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Thread: Black 2 & White 2 Recent Happenings Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doodles View Post
    I ran into a shiny Woobat while backtracking once I got Surf...
    I had 0 Pokeballs. ;-;

    None at all D:?!
    ★★Click the card to see my complete shiny card!★★

    ★★Current Shiny Hunts★★
    -Eevee???; Black 2 (Castelia City): 650 REs
    -Aerodactyl; Black 2 [Alternate Hunt]: 400 SRs
    -Ralts (Day; Route 209); Snorunt, Sneasel, Swinub, Snover (Night; Route 217); Platinum: 6,200 REs
    -Caterpie, Metapod (Day; Ilex Forest); Venonat, Girafarig, Flaaffy (Night; Route 43); HeartGold (Route 48): 3,400 REs

    ★Side Shiny hunts★
    -Charmander; HeartGold (Pallet Town): 5,300 SRs
    -Chimchar; Platinum (Route 201): 8,250 SRs

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    Got through the final part of Victory Road, battled more trainers there, picked up a few more items and captured Throh, Druddigon and Zweilous. But there was a special cave which I couldn’t get to yet as it was blocked by a Zoroark which wouldn’t move, guess I’ll have to go back here later on, maybe after I have beaten the E4. Either way, I arrived at the Pokemon League. But I wanted to wait a little before taking the challenge.

    First, I went to Lostlorn Forest and surfed up the Waterfall there as I had forgotten to do that earlier. I captured a Whirlipede and a Floatzel before leaving the Forest. Trained my team a little so all members were at the same levels. Now, I was ready to challenge the Pokemon League. Flew back there and entered the main area.

    I started with Marshal, since he was the only one I had any sort of strategy against. My Gothitelle, Crobat and Maractus could take down his Pokemon without any major problems. Continued to Shauntal, but had no idea what to do against her. I defeated her, but it was hard, her Chandelure caused many problems for my team. Continued towards Caitlin, who turned out to be quite easy compared to Shauntal. I took on Grimsley last, he was also quite hard as his Liepard haxed me to pieces at the start of the battle, but the rest of his team didn’t give me that much trouble.

    With the E4 defeated, I was ready to battle the Champion. Entered the final elevator which took me down to the bottom of the place, and then I walked up to the champions room. Inside of it, I met… Iris? She was the Champion? That’s pretty cool, and unexpected. The battle started, I really like her battle music. I used my Gothitelle as a lead… which was a terrible idea as it was helpless against her Hydreigon… I switched to Magnezone, but the hydra was really hard to defeat. The rest of her team went down a bit easier, but she was still a challenge. In the end, I won and got to enter the Hall of Fame. Wonderful.

    Watched the credits roll, the music wasn’t as epic as in B/W but still very good and definitely enjoyable. I arrived back in my house in Aspertia City, where I met Cedric Juniper who upgraded my Pokedex to National Mode. Very nice. I went outside and met my Rival and his sister. They told me that his sister had been having dreams about a Zoroark at Victory Road. Could it be the same Zoroark that I saw before? I flew back to Victory Road and headed down to where I had seen the Zoroark earlier. Now, it was waiting for me. I followed it through a lot of caves and ended up at a new location, which was a cave with stairs leading down to… a castle?

    I entered the Castle, and the Zoroark was gone. Instead, I met N. He told me to take him to the final room of the Castle, which I did. There, he challenged me to a battle. I can’t say I was prepared for this, but I agreed to battle him either way. The only Pokemon he had was his Zekrom… but it was at level 70, and really tough to beat. After beating him, N said farwell to his dear friend Zekrom and converted it back into the Dark Stone, which he gave to me and told me to take it to the Dragonspiral Tower. I exited the Castle… but what happened to the Zoroark? Did it just disappear? Or… was the Zoroark N? All of this is very strange…

    I flew to Opelucid City, where I met Drayden. The screen faded, and another flashblack played, showing Drayden and Iris talking right after Iris had become the Champion. She seemed very happy about being the Champion, which is understandable. The flashback ended and Drayden returned to his house. I checked my map, noticed that there are three areas that I haven’t been able to explore yet: Skyarrow Bridge to Nuvema Town, Marvelous Bridge to Black City and Clay Tunnel/Twist Mountain to Tubeline Bridge.

    I decided to start with the southeastern area, so I went to Skyarrow Bridge. Crossed the bridge and arrived at Pinwheel Forest. Battled some trainers in the area, then I met Cheren. He told me that he was looking for Team Plasma in the Forest and asked me to team up with him to make it easier. Of course I said yes! We travelled through a big part of the Forest, battling a ton of trainers and wild Pokemon. At the end, we arrived at an open place in the forest. There, another Sage from the Old Team Plasma appeared. This guy apologized for his past actions before wandering away.

