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Thread: Haunted May (Advanceshipping & Annemaeshipping)

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    Default Haunted May (Advanceshipping & Annemaeshipping)

    Rating: PG
    Main fandom: Pokemon and Ace Attorney
    Ships: Advanceshipping (Ash x May), Annemaeshipping (Iris x Dawn) and Kimgoyashipping (Alder x Fantina)
    Summary: Sequal to Sleeping Ash. May is haunted by 21 ghosts. The leader of the gang, Dahlia Hawthorne was the same ghost that tried to kill Ash Ketchum two years ago. Will Ash and May be able to survive this time?

    Haunted May
    Chapter One: Vingt-Et-Un

    The two former champions of Sinnoh and Unova took a brisk walk in the park in Amity Square. By holding her hand, Alder could feel how tough Fantina could be. The pair of them had acknowledged that it was time to form a new companionship. Not like the ones they shared with their peers and pokemon, but one for each other. A relationship to be precise. The pair of them were expecting people to be shocked when they hear the news. Their peers would never expect them to be in a relationship, especially with each other.

    When Fantina asked Alder out, he thought that the concept was outrageous, but at the same time made perfect sense. They had more in common they thought; they shared similar hunger for adventure and they dreamed big. They had a connection: that special spark that came from the heart. A feeling that made Alder say to himself that Fantina was the person he wanted to be with.

    Fantina's positive outlook on life was what Alder found to be her most attractive trait. If they were only going to live once, Alder decided that they may as well enjoy and protect it as much as they could.

    One could find it hard to fathom why they would be talking about ghosts in the blackest sky. Understandable if Fantina was on her own since she specialized in ghosts, but with Alder who used to used various types, may not have been so clear.

    Fantina had been an expert in pokemon contests. Before she became the gym leader, she was a top coordinator and was even crowned the Sinnoh Champion before being defeated by Cynthia. After the defeat, the league offered Fantina the position of being a gym leader. She accepted the offer with joy. It was hard work and lots of fun that got Fantina to where she was now.

    Alder being a pokemon champion was a complete accident. When his beloved vespiquen died, he had spent years travelling around. The despair of being unable to save his vespiquen had inspired him to work with children. He wanted them to be aware of the importance of taking care of pokemon and the overload of work and rewards to come from their journeys. His work was discovered by Johto champion, Lance who nominated him as the temporary champion after the original Unova champion was dethroned for drug abuse.

    Being a champion gave Alder an even greater positive outlook on life. He was defeated by three people; Hilda, Hilbert and Iris. The latter was co-leader of Opelucid City. Hilda and Hilbert refused the title of Unova champion because they wanted to chase after N and Team Plasma. After traveling with Ash and Cilan, Iris decided to give the Elite Four a go and Alder was stripped of his title for good. It didn't make Alder angry at all. In fact it made him happy. The new Unova champion had a heart of gold.

    If there was anything that Fantina and Alder had taught each other, it was to never surrender. Even in defeat, they were gracious. Alder knew that Vespiquen would be looking down on him now with a smile on her face.

    Fantina and Alder first met during in the Pokemon World Tournament arranged by Cynthia. In an intense battlefield with the cheering crowds. They had both reached the quarter finals. Alder lost the round thanks to Fantina's driflim, but was knocked out in the semi-finals by none other than Cynthia. Both Fantina and Alder had been in contact ever since the battle. Cynthia was a genius. She brought trainers from all over the globe together and because of her, Alder and Fantina were now an item.

    "Mon cher!" Fantina gasped. "There is an unfriendly vibe around here."

    Alder turned his face towards Fantina. With his arm around her neck he asked, "Do you think we're being watched."

    "Oh non," Fantina replied. "Il y a vingt-et-un fantômes ici." Fantina placed the palms of her hand against the stone cold wall. She could hear voices speaking in English, but she new from the echoes in their accents that they were ghosts. No living person could contain a chime in their accent so naturally.

    Alder stumbled. He fiddled with his red and white necklace and stared in awe.


    "Anglais s'il vous plaît?" It was the only French phrase Alder knew off by heart.

    Fantina ran into Alder's arm and whispered into his ear, "Twenty-one ghosts up to no good. One of them happens to be Manfred."

    "That abusive scum?" Alder raised his eyebrow. "The more I hear about him, the more I'm glad he's dead."

    "No rest for the wicked, non?"

    "I guess not."

    "We should return to the gym," Alder suggested as Vanilluxe, his conjoined twin ice cream smothered himself against Alder's clothes and left a sheet of snow in their path. "Vanilluxe looks like he needs some rest." Alder sent Vanilluxe back into his ball and focused on Fantina. He thought about what Fantina had said. He wanted to know what she meant by up to no good, but it didn't feel safe to discuss it until they reached home.

    He held Fantina in his arms all the way home. They were both silent to their own surprise and Alder didn't see anyone else out in town apart from some youths walking in the pokemon center for the free bed & breakfast treatment. They'll no doubt be wanting to challenge his girlfriend very soon.

    Alder had never been married and even though his previous girlfriend betrayed him, it didn't stop him from adopting a child named Bailey, who eventually gave birth to a her son, Banjirō. Fantina was a grandmother too; two daughters, an adoptive son and a granddaughter. Her oldest and her granddaughter had lived in Orre whilst the rest of the family worked in law. Since her youngest daughter, Franziska and adoptive son Miles were prosecutors, they received a bellossom. If one of them had chosen to become a defense attorney, they would have received a vileplume.

    Alder had hoped that he could help bring Fantina's family back together. He had always loved to be a part of a big family. As soon as Fantina and Alder had entered the gym, Alder asked, "what do you mean by up to no good?"

    "They were seeking revenge," Fantina told Alder. She spoke in a fast pace as she rushed upstairs. Alder climbed on the rails so he could catch up with her. "They weren't just ordinary ghosts. There was so much sorrow, anger and power in their voices. Mon dieu! Hearthome City is at danger! Le monde est en danger."

    The pair of them managed to reach Fantina's bedroom when she threw herself on the mattress. She panted in agony. Alder's speed fell at a significant pace as he bounced on the bed besides Fantina causing her to jump. It only gave Fantina another heart attack, but Alder was glad that she wasn't panicking anymore.

    "I wouldn't worry about those ghosts," Alder advised. "We'll protect each other and the town from them."

    "Merci," Fantina whispered, embracing Alder before she fell asleep.
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    Chapter Two: Glass Of Sorrow
    "Happy birthday May," Ash said with a tired smile on his face. He dropped his head to the floor as he murmured, "Sorry I didn't get you anything..."

    "You don't have to get me anything," May admitted. "You're enough."

