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Aerial Ace is a no-miss move. The biggest reason I list those pokemon because its speed is high enough to make the first move without Trick Room. I didn't Archeops because its ability is the problem. It's also a real problem to get a Flying-type move on a pokemon that doesn't get taken down by Stone Edge; as well as Scared Sword and Leaf Blade. Either way, tt's going to be tough in a Triple Battle. I also made some additions.
aerial ace is a 60 BP attack even when *2 a neutral leaf blade or close combat are stronger..
Trick Room... stop mentioning it please..
archeops is a good counter- outspeeds and have a *4 STAB move against virizion... anyway your EV are also wrong.. I don't think it helps blue harvest.

sacred sword... isn't viable close combat is always superior in physical sets.. band if using calm mind the use focus miss..