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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Kat's Unova Journal: Day 4
    (Black 2 - Memory Link with Black: Nutter)

    Well, I reached Castelia City, and after a tour of the city on a loaned Bike.

    After find a vending Machine that occasionally drops extra drinks. I find the gym, and no Gym Leader, some girl Called Iris helps me out. She must be a Good Trainer or just happens to know Clyde very well. Soon, Hugh and I are in the sewers looking for lost things.. He's Looking for his Purrlion.. We get lost for some time....

    Kat's Unova Journal: Day 5
    (Black 2 - Memory Link with Black: Nutter)

    We find Team Plasma finally, and whoop their asses, but Hugh's Purrlion is not there, but Burgh is found. And Gill Evolve twice, in to Azumarill.

    In the Gym, Munna takes the Lead again. This time, It's the Sleep and chip away attacks for the Bug Type Pokémon. I'm glad If found some Left overs before which makes Munna stay in the battle longer.. Well, it look a long time but I now have 3 badges.

    Heading to Nimbasa City I find a guy who makes me wish I have my Lucario with me.. Given his taste of Steel Types, It may be useful to have Lucario around. He Makes a Speech, Something about Team Plasma two years ago.

    Watching all those Crustle blocking the route leaving makes me wonder if I could ride one?

    I soon find a Join Avenue, and the owner is looking for a new "store" manager of the Join Avenue, I was employed on the spot. Soon Later, an young girl named かット(Kat, apparently) had got a store and apparently had found the Vending machine that gave out extra drinks. She pestered for a stall, and now I regret letting her in.

    My Party:

    Munna (Telepathy)

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    Default Pokemon White 2 Adventure POST 9

    Doing just White 2 this time because I haven't done anything on Black 2 since my last post.
    Well here what I've done so far...

    After my team reached level 38, I went to challenge the Gym Leader Skyla.
    While training, Yamamoto finally evolved into Samurott!
    Traded him over to Black and taught him Ice Beam.
    Also made both Samurott remember Megahorn.
    It was fun trying to reach Skyla because of the turbines in the back.
    I mostly used Ryohei on the trainers in the Gym.
    Once I reached Skyla, I started off with Yamamoto.
    On Swanna, I tried using Zakuro's Rock Slide, but didn't work as I planned.
    So I put it to sleep with Haru and a Quiver Dance, and its out.
    So I obtained the Jet Badge and the TM from her.

    Then after obtaining the TM Aerial Ace, I took the plane to Lentimas Town.
    Once I got there, I went back to Relic Passage to get Blue Shards.
    So I did that, and successfully taught Zakuro Aqua Tail.
    At one point, I explored Mistralton Cave, and obtained the TM Rock Slide.
    Taught it to Zakuro. I also caught a Jolly Mold Breaker Axew while I was there.
    So then decided to go through Reversal Mountain.
    I battled all the trainers and collected the items in there.

    Then I reached Undella Town. Collected a few items.
    Then fought my Rival Hibari, which wasn't too hard.
    On my way to Lacunosa Town, I fought the trainers and collected the items.
    Also fought the trainers in Route 14.

    After some talking to an old lady in Lacunosa Town, I started training Gokudera to evolve.
    Well really after I fought a duo of Zinzolin and a grunt.
    Once he finally evolved into Flygon, I then went to find more Red and Blue Shards.
    After searching for quite a while, I finally found enough.
    So I taught Dark Pulse to Kyoko and Fire Punch for Gokudera.
    Then traded Gokudera to Black and taught him Dragon Claw and Earthquake.
    Now its onto Opelucid City, then train for Drayden!

