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    Default Through the Thunder and the Lightning

    This a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fan Fiction.

    Ratings and Warnings
    -This fic may contain mild language that may be unsuitable for small children who probably can't read.
    -This fic is subject to non-graphic violence that maybe unsuitable for those who can't watch/play Pokemon. In which case, why are you reading this?
    -This fic could contain non-graphic death, which may be unsuitable for those who can't hold in allofyourfeels.jpg very well.
    -This fic may contain super adorable characters, which may be unsuitable for manly tough guys that don't understand the term "Cute".
    -This fic features war between powerful monsters which may be unsuitable for hippies.
    -This fic is subject to interactions with a deity, which may be unsuitable for die-hard religion fanatics.
    -This fic can contain logical and critical thinking, which may be unsuitable for liberal arts majors.
    -This fic contains sarcasm which may be unsuitable for those who think sarcasm is a language from the country "Sarca".

    If you want me to PM you when each chapter is posted, tell me and I will put you on this list.
    PM List
    saphirapwns ; Knightfall ; ever ; Azurus ; Fire Aruseus ;
    Rotomknight ; muchmula ; AceTrainerMohamed ; Trickster Zorua ; Grav ;
    Shadow Lucario 50 ; Cometstarlight ; jireh the provider ; Meeker ; JFought ;
    JX Valentine ;

    Please keep in mind that this is my very first Fan Fiction ever, so please feel free to post tips/critiques/reviews/hints, etc. I try to catch all my errors, but I'm not perfect, so mention those too.

    And, with that out of the way, let's get this thing started!

    Watching myself when I'm taking strides but here comes the moon and it feels and it feels like an informer quick run away hide before they see you, you know it is all, all a glow
    -Tyrant, One Republic

    re:Danger Above

    The panting. The pounding. The stomping. The roaring.

    These were the only things that I could hear.

    What did this beast want with me? I was a nobody - just a small town teen, too scared of change to leave on Pokemon journey like the rest of my friends. I was just out for a walk under the moonlight, despite my mother’s warnings. She, much like the rest of the town, had superstitions that a monster would eat them if they were out at night. I guess the legends were true. I always assumed they had been silly stories by those with less knowledge of the world than us. Although, silly stories don't chase you around the woods.

    There was nowhere to run, I knew. I could hide in this cave ahead of me. I knew that it probably wouldn’t save me, but I had something I needed to do before the beast got me. I heard the black monster begin to charge an attack. It sounded as if the very air was being split. That clap of thunder I was so accustomed to hearing above Lacunosa Town in the stormy months. It wasn't a storm though. If only it was just a storm.

    And why was nobody around to help? I knew the residents of my own town were inside and would be of no help. But even at night, the forest was usually crawling with Rangers.

    I ran with all of my might and ducked into the small opening in the cliff side. I used to come here when I was small. It was a safe place - a haven from the school yard bullies who pestered me day in and day out. I hoped it wouldn’t be my grave.

    I crawled as far back into the cave as I could go, but the gouged out hole wasn't very deep. Another rumble of thunder sounded. The beast was getting closer.

    Swallowing my fear, I pulled out a pencil and the small sketch journal that I kept inside my jacket pocket and hurriedly opened it to the last page. It was the only page left blank. I had drawn on all the others. I knew I wasn’t going to make it out of here, so I thought that I might as well finish one last promise in this world. She probably didn’t even remember what that promise was, but it didn’t matter. I remembered it. A friend had bought this for me on my last birthday. I vowed to her that I would fill every page of this book with meaningful memories and art. I told her I would finish it, even if it took my whole life. I had been holding off from the last page; I wanted to save it for something important. I hadn’t taken into account that my deadline might be coming up faster than I had originally thought.

    The mouth of the cave was suddenly illuminated with the fury of a lightning bolt. I shielded my eyes with my arm and squinted away. When the blast dissipated, I seen that the mouth of the cave had been charred by the attack. I wasn't harmed, but I knew the electric beast wouldn’t miss a second time. I quickly tried to think of something to sketch for my last journal. Anything, really. It didn’t matter what; the journal just need to be finished. A white squirrel came to my mind's eye, and I quickly started drawing it. The Pokemon was a common sight in the trees of my hometown. It was reassuring and felt like home. It was a good last feeling to have.

    I heard a growl and then a sort of guttural laugh from outside the mouth of the cave. A quick glance revealed that the beast was looking me over with its massive red eye. The living nightmare was too large to fit in through the opening, but that didn’t matter. I tried to hurriedly finish my drawing, but my fear was now suppressing my will. My hand was shaking too much to draw anything comprehensible.

    I didn't want to die.

    There was another roar of thunder - so close and loud that it nearly burst my eardrums. Through the ringing left in my ears, I heard the crackling of electricity. It sounded like a short circuit.

    And suddenly everything went white.

    Author's Note
    All right, so how was that? Know who the Pokemon in the clouds are? What happened to the kid? Who saved him? Why am I asking you these questions? I guess we'll just have to wait for Chapter One...
    And that was the Chapter 0 rewrite! reChapter 1's release is on the horizon, so stay tuned!

    Anyway, like I just mentioned, TTL is in the process of being rewritten. If you are a new reader, welcome! But keep in mind that going from rewritten chapters to the original chapters will be quite jarring, as the writing style is fairly different. The canon of the fic is also different, so that would probably make a bigger difference on your reading experience.

    How do you know whether or not a chapter has been rewritten? It's fairly easy. If the chapter name is preceded by "re:" than it has been rewritten. (Makes sense if you like Kingdom Hearts). For instance, The original name of this Prologue is "Danger Above". But since it's been rewritten, it's now called "re:Danger Above".
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