    Since he was reported missing by Cilan and Iris two years ago, everything had led to a one way ticket to a mad man situation. Jessie and James' body disappeared from the morgue before they could even give an autopsy report. Last month, a lump of bones were discovered. They were identified as Jessie and James. The rusty bullet in their skull had prompt Ash's immediate arrest. May's pulse shot up, struggling to fight the tears away. She hinged her body against the glass, but not even for a second did she blink. Her wet eyes were fixed on Ash. Her journey to Unova had taken many turns for the worse, but non so greater than watching someone so dear to her be confided in a prison.

    No words could coat the rotting prison walls in candy. No words of love could brighten the atmosphere of the grey room. The guard in his uniform was like a statue. Ash and May flattened their palms out on the glass. May secretly wished she could fall into the glass and hug him. But it couldn't happen at that moment. They would have to wait until the next day, which would be the day he would stand before a court.

    The jury decided Ash was guilty of murder. A jury that knew nothing but what the court had shown them. Ash was innocent. May knew it. Everyone around her knew it; including the victims. At the end of the day it was the jury that had the final decision. May hoped Ash would appeal and protest his innocence.

    Yesterday, the judge decided that Ash was to spend three years in prison.

    He was possessed by a spirit named Dahlia Hawthorne, who controlled him to seek revenge on his father, Phoenix Wright. A cursed gem had been planted in Ash's bag on his eleventh birthday. A couple of years down the line, Dahlia's soul was revitalized. She wreaked havoc in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova with a creature she called Tortress: a hybrid between Venomoth and Butterfree. Direct skin contact from Tortress would kill, but indirect contact would promise a long sleep.

    Dahlia had already been sent to death once: the court couldn't punish her again.

    When May first heard about Ash's disappearance, she left Drew and Harley in Unova. After a dream she had, she became convinced that Ash was in Mt. Silver. Drew and Harley were reluctant to let May travel on her own again. All of Tortress' victims had owned a pokemon from the eevee family. May knew that Drew and Harley were only looking out for her. She had a glaceon in her party, so she could have easily been the next victim.

    With the help of Ash's pikachu, Meloetta, Blaziken and Beautifly, May managed to defeat Dahlia and Tortress. Ash fell into a coma too, trying to save Pikachu from being killed. He would be Tortress and Dahlia's last victim. As far as May knew, Ash had never owned an eevee. It was something that went against him in court.

    Ash and Phoenix had known each other for two years, but Delia still wasn't convinced that Phoenix could be a father figure to him. The union of father and son had a bittersweet twist since Ash was arrested. Ash's mother, Delia refused to forgive Phoenix for what he had said to her in the past. She was close friends with Professor Oak, the most respected man in the country. Professor Oak loathed Phoenix with a passion. He hated him even more after Phoenix exposed his godson as a psychotic murderer. Professor Oak believed Phoenix drove his godson, Kristoph into madness.

    Phoenix was absent though-out the whole trial. He had sent his adoptive daughter, Trucy and her half-brother, Apollo in his place. He refused to defend his son in court, but Apollo swiftly took the case. Trucy had given Apollo nothing but exquisite praise for bravely defending Ash in court. Apollo had convinced Ash and May to tell the court what they knew about Phoenix, Dahlia and Iris. The entire court had agreed that Ash had been possessed by Dahlia's spirit, but the prosecution, argued that the crimes were committed in Ash's body, thus Ash must accept the punishment. The jury took their side.

    Jessie and James' autopsy report confirmed a bullet buried in the back of their heads. Ash and May knew nothing about these bullets. It wasn't Tortress' touch that killed them it was someone with a gun. The prosecution tried to close the case by saying that Ash had a gun, but Apollo quickly objected and confirmed that there was no evidence to suggest Ash would walk around with a gun.

    Ash with a gun sounded ridiculous. May couldn't picture Ash running around regions with a gun in his bag. He wouldn't have the heart to even touch a gun, let alone pull a trigger. Ash was her hero: the one she can aspire to be like. Apollo and Trucy had been staying over at Delia's house in Pallet Town. As far as she was concerned, Trucy and Apollo were welcome to stay anytime they wanted, but would never let Phoenix into her house. Apollo, Trucy and May had been trying to persuade Ash to appeal.

    "I'm sorry for causing you trouble," Ash said. A clear trail of tears stained his face. "I know you didn't want this. Especially after all the effort you made to save me."

    "We will save you!" May roared. "I'm not letting you be found guilty for something you didn't do."

    "What if I did do it?" Ash asked. He slammed his fists against the glass barrier. May gasped at the morbid tone of Ash's voice. "I don't remember anything about the attacks. You know how Dahlia took complete control of me. There were times I used I wake up with scratches all over me. I only thought something weird was going on when I woke up in Celadon City. I knew I should have listened to Pikachu..."

    May witnessed Ash bury his head in hands, although May had every reason to believe in Ash.

    Phoenix was nowhere to be found, although as far as the pair of them was concerned; he was the prime suspect in their eyes. The pair of them didn't say much since the results at court. It wasn't like winning a contest or a battle. Although it was a victory, there was a bitter thorn in the victory caused by Phoenix.

    "I thought my dad and I were doing so well," Ash said. "Why didn't he come to the trial? He never wanted me anyway. I'm a killer."

    May really wanted to smile. Her prayers for Ash's freedom will be heard, but Ash had been slashed by a lightning of sadness. His sorrow was contagious and quickly swallowed May. She wasn't going to have him ruin his life. She wanted to make him happy. May grabbed onto Ash's waist and pulled him into a tight hug. She buried her head in his chest as she bravely whispered, "don't worry about him... you will always have me."

    "One question."

    "Go ahead."

    "Are you being haunted by those ghosts?" Ash asked.

    May nodded.

    "Damn!" Ash muttered. "Dahlia's gang haunted me too when Dahlia took control of me. I'm so sorry May, now they're targeting you."

    May remained silent and pretended to hug Ash tightly through the glass. Sometimes one hug can mean more than a thousand kisses.

    Trucy Wright invited herself into the room. She waved to the pair of them as she placed herself in a seat next to May.

    "Good morning," Trucy said to the pair of them. "I've got some good news."

    "Good news?"

    "Apollo is in talks with Iris."

    "She is?" May asked. "What does that mean?"

    "Iris is the Unova champion," Trucy explained with a voice of high optimism. "Apollo is talking to her. He hopes that she'll be willing to bail Ash out of prison."

    "That's great," May admitted. She held her hand close to her hand and quickly faced Ash. His eyes were covered by the shadow of his hat.

    "Is she even allowed to?" Ash murmured.

    "Apollo told me that being the Unova Champion, that she'll be heavily influential. And on top of that, if Ash's behavior has been good, he won't need to serve his full sentence. So even if Iris' talk to the police isn't successful, Ash will only need to spend five months in prison."