    Current Team:
    Yamamoto [M] lv. 43 || Hasty | Torrent // Megahorn | Return | Surf | Ice Beam | @Mystic Water
    Ryohei [M] lv. 43 || Docile | Inner Focus // Dark Pulse | Dig | Ice Punch | Force Palm | @Leftovers
    Zakuro [M] lv. 44 || Impish | Poison Point // Rock Slide | Megahorn | Aqua Tail | Strength | @Rocky Helmet
    Kyoko [F] lv. 44 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Nasty Plot | Dark Pulse | Energy Ball | @Charcoal
    Haru [F] lv. 43 || Serious | Own Tempo // Magical Leaf | Quiver Dance | Sleep Powder | Giga Drain | @Big Root
    Gokudera [M] lv. 45 || Docile | Levitate // Fire Punch | Earthquake | Fly | Dragon Claw | @None

    Shiny Treecko || MM || Modest nature || Overgrow ability 2x
    Currently Hunting: Misdreavus - SOS hunt
    Possible Ultra Sun Team: All Shinies Arcanine♂ || Alolan Ninetales♀ || Lycanroc♂ || Slowbro♀ || Sceptile♂ || Mismagius?

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    I'm just about at the point Nutter is. I made it to Casteila City, got a bike, beat Team Plasma. Before this, I beat Roxie, which I felt bad, because I used Genesect to win, which I didn't plan to use for my team at the time. Now I've decided to keep it, as I needed a sixth member. My Snivy evolved into a Servine, also. I caught an Eevee in the Casteila Sewer's outside tree area thingamajig. I used up all of my Great Balls and most of my Pokeballs to get it, but I got a great nature on it (although it doesn't lower it's attack, which is annoying because I plan on evolving it into a Vaporeon), which is Sassy. Is it just me, or do a lot of Eeveies have a Sassy nature? I beat Burgh, though I forgot to heal up my Riolu, so unfortunately I couldn't Force Palm the sh*t out of Burgh's Dwebble. Mostly I just used Genesect and Flame Charge/Magnet Bomb to sweep everything in that gym. Anyway, I beat the professor who I forgot the name of. He was in the trailer and he has weird crescents on the sides of his head. My Riolu evolved into Lucario, and right now I'm in the Desert Resort, looking for a Sigilyph to put in the 5th slot of my team. I'll start looking for one in a little while.

    Current Location: Desert Resort

    Current Team:
    Eevee (Name: Vapor) lvl 20 - Sassy Nature - Male - Ability: Run Away - Sand-Attack, Growl, Quick Attack, Bite
    Genesect (No nickname) lvl 21 - Rash Nature - No Gender - Ability: Download - Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, Flame Charge, Signal Beam
    Lucario (Name: John) lvl 21 - Jolly Nature - Male - Ability: Steadfast - Force Palm, Quick Attack, Copycat, Counter
    Servine (Name: Jalorda) lvl 22 - Calm Nature - Male - Ability: Overgrow - Tackle, Leech Seed, Leaf Tornado, Wrap
    Patrat (Name: Hand) lvl 4 - Naive Nature - Female - Ability: Keen Eye - Tackle, Leer, Cut

    Edit: Gah, last post I made was my 666th. Now I don't have a 666 by my Post Count anymore. I'm sad. :c
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    Wow. My low 60 leveled team curb-stomped the elite four and champion. Eassh. Now taking a break to transfer my Pokemon from Black to get the Shiny Charm before going forward.

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    I'm going slow at my White 2, because I currently have a bunch of other things going on. However, I just got to the Castelia sewers, and proceeded through them to get to the area with Eevee. I have found that I do not have ANY pokemon in my double grass. My sister's game is the same, so it isn't just a fluke.
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    White 2
    Beat Clay and got Surf from Cheren. now back tracking for surf spots and pokemon.

    Lv. 30 Servine
    Lv. 30 Lucario
    Lv. 31 Tranquill
    Lv. 31 Trapinch
    Lv. 32 Growlithe
    Lv. 10 Mantine (Dream World)
    My Favorite Pokemon
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    Okay for some reason I actually had trouble with the Pokemon World Tournament. I didn't lose once, twice, but 5 TIMES. It's weird, I found it completely easy in White 2 when I played it months ago, but it gave me such issues in this run. And the weird part is the levels are preset, so I can't blame it on my rotational either. So here is what happened on each attempt

    Attempt #1:
    Okay on this one I actually lost to Hugh. I selected a pretty poor team in the first place (using my three weakest thinking that this would give EXP for some reason), and sent out my only decent one, my Flaafy, against SERVINE instead of saving it for the Tranquill, and it lost. Since I lost Flaafy to Servine, I was stuck with Houndoom against Tranquill. I kept on Snarling it, and then the damn Tranquill would roost the HP back. It was a game of stubbornness for me, I thought at one point he'd be stupid and attack me but I was wrong. So I eventually had enough, and poisoned him with Smog, causing him to be unable to roost the full HP back and defeated. But then that damn Simisear came out and easily disposed of my Houndoom, and OHKOed my Diglett immediately after.

