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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Road to Victory Road

    Well headed towards Victory Road. Weird that route that takes you there took a lot quicker to clear out than in White 2, when I WASN'T rotating, how strange. I leveled up a lot of my Pokemon significantly, and bought some items.

    I then had to sadly say goodbye to a lot of my team, as I am only taking the ones I plan to use against the Elite 4 in to the Victory Road. They really helped out a lot, and they were all incredibly fun to use...except Dugtrio. I didn't even get to use Octillery and Volcarona that much, and it really is a shame but oh well. It was fun using them!

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    After healing my Oshawott at the Aspertia City Pokemon Center, I headed out to Route 19 since Bianca was waiting to show me how to capture a Pokemon. She went into the tall grass and battled a wild Purrloin, and then she left the area. I walked into the tall grass and I started battling some wild Purrloin. Oshawott leveled up and learned Water Gun, and I captured a wild Purrloin as I walked near the ledges on the route. I talked to some characters, then I met Alder who jumped off a cliff to talk to me. He wanted me to go to Floccesy Town, and I met him there. He walked north and told me to give my rival the spare Town Map that I had, so I healed my Pokemon and then walked into Route 20. I met some trainers there and I battled them. Then I captured a wild Sunkern and Sewaddle. I battled some more to train Oshawott, and then I arrived at the Floccesy Ranch. I saved there.

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    Trying to remember all that I did last night....
    Well, I did beat Roxie, encountered some issues with Team Plasma. It was kinda annoying going through the sewers, especially with Hugh.
    But my Oshawott evolved into Dewott. My team has remained the same. Dewott, Flaaffy, and Growlithe.
    Did the whole PokeStudios thing, which was kinda interesting. Maybe I'll experiment more with it some other time, but I didn't really feel like staying more than I needed to for right now.
    So now I guess I'm just going to prepare to fight Burgh, which shouldn't really be all that hard considering I have my Growlithe on my team. Just want to level up more so I don't fall too far behind.

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    I got all of the items in Mistralton, beat the trainers on the next route, went back and bought some hyper potions since for some reason I had none, then went to the Celestial Tower. I'm currently battling the trainers there and getting my team to lv 36.
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    I explored that weird house near Lentimas Town and got a Lunar Wing as a result. Then I entered into Reversal Mountain where I teamed up with Bianca in order. We beat all the trainers and I spent a little time training against the wild Pokemon before leaving and going to Undella Town. I didn't get to explore too much before my rival showed up and battled me. Electabuzz one shotted his Unfezant with Discharge and Samurott defeated his Simisear. When he sent out Serperior I went to Seviper for a little snake on snake (XXX) action AND Seviper's Poison Jab managed to win in the end. After that I headed into Undella Bay and let Electabuzz beat the swimmers for experience and I tried to enter a cave but a bunch of Roggenrola were blocking the way. I then decided to check out the Abundant Shrine so I went to Route 14 and beat the trainers before realizing you can't get there yet. Bummer.

    With nothing left to do I went to Route 13 and almost got my *** handed to me by a freaking Delcatty! Freaking Sing and Doubleslap hitting 5 times in a row is brutal!! The other trainers were much simpler and I managed to get through the rest of the route fairly easily. Near the end I thought I was in the clear until I encountered the Legendary Pokemon Cobalion...what? I saved in front of it.

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    I explored Lacunosa Town, then battled Zinzolin and a Plasma grunt with Hugh. His Emboar is quite overpowered. I then flew back to Undella, as I had forgotten to surf about in Undella Bay. I challenged the trainers there, picked up some items and caught a few Pokémon, then went back to Lacunosa to move on to Route 12. I soon reached Village Bridge, where I experienced a pleasant time exploring. After I had done all there was to do and had seen all there was to see, I left for Route 11. I quickly made my way through this short road, meeting Virizion along the way, and entered Opelucid City. After speaking briefly to Iris, I saved my game.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 43
    Rupert Lv. 43
    Omega Lv. 42
    Cinna Lv. 43
    River Lv. 43
    Lucie Lv. 43

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drummerdude View Post
    With nothing left to do I went to Route 13 and almost got my *** handed to me by a freaking Delcatty! Freaking Sing and Doubleslap hitting 5 times in a row is brutal!!
    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who had this problem. I think I lost two of my team members to it.
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    Haven't been here in a while Currently training to beat Drayden in Black 2.


