught a plioswine, clefairy, and a sneasel, beat all the plasmas here, got to the frigate again, and am now battling all those plasmas >.> Man there is a ton of them >.<
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    I'm on a boat mother... what?


    Last time I did the funfest missions. Today, I decided to catch all the Pokemon I hadn't before. So, at the Virbank Complex I caught all Pokemon, and the same thing for Route 20 and Floccesy Ranch, except for Dunsparce which I didn't feel like spending a lot of time on.
    After that, I got all my Pokemon to level 18, and challenged Roxie. It was really easy, Growlithe swoop her team. Then I got invited to do some movies, which I did. At the Pokestar studios, I did a pretty legit movie, after meeting Roxie's father. Then, after that movie, I did yet another one, kinda frustrating though! First attempt, they got a crit, second attempt, I hit myself in confusion! Oh well, on my third try I did it well. I then stopped and saved

    White 2

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