    Attempt #2:
    I managed to beat Hugh this time using the same Pokemon, but Cheren swept my team by working up Stoutland. And because I had no fighting types, I couldn't KO the bulky Pokemon until it was finished working up

    Attempt #3:
    I decided to use different Pokemon, a Lucario, a Grotle, and a Diglett. Notice anything wrong with that, TWO OF THEM ARE WEAK TO FIRE ATTACKS, but no worries Diglett's here! I easily disposed of Servine and Tranquill with Lucario, but then Simisear came out and OHKoed my Lucario and Grotle like I expected, so I sent out Diglett. Unfortunately, I forgot Diglett absolutely sucked and got OHKOed by Simisear's Flame Burst before I could even do anything

    Attempt #4:
    I decided to go with Flaafy and Deino instead, because Flaafy could paralyze and Deino had the broken-in-early-game Dragon Rage. So I managed to defeat Hugh without any problems, and got to Cheren, which I destroyed that Stoutland with my Lucario. Then Cincinno came out and OHKOed Lucario with Wake Up Slap. Like an idiot, I sent out Deino and it also got OHKOed. And because Flaafy is more of a supporter than an attacker, the Cincinno managed to easily dispose of it with Sing and Wake Up Slap

    Attempt #5:
    Same team, just better strategizing. Defeated rival with said team easily, then once again destroyed Stoutland with Lucario. However, when Cinncinno came out, I managed to switch out to Flaafy and paralyzed with it. Cincinno then defeated Flaafy and so I resent Lucario, and having the speed advantage as well as a few lucky fully paralysis, I managed to defeat it. Watchog came out and defeated my Lucario unfortunately, but Deino disposed of it. I then battled Colress a bit nervous, thinking I would lose to him since I lost to Hugh and Cheren twice each. However, he was an utter joke and swept him with Lucario.

    I then left the tournament and saw a Plasma grunt running by. I'm going to chase him to the port, then afterwards head down Relic Path

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    Picking up where I last left off at the it bank complex. I caught all the Pokemon in the area an decided to keep magby by for my team. Then I headed outside of the virbank complex to audino grind a bit for the upcoming gym getting everyone to level 23. Magby and dewott train fine getting up to 23 no problem, but as soon as riolu hits 20, it's evolves so now I've got a lucario with a poison immunity for the gym about to do the virbank complex side quest then hit up the gym!
    Current team
    Dewott lv 25
    Lucario lv 23
    Magby lv 23

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    OMG, the worst thing happened this morning. I woke up to play on my school break for a lovely day of Pokemon. I was strolling good, i think all 3 of my Pokemon's in the previous post was about level 25. I was through Castelia Sewers and suddenly my game froze. I was lucky to save in front of the sewers and i was like ok whatever. I re-launched the game and to my disbelief there was no save file, i was like wtf. So i turned it on and off like a million times to see if it was a glitch but it was still gone. I actually threw my DS to my marble ground cause' i was so fricking pissed. I walked to game stop (i live like 5mins away walking :l) and complained that the game chip was broken and messed up and i paid $50 for it. The man working there was actually really nice, and got me another copy. Even asking me if i wanted black 2 or white 2. F*** off white 2, jk..
    So yea i went home and just started playing again. The thing that didn't make me want to punch a wall when my game file got corrupt was because i didn't feel that my team was right, its a good team but it didn't suit me. So, i decided to go starter-less (is that a word) Sure i picked Serperior but after the first gym, i trashed him.