    "Waste of time..." Ash whispered. "Can't have you all ruining your reputations just to bail me out."

    "Ash you're innocent," May told him again.

    "That's not what the court says," Ash muttered. "I've failed my quest."

    "You only fail when you stop trying," May and Trucy told announced in unison.

    "My dad doesn't want me."

    "Ash..." Trucy said in a calm tone. "I don't know why Dad ran away. But I know he'll be back. We've got a good team searching for him. But don't worry about it. He's just doing what he thinks is best for us. That's why he made Apollo defend you instead of him. He thought that Apollo would do a better job. Even when Phoenix lost his job as a laywer, he was always busy. So don't worry, Daddy still loves you..."

    "You guys are too good for me," Ash responded letting his own tears flow.

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    Chapter Three: Ghost Gang

    May's nightmares were based on twenty-one ghosts. She didn't want to think that she was afraid of ghosts, but the ones in her recent dreams had been some of the most frightful beings May had ever encountered. Some nightmares even drove her to tears. It had almost torn her friendship with Drew and Harley apart. If May was frightened of the nightmares, Drew was twice as scared. He wasn't even feeling the dreams, but he could see May's pain and felt it too.

    For some reason, Harley assumed that Ash was being abusive and testified against him in court. She hadn't spoken to Harley since the trial, but Drew had been doing his best to try and get the two on speaking terms with limited success. May knew Harley's intentions were good, but she felt unable to speak to Harley. Not when the ghosts are watching her every move. The ghosts had already framed Ash, she wasn't to going to let any of her friends suffer in the hands of Dahlia Hawthorne.

    Dahlia Hawthorne was planning to return. This time she had her gang of ghosts with her. May was determined to destroy Dahlia's spirit once and for all. But Dahlia was a ghost, she could not be killed again. May had so much on her mind right now; her friend's safety, Ash being wrongly punished, Dahlia's return and the power of her gang.

    Dahlia was playing a game. It wasn't a nice one.

    Dahlia was the leader of the gang. She gathered the ghosts round in a circle in Amity Square and unleashed her arms, spreading them wide. Her whole body was grey, but her hair was scarlet red, like a pool of blood. Dahlia meant business this time. None of the other ghosts would dare deny her ownership. They may as well have called her the queen. But she wasn't a queen. Not unless her plans are successful. May knew that she had the power to defeat Dahlia. She did it before in Mt. Silver, but she's not sure if she can do it on her own this time? She didn't want any of her friends to die because of Dahlia.

    The ghost to Dahlia's right was a smart man with bleach blond hair. He wore a blue tuxedo and small glasses. In May's mind right now, he seemed to be well dressed and smart, but she had seen how dangerous he could be. He could cackle for hell. May couldn't believe that this was Kristoph Gavin: the ghost of Professor Oak's godson. This was the man that Phoenix supposedly drove to madness. Just the mere thought of Kristoph made May gulp.

    Manfred's wrinkles, wide eyes and slick grin painted a picture of corruption. Roxas, Larxene, Axel, Xion were dressed in long black coats and had their faces covered in a hood. Lady Tremaine marched in front of the nobodies and flicked the creases of her gown. Malificent's green face was surrounded by a black aura.

    Jafar stood patiently, holding onto his staff in pride. Gaston grinned, throwing his arms around. Frollo stood with an anxious look on his face. Ursula's plumb figure hid Edward and Bella's lower body. Ruber, Knives and laughed in unison. The dark lord himself, Voldemort gazed blankly at Dahlia. He was prepared to give Dahlia his cruel, but faithful advice.

    Dahlia's eyes matched the colour of her hair and all the ghosts turned grey, but maintained their anatomy. All of the ghosts clenched their fists and remained silent. At this point, May wasn't sure weather she was dreaming or in real world. She could have sworn that Amity Square was in Sinnoh. May wanted to run and scream so loud Kanto could hear her, but she froze on the spot. The sound of the ghost's laughter made May shiver like a serpent ready for lunch.

    Bella and Edward were the ones that bit May in her dream, and she could still feel the pain. May could feel the ghastly gang's present everywhere.

    "No one haunts like Gaston!" Gaston roared flashing grey muscles and chanting childish noises. The rest of the gang frowned upon him whilst Axel giggled behind Roxas' back. Frollo slapped his palm against his hand.

    "Enough of your boastful outbursts Gaston," Dahlia requested. "I must discuss our plans."

    "What are these plans?" Voldemort asked with a sly smirk drawn on his face. "Does it have anything to do with the boy and the girl?"

    "Ash Ketchum is rotting in jail," Dahlia announced. The gang apart from Xion and Roxas erupted laughter from the top of their lungs. "The girl, May is quite disturbed at the moment. I trust that you're all haunting her very well. May is trying to get Ash released, but that means we get a head start."

    "Cut to the chase darling," Jafar hissed. "I've been looking forward to this."

    "We will find Phoenix Wright," Dahlia announced. "We must not kill him straight away, but we must make sure our revenge and his torture are as slow and painful as possible. With a slick smile on her face, she giggled. "Doesn't that sound like an excellent idea?"

    "I love it!" Ruber, a ginger knight exclaimed.

    "What's the point?" Xion asked. She removed her hood and revealed short raven hair and sparkling blue eyes. "What good will this man's torture do for us?"

    "She has a point," Roxas pointed out.

    "Phoenix Wright is a threat to your goals," Dahlia explained. "All twenty-one of us will gain control of the universe. And once we rule the universe, we will be able to do whatever we want. Which means your dreams can come true."

    "I still don't understand," Roxas moaned.

    "Every heart on the planet will belong to Organisation XIII," Dahlia announced. She licked her lips and tapped Roxas. "You see with all those hearts, you can eventually become human again. Isn't that what you want?"

    "There has to be a more effective way," Xion said.

    "The amazing results will be before you in due time," Dahlia assured Xion.

    Jafar advised, "You need to learn to have more patience, Xion."

    May blinked and found herself back into her bedroom. She gazed into the mirror and saw a reflection of Dahlia with her gang behind her giving her a wave. All of the male ghosts blew her a kiss. As soon as they vanished, May screamed.

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    Iris and Dawn's Case

    Dawn's knees dropped to the floor. She didn't know if she could talk any longer without bursting into tears. Iris and Dawn had been in the judge's office for over an hour. Iris made a long speech as to why Ash should be released whilst Dawn begged for the judge to change Ash's sentence. The judge explained that the ruling was final, Ash had not attempted to appeal to his sentence.

    Iris and Dawn stood side by side. Ash's lawyer, Apollo informed Iris that since she was the champion of Unova, she could convince the judge to change the sentence or even offer to bail Ash out. Iris had decided to convince the judge to release him, as she was sure that Ash was framed by his father, Phoenix Wright."

