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I've got the bold natured Dream Radar Tornadus from your want list, timid Genesect, and Keldeo, of any nature you like (I still need to go pick it up) Would you be willing to trade the following:

Adamant DW Male Torchic with speed boost (flawless)
Timid DW Male Charmander with Solar Power (flawless)
DWF moxie Heracross (flawless if you have it, or just max attack and speed)
DWF Jolly Durant with Truant
Sorry for the delay I got sick and had to go to bed early, anyway, I am interested in your offers but before we make a deal I have a quick question, do you have a dream radar Landorus I could definitely trade those for the keldeo, genesect, and tornadus and the DW Durant you are asking about is a shiny, and I don't have any flawless or near flawless heracross but I can search to see if I have a Male bug pokemon that is flawless to breed with it