    So yea short and sweet this is what i did right away. Named my character and my rival, got my starter, beat dan (my rival), did the side quest of Herdier, met Alder, beat his children thingy kids whatever, did the gym and totally trashed Cheren, went to the PC and traded 2 new poke eggs from my black 1 game, going to Virbank City, beat that damn hiker with his Riolu and trashed all the trainers blocking my way, got items, beat all trainers in Virbank Complex to get ready for gym, trained for like 30 minutes on wild Pokemon (no life), healed in PC, saved in front of GYM.

    Next Chapter: GYM Fight and Continuing Adventure

    So this is where my teams stands at the moment, thank you for the idea (FireEmblemAddict):
    Emolga will be acting as my lead in this play through.

    Chapter 1 Team

    ~ Level 16
    @ ???
    - Charge
    - Pursuit
    - Quick Attack
    - Spark

    ~ Level 19
    @ ???
    - Bite
    - Chip Away
    - Rock Slide
    - Sandstorm
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    The Pokémon League was surprisingly straightforward, but maybe that's because there were so many trainers to battle that my Pokémon were all raised to level 55 before I challenged the Elite Four. I didn't even lose any HP to any of the Champion's Pokémon until she sent out her fifth, Haxorus. By the end, my team looked like this:


    Just doing some Pokéstar Studios right now, and I'll explore the areas of Unova newly opened to me once I'm done with that!
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    Enter Frigate

    Well I went aboard the plasma frigate and battled all the grunts as well as the tag battles with Cheren and Hugh, and heard Zinzolin. I like how the Shadow Triad is having issues listening to Zinzolin since he's not Ghetsis, which is kinda funny.

    Anyway once I was done, it was time to confront one of the worst dungeons I have ever tackled - the relic passage. Not only are the wild Pokemon levels extremely high making repels pretty much useless, the thousands of branching paths, BUT THERE IS A LEDGE THAT TAKES YOU TO CASTELIA SEWERS THAT YOU CAN'T GO BACK OVER, which forces you to go to the sewer exit, fly to Driftveil, and go THROUGH THE ENTIRE THING OVER AGAIN. I did this TWO TIMES. I was so annoyed that I wanted to throw my 3DS across the room.

    Anyways, so I got to the Volcarona and I expected to have issues catching it. But really due to its abysmal movepool, all I really needed to do is paralyze it, switch to Gigalith and shoot a Smack Down, then throw a Net Ball and I caught it on my first try. I plan to use it on my team but it is much higher than the rest so I'll have to wait awhile before I can use it .

    Now I am going to head back to Chargestone Cave and get through it to get to Mistralton
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    I challenged the Nimbasa Gym today. I really like the overhaul it received in BW2. Elesa was quite challenging, due to her Emolga and Volt Switch. After a lengthy battle, I went to leave for Driftveil with the Bolt Badge in tow. Team Plasma, however, blocked the way. Hugh and I defeated them, then I moved onto Route 5. I didn't bother capturing the Minccino in the Hidden Grotto. I defeated the trainers on the route and collected any items, then saved my game.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 26
    Rupert Lv. 26
    Omega Lv. 27
    Cinna Lv. 27
    River Lv. 28

    35/649 (5.39%)

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    Currently tackling Pokestar studios. Finished the Brycenman series, now doing the Invaders series.
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    Trained all members of my team to level 35, then I went to the Gym. Challenged Clay, using my Maractus as it had the type advantage against him. It could OHKO his Sandslash and Krokorok with Giga Drain, but his Excadrill caused some trouble. But I could still defeat it, and got my fifth badge. After the battle, Clay said he had something to show me, so I followed him out through the Gym. We met up with my Rival, and headed south towards the PWT.

    When we arrived, Cheren was also there. Clay wanted me and my Rival to participate in the tournament, so we did. Cheren also entered. I got to face my Rival in the first battle, and Cheren in the second (did they plan this?), and won against both of them. In the final battle, I got up against the strange man named Colress. I won against him as well, and had so won the whole tournament. Which wasn’t a big surprise since the Pokemon I used were at ten levels higher than my opponents.

    I got 1 BP for winning, and we exited the PWT. Outside, we met a member of Team Plasma. My Rival got angry and started chasing him, so we had to follow. South of the PWT was a small harbor where Team Plasma had a big ship. Aboard the ship, we were forced to battle several members of the organization. When they were defeated, a boss of them or something appeared and then the Shadow Triad as well, who threw us off the ship.

