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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Over the past couple of days, I've been training my Pokemon against the post-game trainers because I skipped most of them. My Pokemon are now level 76-80. I've also started catching the legendary Pokemon available in the game. Yesterday, I went to catch Latias in the Dreamyard. It was really annoying to catch, taking me over 50 balls. Today, I went to the Underground Ruins to catch Regirock. It was much easier to catch and didn't take that many balls.

    Also, I've been wasting a lot of time at the World Tournament.
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    Just got Black 2 today after finishing up White 2. So I guess I'll keep it updated way more.

    Picked the boy and named him Troy, always liked that name. My rival's name is Paul. Met with Bianca and chose Oshawott as my partner, I chose Snivy in White 2 and plan to use Tepig once I beat Black and put challenge mode on White 2's restart. I actually don't plan on keeping Oshawott at all. I beat Paul's Snivy with a bunch of Tackles from Oshawott. I then healed up at the Pokemon Center and as soon as I stepped out I was met by my mom and Paul's lil sis as they gave me my running sneakers and 2 Town Maps, one is for Paul. After that I headed to Route 19 to see how Bianca catches Pokemon.

    Once I am able to I will be sending over a Modest Charmander as my main guy.
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    Ive been playing white 2 now, and I must say, its more fun than I thought it would be! Im not a fan of BW but BW2 really change my pov of the 5th gen.

    Im at Undella Town now, after flying over by plane from Mistralton City and getting my 6th badge from Skylar.

    Emboar - L36
    Electabuzz - L38
    Vespiquen - L36
    Lapras - L38
    Krokorok - L39
    Sigilyph - L42

    Loving my team right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endoplasmic Reticulum View Post
    VS The Elite 4

    Welp I'm ready, willing, and able to face off against the Elite 4! Before we go on, here is the team I will be using


    I brought Durant to deal with Grimsley and Caitlin, Braviary to take care of Marshal while also being a good scapegoat for other battles, Kingdra because I needed a Pokemon with Surf in Victory Road, and I wanted my entire team I brought in it to be what I used for the Elite 4, plus it has toxic which is useful, Zweilous to deal with Shauntal and Caitlin, Jynx to deal with Marshal and Iris, and Abomasnow because I feel I need two ice types to be able to stand up to Iris. Plus it's ability may be useful. Anyways, here we go!

    VS Shauntal

    Shauntal was easy. I sent out Zweilous against Cofagrigous, and Crunch did a lot of damage but didn't OHKO it. However, it then burned me forcing me to spend a turn getting rid of it because physical attacks wouldn't be helpful while it was burned. Shauntal then healed up, but this time kept on Shadow Balling me instead of Will-o-wisping again, so I defeated her.

    Golurk came out next, so I switched to Kingdra and easily took it down with Surfs.

    Drifblim came out, and I sent out Jynx. However completely forgetting it was psychic type, my idiocity caused Jynx to go down in one Shadow Ball. However, Jynx did get to go first and seriously dent its HP and Zweilous finished it off.

    Chandelure was coming out, so I sent out Braviary to scapegoat as well as getting a Rock Slide in. I then accidentally revived Zweilous even though my plan was to use Kingdra, because I swear I thought Kingdra had fainted and I revived the only non-Jynx fainted Pokemon in my party. Braviary then went down, so I sent out Zweilous instead of Kingdra because it had full HP. And Zweilous took it down in one Crunch thanks to Braviary's setup

    Shauntal Elite Four Star: Zweilous for taking down THREE of her four Pokemon, including her deadly Chandelure

    VS Grimsley

    Grimsley was a complete joke. I sent out Durant against Liepard, but Liepard faked me out. It then followed up with an attract which infatuated my Durant, but thanks to luck I still hit it with an X-Scissor and OHKoed it. Krookodile then came out, and I kept Durant and went first with an X-Scissor and...OHKOed it. I then sent out Braviary against Scrafty, and with its only super effective move being Rock Tomb, I easily defeated it thanks to super effectiveness, and Defiant boosting my attack whenever it got hit by a Rock Tomb. I then decided to get cocky and keep my Braviary out against Bisharp instead of scapegoating a Pokemon to heal it since my plan was to take down Bisharp with Braviary's Superpower. However, as I spent the first turn healing up Braviary, it Metal Clawed me doing significant damage. I then tried to see if I can superpower it first, but nope Braviary went down. Instead of scapegoating something to revive Braviary, I sent out Durant as it was still alive and healthy, and a few X-Scissor's later thanks to its powerful Hustle, Bisharp was down

    Grimsley Elite Four Star: Giving this to Durant for again, defeating 3/4 Pokemon, including his powerful Bisharp, and with two OHKOes. It seems its a trend for my planned star to go down making me rely on someone from the very beginning of the fight.