    Samurott (Level 44)
    Golurk (Level 44)
    Genesect (Level 44)
    Growlithe (Level 43)
    Gothitelle (Level 43)
    Electabuzz (Level 43)

    Yeah I know it's not exactly what my sig looks like but I made my team sig up awhile back and haven't been on here in a while.
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    I'm going deeper in the White Treehollow, but what I hate about it is that many of my pokes are getting bad EV points cuz I have to battle whatever is in my way, and I'm still in area 7, there are 10 right?

    Gotta love my Airmid, it took a critical close combat in yellow hp and whitstood it, when I finish this PWT will be my next challenge.

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    I fought Team Plasma that were blocking the way...eesh, rival-me is getting mad XD

    Then made my way to the...erhm Charizard bridge then to Driefviel City and found a TP grunt and an ex-TP grunt...fighting o.o them rival-me scared them temperrr..... Then I decided to look about and talk to people on the hotels.

    Went to the house of TP and rival-me was shouting about..geez, he's starting to creep me out XD then I had no room for N's i went to the PKMN centre then back..then a Zoroark appeard in their house...and a flashback of two TP grunt there...and N... that's odd.

    Then decided to go training in Route 6 before I challenge Clay, nya~


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    Quote Originally Posted by tayetayetv1 View Post
    I'm playing right now as I type . Named my character Taye my nick name the male character to be exact.Now I just watched the sexy intro for the new town and will update as soon as I get to the first gym See ya then
    So since my last update i got my starter a lv 5 Snivy.But it was pathetic so i ditched it for a riolu Yea im a mean >.Anyway i grinded him up to lv 12 after i went to the ranch to find herdier. Now i`m going to the gym im gonna catch a growlithe for the team soon.But i can`t decide if i want espeon,jolteon,or vaporeon Sorry for any bad grammar and punctuation on stupid wii -.-


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    Didn't have much time to play today, I did almost nothing. The only things I did were a few daily events and battled the Stadium Trainers for some more training. Will hopefully be able to challenge the last Gym tomorrow. Not going to post my team since there weren't any noteworthy changes today.
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    I finished in the Celestial tower, beat the trainers in the Mistralton gym, and got my team to lv 38. Now I'm going to battle Skyla and then it will be time to catch my final team member. A male skarmary with keen eye =D
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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 36-37

    Episode 36: Not following the script, huh?
    After winning the Driftveil Tournament, Team Plasma attacks once again and as always, Hugh rushed to the running Grunt like a certain Pokémon Trainer from Sinnoh after a Suicune. Cheren ran after Hugh but Akuroma said it was too dangerous.
    Hum... That's suspicious!
    After getting to the bay, we saw a giant ship, looks like Team Plasma's awesomeness level is increasing, though some Grunts still use crappy Pokémon.
    After entering the ship, which happened to be as cold as the Giant Chasm, we were surronded by many Grunts and I was forced to face two of them in a row. One of them even mentioned Hilbert, the Pokémon Trainer who destroyed Team Plasma's evil plans two years ago.
    The next scenes never happened in the Anime Trailer for the following reasons:
    1: I had a Growlithe, not an Arcanine.
    2: Hugh had a Servine, not a Samurott (and I still have Dewott)
    3: The Plasma Grunts still have crappy Pokémon (Are that Raticate and Golbat?), they promised Sevipers, Klinklangs and Metagrosses!
    4: At least Hugh said he was about to unleash his rage and Cheren had a Stoutland, so that followed the script.
    After that, I tagged with Cheren and Hugh against four more Plasma Grunts.
    In the end, Nate faced six Grunts, while both Cheren and Hugh faced only five, so Nate had to do most of the work as always.
    Note: How can Hugh hope to find his sister's Purrloin with a Grass-type starter, when Team Plasma uses Poison-type Pokémon?