    We were back in the harbor, and the ship was gone. Another dream? Who knows, it might have been. My Rival had some business to do, and Cheren went out to Route 6, he told me I should meet up with him there. I had noticed a cavern besides the PWT, so I decided to explore it before going anywhere else. The cavern turned out to be the second entrance to the Relic Passage. I went inside, battled all trainers I could find, picked up all items and captured a Boldore, Raticate and Gurdurr. My Pignite also evolved into Emboar, making it much more powerful. I found the entrance to the bottom part of the Relic Castle, where I also found a few items and captured a Baltoy and a Krokorok. I also saw the Volcarona at the end of a long hallway, but decided to not catch it yet. Went further into the Relic Passage instead, and found a way that led to the exit towards Castelia City. Tomorrow, I’m going out to Route 6, I’ll hopefully be able to get my last team member soon as well.

    - level 36
    - level 37
    - level 36
    - level 37
    - level 36
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    Charging Through Chargestone Cave

    Chargestone Cave was really annoying, yet a lot smaller than how I remembered it. It was actually only annoying at first because of how underleveled my Pokemon were, but that cave got them from like 25/26 to 29/30, so as I went on it got easier and easier, and I had the nearby doctor to help me out. The branching paths were annoying because I had no clue where to go, and I had to go back and forth back and forth, but I figured it out. And I managed to catch all of N's Pokemon!

    Now that I'm in Mistralton, I'm going to explore the city a bit then head towards the Celestial Tower and Twist Mountain

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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 21-23

    Episode 21: The everlasting sandstorm
    Fully explored Route 4 after defeating Akuroma.
    Two years ago, they were building a city connecting Castelia and Nimbasa cities, but that got halted as soon as they found the ruins of an ancient city, thanks to the sandstorm.
    Speaking of which, only Lucario (Steel-type) and Herdier (Sand Rush) are immune to the sandstorm but that will change as soon as I reach the Desert Resort (must have changed in 2 years).
    My timing skills aren't the best, so I didn't find the DW Braviary.
    I traded a Petilil I found in Castelia Park with a Cottonee.
    Now, I'll go to the Desert Resort finding a Trapinch.

    Episode 22: Welcome to Desert Resort, N was here
    Finally in the Desert Resort, but it wasn't easy to find Trapinch (looks like the Eevee in Castelia Park was an omen).
    However I found the four N's Pokémon that were in Desert Resort, all of them at Level 22 (my team was between Levels 21-23 at that point).
    I caught Darumaka, Sandile, Scraggy, however N's Sigilyph (DAT crazy psycho freak bird of evil) was a lot difficult to catch thanks to Whirlwind and the mere fact that he was harder to catch than the others.
    After catching N's Pokémon, I managed to catch a Trapinch, now, I can fully explore the desert.

    Episode 23: Hey, where's Perry... I mean, the Relic Castle?
    Looks like the sandstorm almost buried the almighty Relic Castle, that's what some trainers said to me after exploring the desert.
    About the castle, I was only able to access the first two floors, because the sand buried the rest.
    After exploring the castle (or the rest of that), I went to the Join Avenue.
    Looks like some Clerk or something like that was too lazy to run an entire avenue, so I (you guessed right) will be the manager.
    I learned the basics about the Avenue, such as communicating with other players, ranks and popularity and then, I went to Nimbasa City, I heard there is a super sexy Gym Leader and she doesn't like waiting for challengers.
    I claim Flygon, the super awesome Dragon

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    Yesterday, I made it all the way to Opelucid City. After training my whole team to level 50, I went to the Gym. I made my way up to the top of the dragon statues and battled Drayden. I lead with Zweilous. After using Work Up once, Zweilous was able to defeat all of Drayden's Pokemon. I got my seventh badge.

    Shortly after leaving the Gym, Team Plasma's ship came and froze the city. I had to skate around the ice and beat up some Plasma people. When that was done, I went back to Undella Town and went into the Marine Tube. I watched some Pokemon swim around underwater for a while and then exited into Humilau City.