    Cheren thanked me for our companionship and left me as well. I explored the rest of the forest, battling some more trainers and picking up more items. Exited the main area of the Forest and entered the outside area. Here, I battled all trainers, picked up all items I could find and captured Palpitoad, Yanma and Seismitoad. I entered Nacrene City and explored all of it except for the Museum, which will be the first thing I check out tomorrow.

    - level 68
    - level 69
    - level 68
    - level 69
    - level 69
    - level 68
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    October Auburn, Let this season pass
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    0.0 you are so overleveld compared to me when I got to nacrene city.

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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 44-47

    Episode 44: The *****iest Gym Leader Ever, Part I! Legend of Skyla!
    Did the usual city exploring before going to the Gym.
    Since the Pokéstar Studios Sidequest gave me about 10 Sweet Hearts, I traded them for a Heart Scale.
    Got a few HP Ups from the TM lady. About the TM Department, I thought I could obtain Thunder, but I remembered it was only available in Icirrus (two years ago), so Galvantula will keep Volt Switch for the time being.
    I need to remember to show the Jet Badge to a boy.
    And obtained another Funfest Mission, now for the Gym.
    Skyla is still the same hot (and *****y as always) chick everybody loves (and hates for some reason).
    Two years ago, a Pokémon Trainer called Hilbert was almost killed by hitting a wall after being blasted off by a cannon.
    Now, Nate was almost killed dozens of times, got almost hit by Clyde, who gave me the usual Fresh Water and explained me about the strong winds being blown by the air hangar and the places to cover when the wind gets strong. Unfortunately, I got smashed against the walls multiple times before reaching Skyla.

    Episode 45: The *****iest Gym Leader Ever, Part II! Skyward Aerial Battle!
    About the Gym, the theme reminds me of the Legend of Zelda (but Skyla is a lot hotter).
    About Skyla, she had Swoobat, Swanna and Skarmory (Am I the only one thinking Skyla's Pokémon's names start with the same letter as the Gym Leader herself?)
    Noticed the animated sprite fail, who designed Skyla should be killed (maybe he is the one who got the idea of infesting some places with Rattatas/Raticates and Zubats/Golbats). If somebody knows who's the guy, tell me and this person will gladly kill the responsible for ruining one of the sexiest Pokémon characters in History.
    "Why don't you and I have some fun?" Hmmm... I know what you want Skyla, unfortunately, I haven't brought my Diglett with me, if you know what I mean...
    Yeah, that's true, there's a Pokémon who can immediately end the battle against Skyla without her using a single Pokémon.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it and have some fun searching!
    Swoobat vs Galvantula, Galvantula used Volt Switch after being hit by Swoobat's Heart Stamp, doing about 90% damage (AGAIN!) and switched out to Lucario.
    Swoobat vs Lucario, Skyla used her Hyper Potion (the battle would be already over with Diglett), giving Lucario enough time to pull the Dark Side of the Force (Dark Pulse) twice, defeating the heart shaped bat.
    Swanna vs Galvantula, Volt Switch OHKO'd the swan and switched out to Growlithe.
    Skarmory vs Growlithe, Flame Wheel (or to be more precise, three) did the job, while Skarmory couldn't do a thing with its crappy Air Cutter, even with critical hit, it wouldn't do obscene amounts of damage.
    Got the Jet Badge (6 obtained, 2 to go) and TM62 (Acrobatics).
    Before being blown away by the wind, Skyla mentiones she didn't have a decent challenge (no wonder if you kill the challengers with strong winds and cannon blasts) in two years.
    Man, that wind was so zetta strong and Skyla was blown as well.
    She told me to meet Professor Aurea.
    Last time I checked, she was at the Celestial Tower.

    Episode 46: The Aerial Ace of the Celestial Tower
    I showed the bright Jet Badge to the boy, who said to go to the end of the runway.
    In that place, I found TM40 (Aerial Ace), then the boy appeared explaining what the move does (shame I don't have a Flying-type with me).
    After that, I continued my journey, on Route 7.
    In that Route, I can stand on thin platforms, but not for too long, because Gravity is the same old, same old ***** (shame that word is censored).
    Inside a house, I traded an Emolga for a Gigalith (odd trade for a Hiker). Now I don't need to make a Global Trade, thanks Gamefreak for being so nice to me!
    Found another Hidden Grotto close to the Hiker's house (and another item). Where are the DW Pokémon? Only the Event Minccino and a Foongus so far?
    On the other house, I got the entries for the Three Genies (I'll do some Global Trading later since I don't have a 3DS).
    Got a call from my mom (Hilbert got one two years ago on the exact same spot).
    On my way to Twist Mountain (a sidetrip), Marshal of the Elite Four blocked the way, saying the mountain collapsed, so that's why Professor Aurea can't go to Opelucid City that way.
    About the Professor, I decided to meet her on Celestial Tower.

