Sunny-side up
Solar beam
Focus blast
Reflect/light screen
Item: light clay
Evs 252 hp 252 def(if light screen) or 252 sp def (if reflect), 4 speed.
Maybe you could also do 252 speed and 4 hp.
Sun is great here. Ninetales dw does well. Synthisis is your recovery move. Solar beam is crazy in sun, as it has no charge up turn. Focus blast for coverage. Reflect to stop physical sweepers, light screen to wall most special users.

Deer me, stalled again.
Focus blast
Item leftovers
Nature: impish,calm
Evs 252 hp/speed 128 def, 128 spdef

Toxic staller virizon. Ok toxic for start, focus blast to prevent steels walling you. Protect stalls, so does substitute. Bounce stalls and gives damage. This is only where you should use it. Speed/hp evs are for either bulk or trying to outspeed with some bulk.