    Episode 37: The Relic Moon
    After defeating all the Grunts, one of the Six (Ghetsis isn't included) Sages appeared, Cheren recognized him immediately.
    Zinzolin, the guy whose *** was frozen not once, but twice in Cold Storage (the same place where is now the PWT). Don't worry, the irony will follow him the next Episodes starting now because that ship is so zetta cold.
    Looks like Team Plasma plans to use the legendary Dragon-type Pokémon to rule Unova, but last time I checked, N and Hilbert are the owners and none of them are in Unova.
    However the Shadow Triad kicked our asses out of the ship.
    After that, Hugh ran faster than Barry (this is getting annoying) and Cheren went to Route 6 making some investigations.
    I, on the other hand, decided to go to the Relic Passage.
    Inside the cave, omfg, the Wild Pokémon's levels are insane, not to mention the Trainers.
    Well, that means more Exp according to the rules, but that will mean lots of travels to the nearest Pokémon Center.
    And I need a Strength user since Dewott, for some odd reason can't learn (but Samurott learns), well Growlithe doesn't mind for a while.
    Well, now I can... FFFFFUUUUU----------! Is that a lake? Now I have to Surf? But I don't have the HM!
    Now, if I find a Rattata/Raticate or Zubat/Golbat...
    What is that shadow? A rat? No, just a Rati... WWWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTT? Now, I'll kill the entire Gamefreak Staff, I have limits and they are breaking my limits.
    I hope the rare Pokémon at the end of the Relic Passage is something worthy (even better than Arceus)!
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    Went to Victory Road and battled N, then went through and explored Clay Tunnel, catching some Pokemon I didn't own (I'm still missing Steelix). Went to the Ruins section and located and caught Regirock and Regice in Pokeballs, woo! Caught some things in Twist Mountain, and then did Route 8 and the Moor, and then caught Reshiram in a Pokeball no worries. Next on my list is to try and get Steelix, as well as the pixie trio. Mesprit is giving me a bit of trouble!

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    Today, I've made quite a bit of progress. I trained my Pokemon a bit more, and my Servine evolved into Serperior (AND GOT RID OF WRAP FOR COIL ! ...I honestly don't know why I still had that move). I beat Skyla, mostly from my Sigilyph's Synchronize (which I got rid of later for Thunder Wave). I flew to Lentimas Town and traveled to Brawly's Makuhita Reversal Mountain. I got into a ton of wild battles until I was fed up and use a repel. Then at Opelucid City, I explored a bit, beat Hugh, and went north. I'm going to travel south later on so I can train off of some trainers. I used Genesect to fly around so I can heal myself after a battle. I'll admit, I'm a few levels underleveled. I tried to catch Cobalion, but I failed a few times after trying to use my Litwick to catch it. I became fed up, taught Sigilyph Thunder Wave, and caught the son of a b*tch. Then I went to Lacunosa Town, heard the story about Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyruem and stuff, beat Team Plasma, explored the following Route, went back to heal, and here I am in Lacunosa Town.

    Current Location: Lacunosa Town

    Current Team:
    Genesect (No Nickname) w/ Silk Scarf - lvl 39 - No Gender - Rash Nature - Ability: Download - Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, Fly, Signal Beam
    Sigilyph (Name: Gale) w/ Flame Orb - lvl 39 - Female - Lonely Nature - Ability: Magic Guard - Psywave, Thunder Wave, Air Cutter, Mirror Move
    Vaporeon (Name: Vapor) w/ Mystic Water - lvl 39 - Male - Sassy Nature - Ability: Water Absorb - Acid Armor, Surf, Take Down, Bite
    Serperior (Name: Jalorda) w/ Miracle Seed - lvl 39 - Male - Calm Nature - Ability: Overgrow - Slam, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Coil
    Lucario (Name: John) w/ Scope Lens - lvl 39 - Male - Jolly Nature - Force Palm, Shadow Claw, Return, Swords Dance
    Litwick (Name: Aftermatch) w/ Nothing - lvl 39 - Female - Sassy Nature - Will-O-Wisp, Inferno, Memento, Hex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nibbles2007 View Post
    I understand how you feel. Thats why I stopped looking for a castform and a sawk. It was taking wayyyyy to long >.>
    Yup I started using the pass power for shaking grass and still it's all Emolgas and Audinos. Castform is next on my list too... the nice part is I get to thoroughly enjoy the game without rushing and I've leveled up almost all the pokemon in my box to level 30, which is about where the next badges will require.

    {the rest, I haven't decided on yet or trained far enough.}

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    Raging because I only just realized today that the Dropped Items subquest gives pokemon which means that much less transferring. I flew around the map to get 50 calls from the flighty NPC, only to discover that I won't be able to begin trading for almost another day... 22 hours of seething rage. Barely restraining myself from smashing my DS.

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    Killed a ****ing SHINY Toxicroak.