    VS Caitlin

    Caitlin I had a BIT more difficulty with but still barely anything. I sent out my Kingdra against her Musharna, as Kingdra had Toxic which would be good to combat its tanky moveset. Unfortunately, I completely forgot about Synchronize and I was poisoned. I then Surfed it constantly bringing it down, but Caitlin Full Restored, so I Toxiced it again. Unfortunately, Kingdra was weak from its own Toxic and it went down from a Charge Beam. With Reflect still up, I decided to send in my only other Pokemon with a move that is super effective against Psychic that is special - Jynx. With TWO Signal Beams, Musharna was down.

    Sigilyph then came out, so I switched to Abomasnow since I wanted to give it some battling time, completely forgetting about Sigilyph's flying type. Durr. Luckily, its first Air Slash missed, but I accidentally picked Rock Slide instead of Ice Punch. Again. Durr. Fortunately, it was still super effective, just lacked STAB. However, the next turn Sigilyph Air Slashed me causing Abomasnow to go down. I then resent Jynx out, and while its Shadow Ball nearly fainted it, an Ice Beam from Jynx brought it down.

    Gothitelle came out, and with a cinch I sent out my trusty Durant to X-Scissor it to OHKO doom.

    I then sent out Zweilous against Reuniclus, and I Crunch, bringing its HP down to low. However, it scared me with Focus Blast, yet it luckily missed. So another Crunch and it was down.

    Caitlin Elite Four Star: While this was really a team effort, Durant gets the MVP for taking down her most powerful Pokemon in one hit.

    VS Marshal
    I sent out Jynx against Throh. Jynx went first with a Psychic, but Throh went next with a Rock Tomb which missed. I then finished it with another Psychic.

    Conkeldurr then came out next, and I decided to switch to Braviary. Braviary then hit it with a Fly, but Conkeldurr Bulked up. Before Braviary could fly again, it got hit by one of Conkeldurr's Hammer Arm OHKOing it thanks to Bulk Up. I then resent out Jynx, and Marshal Full Restored causing me to get a Psychic in on it. Due to Jynx's speed, I then used another Psychic, KOing it before it can even do anything.

    I then kept out Jynx against Sock, but Sock OHKOed it with a Rock Slide before it could even do anything. I then sent out the revived Braviary, and Sock went first with a Rock Slide, significantly damaging it. I then hit it with a Fly, causing it to faint...or would it if it hadn't been for Sturdy. Sock then finished it off with another Rock Slide, but it had 1 HP so I sent out Abosnow. I then used that turn to revive Braviary, while Sock KOed Abomasnow. But that's exactly what I wanted, as Snow Warning fainted it.

    Mienshao Bounced before I could Fly, but I then flew causing Bounce to miss. I then hit it OHKOing it.

    Well...that's it for the Elite 4. Only one person left. And it is not going to be easy...

    VS Iris

    Braviary VS Hydreigon

    Well I decided to send out Braviary first due to its Superpower. It then went first by Dragon Pulsing me, but like a champ, Braviary took it quite easily. I then Superpowered it causing it to become significantly damaged. I then worried myself, because how was I going to take down the rest of its HP with it having a Super Effective move against all the Pokemon that had a Super Effective move against it? But my fears were for nothing as Braviary took ANOTHER Dragon Pulse and finished it off.

    Durant VS Lapras

    I decided to send out Durant against her Lapras, completely forgetting that Water resists Steel, so I thought I'd have the Super Effective advantage. I then went first with an Iron Head denting its HP, but it put me to sleep with Sing, yet I woke it up with a Full Heal. Lapras then Surfed almost defeating my Durant, but I decided to use my speed to finish it off first. Just my luck though, the attack missed causing Durant to go down.

    Abomasnow VS Lapras

    OMG it went first with a Cheap Sing, causing Abomasnow to be put to sleep. It then took a few Ice Beams, and just as it was about to faint, it woke up and Wood Hammered Lapras, finishing it off. Unfortunately, the recoil KOed Abomasnow

    Kingdra VS Druddigon

    I had no clue what was coming out next, so I sent out Kingdra because of its Toxic. Druddigon then came out, but due to my speed I managed to go first with an Ice Beam, dealing less damage than I thought to it. Druddigon then Rock Slid, causing Kingdra's HP to go down quite a bit. I then shot another Ice Beam, but it still didn't faint. Druddigon's second Rock Slide finished it off.

    Braviary VS Druddigon

    I sent out my very weak Braviary to see if I could go first to faint it. However, Iris Full Restored, causing me to do some damage plus giving me the opportunity to revive Abomasnow. Druddigon's next attack finished off the poor eagle.

