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I am very interested in your pc chandelure. following the "My event for your 2 shinies (any 2 legit shinies, varies on if the event is rare)", I have Legit
*shiny tentacruel/ut/lv38/sassy/clear body/hp bug/31-30-24-17-26-29
*shiny luxray/sassy/hp bug/lv26/rivalry/31-16-19-31-26-12
*shiny tyranitar/brave/sandstream/hpice/lv56/24-22-8-29-29-9
As well as a shiny Roserade, tentacool, and Illuminate Starmie. I can do multiple shinies for said Chandelure
Guess I will ask for luxray and tentacool, can I get info on these 2 like OT and ID no. And if they are T?