    Might restart and record progress here.
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    well i beat the pokemon league and im currently bored so im going to restart my game over. my ending team is

    Serperior Lv.62 (Miracle Seed)
    -Leaf Blade
    -Giga Drain
    -Leech Seed

    Arcanine Lv.60 (Charcoal)
    -Flare Blitz

    Scrafty Lv. 60 (Black Glasses)
    -Brick Break
    -Hi Jump Kick

    Electross Lv.60 (Expert Belt)
    -Thunder Wave
    -Thunder Bolt
    -Charge Beam

    Altaria Lv.60 (Draco Plate)
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Take Down
    -Perish song

    Walrein Lv.60 (Mystic Water)
    -Aurora Beam
    -Body Slam

    this team was great i had a lot of combos with this team. my weakest pokemon would have had to be Walrein. it was ok it was not great i dont really recomend it, but if you really want one go for it. ok well Serperior was really good i recomend it to anyone. at first it was really annoying to train but after it evolved and learned leaf blade it became so much easier. Arcanine was my all star pokemon at first it was the weakest pokemon i had but soon showed its worth on my team. my Altaria was what ever just like walrein, i should have gone with Flygon or Hydregion and for walrein probably a Starmie, Azumarill or a Vaporeon. Scrafty and Electross were the harded to find but they both did really well in my team, Scrafty Having Moxie was really fun i basically just Brick breaked the pokemon league to death. Electross was also fin to use, it wouldh ave been a lot easier if i would have given it Flamethrower over Charge beam. it took me 3 hours to find a tynamo and 1 hour to find Scraggy but it was worth it. well good bye team your were great.
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    In Black 2,I did the same stuff that I did in White 2 yesterday.I explored all the post-Surf Areas.In Aspertia City,I got TM Energy Ball.I got some items on Route 19.I also got some items on Route 20 and had some battles as well.I got a few items in Virbank City.I then went to Castelia Sewers and got some items and battled some trainers including the gang defeating which a medal is obtained.I got a Big Pearl in Relic Passage.I got some items on Route 6.I also caught a Deerling to use Flash in Mistralton Cave.There,I had some battles and got some items.I went inside Chargestone Cave and met Bianca.I defeated all the trainers in the cave and here Ducklett evolved into Swanna.I reached Mistralton City and explored it.Prof.Juniper gave me a Master Ball.I then went to Route 7 and caught my sixth and final team member,a Zangoose.It is Male and has Quirky nature.Since it was already high levelled,I proceeded to battle the trainers without training him.I defeated all the trainers.Servine evolved into Serperior.Since Zangoose was a little low levelled compared to others,I battled some Audino(s).I then flew back to Relic Passage and went Shard hunting.I taught Zangoose Ice Punch as it will not only help against Skyla but also against Drayden since I realised we can't get TM Ice Beam until later on and I had no Dragon moves on anyone.


    Lv.36 Male Calm (Leaf Blade/Slam/Leech Seed/Coil) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.36 Female Hasty (Lava Plume/Fire Punch/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Expert Belt

    Lv.37 Male Naughty (Faint Attack/Hi Jump Kick/Payback/Rock Slide) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Eviolite

    Lv.36 Female Bold (Surf/Air Slash/Water Pulse/Fly) Ability:Keen Eye Held Item:Mystic Water

    Lv.36 Male Lax (Power Gem/Bulldoze/Spark/Volt Switch) Ability:Sturdy Held Item:Rocky Helmet

    Lv.36 Male Quirky (Return/Revenge/X-Scissor/Ice Punch) Ability:Immunity Held Item:Silk Scarf
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    Default Pokemon White 2 Adventure POST 11 + B2

    Hopefully I can remember most that I did.

    White 2
    Well I went through Seaside Cave, collected the items and battled the trainers.
    Then I took on the Plasma Frigate for the first time.
    It wasn't too hard. I collected the items.
    Battled all the grunts and figured out my password. It was an easy one.
    Conquered it, then I was booted off after battling Zinzolin by the Shadow Triad.

    Then it flew to the Giant Chasm. I then went straight there.
    Went the through to the Plasma Frigate once again.
    Cleared the barriers successfully. Found Colress and he started talking.
    Then took on Colress! He wasn't really hard, I mostly used Ryohei and Kyoko.
    Loved his music! It's the most unique music in the game.
    And then I encountered Ghetsis! He talked a bit, then I had to beat the Shadow Triad.
    They weren't hard at all. It was a cinch for Ryohei.

    Then went inside the Giant Chasm where Kyurem would reside.
    Ghetsis was there and summoned Kyurem there.
    Then he ordered Kyurem to freeze me solid! o.o
    Then guess who came, N with Reshiram and saved the day!
    Then Ghetsis used the DNA Splicer.
    I watched the awesome scene of Kyurem capturing Reshiram!
    They fused into White Kyurem! I took it on with Ryohei.
    First I listened to the music some then I took it out.
    I then took on Ghetsis! He wasn't really hard. I took out his Hydreigon easy with Ryohei.