    Zweilous VS Druddigon

    Noticing that Druddigon wasn't using its Dragon attack on Kingdra the Dragon-type, I decided to send out my other Dragon, Zweilous, hoping he wouldn't use Dragon Tail. But my worries were for nothing as Zweilous went first, finishing Druddigon off.

    Kingdra VS Archeops

    Worried about its nasty stats causing it to have an ability to nerf it, I was nervous about this battle, but I thought I could rely on Kingdra's speed. To my dread, Archeops went first with a Super Effective Dragon Claw. Yet Kingdra took the hit and I Surfed, causing Archeops to barely have any HP left and hail to finish it.

    Kingdra VS Aggron

    I kept out Kingdra to dent it with Surf despite having like no HP left, and went first and left it with barely any health left. But with a Double Edge, Kingdra was down.

    Zweilous VS Aggron

    I used Zweilous's speed to finish Aggron off with a Dragon Rage. Luckily Iris is out of Full Restores!

    Zweilous VS Haxorus

    God damnit I was hoping Zweilous could outspeed it, but Haxorus's nasty speed + X Scissor made it down for the count

    Jynx VS Haxorus

    Well here it is, Iris' final and most powerful Pokemon, her Haxorus. Since Jynx was my final Pokemon, so I had no choice but to scapegoat it to revive Braviary, a thing that could take a lot of hits allowing me to revive at least two Pokemon

    Braviary VS Haxorus

    Haxorus was using my revival spree to Dragon Dance stack, so after getting two Pokemon I decided to use Superpower to do some damage to it. Haxorus didn't have much HP left, and used its stacks to OHKO Braviary

    Kingdra VS Haxorus

    Haxorus OHKOed it before it could even do anything

    Abomasnow VS Haxorus

    Haxorus OHKOed it while I revived Durant. But my cheap as hell strategy was working; keep on reviving my Pokemon until Hail takes it out.

    Durant VS Haxorus

    Haxorus OHKOed it while I revived Braviary. But my cheap as hell strategy was working; keep on reviving my Pokemon until Hail takes it out.

    Braviary VS Haxorus

    Haxorus OHKOed it while I revived Jynx. But my cheap as hell strategy was working; keep on reviving my Pokemon until Hail takes it out. It was left with like a sliver left. It wouldn't survive the next Hail buffet.

    Jynx VS Haxorus
    Haxours OHKOed it while I revived Abomasnow. But my cheap as hell strategy worked; Hail sent it down for the count.

    Iris Champion Star: Well my team performed pretty evenly, and no one actually took down her most powerful Pokemon. But I'll give it to Kingdra because of how useful it proved!

    ...Well that was a really fun playthrough of the main game. I'll see you guys next time when I tackle the post game, and tune it for my very famous Endoplasmic Reticulum VS The Elite 4 Rematch Teams!

    I enjoyed reading your playthrough and think you are crazy for rotating that many Pokemon Well done!
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    I wanted to restart Black 2 on Challenge Mode, but i can't do that unless i have a SECOND copy of Black 2. As a result, i restarted my game and lost all of my progress. Including my victories at the PWT and Black Tower. But the worst part is i wasn't able to trade the Therian Forme pokémon i raised. I was able to store all the others on White 1, but Therian Tornadus and Therian Thundurus are gone. I reinstalled PDR on my 3DS so i could catch new ones. Seems i have no other choice than to play with my fire pokémon team on normal mode..

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    I recently maxed out all of the stores at my Join Avenue, meaning I now get a 50% discount on everything for a week. Hooray for ultra cheap vitamins.

    Still thinking of what Pokemon I want to EV train this time around, outside my obligatory multitude of Dragon types.
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    Figured out how to get out of Chargestone. Then I encountered Juniper :3 Cool! Then Skyla.

    I healed my PKMN and went straight to Skyla's Gym, no doubt.

    I was like LOL WTF at ehr Fans...they sound dangerous in RL XD Fought about 4 of her Gym Trainers and finally made it to her base. Fought her with my Dewott and Axew. Yay, got my Jet badge, then went to Juniper at the ...errr Tower of Heavens or Celestial Tower...then back to Mistralton to ride on Sky's plane. Then Bianky came :3

    Then we arrived to a diff place...forgot what it was tho XD nya~


    Dewott: 36
    Lucario: 36
    Gothorita: 35
    Meowth: 35
    Altaria: 35
    Axew: 35