    Episode 47: Celestial Bell and the plane
    Met Professor Aurea, who gave me a Lucky Egg (maybe that's why I was underlevelled the entire journey).
    Then, she returned to the city, while I decided to explore the tower.
    After battling the Trainers and catching a Flash Fire Litwick (which went to my side team for MUCH later), I reached the top of the tower and I rang the bell.
    After that, I returned to Mistralton, where Skyla said I and the Professor could go to Lentimas Town, however, before travelling, a certain somebody said she wanted to go to Lentimas Town with me and Aurea.
    I almost screamed Fantina's favorite quote, NNNNNOOOOONNNNN!
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    Not a chance.


    How long does it take to beat this game?!?

    I've clocked in almost 30 hours and am just about to go to victory road. I have gotten most things in the region though through that machine finder thingy and most items But sadly I haven't encountered any shinies
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    I left Nimbasa after destroying Elesa, and I made it to Driftveil after almost losing to that guy named Charles or whatever. Damn rotation battles. Anyway, I then made it to Driftveil and recieved N's Zorua, which I proceeded to evolve and train the hell out of.

    Next, I challenged Clay and KO'd Krokorok and Sandlash pretty easily with my Servine. However, his Excadrill outsped all my Pokemon and handed me my first loss. I then went back and trained my Pokemon to Lv. 35 and then I was able to beat him. Later, I dismantled everyone in the Driftveil Tournament and then started chasing after Cheren and my rival.
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    Just started the game, linked it up to my black version. I just got a riolu from the dream radar game too.

    My characters name is Izaya, my rival seems like a pretty cool guy so far (Shizuo)

    I named my Quiet Highly Curious Oshawott, Suikiru. Im wondering if I should run a trick room set for him or invest speed EV's in it anyhow

    Going to the pokemon center now for my genesect. Should I go Hasty or Naive?
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    Cleaned up most of the other Bonus Bosses I missed for the Exp. Rematched Colress, fought Cheren's Memory Link team, fought Morimoto, destroyed Cilan and Cress alongside Chili, solo'd Cynthia with John Henry (Spiritomb is such set-up bait), and did the Schmuck fights at both Undella Town and Driftveil City. I'll do Nshino later if I need to, but just glancing at his 'mons, it's not something I would be looking forward to. Also viewed all the other Memory Link flashbacks, so there's that.

    Caught Regirock solely to get the Iron Head Key to send to White 2, won the Sinnoh Leaders Tournament, and beat Areas 8 and 9 of Black Tower. My brother reminded me that I've still got Elite 4 and Champion rematches as well, so I'll probably end up doing those as well. Then, see everything on the Regional Dex, and then, finally, start Challenge Mode White 2.

    Hurricane Sandy cancelled high school for me tomorrow, so I have yet another day to devote to da Pokemons. Tomorrow I'll probably rematch a lot of the Bonus Bosses again for even more Exp., and then hopefully conquer the Black Tower once and for all. Current team:

    Lv. 84 Flood
    Lv. 83 Lincoln
    Lv. 84 Mink Car
    Lv. 83 Apollo 18
    Lv. 84 The Else
    Lv. 83 John Henry

    Na-nat nat nah nah...

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    Two important things I did, firstly I FINALLY managed to breed the Pokemon I wanted, took me hours and hours to get an Adamant Drilbur with Sand Rush.

    Secondly, to get enough BP for a Life Orb I traded over my old Platinum Battle Frontier team (which was on my White), of Starmie, Metagross and Garchomp. Whilst I was at it I traded over the things I was still missing from my Unova Dex and so now I've seen it all! So now if I really want I can visit the Nature Preserve, which I'll do eventually. Once I evolve everything I'll own everything in the Unova Dex too excluding the genie trio, which I need to re-obtain somehow, and event legendaries.

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    I started to head off to Humilau city where I trained on the route leading to the Giant Chasm. After my Pokemon were level 50 each, I go to Marlon's gym and battled there. His Jellicent caused me problems despite beating his Carracosta and Wailord with my Samurott. After a tough battle, my Krookodile killed his Jellicent with Crunch. Then I head to the Seaside cave where I caught the Crustle and aboarded the Plasma Frigate. After going through the warp panels to deactivate the barrier, I battled Zinzolin and a Team Plasma Grunt alongside with Hugh. It was pretty easy with my Gigalith using Rock Slide on all there Pokemon, winning me the fight. Shadow Triad then transports me out of the Frigate in which I saved afterwards.