    After he was defeated, he disappeared with the Shadow Triad.
    I explored the route before the Victory Road. Collected items and battled trainers.
    Obtained the HM Waterfall from N.
    Now getting ready to go through the Victory Road!

    Current Team:
    Yamamoto [M] lv. 56 || Hasty | Torrent // Megahorn | Return | Surf | Ice Beam | @Mystic Water
    Ryohei [M] lv. 55 || Docile | Inner Focus // Dark Pulse | Dig | Ice Punch | Aura Sphere | @Leftovers
    Zakuro [M] lv. 55 || Impish | Poison Point // Rock Slide | Megahorn | Aqua Tail | Strength | @Black Sludge
    Kyoko [F] lv. 55 || Timid | Flash Fire // Flamethrower | Nasty Plot | Dark Pulse | Energy Ball | @Macho Brace
    Haru [F] lv. 55 || Serious | Own Tempo // Petal Dance | Quiver Dance | Sleep Powder | Giga Drain | @Big Root
    Gokudera [M] lv. 55 || Docile | Levitate // Fire Punch | Earthquake | Fly | Dragon Claw | @Rocky Helmet

    Black 2
    I trained the team to lv. 50. Fought Marlon!
    Taught Drain Punch to Eelektross.
    Explored around. Went through Seaside Cave.
    Conquered the Plasma Frigate for the first time.
    Then it flew to Giant Chasm.
    Met up with it and save inside of it.

    The team on it is as follows:
    Serperior [F] lv. 52 || Jolly | Overgrow // Coil | Leaf Blade | Return | Aqua Tail | @Macho Brace
    Lucario [M] lv. 52 || Naughty | Steadfast // Dark Pulse | Dig | Ice Punch | Aura Sphere | @Leftovers
    Arcanine [M] lv. 51 || Relaxed | Intimidate // Bulldoze | Flamethrower | Wild Charge | Strength | @Rocky Helmet
    Golduck [M] lv. 52 || Naive | Cloud Nine // Psychic | Shadow Claw | Surf | Ice Beam | @Mystic Water
    Krookodile [M] lv. 52 || Lonely | Moxie // Crunch | Rock Slide | Aerial Ace | Earthquake | @None
    Eelektross [M] lv. 51 || Naive | Levitate // Crunch | Drain Punch | Dragon Claw | Wild Charge | @Rocky Helmet
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    Black 2: Damon and I surveyed the entire Plasma Frigate. Taking out Plasma grunts and picking up items along the way, we finally get past the barrier after turning off the switches. We met Zinzolin one more and beat him in a double battle. Afterwards, we were turfed off the ship for the second time. Team Plasma made their escape towards the Giant Chasm, where everything was going down. Upon reaching said location, Damon and I hear of Team Plasma's whereabouts. Apparently, their ship was docked in the middle of the field there. For the last time, we navigated through the puzzles and defeated every trainer onboard the vessel. This includes Colress and the Shadow Triad. However, that was not the end of it. After witnessing Kyurem being held in a glass vessel, I decided to leap into action and made my way into the cave of Giant Chasm.

    I found Ghetsis, Team Plasma's evil leader, waiting for me. As he blabbered on about this plans of world domination, his son, N, arrived with his own legendary dragon, Zekrom, to put a stop to him. Little did N know, Ghetsis was counting on his arrival. This was all part of his devious plan. And so, he used his staff to control Kyurem, and the DNA splicers to fusion N's Zekrom with the legendary ice dragon. Following an epic cut-scene, Ghetsis dared me to stop him. With that taunt, I gladly accept his challenge and engaged in a battle with Kyurem. As soon as I crushed his dragon, the Pokemon split into two. All that work of merging the two legends together was wasted and Ghetsis decided to take it all out of me.

    For some reason, my whole party are fully healed, which is good for this full 6-on-6 battle with the crazy leader. His Cofagrigus posed the most problems. It's Leftovers, Toxic and Protect combo made it hard to keep the damage on him. After a couple of turns, two Thunders courtesy of my awesome Jolteon finally took it out. The rest of his team were easy to deal with. One Close Combat crushed his Hydreigon. After finishing him off, him and N have a couple of words, but Ghetsis seemed unmoved and rejected his son's ideals. He then disappeared with a Shadow and left his staff behind. N flew off on his Zekrom, while Damon showed up. I told him the whole Plasma thing is over and continued onto the next destination: The Pokemon League. As I wandered into the large construct at the end of Route 23, I am approached by N, who gifted me with HM05 Waterfall. I then had my badges verified by the nifty gates as I walked in. The huge wall came down and granted me access to Victory Road. I saved the game outside.