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    I played Black 2 today.I went and defeated all the trainers in Celestial Tower.Then I went to Mistralton Gym and actually enjoyed the maze(the first in B2W2).I defeated the gym trainers,healed and challenged Skyla.She was tough when compared to the other previous gyms but I managed to defeat her.She started with Swoobat and I sent out Magmar.Swoobat's Heart Stamp did some damage and made Magmar flinch.Swoobat's Heart Stamp did some more damage and made Magmar flinch again but luckily Magmar's Flame Body activated burning Swoobat.Swoobat's Acrobatics did some damage while Magmar's Faint Attack did heavy damage.Swoobat fainted due to Burn damage.Skyla sent out her Swanna.Magmar's Clear Smog did little damage and it was knocked out by Swanna's BubbleBeam.I sent out my own Swanna.Skyla's Swanna used FeatherDance to reduce my Swanna's Attack while my Swanna's Air Slash did some damage.Foe Swanna's Sitrus Berry restored little health.Foe Swanna's Air Slash did some damage and made my Swanna flinch.Foe Swanna knocked out my Swanna with another Air Slash.I sent out Serperior.Serperior used Leech Seed.Swanna used Roost to heal itself.Swanna's health was sapped by Leech Seed.Serperior used Coil to raise its Attack,Defense and Accuracy but Swanna used FeatherDance to reduce Serperior's Attack.Swanna's health was sapped by Leech Seed.Serperior used Coil again to raise its Attack,Defense and Accuracy while Swanna did heavy damage with Air Slash.Serperior restored some of its HP through Leftovers and Leech Seed.Serperior's Leaf Blade did some damage but it was defeated by Swanna's Air Slash.I sent out Zangoose.Swanna's FeatherDance reduced Zangoose's Attack but it was knocked out by Zangoose's Return.Skyla sent out Skarmory.Zangoose's Ice Punch did little damage while Skarmory's Steel Wing did some damage.Skarmory raised its speed with Agility while Zangoose's Revenge did little damage.Skarmory's Steel Wing did some damage while Zangoose's Revenge did little damage.Skarmory defeated Zangoose with another Steel Wing.I sent out Probopass.Skarmory's Steel Wing did little damage(and it took a little damage from Probopass's Rocky Helmet) while Probopass's Volt Switch did some damage and switched to Scraggy.Skyla used Hyper Potion to heal Skarmory while Scraggy's Hi Jump Kick did some damage.Skarmory and Scraggy did some damage to each other with Air Cutter and Hi Jump Kick respectively.Scraggy took some more damage from Skarmory's Air Cutter but knocked it out with Hi Jump Kick.I won the Jet Badge and got TM Acrobatics.I flew with Skyla,Prof.Juniper and Bianca to Lentimas Town.I explored the city.I got Serperior taught Aqua Tail and Scraggy Zen headbutt from the Move tutor.I defeated the two trainers outside Reversal Mountain.Then I went to the creepy Strange House.I defeated the two trainers there and got some items including Lunar Wing.I then saved the game.


    Lv.37 Male Calm (Leaf Blade/Aqua Tail/Aerial Ace/Leech Seed) Ability:Overgrow Held Item:Leftovers

    Lv.38 Female Hasty (Lava Plume/Fire Punch/Faint Attack/Clear Smog) Ability:Flame Body Held Item:Expert Belt

    Lv.38 Male Naughty (Crunch/Hi Jump Kick/Rock Slide/Zen Headbutt) Ability:Moxie Held Item:Eviolite

    Lv.38 Female Bold (Surf/Air Slash/Water Pulse/Fly) Ability:Keen Eye Held Item:Mystic Water

    Lv.38 Male Lax (Power Gem/Bulldoze/Spark/Volt Switch) Ability:Sturdy Held Item:Rocky Helmet

    Lv.37 Male Quirky (Return/Revenge/Shadow Claw/Ice Punch) Ability:Immunity Held Item:Silk Scarf
        Spoiler:- Completed and Current Playthroughs:

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    I got through the strange house, it didn't take as long as on white 2, got the shadow ball tm, and beat everyone and got all the items in reversal mountain. Now I'm in Undella town.
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    Arrived at the Daycare at long last! Got to breeding and filled up my Unova dex muchly, and got a few type completion medals as a reward. I also got Latias and sorted out the Dreamyard, and am en route to Nuvema Town to finally get the Super Rod. Only four Pokemon left to see, annoyingly three of those - Tepig, Buneary and Vullaby - I don't believe I can even see without trading, so I guess I'm going to have to go on my White to get some eggs ready. Other than that, I've finished the Habitat lists fully, captures and all, up until Route 1. Also I bumped into N's Timburr and Purrloin which I now own.