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    After about a week of no activity in the game, I was finally able to do some stuff yesterday. x.x;

    Recent Activity [as of 10/28]:
    • I obtained the National Dex.
    • I defeated Hugh at Undella Bay.
    • I defeated N and his Reshiram, despite using a very underleveled team, and have the Light Stone in my possession.
    • I did a mass transferring of Pokémon from Black to White 2.
    • Recent Captures: Tynamo.
    • Recent Evolutions: None.
    • N's Pokémon Captures: Klink, Boldore, Ferroseed.

    Future Plans:
    • Compete in the Pokémon World Tournament.
    • Explore the Abyssal Ruins.
    • Do more mass transferring of Pokémon from Black to White 2.
    • Breed for starters. (Still need to obtain the Tepig line, since that's the only starter line I'm missing.)
    • Capture post-storyline legendaries.
    • Do more PokéStar Studios films.
    • Still soft-reset for a Modest/Timid Genesect. (Yeah, I already got the gift. Just need to get it from the delivery dude.)

    Current Party:
    (Due to mass transferring of trades, my party is constantly being changed around at this time.)

    Miscellaneous Progress:
    (Coming soon.)
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    I beat all of the trainers on the route next to Himalou city. Now I'm going to get my team to lv 52 before battling Marlon.
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    I just got the Reveal Glass.

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    I captured Cobalion and then made my way into Lacunosa Town. There wasn't much to do apart from a battle between Team Plasma and my rival so once that was done I went through the remaining routes (which included capturing Virizion) and the Village Bridge until I was in Opelucid City. Once again there wasn't a lot to do apart from some last minute training on Route 9 but once that was done I went to the gym. I have to say I was disappointed with the layout of the gym based on how many people reacted to it. Drayden that was tough. Druddigon managed to beat down Camerupt (who despite having a great moveset is by far my weakest team member) but Braviary finished the job with Slash. He went to Flygon next but Samurott won with Surf. Haxorus managed to beat Seviper, Braviary, and Electabuzz before Lucario finally Force Palm'd me to victory. After the battle Drayden talked about the Legendary Dragon but suddenly...

    TEAM PLASMA HAS A FREAKING FREEZE RAY (Like Johnny Snow!)!!! They blast Opelucid City and the routes around it and create massive ice pillers. I beat the few Plasma members in the area before heading off to Humilau City per Cheren's request. I went through the Marine Tube into the city but immediately returned to Undella Town and went through the Seaside Cave (which was really short) and arrived on Route 21, where I took a break.

    White 2 Team
    Current Silver Team

    Location: Celadon City
    Badges: 10

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    Well after roaming around and seemingly finishing up in Castelia City. I decided t was time to fight Burgh, I figured this was going to be an easy battle as Charmeleon was ready for the spotlight. I knew Whirlipede was a bit under leveled as I actually led off with him. Whirilpede make quick work of Swadloon after 2 Poison Tails. Next up was Dwebble, which I figured would be tough so I switched into Charmeleon and let him take care of it with a few Dragon Rages. It was actually a tough battle was Dwebble used Sand-Attack after Charmeleon hit a nice Dragon Rage. Charmeleon was blinded and his next Dragon Rage, missed giving Dwebble ample time to strike with Smack Down, it was a powerful Super-Effective attack that had Charmeleon in the yellow. I had to act quick, do I risk trying to heal leading to another possible Smack Down or do I attack knowing that Charmeleon is still feeling the effects of Sand-Attack. I decided to risk it and attack with yet again another Dragon Rage. Luckily this hit and took out Dwebble! Now onto Burgh's power house of his team, Leavanny. Charmeleon made simple work of this with 2 Ember attacks. I now have my 3rd Gym Badge! Woo!

    After the gym I decided to move along with my adventure. I headed to the back of Castelia City where I met that freaky dude who I met in the sewers. He asked to see my Pokemon and noted how strong they are, I was ready to pounce if he tried any funny business! He wanted a battle on Route 4, I never back down from a challenge! I met him on Route 4 and he is standing next to what appear to be a boat load of Crustle. He uses some sort of device to move them...very strange. This battle was a piece of cake. I opened with Lucario and he started with Magnemite. One Force Palm took down the little magnet. He sent out Klink and I responded with non other than Charmeleon who made quick work of the gear pokemon. What, another Klink just make it easy on Charmeleon! Now it is time to explore Route 4.