    Iris looked down on Dawn and said, "it's Your Honour."

    "Your Honour..."

    "I'm sorry," the judge said. "Ash Ketchum has already accepted his punishment. Two years is a very generous sentence anyway, especially for a murderer."

    "Don't you remember a thing about that trial?" Iris barked. Her eyes glistened as if angry tears would explode at any second. "Everyone in that court knew that it wasn't his fault, but you all said he was guilty of murder."

    "I shall see what I can do to reduce Ash's sentence," said the judge with a shaky voice. The old man tried to pull himself away from Iris' wild glare. Dawn had been throwing herself onto the floor to support Iris' angry plea to release Ash. If they were any louder, they would have been arrested for wasting police's time. Dawn threw herself around Iris' waist throwing an ecstatic squeal. His once fierce stare and precise words melted by the girls' tantrums.

    "But if it wasn't Ash Ketchum who killed James Kojiro and Jessie Musashi, who did?"

    "Phoenix Wright," Dawn and Iris said in unison.

    The judge gasped with his eyes wide open. He jumped on the seat as his face turned sour. His voice became shakier than ever. It was a blessing that the judge was on a chair otherwise, he would have had a nasty fall. Phoenix Wright had dabbled in law for such a long time. Weather Iris and Dawn liked Phoenix or not, he was still a legendary lawyer.

    "Phoenix Wright killed Mr. Kojiro and Miss Musashi?"

    Both girls nodded.

    "I don't believe it!" The Judge jumped of his chair and said, "Why would Phoenix Wright, kill two complete strangers and frame his long lost son for it? It doesn't make sense and I bet you don't even have any evidence?"

    "Not yet," Iris admitted.

    "How do you know that Phoenix committed the crime?"

    "We just know," Dawn responded. "It's instinct, it's him. I know it's him."

    "Looks like we'll have to search for Phoenix Wright as well as discuss Ash's time in prison."

    "Will you arrest him?" Iris asked.

    "We can't," the judge replied, shaking his head. "We don't have any hard evidence."

    "That's because Phoenix ran away and refused to defend Ash," Iris added.

    "What you girls need to understand," the judge explained, "Phoenix Wright is a very busy man. I'm sure he would have loved to have defended his own son, but other commitments meant his stepson had to do it in his place. Not to worry, Apollo Justice is just as good as Mr. Wright."

    "Apollo Justice is a better lawyer than Mr. Wright," Iris snapped. Her hands banged the table like a monkey behind bars.

    "That's a statement I've heard no one say before," the judge confessed. "May I ask why?"

    "Because Mr. Wright ran away when Ash needed him. Apollo never left our side. He supported Ash, even when he was found guilty, he still didn't give up."

    "A fine reason," the judge said. "I suggest that you both leave. I will do what I can to reduce Ash's sentence."

    "OH THANK YOU YOUR HONOUR!" Dawn screamed in happiness. Dawn sounded as if she could kiss the judge. Iris glanced at Dawn and smiled. With Ash's sentence sorted, Iris tapped Dawn's shoulder, and then the pair of them left the judge's office with a smile on their face.

    "Great work Iris," Dawn exclaimed. Both Iris and Dawn jumped in the air and gave a high five.

    "You did a good job to," Iris responded as their feet touched the ground. "I couldn't have done it on my own."

    "Well I guess they were right when they said two heads were better than one." Dawn was ready to walk off, although Iris knew that Dawn would be going straight to the park to have a rest or possibly try to get a tan.

    The two girls couldn't believe they found Dawn's mother, Johanna telling a lady about the time she was raped. The discussion hit Dawn like a spear in the heart. Iris followed Dawn behind bushy trees as Johanna and her friend sat down on a bench with nobody except them and the floating leaves who would know her secret.

    "Johanna," the lady next to her said with a tone of horror. After Johanna's friend hugged her, both Iris and Dawn identified the friend as Lenora, a lady who used to be a gym leader in Unova. "How could you keep this from yourself for so long?"

    "I've wanted to wait until I thought Dawn was mature enough to understand, but now I don't think she needs to know."

    "Is Dawn's father the one who raped you?"

    "Yeah." Johanna nodded, and then shook her head refusing to cry. "As long as Dawn never finds her father, I'll be fine."

    "Did you tell the police about this?"

    "No, it was my problem. I needed to sort it out."

    "Do you know remember the name of the man who attacked you?"

    "He called himself Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney."

    "And that terrible man is still on the loose," Lenora muttered. "I still think that he framed his own son for murder."

    Dawn gasped and clasped her hand over her mouth. She took three steps backwards before running away to the other side of the park. Piplup tightly onto Dawn's cap whilst Iris only footprints behind them.

    A single drop of water splashed on Iris' cheek, but it wasn't raining.

    Dawn plunged herself against a large piece of rock besides the trees. She wept across the rock and surrounded herself in the shadow of her own arms. Iris bent down in front of Dawn. Her hands reached out to touch Dawn's wet face.

    Phoenix Wright may have saved many people, but also made others a misery. The man was responsible for locking up many criminals behind bars, but his own sins left a lingering effect. He had raped Dawn's mother, insulted Ash's mother and failed to defend his own son in court.

    "So does that mean Ash is your brother?" Iris asked. Even though she knew the answer, she wanted some clarification.

    Dawn only cried harder. Iris rubbed her back until she could convince her to sit up straight.

    "I just feel so dirty right now," Dawn sobbed. "We were his family, and he hurt us."

    Iris had detected a special connection between her and Dawn. She was more than just a bandwagon fan-girl; she was an admirer. Dawn's hungry puppy eyes and tight embrace was enough for her to know that she had a crush on her. She jumped as Dawn pressed her lips against her cheek. In careful time, Dawn's lips slid towards Iris' mouth.

    Iris hesitated and jiggled her head. She closed her eyes pretending it was a dream. Blushing as she said, "That felt very…random."

    Dawn crashed her face against Iris and whispered, "But you love it, right?"

    Iris nodded as she felt Dawn's passion dominate her heartbeat.

    "Are you sure you're in the mood for this?" Iris asked. She lowered her eyebrows as she held onto Dawn's shoulders.

    "I'm sorry..." Dawn whispered. She lowered her head into Iris' lap. "Phoenix will never be my father. If I ever see him... I'm going to be ready. I'm going to make sure he's dead!"

    Iris remained silent, but didn't mind spending the rest of the afternoon cradling Dawn in her arms.

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    Cynthia's Army

    Reality faded into dusk. May's brown hair blew with the wing as her bandanna flapped like a flag. She had only told Ash about the ghosts haunting her. May knew that the ghosts were once again trying to wind her up again. They had dragged her into a deserted shore surrounded by fog. The ocean was so dark, that May failed to see her own reflection.