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    I have decided I was going to send eggs from my White file to help fill my National Pokedex. I've done all the starters, and all the Kanto Pokemon I need to (i.e. all the Pokemon that don't show up in Unova). I evolved all the starters up to Sinnoh, then there's Rasher, the Tepig after that! Next are the Johto Pokemon, and so on. I just need to keep breeding and evolving!
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    I'm in Opelucid City, training for my battle with Drayden
    Everything went well untill this gym, i didn't had an ice pokemon so i needed to trade one from my old white game, oh well Vanillite FTW
    My team so far:
    Aggron: Lvl 45
    Anubis/Lucario: lvl 40
    Electabuzz: Lvl 45
    Vanillite: lvl 32
    Crobat: lvl 40
    Emboar: lvl 41

    I quess a decent team just some more training and than i'm heading for the gym!
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    I spent around two hours doing the shard hunting funfest mission, trying to figure out the best place to do it. Castelia and the surrounding areas seems to work fairly well, netting me between 10-20 shards each time I replay the mission. The other place I found that worked well was Route 12, through Lacunosa, down Route 13, through Undella and ending in Route 14, and that normally gave me 10-15 shards. For some reason I've ended up with almost forty more Red Shards than the other colors. My current shard totals are:

    Red: 88
    Blue: 49
    Green: 51
    Yellow: 58

    I'll probably do some more later on this evening.

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    Oh boy did I get a lot done. I captured Virizon after a bunch of failed attempts. While training, my Litwick evolved into a Lampent. Before this, I went to the Strange House to get a Dusk Stone for her when I get a good moveset, to evolve Lampent into Chandelure. At Opeclucid City, I trained a little bit, taught my Vaporeon Blizzard, and went to the gym. My Pokemon were around level 43 at that point. After beating Drayden, Team Plasma froze the city. I wasn't paying attention to the XTransiever call after taking care of one of the Shadow Triad members, so I just flew around Genesect for a little while, trying to figure it out. But thanks to, I figured it out. I went to Humilau City after riding on my Vaporeon and training a bit on the ocean, and I took on Marlon. I was more than prepared for him, despite being a bit underleveled (My Pokemon levels ranged from 46-47). I had Grass, Fighting, and Electric-type moves ready, on my Serperior, Lucario, and Genesect, respectively. My Sigilyph was keep fainting throughout the gym, although I was trying to train it a bit... Anyhow, there was this one guy in the gym with a Walrein. That Walrein caused me so much pain. I was trying to train my Lampent off of it. Inferno. Missed. Inferno hit once, used Hex, Walrein used Rest. Tried to Hex it a few times while it was asleep, lived with a little bit of health, kept on using Rest. It was also using Ice Fang for offense. Of f*cking course, maybe 1/2 of the times it used Ice Fang it froze Lampent. After many Ethers, Potions, Full Heals, and Berries, it finally defeated Lampent. I really wanted Lampent to grow a level, so I switched to Vaporeon (who was also frozen), used a Revive on Lampent, and, after more pain and misery trying to kill that Walrein, I finally got a critical. Anyway, Marlon wasn't hard to take care of at all, my Pokemon were more than prepared. Right now, I'm about to head to Route 22 and search for Team Plasma.
    Edit: I manned up and used my Dusk Stone on Lampent, I figured the only real way to get a great moveset for this thing is with TMs, she has a goodmoveset for now, I guess.

    Current Location: Humilau Pokemon Center

    Current Team:
    Lucario (Name: John) w/ Scope Lens - lvl 46 - Male - Jolly Nature - Ability: Steadfast - Force Palm, Shadow Claw, Return, Swords Dance
    Sigilyph (Name: Gale) w/ Nothing - lvl 47 - Female - Lonely Nature - Ability: Magic Guard - Psychic, Thunder Wave, Air Slash, Mirror Move
    Vaporeon (Name: Vapor) w/ Leftovers - lvl 46 - Male - Sassy Nature - Ability: Water Absorb - Acid Armor, Surf, Blizzard, Last Resort
    Chandelure (Name: Aftermatch) w/ Nothing - lvl 47 - Female - Sassy Nature - Ability: Flame Body - Will-O-Wisp, Inferno, Memento, Hex
    Genesect (No Nickname) w/ Silk Scarf - lvl 46 - No Gender - Rash Nature - Ability: Download - Thunder, Magnet Bomb, Fly, Signal Beam
    Serperior (Name: Jalorda) w/ Miracle Seed - lvl 46 - Male - Calm Nature - Ability: Overgrow - Slam, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Coil
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    Well Riolu was a drag,So i restarted and just chose tepig as i type right now lol


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    Preparing for Post Game

    After about two and a half hours split over two days (an hour yesterday, and hour and a half today), I have traded over all of my Pokemon from previously used teams, planning to use them all in the post game Unova adventure. Most of them are between 53-58, so for quite a bit I will be still using the Pokemon I used on my main adventure, with exceptions to the one I used on the Elite 4. I hope they don't have many issues against the level spike.

    Next time I am going to head off to Undella and explore the Undella Ruins, then go on an Eastern Unova tour.
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    Cool [B]White Treehollow - Finally Conquered!!![/B]

    Well today I started the Area 8 where I saved last time and adventured with Zeppeli at the lead to scout super-efective moves with Volt Switch, but I guess the game was smart enough to put a bunch of ground-types to crumble my run, thank god my Airmid always did awesome changing into earthquake and walling any move that came after that, Then when I figured out many ground-types were damaging my pokemon little by little while switching I decided to put Warrior in the front to anihilate them with Surf.