    I knew I wanted to add Sandile to my team. After running around in the sand I found one, it took 2 Poke Balls, but it was worth it. What luck,the first one I caught was a Adamant Sandile, with Moxie! My first one. I was super happy now team to train my little sand croc.

    lvl 26
    -Dragon Rage

    lvl 25
    Naive | Pecha Berry
    -Force Palm
    -Quick Attack

    lvl 23
    Lonely | Poison Barb
    -Bug Bite
    -Poison Tail

    lvl 22
    -Sand Tomb
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    I'm only up to Castelia City's little Pokemon Park, and I found that I am having the worst luck with catching and battling pokemon every time I start the game. My Version of White 2 is a programmed dud, and I've come to terms with this theory when I got punked by a Skitty that I was trying to capture. You see, I had just brought down the wild Skitty's HP into the red and paralyzed it for good measure. I had 5 poke balls and 5 great balls to use on this cat, and it broke out of ALL of them. Even worse, that Skitty managed to Doubleslap my Purrloin to death by slapping it ten times within two turns. I was under the impression that this Skitty was lucky, so with my last Great Ball, I finally caught it. I then go back to my PC only to find that it had an awful nature and poor stats to boot. Ever since then, I've been encountering more and more cases of bad luck in this game. Wild Pokemon have constantly been breaking out of my poke balls 3-5 times in a row despite their easy catch rate, My Rock Smash attack only lowers the Defense of my opponents once every six times, And when my pokemon get stuck in an Audino's Attraction, it feels like my pokemon have only gotten to make a move 5% of the turns used in the battle. The only upside to my poor luck with this game so far is that when I get to attack, I inflict more Critical Hits on my opponents than most other players, but that still doesn't help me catch pokemon any easier. Maybe I should be bringing this up in a war stories thread, but I'm curious if this has happened to anybody else in these new games as of lately. And if so, perhaps there has been a change in the pokemon catching formula that we are not aware of yet.

    White 2 Team to Date:


    Lvl 18/Impish
    Vine Whip
    Leaf Tornado


    Lvl 18/Modest
    Sand Attack


    Lvl 18/Adamant
    Quick Attack
    Force Palm

    Vulpix (Traded)

    Lvl 18/Bold
    Energy Ball
    Will O' Wisp


    Lvl 17/Modest
    Cotton Spore


    Lvl 18/Relaxed
    Rock Smash
    Water Pulse

    Ubers are strong, but do you really need six?

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    I went into the Castelia Sewers and I met Hugh down there. He was upset with Team Plasma and he wanted my help in finding them. We searched around and we battled some Grimer and Zubat. I managed to capture a Rattata down there as well, but then we encountered some trainers and things got hectic. I had to battle them alone, and my Pokemon were still underleveled. I eventually found some items and then we arrived at a dead end, so we had to head back. We found the Team Plasma grunts and then Colress showed up out of a cave. He left as suddenly as he appeared, and Hugh left the sewers. I entered the cave and picked up some items and captured a Timburr. I also battled some trainers there, and I left when I could no longer continue the exploration. I headed back to the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon and I saved before going to the Battle Company place.

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    Default Surfing with evolutions during charge planes in lentimas with banette?

    Well last time... I beat the PWT. After that I decided to participate two more times, where I won (after losing a couple of times in the rental one). I finally had 3BP and bought a water stone, which I used to evolve... Eevee! I now had a Vaporeon! I also used a heart scale and taught it Aurora Beam to make it a nice battler. So after that, I checked Join Avenue, and went to route 6. There, I got a call from the dropped item subquest (forgot the name of the person). On that street after fighting the trainers, I saw Cheren and he gave me Surf. I then went in the Chargestone Cave, and saw Bianca there. She told me some stuff... Well in the chargestone cave I fought everyone, and my Servine evolved in there, to a Serperior!

    I then finally arrived in Mistralton, where I met Skyla and Prof Juniper. Prof Juniper told me she was going to the Celestial Tower. Before I joined her, I got the call from tht person again haha, and same thing in route 7... Well, I battled all trainers to the Celestial Tower and received a Lucky Egg from Prof Juniper. I cleared the tower, rang the bell, and then trained all my Pokemon to level 38-40. I went to the gym, where I had a very easy time. My fighting type, Lucario cleared through the trainers with Ice Punch, mainly. Then it was... Skyla.

    VS Skyla

    Lucario VS Swoobat - Not easy actually. Swoobat used Attract which was annoying and confused me as well, but after a while Lucario pulled through!

    Braviary VS Swanna - Couple of Slash's.

    Growlithe VS Skarmory - Sturdy didn't let me OHKO it, but I 2HKO'd it.

    Star- Uhm they were all amazing! I'll say Braviary as he hasn't been the star yet, and isn't Swanna her main? I'm not sure?

    After that, Skyla and Prof Juniper asked me fly with them to Lentimas town, which I did... what a small town. Didn't do much there, and went straight to the Strange House. Damn, it's creepy! Even creepier as I was playing at night xD After clearing it, I found a Banette which I caught, as my 6th team member! Called it Puppetmon (if you've watched digimon you'll know). Well, after that I trained my Pokemon to level 40 while Banette had an Exp. Share and is now level 33 I think. Stopped and saved...

