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    Default Best Wishes Battle Catalog

    Well iirc someone made one of these early last year but it died, so here we go again!

    The idea of this thread is to list all of the wins, losses and draws of the main casts' Pokemon throughout the Best Wishes series (including season two). There's been a lot of "who got wins where" talk, so I think it'll help a little to have some sort of database like this (even if it does die :u).

    What counts as a battle:

    - VS a wild Pokemon (a la Scraggy vs Mandibuzz)
    - Official trainer battle (Ash vs a rival or other trainer, Gym battle etc.)
    - Weakening a Pokemon enough to capture it (Pidvoe vs Snivy etc.)
    - Training battles (e.g. Axew vs Scraggy) - these battles happen more often nowadays (with Swadloon even evolving during one), even if they go unresolved, so they'll be included here.

    What doesn't count as a battle:

    - VS Team Rocket - these battles (used to) happen nearly every episode, and practically every Pokemon has had a go at Jessie, James and Meowth. For the purpose of this thread, they will not be counted.

    This thread will only deal with the main casts' Pokemon. Team Rocket are pointless because they've never won a battle.

    It will be divided up by character, and then by the Pokemon said character has obtained. If a Pokemon has evolved, it will list their battles before and after they evolved.

        Spoiler:- Ash:

        Spoiler:- Iris:

        Spoiler:- Cilan:


        Spoiler:- Bianca:

        Spoiler:- Trip:

        Spoiler:- Burgundy:

        Spoiler:- Georgia:

        Spoiler:- Stephan:

        Spoiler:- Kotetsu:

        Spoiler:- Virgil:


        Spoiler:- Dawn:

    Thanks to An00bis for the battles stats.
    (*note: stats are not counting unresolved battles in the total battles fought as there was no clear outcome).

    If you notice any mistakes, or have anything that needs to be added, just post and I'll edit it.
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