    Even though Warrior got poisoned by a sludge bomb from Nidoking he managed to defeat it, found the nurse, defeated her Hariyama and Heracross with Airmid and finally went to the Boss Trainer, had Torterra, Arcanine and Thundurus, as Warrior was on the lead I chose Ice beam to finish the toise, but it had the Yache berry and countered it with Wood Hammer, it took Warrior out but going down with recoil, I wasn't sure what came next so I went with Zeppeli for scouting, then Arcanine came out, did Volt Switch for Sahara and its Frale Blitz did little damage, then continued with extreemspedd but she finished it with Earthquake, and his final pokemon was completely unexpected: Thundurus, due to prankster he did the 1st move with rain Dance (I don't know why) so I countered with Rock Slide, it managed to survive and oops!!! Red card activated, the switch was unexpected, and Sahara was switched out for Blitzkrieg, to avoid any priority shenanigan from the kami Blitzkrieg finished him with Extreemspeed. Area 8 - Completed.

    No time for resting, I inmediately went to Area 9 and wasn't that different besides the fact one of my guys falls for the first time when I made a terrible mistake Volt Switching Zeppeli for Astro against a Lickilicky without expecting Earthquake, Astro managed to survive the first one but after walling my Aura Sphere with a Chople berry, it finishes him with a second eq, revenge killed it with Airmid, and then had to look for a nurse, defeated her after taking out 3 more trainers with Warrior at yellow HP and fully restored my team. Beat the gate guy and the went for the Boss, she had a Salamence, Moltres and Raikou.

    Zeppeli took the lead this time, Volt Switch for Astro but an earthquake was waiting for him, it survived and used Ice Punch, even though it had Yache Berry he OHKO it cuz of the damage received from Volt Switch. Moltres came out next and I chose Warrior, Moltres used the Solarbeam + Power herb strategy but Warrior took the attack like a boss and countered with Surf boosted with Torrent. Raikou was her final mon, it was holding an Air Balloon, so Sahara couldn't take it with earthquake, so I had to sacrifice Warrior hitting the tiger with Aqua Jet, doing consirerable damage due to Torrent but Raikou took him down with Shadow Ball, Sahara came out just to deal the final hit. Area 9 - Completed.

    Finally, Area 10, that was terrible, watching four of my pokemon falling down while searching for the gate guy, and relying on Blitzkrieg at red HP and Zeppeli who manages to survive two earthquakes from a Poliwrath, defeated the nurse with Outrage and fully restored my team, beat the gate guy and prepared myself for the fated encounter, Nathan vs Benga, he used Latias, Dragonite and Volcarona.

    I had the feeling his pokemon would outrun mine so I started with Zeppeli to deal with their speed with t-wave+volt switch combo and thanks to that I finished Latias and D-nite with Astro and his mighty Ice Punch, Volcarona came last and I used the same strategy with Zeppeli and then Sahara, after walling a Fire blast, took the moth down with Rock Slide. Area 10 - Completed. Unova Challenge - White Treehollow - Conquered!!!

    After that Zeppeli, due to its hard work went up to level 89 being my highest leveled pokemon till now. Let's see what happens next.
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    I just went to the Hidden Hollow in Route 3 and I found a female Bibarel! This is my first female encounter so far in the game.
    I threw a Quick Ball, which just happened to get a critical capture, and I got the little gal instantly

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    Went out to Route 22, battled the trainers there, picked up all items and captured Delibird, Amoonguss and Azumarill. About halfway through the Route, I saw another strong-looking Pokemon which I didn’t feel like battling yet. Colress appeared and told me that the name of this monster was Terrakion. He also gave me a strange machine which he said had the ability to bring forward the true potential in Pokemon. Sounds pretty awesome.

    I entered the Giant Chasm at the end of the Route, but couldn’t get very far since it was blocked by two oblivious Team Plasma Grunts. They said something about how their friends were on Route 21, so I decided to head back there. Flew to Humilau again and went out to Route 21. Captured an Alomomola, but couldn’t find any members of Team Plasma. I knew there was a part of the Route which I hadn’t been able to get to previously, so I decided to give it a try. Colress had also told me something about the Pokemon blocking the way to that path.

    Entered the Seaside Cave again and made my path to the east exit, captured a Dewgong along the way. At the east exit, I used the Colress Machine on the Crustle to wake it up. It wanted to battle me, and I captured it. The path was clear, and I could get out to the final part of the Route. My Rival appeared behind me. Before us, we saw the Plasma Frigate. So this is where they were. But how were we supposed to get on board? The problem was solved by Marlon appearing out of nowhere on the boat, lowering its bridge, allowing us to get on board. But he didn’t want to help us any more after that.