    She saw Dahlia Hawthorne's reflection in front of her. An innocent smile on pale fresh face, drenched in blood. May skidded towards a patch of white sand, rubbing her eyes in disgust. She panted as she crept towards the ocean's waves, which were ready to greet May with open arms. She could still see Dahlia's reflection within the water.

    The sound of crying horses pushed May's attention to the crumbling cliffs. The darkest of lords, Voldemort, Ganondorf, Jafar and M. Bison cackled as they tumbled down from the darkness. All of their eyes glittered a piercing shade of red. The leer was intimidating enough to pin May to the ground.

    "What do you guys want from me?" May screamed. She clenched onto her head. Her fingers hanging onto the bandanna. She let out another scream before Tremaine, Ursula and Maleficent plunged from the sea surrounded in a lime aura. The rest of the ghosts quickly appeared from the sand. Larxene even dived out through May's chest.

    The burning sensation from Larxene's thunderous spirit caused May to flinch. Her own panting was enough for her to know that she stood no chance against the ghosts. Twenty-one against one. Dahlia drifted to May's side, looking down on May like a puppy. The rest of the ghosts made a circle around May and Dahlia with contagious grins.

    May could see that Roxas and Xion wanted to help, but their distant blue eyes meant they didn't have the heart or soul to do it.

    "Look what we have here," Dahlia roared. Her face dropped by the weight of her grin. "Poor little May, she's such a weakling without her pokemon." Dahlia examined the bite marks on May's arm and laughed. "Oh dear, Bella and Edward must have been hungry."

    Only three people refused to laugh: May, Roxas and Xion.

    "That's not funny," Xion whispers were drowned by the laughter, but May could understand her by lip-reading.

    Dahlia finished laughing and gave her gang a serious glare. She ignored May's struggles to escape as a dark force pinned May into the sand.

    "This is what love does to you," Dahlia announced.

    "Edward and I are in love," Bella objected. "And we're okay."

    Dahlia screeched, marching towards Bella and reached out to slap her. "Love and lust are two completely different things," Dahlia informed Bella. "Learn the difference, then we'll continue with this debate later." Dahlia floated towards the haunted May and continued with a smile on her face. "Love and emotions make you weak. The only reason May managed to defeat me before was because of her pokemon and because of Phoenix Wright's son. Without Ash Ketchum... May Maple is a nobody. Just a pretty face in the crowd."

    "I'm not letting you hurt Ash again," May muttered through her agony.

    "All this pain you go for just for this murderer."

    "He's not a murderer!" May yelled. "But you are... you all are."

    "And we're proud of it!" Larxene roared as she whipped her blonde ponytail from her face.

    "We're wasting time," Xion announced in a kind but computerized voice. "Let's find Phoenix Wright, before the police do."

    "Patience Xion," Kristoph demanded as he clicked his fingers. "Dahlia obviously knows what she's doing."

    "I was hoping we could torture May," Dahlia suggested. "So we can practise for when we get Phoenix."

    "But we've already possessed his daughter, Dawn."

    "Dawn?" May gasped. "You mean Ash's friend? She's her sister?"

    "Phoenix Wright and Johanna Hikari had a one night stand," Dahlia shouted. "Rumour has it that Phoenix raped her." The same ghosts exploded with laughter, but none erupted with laughter more like Kristoph Gavin.

    Within the blink of an eye, the dark ocean and the ghosts had vanished. May let out another scream before blinking again to find herself being gripped by her own blaziken and constricted by her venusaur. Her glaceon and beautifly cried as they requested the bigger pokemon to drop her on the ground. Her skitty and blastoise joined in as they gathered around their trainer.

    May buried her head in her hands. Venusaur patted May with her vines as Blaziken and Blastoise lifted her up with their arms to create a chair for her. Skitty, Glaceon jumped on her lap as Beautifly rested on May's head.

    "The ghosts..." May said with tears down her face, "are out to cause terror. They've possessed Dawn and they are out to kill Phoenix. We've got to find Phoenix and seek the truth before it's too late. They say that Phoenix Wright is a rapist and that Ash is Dawn's brother, but I'm not sure if I can believe it. I really want to get Ash out of there, but I couldn't do it on my own. This is all too much for me."

    When May burst into tears, her team only hugged her tighter. May rolled her head so she could look into all of their eyes and smiles. May knew that she was loved.

    For the first time in her life, she felt she knew what it was really like in Ash's eyes. Ash thought of himself as a failure for letting Dahlia possess him, but seeing a group of people trying so hard to get him out, made him realize how much he was loved. May had also felt that. She assumed she was a failure because Ash was found guilty of murder and that Dahlia and her gang were out to get her. But seeing her team show so much support and enthusiasm made her realize that she wasn't the failure.

    It was the hypocritical spirit, Dahlia who was the failure.

    Her pokemon couldn't stop Dahlia from haunting May, but they could make her feel a dozen times better. May took a deep breath and returned her pokemon inside their respective balls. Just as she was about to hop into bed, two young men with green hair barged their way into the door. Two girls with blue hair also followed.

    "Come on May!" Drew called as he pulled May arm. "Cynthia's is calling everybody to her mansion."

    May stared at Drew with puzzled eyes. With a dense sigh, May asked Drew, "Why?"

    Dawn knocked Drew out of the way with her shoulder as she crouched down to May's level. "Cynthia is building an army. We should join it!"

    "An army?"

    "We're not sure what the army is for," Iris admitted.

    "But I'm sure if we join we can get Ash out of that stinky rotten prison," Cilan said with a smile on his face and his fist gracefully in the air.

    May hopped to her feet and responded with, "Let's go!"

    And so May, Drew, Dawn, Iris and Cilan walked out of their room in the pokemon centre to Cynthia's mansion which was just round the corner. From the distance, May saw a queue marching into a huge white building. They all knew instantly it was Cynthia's mansion. The five of them ran into mansion and almost got lost in the crowd. Everybody was talking about Cynthia's army, all they had to do to join the army was to show up in her mansion.

    But why would Cynthia want to build an army? And why was Giovanni sitting quietly in the corner of the balcony, sipping on a bottle of brandy. There were people everywhere, it was as if there was some sort of prom party going on. The lavish design of the house and mixture of people would suggest that they were anything but an army.

    Next to Giovanni were a circle of occupied chairs. Fantina and Alder were sitting adjacent in two of them whilst her gengar floated around above them. The rest were filled with members of the elite four and champions. There was no denying that Cynthia was prepared for something terrible to happen and if they didn't stop it, there would be great destruction.

    There was so much noise that May couldn't hear herself think. And then when Cynthia marched to the balcony of her room, the room fell silent. There were in the residence of a pokemon master, and some trainers even went as far as bending their knees as she walked into the room.