    White 2

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    Decided to take out some Audinos and fought the Breeder near where Virizon was until my PKMN were over 50.

    Then went to Drayden's Gym...WOW amazing dragon statue OwO Then fought the Gym trainers...and some of my team level'd up... thats it, nya~


    Dewott: 54
    Lucario: 53
    Gothorita: 52
    Meowth: 51
    Altaria: 54
    Axew: 50

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    Today, I traversed Route 23 and Victory Road. I really enjoyed both; they were suitably lengthy. I collected all of the items (including TMs) and battled all of the trainers in both areas. It took a few hours, for which I was glad. There's far too much to go into detail about, so I'll leave it at that. Later on, I trained some of my team members (only an increase of one level was required for those I trained) and taught them TMs. I wanted to give Excadrill Brick Break, so I headed to the Subway to earn BPs. I cannot believe that I lost on the Single Line (my team was Excadrill, Magmortar and Magnemite). The hax is insane, even at such an early level. Frozen for six turns, with Inferno hitting. Really? Eventually, I had enough points, so I purchased Brick Break and taught it to Excadrill. I saved my game, ready for the Elite Four.

    Current Team:
    James Lv. 57
    Rupert Lv. 57
    Omega Lv. 57
    Cinna Lv. 57
    River Lv. 57
    Lucie Lv. 57

    77/649 (11.86%)

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    Started a new game on black 2 last night, to begin the long process of trading everything from white 2 so I can use challenge mode.

    Picked Oshawott, but my starter is a Drifloon from the dream radar. I cleared out and caught every Pokemon from Aspertia to Floccesy ranch. Freakin Psyduck took 40 minutes to find. I even found a female Riolu in that time.

    After clearing the ranch, I defeated Cheren soundly, and have just proceeded to the point where I just caught my second team member, a Venipede.

    Current team
    lvl 16
    lvl 10
    Omega Ruby BQ

    Soul Silver BQ

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    Entered the Nacrene Museum, where I met Lenora, a former Gym Leader. She gave me an offer choosing between two Fossils. I picked one of them and she me to the research lab in the end of the museum. I went there after getting a guided tour through the museum. When I arrived, another flashback started, showing Lenora, Clay and Burgh discussing bones and archeological stuff. When it ended, I exited the museum. Went out to Pinwheel Forest again, where I met and captured N’s Pidove. I also found the Hidden Grotto in the area and captured the Hariyama inside of it.

    I was done with Nacrene City, so I decided to take the east exit to Route 3. In the gate, I met a Breeder who gave me a Pokemon Egg. Very nice of her. I headed out to Route 3, battled the trainers there, picked up all items and captured a Herdier and a Corphish. At the end of the Route, I found the Day-Care, which can raise Pokemon… something I suspect might be useful in the future, though not as useful as it could have been. I left my Zweilous in the Day-Care since it will need to level up a lot before evolving.

    Entered Striaton City, explored the City and the restaurant. Inside of it, I met three young men who had been Gym Leaders in the past. They asked me if I had the Trio Badge, but obviously, I didn’t, since it doesn’t exist anymore. Another Flashback played, showing me how the three leaders had been defeated by the Shadow Triad in the past, making them feel that they weren’t worthy of being Gym Leaders. So they stepped down from their job as leaders and started to train in order to become stronger instead.

    The flashback ended, and one of them asked me if I wanted to team up with him in a double battle against the other two. I agreed to this, and we won the battle. I exited the restaurant, decided to check out the Dreamyard next. There, I met a blue Dragon-like Pokemon. It flew around the Dreamyard, and I couldn’t catch it because it was so fast and didn’t stop flying around. Maybe I’ll get it later. I battled all the trainers in the Dreamyard, picked up all items and captured a Jigglypuff and a Munna. Exited the area and went down to Route 2.

    There, I battled all the trainers, picked up all items here as well as captured a Lickitung and a Lickilicky. Entered Accumula Town and explored it, there wasn’t extremely much to see here though. I headed further south and ended up on Route 1. Captured a Farfecth’d here since they were swarming today. Battled the two Backpackers on the main road, then I entered Nuvema Town. Or rather, I would, if Bianca hadn’t appeared.

    She told me about how she had started her journey here two years ago, together with Cheren and another friend. After telling me about her memories, she challenged me to a battle. I couldn’t disagree, and found myself battling her. She was quite tough, which is only what you expect from someone who is the assistant of Professor Juniper, but I defeated her. She headed north again, and I could enter the town.