    We started searching through the boat, going through a ton of Plasma members and Warp machines. At the end, we arrived at the heart of the Ship, which had one of the leaders, a grunt, and the Legendary Pokemon Kyurem kept imprisoned and used as a tool. They challenged us to a battle, and we won, but they still didn’t admit defeat. Instead, the Shadow Triad showed up and threw us off the ship… again. The ship started flying towards the sky. Cheren appeared and told us to go to the Giant Chasm. So we did.

    At the Chasm, I battled a few more Plasma Grunts, picked up some items and captured Sneasel, Piloswine, Clefairy and Vanillish. Also found the exit towards to Route 13, making it a bit easier to get back to Lacunosa Town. Entered the inner part of the Giant Chasm, where I met my Rival again as well as members of old and new Team Plasma. The members of old Team Plasma were taking care of the members of new Team Plasma, so I and my rival could head further in. A big part of the Giant Chasm was frozen, and in the middle, the Plasma Frigate had landed.

    I entered the boat once more, battling a ton of trainers along the way. Had to find a password in order to get to the place where they were storing Kyurem, and in order to get that, I had to battle a ton of trainers. But I got the password, and entered it which allowed me to pass through to the innermost parts of the ship. There, I met… Colress? Was he a member of Team Plasma too? Who would have guessed that? I thought he was just a random trainer trying to bring out the true potential of Pokemon.

    He told me that he was a scientist working for the team, and challenged me to a battle. I won, but he was quite tough to beat. He told me to go on to the next room, and I did. There, I met another man who revealed himself as Ghetsis. He told me about their plan to take over the Unova Region, but he didn’t challenge me to a battle. Instead, he summoned the Shadow Triad who all challenged me. I beat all of them, and one of them had the stolen Purrloin (now a Liepard) which they gave back to my Rival.

    I exited through the new opening in the ship, and found myself in the Giant Chasm again. Walked through what I could and arrived at a new cave. Entered it, and at the end, I met Ghetsis again. He summoned Kyurem, and ordered it to freeze me. But he failed! A black Dragon Pokemon appeared, and riding on its back was a young man. It was N and Zekrom. They had come here to stop Ghetsis. But the Plasma leader brought forward the DNA Splicers, which made Kyurem fusion with Zekrom. Ghetsis told me to challenge it. I've made it through the thin and thick, but I wasn’t prepared for this! Still, I had no choice.

    I challenged the new Kyurem and won, but it was strong. Ghetsis was taken by surprise, and challenged me in blind anger, despite the loss of his prized Legendary. I defeated him, and it seems like he gave up. Everyone from Team Plasma disappeared, and N flew away on his Zekrom as well, but he first told me that I should go challenge the Elite Four, something my Rival also thought was a good idea. I exited the place, the ice block in the plains in the Giant Chasm had been removed, I picked up a few items in the area and captured a Clefable and a Mamoswine. Tomorrow, I will continue my travels, starting from Route 23.

    - level 60
    - level 60
    - level 60
    - level 59
    - level 61
    - level 60
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    Defeated the Elite Four.


    Gearfried the Bisharp - LVL 60
    Odette the Swanna - LVL 59
    Aerodent the Emolga - LVL 59
    Pollutena the Weezing - LVL 58
    Dengar the Grumpig - LVL 58
    McQueen the Leavanny - LVL 58

    Time to go after N, catch both legendary dragons, assemble Black Kyurem, and finally catch the rest of the Black 2 exclusives to trade over to my White 2 collection.

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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 38-39

    Episode 38: The Relic Sun
    After getting all the items, survived many annoying battles against Raticates and faced all the challenging Trainers, I finally reached the Relic Castle, mainly the lowest part of the castle, since the rest is buried (stupid sandstorm), after exploring the castle, I saw the rare Pokémon, a Volcarona, yeah, it's good, but I already have a Fire and a Bug-type Pokémon in my main team.
    Anyway, I faced the Level 35 (my team is still underlevelled) Volcarona and managed to catch it (it took my entire Poké Ball stock, now I have to spend money). Now, I can get the freak out of that cursed place (the Relic Passage).
    After that adventure (what an adventure), I decided to continue my journey to the Route 6.