    "I want to thank you all for coming," said the voice of the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia Shirona. She looked at the variety of trainers gathered in her mansion. "I hope that my army is prepared. Looking at you all, I feel something epic inside of me as if I'm in the middle of an epic adventure..."

    "Why have you gathered us all here?" asked Giovanni. "What is this army for?"

    Cynthia held out a piece of paper from her pocket and carefully unfolded it. Holding the note with both hands she took a deep breath and read the words written out loud;

    "Dear Cynthia,

    Dahlia Hawthorne has returned once again to seek revenge on me. This time she's brought twenty ghosts with her to do the dirty deeds with her. They're out to kill me and everyone around me. It is no longer safe to be around my family any more.

    I wanted to defend my son in court. I was ready to confess to the crimes I had committed over the years. But even after the girl defeated Dahlia and the tortress, she was still around. She's haunting the girl and also haunting my children who are blood related to me.

    I threw my wife out of the lifestyle she loved to become a spy for team rocket. I used my stepson and daughter to do my courtroom work, betrayed all my friends, family and colleagues and it's all come down to this. I had a son and another daughter, but I will always consider Trucy, my adoptive daughter to be my next of kin. She was the one child that made me smile and pulled me out of the darkness...

    I deeply regret being unable to attend my son's trial, but I hope that they will understand when the time comes for me to return. What's sad about this is that I don't even know my own daughter's name, but I think her mother is the one that slapped me and accused me of raping her.

    Dahlia's ghost gang probably have something hidden up their sleeves. I know that they've hidden a lot of tortress eggs somewhere, they're scattered around in Unova. The reason why the 21 ghosts are trying to haunt us is because they are looking for me. They will not harm you, unless I'm around.

    It's me they want. I'm currently trying to find a way to seal Dahlia Hawthorne for good. I'm sorry for all the inconveniences I have caused you Cynthia. I am ready to accept any consequences.

    Yours sincerely,

    Phoenix Wright on the run."

    "So you've set this army up to fight Dahlia Hawthorne's ghosts?" Giovanni asked.

    "Yes," Cynthia responded. "We've got to make sure that they cause no trouble in our neighbourhood. But that's not also the reason, I've also built the army so we can protect Trucy Wright, Apollo Justice, Ash Ketchum and whoever Ash's other half sister is?"

    "I know who Phoenix's other daughter is," Lenora called as she stood from her seat. Lenora's eyes became fixated at Dawn and as she pointed at her, she said, "It's Dawn Hikari."

    "I don't need protection," Dawn said at a fast pace. "I've got my pokemon to look after me. I want to fight."

    "Listen Dawn," Iris said. She placed her hand on her shoulders and whispered, "Cynthia knows what she's doing."

    "I want to fight too," May said. "But I don't think I can."

    "What do you mean that that?" Cynthia asked May.

    "I'm the girl who saved Phoenix's son at Mt. Silver," May confessed. She hoped that she didn't sound boastful. "She's after me as well. Dahlia wanted to kill Ash to spite Phoenix. She wants to kill Dawn too. But most of all, she wants me dead. I love Ash with all my heart... but Dahlia and the ghosts... they see love as a weakness."

    "That will be their biggest downfall," Cynthia interrupted.

    "Phoenix said the ghosts won't cause any harm unless he's around," May said, showing that she had listened to every word. "He's wrong about that." May removed her gloves and flashed the red marks from her hand. "Those bite marks are from Edward and Bella Cullen: part of Dahlia's gang."

    "I want to kill him," Dawn muttered.

    "Don't say that," Iris begged.

    "Tell us more," Cynthia requested to May. "The more you tell us, the more we can help you."

    "When was the last time the ghosts attacked you?" Drew asked.

    "Just before I came here," May replied. Her voice spoke at a much reduced pace and there wasn't even a sound from the rest of the people in the room. I got dragged into this beach, it was really foggy and there a dark ocean. I looked into it and I saw Dahlia's reflection, then all the ghosts gathered around me. Larxene went straight me and I felt as if a bolt of lightning had hit me. I tried to get out but there was this force digging me into the sand. I felt like I was sinking. Then Dahlia told her gang that I was weak because of love. Xion told them that they were wasting time and had to find Phoenix. Dahlia told me that Dawn was Ash's sister and that her mother was raped by Phoenix. Most of them were laughing, but it Kristoph who was laughing the hardest. Even when I can't see them, I feel feel them. Everywhere."

    "We'll protect you like a sir!" roared the voices of a group below Cynthia's balcony.

    "Ah," Cynthia said. "The Advancers. In that case the advancers are on duty to protect Ash Ketchum and May Maple." Cynthia leaned her head to call Iris. "What did the judge say?"

    "He said he would see what he could do to either reduce Ash's sentence or release him," Iris confirmed.

    "Very good," Cynthia announced. "No doubt when I hand this letter to him tomorrow, the court and jury will find Ash innocent of murder. Which is why the advancers are going to be the jury, if Ash needs to be put on a new trial."

    "What are we doing about the tortress eggs?" Alder asked. "If they hatch, they will cause danger, but it's not fair to kill them either."

    "We'll be handing them over to Giovanni's scientists, they'll research them properly and see if they are of any real harm to society."

    "Why is Team Rocket involved?" one of the advancers asked.

    "Dahlia has caused much distress to my company," Giovanni announced. "She has caused too much grief for my workers. I can't let that go unpunished."

    May remembered the time where Celebi showed Giovanni telling Ayame, Dahlia's twin sister that Jessie and James' death meant nothing to him nor Team Rocket. Did he really mean that, or did Giovanni feel a moment of remorse?

    "Contrary to popular belief," Cynthia said, "Giovanni is a good man."

    This chapter is dedicated to Beastmode, admin of advanceshipping forum, advancers. Happy birthday to you

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    Chapter Six: The Advancers

    There were so many members of the Advancers, May didn't have the chance to communicate with any of them apart from the senior members. The first three she remembered was the calm and collected Gavin; a young lad with short brown spiky hair; Yoh Darcy Akira, the hot-heated one who always wore a blue hoodie and Orange who dressed like teenager, but behaved like an intelligent gentleman.

    Drake was also around the same age of them. He had messy brown hair, but he covered himself. He didn't seem to be too comfortable in crowded places but May had seen him around a couple of times before: he was a good battler.

    Jake always carried Ricky, his beloved Raichu on his shoulder, which was stuffed with metal pads. He was super fast on that motorcycle and he had been using it to get him around Unova. Behind Jake was a tanned Caucasian known as Keanu riding a rapidash.

    Ace was the boss of the Advancers. He was highly competitive and passionate about his views and opinion. May didn't think that Ace was his real name, but he was also nicknamed the beast. Especially when he was in one of his grumpy moods. May saw that Ace was in an optimistic mood with that sly grin on his face. He slapped his hands together, rubbing them in the process.