    Today, I did more training on Routes 21 and 22. I went to the Gym to battle Marlon when my team was level 54. I beat Marlon using only my Gyarados, who swept his team easily after a few Dragon Dances. I got my eight badge. Next, I'm going to deal with Team Plasma.
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    No sooner than I entered Victory Road, I could hear the faint heartbeats of frightened Trainers and their Pokémon, domestic or wild. It took me about ten minutes to get through, as I had nary a revive on my person. As soon as I exited Victory Road, I knew that there was no turning back, no running away from my life-long dream... to challenge, defeat, and become the Unova Champion, and overall Pokémon Master. I was aware of the obstacles the Elite Four would provide, due to my previous title from Pokémon Black. The Ghost-type member proved to be the toughest, due to my non-effective moves. As fate would have it, I triumphed over the Elite Four with overwhelming speed and dexterity. It was time for the battle of a lifetime: Iris, the Pokémon League Champion, was face-to-face with me, the toughest Trainer in all the land. I knew this was going to be a challenge. And what a challenge it was! I single-handedly demolished her team, one-by-one, until her Haxorus remained. I instantly compared Iris's Haxorus to Lance's Gyarados. In Pokémon Crystal, it took me eight tries to defeat Lance; Gyarados murdered my most powerful Pokémon (my level 43 Typhlosion was all I had to my name way back when) every chance I battled it. But by how much experience I had gained over the last eleven years, Haxorus was no match for me, as my level 71 Genesect instantanously KO'd it with one blow. Twenty minutes after I got out of Victory Road, I defeated the Unova League and regained my title as Pokémon League Champion; no healing at all ensued, no revives or potion used. The members of the Elite Four and the Champion were just my warm-up battles. The cries of their Pokémon were my wake-up call. With forty-eight Gym Badges and six titles to my name, I now proceed to the only challenge that would be worthy of my entry: The Pokémon World Championship. As for Iris, that's all she wrote.
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    Alright, so since beating the game, I fought and defeated Alder, traveled through Route 8 to Icirrus, where I fought the Shadow Triad and saw Brycen's Memory Link, and finished up the good endings on all the movies. I also called Yancy some (I think I'm about halfway to those trades) and was finally able to find some Pokemon in Hidden Grottoes! I only managed to find one female, which was a Seviper... Not too great :/ I did get a Jolly Liepard and a Modest Foongus, so yay? I also activated the pixies, now I just have to find and catch them.

    Now I'm in Pinwheel Forest. I already walked around with Cheren, so I'll be heading deeper into the SE soon.
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    Finished the invaders series and big monster series at Pokestar. I decided to take a break and grab the Qwilfish that I brought over from DW and did and Entree Mission. I then decided to explore Castelia Sewers a bit as I didn't do so on my first trip, which proved useful as I got a bunch of different items. Currently working on Time Traveler.
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    Went through all of the routes in the SE section of the map and defeated Corless at the Plasma Frigate.

    Once again directing my efforts towards acquiring things to make raising Pokemon easier, this time grinding my Entree level high enough to get the discount bonus.

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    So I got White 2 a few days ago and have had the most fun time playing it, took me a while to get into it though. Soundtrack is great, one of the best Pokemon ones to date. My team started off struggling but now that everyone's evolved it creams through everything. I reached the Pokemon League but before I challenge it, I'm going to obtain every Pokemon possible without the need for a trade, I'm on something like 152 at the moment, so still a long ways to go, but the majority of them are through evolving.


    Usher lvl.56
    Ice Beam

    Flik lvl.56
    Swords Dance
    Leaf Blade

    Mako lvl.55
    Flare Blitz
    Rock Slide

    Sandy lvl.55
    Dragon Tail
    Rock Slide

    Klive lvl.55
    Gear Grind
    Volt Switch
    Shift Gear

    Byrd lvl.56
    Air Slash

    Most movesets prohibited by HM distribution. I'm attempting to think of a team to challenge the Subway/PWT after the game, Ferrothorn is on the list but can't think of any others just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpchris View Post
    Well, I got Black 2 on the US launch day, but didn't end up starting it until the 14th. Was procrastinating on finishing the original White storyline.