    Samurott - Level 52
    Magmar - Level 53
    Jolteon - Level 53
    Heracross - Level 53
    Skarmory - Level 52
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    Some highlights of my adventure...

    I went to the Giant Chasm to battle more Team Plasma.
    Fought grunts and collected the items within the Plasma Frigate.
    Fought Zinzolin and Colress; they were not difficult to defeat. I loved Colress's music though! =D
    After I was done in the Plasma Frigate, I went after Ghetsis.
    Within the cave, Ghetsis called for Kyurem. He tried to freeze me with Kyurem's Glaciate. O.O At least N showed up with Zekrom and stopped it!
    After that, I watched the awesome scene of Kyurem capturing Zekrom!
    They fused into Black Kyurem! I took it on with Harley.
    I wish I listened to the music a little bit longer before defeating Black Kyurem. I love Black Kyurem and I can't wait to use it myself!

    I then took on Ghetsis; he wasn't really difficult. Hydreigon was not hard because all it tried using was Dragon Rush and everytime it missed. lol After defeating him, he left with the Shadow Triad leaving his stick thing.

    I explored the Giant Chasm some and I collected some items.
    I explored the route before the Victory Road, defeating trainers and collecting items.
    Went through the Victory Road, battling trainers and obtaining items.
    My whole team reached lv 58 before reaching the Pokemon League.
    Stopped there.

    Current Team
    Empress [F] Lv. 59 || Adamant | Overgrow // Strength | Coil | Aqua Tail | Leaf Blade @Big Root
    Harley [M] Lv. 58 || Hardy | Inner Focus // Dark Pulse | Ice Punch | Bone Rush | Aura Sphere @Leftovers
    Manny [M] Lv. 58 || Naive | Intimidate // Wild Charge | Flamethrower | Dig | Crunch @Shell Bell
    Anastasia [F] Lv. 58 || Timid | Water Absorb // Psychic | Ice Beam | Thunderbolt | Surf @Rocky Helmet
    Aaron [M] Lv. 58 || Naughty | Levitate // Rock Slide | Earthquake | Crunch | Dragon Claw @Wide Lens
    Vincent [M] Lv. 59 || Adamant | Levitate // Crunch | Dragon Claw | ThunderPunch | Drain Punch @Quick Claw

    Obtained 3 badges.
    Did everything between obtaining the badges.
    I'm on my way to Nimbasa City.
    Backtracked to the Desert Resort to train.

    Current Team
    Dewott [M] Lv. 23 || Careful | Torrent // Tackle | Tail Whip | Water Gun | Razor Shell @Mystic Water
    Magnemite [?] Lv. 22 || Calm | Sturdy // Thunder Wave | Magnet Bomb | ThunderShock | SonicBoom @Eviolite
    Scraggy [M] Lv. 23 || Jolly | Shed Skin // Brick Break | Faint Attack | Headbutt | Swagger @None
    Tranquill [M] Lv. 25 || Hasty | Super Luck // Roost | Air Cutter | Detect | Quick Attack @Scope Lens
    Sandile [M] Lv. 18 || Hardy | Moxie // Sand-Attack | Torment | Sand Tomb | Assurance @Exp. Share

    3DS FC: Yui | 2595 0836 4861

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    Man I hated catchijg my skarmary. The first one I found killed my whole team DX, the second one had sturdy so I released it, and finally the third one had keen eye. I never knew they were that hard to catch >.< At least I finally have my last team member.
    Pokemon fan girl since 1999 =D Raichu is #1 Forever!!!

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    Hotel Cortez


    I captured an Azurill and a Mareep in the tall grass at the entrance of Floccesy Ranch. After training there, I went to meet my rival, and we battled. I defeated his Snivy yet again, and I gave him the Town Map that I received. Some people from the ranch arrived after that; they wanted us to help find their lost Herdier, so me and Hugh went to look for it. I battled a trainer and I battled more wild Pokemon in order to level up my team. I eventually encountered a wild Riolu, and it took three Pokeballs to capture that thing. I trained it in the tall grass and then I healed my Pokemon. I headed deeper into the ranch and I encountered more trainers. I eventually spotted the Herdier with a Team Plasma member, and I solved the crisis. I returned to Floccesy Town, and I talked to Alder. He took me inside his house where I battled two of his students. I left to Aspertia City shortly after I won the battles.

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