    Episode 39: The SSS (Silly Surfing Sidequest)
    Found the third Hidden Grotto, but no rare Pokémon this time.
    After getting the number of the Breeder (just kidding), I found Cheren in front of the Weather Institute, he mentioned about some places of the region being so zetta cold and he gave me the HM03 (Surf)! Hooray, now I can travel on water.
    During my SSS, I got TM53 (Energy Ball), which I taught immediately to Joltik (that would have been handy against Clay).
    After exploring the southwest part of Unova (excluding the Route 20, due to those craters, maybe a Wailord miscalculated too many Body Slams against wild Pokémon).
    After reaching Castelia City, I almost had a heart attack because I remembered DAT SEWERS! I'm forced to face Rattatas and Zubats AGAIN!
    After surviving in the sewers again, I got to the Alley, where I defeated the three Trainers, though the Guitarist was more challenging than the others (maybe I should train my Pokémon).
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    I defeated the Team Plasma members in Opelucid City, including Zinzolin and one of the Shadow Triad. I then headed out to the Seaside Cave and battled the trainers there. I was surprised when I exited onto Route 21, which I soon found to lead to Humilau City. I didn't even know that it existed. I wonder when the Crustle exit comes into play. As soon as I reached Humilau, though, I flew back to Undella to travel through the Marine Tube. When I surfaced, I located Marlon, then saved my game.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 46
    Rupert Lv. 47
    Omega Lv. 45
    Cinna Lv. 46
    River Lv. 46
    Lucie Lv. 47

    63/649 (9.70%)

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    I healed my Pokemon at the Aspertia City Pokemon Center, then I wandered over to Floccesy Town. I walked until I reached Route 20, and I was able to access a new area after I showed my Basic Badge to the Hiker and I defeated him in battle. My rival appeared with Cheren after that, and I listened to his explanation about the dark grass. I trained there for a while and captured a Venipede and a Pidove. I attached a Lucky Egg to the Pidove and I went over to Floccesy Ranch to train it against the Audino. I managed to level it up and I returned to Route 20 to battle the other trainers. I made it to the gatehouse and I eventually reached Virbank City. I saw Roxie arguing with her dad near the Pokemon Center, then I healed my Pokemon and purchased items. I left after that, and I explored the city a bit. I found the Gym, but I decided to train at Virbank Complex before challenging Roxie.

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    I beat all of the trainers in undella bay and on route 14. Raven my gothorita evolved to so that is my team complete =D
    Pokemon fan girl since 1999 =D Raichu is #1 Forever!!!

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    Default Colress and Elesa's fashion

    After getting my third badge, I met Colress at the end of Castelia. He asked me if we should we fight and he would be waiting for me in route 4. So I went there after beating every trainer and then battled him, piece of cake! I waited until it was monday on route 4 so I could catch my 5th team member, a Braviary! Careful nature, not terrible. Anyways, called him Ace. Then I battled everyone I hadn't before and headed to Nimbasa. Actually instead of heading to Nimbasa, I visited the Desert Resort, it was a pain to go through all trainers since I didn't know who I still had to battle after a while. After all that, right before I walked in Nimbasa, I was introduced to the Join Avenue, which is a pretty cool feature, I won't lie! I got some stores and then I finally arrived in Nimbasa. There I did all the side quests and visited Anville Town (btw, fighting Emmet and Ingo was awesome). I got everything done, and went training at the route east from Nimbasa, which got my Pkmn to level 30.

    I was walking towards the gym as I met this woman and we talked on the ferris wheel, it was pretty cool. Then I finally went in the gym, but it was kinda empty. This girl told me she was at the other place so I went there. Boy, that place is fabulous! The gyms in this game are so awesome! I fought all trainers with Eevee mainly as I taught her Dig. Then it was time for Elesa!

    VS Elesa

    I put Braviary up front as I thought she would use Emolga first. Luckily I was right.

    Ace the Braviary VS Emolga - Sigh, Volt Switch did some damage.

    Ace the Braviary VS Flaafy - I used Slash immediately which did nice damage but got paralyzed. She used Volt Switch again, and went back to Emolga.

    Ace the Braviary VS Emolga - Slash almost OHKO'd Emolga, but she used a Hyper Potion after. Then again Slash almost killed her, but she used Quick Attack and beat me.

    Furbunny the Eevee VS Emolga - ... Volt Switch

    Furbunny the Eevee VS Flaafy - Bite almost killed it. Then I went for Dig which went first and finally defeated Flaaffy, but got paralyzed. Eevee's first gym win!

    Leaf the Servine VS Emolga - I chose someone who I thought was faster but Emolga was faster. Anyways, Servine slammed Emolga to death.

    Leaf the Servine VS Zebstrika - I set up a Leech Seed while Zebstrika used Pursuit. Then she used Flame Charge which did ok damage, I guess? She used Flame Charge again, and I slammed her. Leech Seed keeps doing damage. She used Flame Charge yet again and I slammed her, knocking Zebstrika out!

    Star of the gym: Servine, as it knocked out Emolga with ease and managed to stall and torture Zebstrika who couldn't even touch Servine.

    White 2

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