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Don't get me wrong, Close Combat is a move I would use on some pokemon.
As for the EVs, I had a history of complants about NOT putting EVs on my movesets.
Alot of the pokemon with a base speed at least 100, have low defense.
Evs are part of the moveset if you don't put those then it is useless I sent to you the most common EVs spreads I hope you will use those instead of the random EVs.

it is true lots of speedy pokemon have weak defense then why to worry about it? offense doesn't always need to include defense.. in virizion cae you shouldn't inverst in defenses his speed is good his defense is lackluster but his sp.defense is great.

the defense drops are ignorable when choosing an offense route if you use a weaker move then you have more chance to not KO and being countered than losing of weak defenses...