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Thread: PBR Monotype Tournament

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    Smile PBR Monotype Tournament

    Hi! Earthia100 here, before you say "shouldn't this be in the tournaments section" there is a reason this is here. It's because this isn't for PO, this is only for PBR. And if you didn't have the game, you wouldn't be here now would you?

    I'm just posting this thread because I was hoping for enough interest for a PBR tournament. Considering the Wi-Fi feature is seriously lacking competitors, you probably wouldn't even have to exchange friend codes.

    Here is my idea for rules:

    You can pick one of the sixteen Pokemon types to base your team on. (ex. Using on a water-type team, dual-types allowed)

    Standard Battle Rules with and exception
    No evasion clause in this tournament. Evade all you want

    Double Battle!
    In official tournaments, you would have a double battle.

    That's it for now. How many people you'll have to battle depends on the interest, and I might do some rule tweaking. I hope this will be a fun experience for all, and I'm open to all of your ideas.
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