    So far I've gotten 3 badges and made it to the entrance of Nimbasa (before turning around). I've been training just 3 pokemon really, Snivy (now Servine) and Riolu (now Lucario), and then sort of Genesect, since he's been helpful at times, though it feels like I'm cheating whenever I use him, especially at the very beginning.

    My main goal at this point is working on making my first ever real team as well as EV training for the first time. I'm making my team as the members appear in the game - the first being Growlithe (to become Arcanine later on). I want to finish EV training him before moving on in the game, as I want to be able to use him from now on without messing up his EVs...Yeah, I'm probably a noob for not just using the berries and whatever else to take away EVs and train him the way I want later. But oh well, I just don't want to bother with that stuff.

    So right now, I'm just finishing up his Sp. Attack EVs and then he's all set. Training in Virbank complex trying to get Magnemites...Certainly wouldn't mind running into (and capturing) a shiny growlithe...Probably one of the shinies I want most at the moment, second only to Umbreon. Hopefully I'll get my first shiny ever within a few months! (And hopefully a cool one I like!)

    Finished EV training my Growlithe and started using him against trainers (no shinies =[! ). Beat Elesa and got my 4th badge, then went to Lostlorn Forest and caught some new pokemon. Trained my Growlithe up to level 36 and raised some of my other pokemons' levels. So far, so slow! But that's alright.
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    ★★Current Shiny Hunts★★
    -Eevee???; Black 2 (Castelia City): 650 REs
    -Aerodactyl; Black 2 [Alternate Hunt]: 400 SRs
    -Ralts (Day; Route 209); Snorunt, Sneasel, Swinub, Snover (Night; Route 217); Platinum: 6,200 REs
    -Caterpie, Metapod (Day; Ilex Forest); Venonat, Girafarig, Flaaffy (Night; Route 43); HeartGold (Route 48): 3,400 REs

    ★Side Shiny hunts★
    -Charmander; HeartGold (Pallet Town): 5,300 SRs
    -Chimchar; Platinum (Route 201): 8,250 SRs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Frankie on pg 34 View Post
    Let's see. Since my last post, I've basically done a whole bunch of ev training (and to a lesser extent, did some Join Avenue stuff and beat Ingo and Emmet with Rosa). Finished eving Grandage first. Sent him to Black to double check everything and found out I messed up a little getting confused with his power item, but figured out where I went wrong, gave him some ev reducing berries, sent him back to Black 2 to get the right evs, sent him back to Black to give him some wings to finish his training, and double checked again and did it correctly this time. The next, and currently last, ev trained poke on my team is Lilwun. Did the same sending him to Black to double check. Everything was done correctly thank goodness, just gave him a wing since he has pokérus and can't get just 1 ev (though I could have double checked and sent him back to Black 2 to get the remaining ev now that I think about it since it would have been his last).

    After that, headed to Desert Resort for more training (and caught all but N's sigilyph; just tossed a pokéball and if they stayed that was good, otherwise we ran and tryed again when we found them again). Maiden, pansage, and koffing's training been sporadic up to this point. I did focus on ev training Elizabeth against maractus an sigilyph that wanted to battle. After enough of those, started fighting trainers again and worked my way to the Nimbasa gyms using pokémon who needed the evs the defeated pokémon gave (also did a little exploring of the East side of Nimbasa including finding a lost xtransceiver and talking briefly to it's owner). It was nice to see the roller coaster again, reminded me of the first time going through it. I knew it was the old gym, so just battled the trainers that wanted to battle and then was told at the end of the ride...something. Anyway, got a paralyze heal, took the exit roller coaster, and continued into the next gym building.

