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Thread: Smeargle's Shop Of Cheese Waffles

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    Hello, I'm interested in your
    OT: Rebel
    ID no.: 19226
    UT Lv1 Male
    Moves: Waterfall, Megahorn, Return, Ice Beam

    OT: Ethan
    ID no.: 52147
    T Lv 19, Male
    Moves: Scratch, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance

    I have a Shiny flawless Heracross (Ev'd in Atk and Def and is cloned) , a regular shiny patrat a regular shiny rattata and a regular shiny Sawsbuck on offer for the two. The Heracross is from the GTS and is not nicknames, but the name is in Japanese, and the others were caught in my games. Let me know if the Links don't work.
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