    It was no secret that Ace looked up to Matt like his idol. It was Matt that inspired Ace to start the Advancers and start a quest for world peace. Joshua always enjoyed listening to Ace's tale of how Matt inspired him to make the Advancers on a cruise to Kanto.

    Curtis seemed to be one of the most enthusiastic members of the Advancers. He talked very fast and often promised May that he would help bring her and Ash back together. May thought of his words as highly encouraging and inspiring.

    Foxy was also very outgoing too, although he had a tendency to rush into things without thinking. He did suggest that they should all hide in Mt. Silver, but that would have been too dangerous and obvious. Dahlia was defeated there, it would have been the first place her gang would have looked. Tim Broome was silent at first, but quickly started talking to May once she got to know him.

    Chlobo seemed to be a really nice person. She was the one who looked after everybody's books and made tea along with the other senior ladies in the Advancers like Ashlyn, Raina, Gloomy, Sara, Aly and Truth. They were all pretty smart and nice to talk to as well.

    "Right guys," Ace said to his gang. There must have been at least a hundred of them. All of them seemed to be like people from all walks of life. They all had their own style. "We've got to find a location to keep May and Ash's family safe."

    Dawn stood still and held her hands on her hips. "As nice as this is, I don't need protection."

    "But you're still their family," Iris reminded Dawn. "You're Ash's little sister."

    "But I want to be free," Dawn moaned. "I want to see my mom."

    Iris jumped in front of Dawn and embraced her with engulfing arms. "I know this is going to be tough, but please co-operate with the Advancers. We'll protect you."

    "I hate to break it to you, but only Advancers will be allowed to be with May and Ash's family. " Ace announced.

    "Well I could always join the Advancers," Iris suggested with a smile on her face. She held onto Dawn's hand, then gave Ace puppy eyes.

    "Welcome to the Advancers," Ace quickly responded in pride. He shook Iris' free hand as Iris lifted both feet from the floor to do a little jump.

    A lady with shoulder length brown hair with Sara written on her name tag said, "Oh Ace."

    "It's a clever way to recruit new members," Orange responded. "But I think we should be honoured that the Unova Champion has joined the Advancers."

    "And on top of that Iris and Dawn get to spend some sweet time together," Ace announced. The grin on his face seemed slyer than before. "You know what that means? It means that more people will be inspired to join. We'd also be helping Cynthia out which is what she's asked us to do."

    "Any news on Ash?" May asked. She didn't want to rest until she knew he was safe.

    "Ash has been cleared of all charges," Matt announced. Gavin and Curtis will be picking him up from the court this afternoon. You'll be able to see him as early as tomorrow."

    May hoped that she could see Ash at that very moment, but it was good news nevertheless. Whatever Iris and Dawn did, it seemed to work like a charm. Justice had been served and very soon Ash will be reunited with his family and be told that Dawn is also his sister.

    "What's wrong May?" Jake asked. "I thought you would be pleased. Ash is free."

    "I was just hoping it would be sooner." May raised her head and stared at the sky. She saw silhouettes of the ghosts teasing her mind. The butterfly shaped clouds reminded May of the time where she battled Dahlia and forced Sister Bikini's Meloetta against her. May knew she was in for a rough night. She hurdled against a tree and gazed deeper into the sky.

    "MAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Raina gasped as she quickly dragged May back from the edge of the cliff. Drake gave a sigh of relief as he held onto May's other hand. Together Raina and Drake pulled May back onto the rocky path. May froze on the spot and stared at Ace, who faced her.

    May could see the vision of everybody fading away and be replaced by sheer darkness. The once blue sky shimmered in black skulls and belts of rain. She found herself near a dark ocean and misty beach with no colour but a pale of grey. She saw Johanna, Dawn's mum standing on the tip of a cliff. Dahlia and her gang stood behind her with seething grins and controlled cackles.

    The tip of Dahlia's fingers crawled around Johanna's back. May climbed up the cliff and tried to pull Johanna further away from the edge, but no prevail. May's hand went straight through Johanna and Dahlia as if it was May who was the ghost. Nobody there could neither hear nor see May. She heard the cries of the Advancers desperately trying to pull May back into reality.

    Johanna's face was more paler than a porcelain doll. She panted as her chest swayed to the wind. Her legs appeared to be paralysed by Dahlia's intimidating giggle.

    "You will die," Dahlia whispered into Johanna's ear. As she did, she fiddled with her blue hair and covered Johanna's mouth with her hand.

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?" May screamed so loud, she could feel her throat vibrate. "Leave Dawn's mother alone. It's me you want." She didn't care if the ghosts couldn't hear her, she hoped that the Advancers could.

    Johanna took a step closer to the cliff. She looked down to see waves crashing against jagged rocks. May witnessed Johanna gulp as she held onto her stomach. Tears rolled down her face.

    "I don't want to live..." Johanna mumbled.

    May's mouth dropped. She slapped her face a dozen times and threw herself on the floor. "NO! YOU'VE GOT TO LIVE! DAWN NEEDS YOU! PLEASE! DON'T LET DAHLIA INVADE YOUR MIND LIKE THIS!"

    "I've done something terrible," Johanna confessed to Dahlia.

    "Indeed you have," Dahlia hissed cooing like a mother to her child. "Phoenix Wright has done terrible things, but because you gave birth to his biological daughter you must die. You deserve to die."

    "Yes I know," Johanna admitted. "But now I can be free. Just like you said."

    "All you have to do is jump," Dahlia demanded. "Die now and your daughter's life will become better. You can't let her know that you are a home wrecker now, do we?"

    "You're right," Johanna said, forcing a smile on her face. "This is for Dawn's own good."

    "NO! YOU'RE HURTING DAWN!" May yelled again. Johanna jumped.

    "What was that?"

    "Doesn't matter," Dahlia transformed into Phoenix. She let Johanna take one last look at the image of Phoenix Wright before Dahlia prodded her off the cliff. Johanna made no attempt to scream or bounce back with her arms spread out like a dove in the sky.

    May screamed and blocked her ears preparing for a tragic splash in the waves. She heard nothing. She opened her eyes and she was back on the path.

    "What on earth just happened?" Orange asked pulling himself back with wide eyes.

    "It's Dahlia," May gasped as she grasped for air. "She showed me a vision of her pushing Dawn's mom of the cliff."

    Dawn gasped and bounced into Iris' arms. "Oh my god! I have to call her RIGHT NOW!"

    "I'm sorry to say that you might be a little too late," Matt said as he lowered his head. Everyone turned around and saw the corpse of a woman lying peacefully in a bush. Dawn dashed in front and stopped as soon as she identified the dead body. Iris cradled Dawn as they both wept together.

    "He did this!" Dawn growled clenching onto her own stomach in disgust. "He killed her."