    The very small town. Only three houses and a lab. Two of the houses were the homes of Cheren and Bianca. The final one belonged to my predecessor. I entered it, and the woman inside mistook me for her child. She told me how I reminded her of her child… and hoped that we could meet someday. Yeah, meeting the legendary hero who saved Unova two years ago would be nice. Not sure if it will happen though. At the top floor, I found some trophies and diplomas which showed what my predecessor had accomplished. Cool.

    I exited the house and entered the Lab, where I met the two Juniper Professors again. Cedric gave me a Super Rod which he had meant to give me in Aspertia but had forgotten about then. I tested it a bit on Route 1, but didn’t meet anything interesting through fishing, only the usual Basculin. Before heading out to Route 17 and everything beyond, I decided to hatch the egg I had been given earlier as it had been making me a bit handicapped by only allowing me to have 5 Pokemon in my party. I brought out a Magby from the PC and ran up and down on Skyarrow Bridge before the egg hatched into a… Happiny? Unexpected, but awesome since Happiny is one of the cutest and most adorable Pokemon ever.

    I deposited the newly hatched Happiny and went out to Route 1 again. Surfed on the water to the second part of the Route where I battled all of the trainers. Went through the gate and out to Route 17. Picked up some items and battled the trainers here, but I suspect it wasn’t all of them since some parts of the Route wasn’t accessible from this way. I also captured a Finneon and a Horsea by fishing. Entered the land part (is this Route 18?) where I battled a trainer and captured a Scrafty in the grass. Entered the house here and decided to take a break for the day. Noticed that I will need Strength on some parts of the Route, so I will have to go back and get that tomorrow anyway.

    - level 74
    - level 74
    - level 74
    - level 74
    - level 74
    - level 74
    September Blue, Thy sorrows be forgotten
    October Auburn, Let this season pass
    November Gray, Restore with thy rain
    December White, Thy beauty ever last

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    Grinded a bit and upgraded my team's movesets with move tutors, then swept the Elite 4 and Iris rematches easily. Beat Area 10 of the Black Tower in five battles, including Benga, and traded over some 'mons from White to get 297 seen on the Dex. Showed the Dex to Juniper and got the Permit.

    And with that, I'm done with Awesome for now. Her adventure is basically over.
        Spoiler:- Ending team:
    Her initial HoF debut came at 21:14 in terms of game time, with 62:51 as her total time. She has 1326812p at her disposal to spend at her Rank 8 Join Avenue, which she has recommended 63 customers to. Awesome battled 609 wild Pokemon and 541 Trainers. She shot 24 movies and won 8 times at the PWT. Awesome obtained 78 Medals on her journey, which is not bad, considering I wasn't really trying to earn them.

    I'll be starting my Challenge Mode White 2 sometime soon. I'm not sure if I'll post progress on it here, I may or may not. I probably will. Fortunately, Sandy cancelled school again for me tomorrow, so I'll probably start it tomorrow if not tonight.
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    I can't wait tell I beat the Elite Four!~

    So I have 8 badges and I am done with all the Team Plasma drama and I have reached Victory Road, nice creativity with the badge check GF! What's the use? It's not like you can access the area until you have 8 badges anyways. In BW1 same thing. In Kanto it was in Viridian City?/near. That worked cause I kept trying to get into victory road. So in my opinion the badge check is pointless.

    Anyways, still have a couple more trainers to beat/items to pick up, before I head in the cave, need to find a waterfaller cause I don't want two HMs on my Samurott, surfs enough.

    Done that stupid strength puzzle outside victory road all you get is TAUNT for finishing it (and a PP Up, but who cares) there should be a hidden hollow up there or something >:I

    As for my plans ~

    Beat this game. Stop playing. Start up White 2 on Hard Mode. Get a BEAST team (find it in the RMT Gen 5) do EVERYTHING, Medal Rally, PokeStar Studios, Musical, Battle Tower/Hollow, everything you can think of, including, catch a lotta pokemon, see a lotta pokemon (enough to get me some shiny charm lol - complete the nation dex), any never touch/battle any legendary UNTIL I get the shiny charm and SR them. Then I'll Masuda Method + Shiny Charm boat loads of pokemon. Then I'll migrate all my pokes over and make it my main game : )
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    Default Pokémon White 2: Episodes 48-51

    Episode 48: Welcome to Mexico... I mean, Lentimas Town!
    Yes! Bianca, the Green Hat Stalker will accompany me and Professor Aurea to Lentimas Town.
    After arriving to the Western-like town, the Professor explained something about the Legendary Dragon-type Pokémon from Unova, their Heroes and the fact Drayden may know something about them.
    If we could go inside the Twist Mountain, we just needed to go to Icirrus City, pass the Route 8, the Tubeline Bridge, Route Nein and its Mall and finally, our destination, Opelucid City.
    However, he have to walk a lot longer, we have to pass Reversal Mountain, Undella Town, Route 13, Lacunosa Town, Route 12, Village Bridge and Route 11 before reaching the same place.
    But first things first, I returned to Mistralton, where I obtained a flashback from Skyla, which we saw Kamitsure and Skyla doing some Lesbian Porn, an excellent fan servicing moment for many players.
    After that, I explored Lentimas Town and met the Move Tutor, unfortunately I haven't enough Shards to teach Dragon Pulse to Arcanine (evolved Growlithe before travelling to Lentimas). Looks like I have to do some Funfest Missions.

