Ambipom @silk scarf
- technician -
4 hp/ 252 atk/ 252 speed
- Double hit
- Fake out
- Pursuit
- Low sweep

the old ape. surprisingly, hes pretty powerful. the evs and nature are to max out the speed and attack. double hit is the preferred move here, first i fake out, taking out a good chunk of the opponents health, them double hitting into oblivion. pursuit allows it to hit ghosts, and works especkally well when you swap in on a specs/scarf shadow ball, lol. low sweep is just filler, mainly a support move to get on scarved switch ins and hits steels. i use silk scarf as i find that with technician, STAB, and whatnot, it gets pretty powerful. ive been thinking of trying a banded variant, but fake out is sooo powerful and just a good scout move in general.

Drifblim @flying gem
- unburden -
252 atk/ 4 def/ 252 speed
- Acrobatics
- Substitute
- Will-o-Wisp
- Destiny bond

the basis of the team. the hindenburg. the evs allow it to form 4 subs and be left with 1 hp. max attack and max speed, whilst abusing unburden. as you may already know, flying is a great offensive type. i usually sub first, to scout their decision, then i set-up accordingly. WoW, to basically double my defense, and when down to one sub, and if they break it in one turn, im left with 111 hp. meaning, i take the opponeng down with me. yes, d-bond is my favorite move XD

Lanturn @leftovers
52 hp/ 252 def/ 204 SpD
- Volt switch/ice beam
- Scald
- Thunderbolt
- Heal bell

The cleric of the team, lanturn also functions as a great special wall. scald and thunderbolt are the main moves, with volt switch being used on predicted switch ins. heal bell is used to....heal. its used pretty often as well. again, evs grant it maximum bulk, more explanatiins will come when i edit this for pictures.

Hitmonlee @normal gem
4 hp/ 252 Atk/ 252 speed
- Fake out
- Hi jump kick
- Rapid spin
- Stone edge/pursuit/sucker punch

the spinner. duh. what separates him from hitmontop is his ability, unburden. meaning i get a strong fake out, then am prepared to sweep. hjk for main STAB/sweeping potential. the last slot is up for grabs. stone edge allows it to hit flying types, but is rarely used. pursuit and sucker punch are great options too, allowing me to better handle ghost types, other than the weak pursuit via ambipom. max speed and max attack. nothing new.

Roserade @leftovers
252 hp/ 120 def/ 136 SpD
- Spikes
- Giga drain
- Sludge bomb
- Rest

roserade acts as my status absorber, because heal bell only has so much pp. anyways, on a balanced team, you hazards are needed. roserade sets up spikes and can put forth an offensive prescence afterward. sludge bomb and giga drain leave it walled by steel types, hence hitmonlee. the given evs give it mixed defenses while surviving most special attacks. rest allows it to heal up and switch out. nothing relatively new.

Empoleon @leftovers
252 hp/ 252 def/ 4 SpD
- Scald
- Roar
- Ice beam
- Stealth rock

honestly....hes the one i use the most to absorb attacks. as my only phazer, he has to be able to stand up to attacks. most people only look at his SpD, but his typing gives many immunities, a 4x steel immunity, grass neutral, poison immunity, and his steel typing is a defensive boom. now, scald gets a decent chance to burn, increasing his defense even further. roar phazes out pokemon that think they can set up on it and sub. stealth rock to set up rocks. of course. scald was mentioned, and ice beam hits flygon when in outrage. a fun-**** time.

i made this team a while ago, so the evs are probably off. any help on that is muchly appreciated.

some threats: this team has served me well, but some pokes stand out most,

nidoking- his coverage moves and fast speed really f**k me up

milotic- walling capabilities, of course.

dusclops- not so much a threat as a nuisance. i cant hit it well at all

sableye- same reason as above

any help is helpful as always. i will take anything...,except trolling and spam. pictures will be arriving shortly, hold your peanuts