    Again, WOW. These gyms are all so well done and all have great music. Cylde told me something, gave me another fresh water, and then talked about using ground type moves to deal a lot to electrics, but to ("please"?) be careful when it comes to emolga. It was a really interesting gym to go through. Did the battles again keeping ev distribution in mind basically having Lilwun take the speed evs since no on in my team's currently collecting those and Elizabeth taking the sp atk ones. Lilwun was around the same levels as what he was fighting I believe, but was surprised that he ohkoed every electric type with his razor shell. Go ev training? Andway, finally got to the main stage and battled Elesa (after leaving and healing at the center). Lilwun was out first, but her emolga was too fast and it ohkoed Lilwun with volt switch. She was definitely a higher level trainer than her minions. Since she switched in her flaaffy, sent out Elizabeth. Elizabeth was faster, so she did a twister which did about a third of damage. The flaaffy thunder waved, but Elizabeth's shed skin (which I honestly forgot about) cured her (I am so gonna miss that ability after she evolves). We than attacked again, however it wasn't enough to take it out and we got paralyzed again which didn't get healed for a while. I'm sure Elesa did some healing and Elizabeth got paralyzed and couldn't attack, but we did manage to take it out and she did cure herself. Next was Emolga again. Switched into Grandage and defeated it and Lilwun (who I revived) and Grandage got exp. Next was her zebstrika. I think I started with Lilwun again. I guess I next went into Grandage. Was nervous at times of pursuit. Thought Grandage would be fine, but her flame charge took me off guard. Basically both fainted and had to switch into Elizabeth to heal them all, but she fainted so tryed this time to lower it's defense with leer from Grandage for Lilwun to use his newly acquired (and about time) aqua jet. I think I got two in before Grandage fainted. Next sent in Lilwun, but aqua jet wasn't enough and the zebstrika's berry went off. Lilwun fainted and had to switch into someone (any of the remaing pokes would faint easily ) to revive him. I did and one last aqua jet was enough to win it for us.

    Was really nervous I'd lose that one. But if I did, I would have accepted it and tryed again. It was a really nice touch to have my character replace Elesa on the back screen and even being asked to walk back down the runway with them was an honor. Talked to Clyde and thought it was funny he called me a supermodel, but than was like ", just a good trainer." or something. XD

    Went back in and it was like it was the first time. Walking back to the main stage the catwalkers, lights, and Elesa reanimated the first walkthrough. Was cool.
    Ok, didn't do much today. Did some Join Avenue stuff, training, and blocked the moving pansear in Nimbasa so that it was stuck to the right of its trainer (which isn't easy imo). XD For Join Avenue, found out you can sr for what the npcs want recomended for them, so that's helping me out. Also got a mart going, but it'll be a while until I can buy ether, pp up, and max revives (but it's about time they're buyable, max revives mainly). As for trainin, did some battling wild gothitas just outside Nimbasa and Lostlorn Forest. Didn't get many battles in. Last battle though, this little gothita wouldn't let us leave, so figured it waned to battle. Switched in one poke and than the last who needed sp def evs. Maiden was trying to battle it, but it seemed much more bulky than other gothitas. Was wondering about catching it since when I run into a noticably different poke I think about catching it. Kept on tryin to knock it out and it just kept withstanding things (though did paralyze it from lick). Just before winning the battle, it occurred to me that this thing didn't fight back once. All she did was cry and get paralyzed. Than I thought maybe she didn't let us go because she wanted to join us. I offered her a pokéball, which I felt bad that she was so weak now, and she stayed in and got sent right to the pc and was healed. Turned out she was very defensive by being impish with def being her beneficial stat. I also never actually caught any pokémon in that evolutionary family nor had one from various trades.

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    So far on the update I: finished up the Unova Dex (excluding Meloetta) and Habitat list, Got the Nature Reserve pass and caught me a female shiny lvl 60 Haxorus that I named Narinus, Got the Oval Charm, Leveled up Join Avenue to 2, Obtained Elite Medal Collector Rank, and finally I got Thundurus in the Dream Radar. Next plans are to finish up the National Dex (at 386), try my hand at the PWT Champions Tournament again, then start on Black Tower so I can get shiny Gible. From there my other plans are to simply start working to collect the rest of the medals (that I can), do the Abyssal Ruins, get all Entralink powers, Finish up Dream Radar and send the legends I can get over to a 0 badge White 2, and powerhouse shiny breeding and shiny legend catching (both the former and latter after I went through a Challenge Mode playthrough of White 2.) Then once all those are complete (I'm seeing it taking up most of the next half-year, other games or stuff not-included) I plan to go to the past games to shiny legend hunt what I can't here.
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