    Episode 49: Horror Movies, the Strange House
    After getting Dragon Pulse (for the next Gym Leader), decided to explore the Mountain, where I met Vibrava's cousins (the only NFE Pokémon in my main team at the moment, but that will change soon). Since the mountain is under a sandstorm, only Vibrava and Lucario were comfy about the weather while the others kept inside their Poké Balls.
    After facing the strongest sandstrorm in my life, I reached a house in order to rest a little and to wait the sandstorm calms down a bit.
    Inside the Strange House, I got cold, it was so creepy.
    It was just me or did the forniture... moved?
    The music is giving me the shivers... ARGH! A GHOST! I WANT MY MOMMY! (Screams like Justin Bieber while I run away from the Strange House crying for my mommy for seeing a wild Banette)
    At least the wild battles have the normal theme, or else...
    (Wild Pokémon theme plays) OH MY ****ING ARCEUS! ARGH! NOT ****ING AGAIN! **** YOU GAMEFREAK! I HAVEN'T DONE A ****ING THING TO YOU! OF ALL THE ****ING POKÉMON AVAILABLE, YOU HAD TO PUT THOSE ****ING TWO! I'LL SWEEP THE ENTIRE ****ING STAFF WITH MY ****ING RAGE (AND HUGH'S)! NO MORE ****ING RATICATES AND ****ING GOLBATS! THAT'S ENOUGH! (I wonder why I wasn't banned yet, I used foul language, but that will be ****ING worse at this ****ING rate)

    Episode 50: The Ghost and the Lunar Wing
    On my creepiest and most stupid house exploring ever, I shouldn't do that, where are ghosts... ARGH! Something dropped there, almost hitting me! A book with a very disturbing entry about Darkrai (has memories about the boy at Canalave City getting those nightmares). I must get out of that place ASAP.
    However, the forniture blocks the way out, looks like I have to finish some unfinished business.
    About unfinished things, I saw a girl, or I should say... a ghost, A GHOST? NNNNNOOOOONNNNN! After calming down, the girl/ghost disappeared.
    For some odd reason, there are a few Trainers, mainly Psychics (no wonder it's a haunted house).
    After facing the Trainers, I saw the girl/ghost once again but she vanished as soon as she appeared.
    I entered inside the girl's room where I got the Lunar Wing, after that the girl/ghost startled me again.
    She said to take the wing to a certain Pokémon in a certain bridge. She also mentioned to find her Abra.
    I don't care about the sandstorm, I need to get the freak out of this house before Darkrai gives me those freaking nightmares!

    Episode 51: Stark Mountain, Unova Version
    It seems I got the wrong directions once again, because the Mountain's entrance was in a different way, but I have to find the Pokémon on the bridge and help the girl/ghost (I suspect I won't do that for a long time).
    Inside the Reversal Mountain I heard the best mountain/cave theme in Pokémon Series (glad I got White 2).
    Bianca needs my help investigating the mountain and since I need to be nice to female characters, I helped her without any hesitation since there are Legendary Pokémon involved (Heatran).
    Bianca had Musharna, Stoutland and Mienfoo with slightly higher levels than my Pokémon (which were about 37-39), however I only saw Bianca's Musharna because that fat pink Psychic blob is so zetta bulky, she tanked hits even better than Ferrothorn and she did even survived against Samurott's multiple Surfs.
    About the area, Reversal Mountain is really big, but not as big as Stark Mountain (traumatic memories about Lucas being lost endless times inside that mountain) and a lot easier to know our whereabouts.
    The teamwork gave me some levels (got to Level 41-42) and investigated the area where Heatran usually dwells, Bianca decided to keep her investigation while I went to the exit.
    Before getting out of the cave, she thanked me (she's not as bad as I thought, she even helped me getting a DW Minccino, maybe I shouldn't be so rough to Bianca).
    After getting out of Reversal Mountain (and one of my favorite themes ever), I arrived to Undella Town. Since it's Summer, I'll go to the beach (hopefully with Cynthia, the hottest Champion in Pokémon Universe).
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    I claim Flygon, the super awesome Dragon

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