    "It seems that Dahlia has something to do with this," Orange said.

    "Phoenix killed my mom," Dawn sobbed. "I'M GOING TO MAKE SURE HE PAYS FOR THIS!"

    "We can't be too sure if it really was Phoenix who killed Johanna," Yoh announced. "This could have been suicide for all we know."

    "If it was suicide how could she have taken herself out of the water from this bush?" Sara asked. "I don't know about you guys, but I think this is murder. We need to report this to the police at once."

    "Good idea," said Yoh.

    "I'm going to kill him," Dawn whispered to Iris. "He's never going to hurt my friends and family again."

    May had heard everything that Dawn had said, and she just wanted to disappear.

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    This chapter is dedicated to PichuAuraGuardian18, who's been very supportive whilst I had the writer's blues. I've seen reviews where people have asked for lemons and for Sleeping Ash and Haunted May to be merged. After careful consideration there will be no lemons in this story. Sorry to disappoint those who really wanted me to write erotica, but I've stopped writing those kind of fics a long time ago. But once I've finished all my fics, I plan to make all of them better, Now back to this fic, the members of the Advancers are all OCs based on the members of the forum and they're all advanceshippers. I don't own them, but I have permission to use them. With this in mind, I should tie up any lose ends with the story so far.

    Chapter Seven: The Last Place

    Johanna's death had left everybody with a bitter after taste. It left May with a hole in her heart waiting to be filled. The world she lived in was drifted back to the dark ocean. The one thing that got to May was that she didn't know how or why she was sent to this place. It was always at random or whenever she fell asleep that she would be sent here. Every time she saw Dahlia's gangs causing destruction. Surrounded by shadows with gleaming red eyes. As the lighthouse shined blackness, the shadows crawled across the grey sand.

    "Be our queen," the shadows requested. "Marry our master."

    They spoke in the most disturbing tone May had ever heard. Why would these shadows want them to marry Dahlia? She didn't know who the shadows were, but Dahlia was their master. May just knew it. The exhausted shadows were pawns of Dahlia's twisted games. May knew there was only one answer to their request.

    "I'm sorry," May said. "But I can't be your queen."

    "Why is that my dear?"

    Moans of agony echoed throughout the beach. May clasped her hands together and swayed them across to her chest. To drown out the tragic cries, May roared out, "My heart belongs to someone else."

    Silence exploded. A giant grey arm launched at May, missing her by the tip of it's finger.

    "ATTACK!" It was Dahlia's voice.

    "Yes master," the shadows snapped. In unison they all charged and flapped their flippers ready to pounce on May.

    She thought to herself, that she would get her pokemon out and finish it quickly. She reached her belt, but her bag and the belt with her pokeballs had disappeared. May dived into the sand and tried to defend herself with her arms.

    "Stay away from my god-daughter!" The bold voice made May turn around. A tall woman with long black hair wearing a pink jumper and white trousers. On her right side was a white cat with big blue eyes and padded lighting claws. May knew who the women was the moment she laid eyes on her. It was Kari Kamiya, one of the chosen children known as the digidestined, who saved two worlds simultaneously. Now grown up, she was a mother of two and a teacher.

    The dark ocean vanished and May had found herself in the ruins of Dragonspiral Tower.

    "How did you get there?" Kari asked in a sincere tone.

    "I don't know!" May panicked. "I can't control it. It's like Dahlia just drags me there."

    "Do you know the real reason why Dahlia chose Ash over Trucy and Dawn?"

    "It's because she wanted Phoenix to live with the guilt of not knowing the son who frantically chased after him."

    Kari nodded. "That's one point." "But Phoenix had tried to wipe the Ketchums and Johanna out of his life. When he lost his job as a lawyer, he took care of Trucy like his own daughter."

    "Why didn't he make that effort with Ash?"

    "May, you know that T.K. and I are your godparents, we're also Ash and Dawn's godparents too."

    "That doesn't exactly answer my question."

    "Nobody really knows," Kari replied. "He's always been a good guy, but he lost his way." Kari and May stood in silence, until Kari slipped her carrier bag of her back. She unzipped the bag and dug out a framed picture of six young girls smiling in front of a field full of blossoms. "There's me, Delia, Johanna, your mom and the twins Ayame and Dahlia."

    "Who's that lady with the purple hair?" May asked, pointing to the lady with the glasses behind Kari.

    "That's my friend Yolei," Kari said. "She was one of the digidestined."

    "Where is everybody?" Ace appeared out the darkness and marched around the ruins. "I can't find my bat."

    "Well where did you last have it?" Kari raised an eyebrow.

    "I had it in my hand," Ace responded. His tone had a vivid anger. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth at the same time. He saw members of the Advancers passing by. He examined them all, hoping that he would find the shape of his bat bulge out of someone's bag. "I left it to have a piss and then I came back and it was gone."

    May stepped into the conversation as she twiddled her fingers. "Is Ash back yet?"

    "Oh Ash is fine," Ace replied. "He's upstairs."

    May set her eyes on the staircase above and like a rocket, dashed upstairs. She wasn't stopping for anyone until she found Ash again. May had found herself at the top of Dragonspiral Tower. In front of her was a grey sleeping bag on top of a green air bed. A yellow jagged tail stuck up behind the sleeping bag. That was Ash in that sleeping bag, it couldn't have been anyone else.

    Pikachu hopped to the corner and saw May. He smiled and waved his arm.

    "Hi Pikachu," May cried out. She ran over closer to the air-bed. "So glad you and Ash are okay." May had never seen Pikachu so happy in ages. But May knew that it wasn't the end. Dahlia's gang had expanded from twenty-one ghosts to thousands of monstrous creatures. Ash opened his eyes and shot out of the bag the moment May tapped him on the shoulder. May squashed his shoulders and pinned him to the mattress.

    "What the hell just happened?" Ash asked. "I heard that Cynthia and Dahlia had an armies of some sort, but why?"

    "Dahlia's trying to kill Phoenix," May explained. "So Cynthia built an army to protect us."

    "I get it."

    "Get what?"

    "That's why my dad wasn't there!" Ash exclaimed. "It all finally makes sense. He thought that I would be in danger if he stayed so he ran. Still wish I could see him though. That's why Cynthia built an army to protect us. Because he wanted us to be safe."

    "It makes sense," May admitted. "But I just think that there could have been a better way."

    "Maybe there is," Kari interrupted. "But this army trying to protect you, it's not Cynthia's. Sure, the army wouldn't have been half as big as it is now without her, but it's not her army."

    "Then who's army is it then?"

    Kari looked down on Ash and May and smiled. "It's your army."

    "Our army?" Ash and May gasped in unison. They could not believe their ears.

    "Have you ever noticed the soldiers here?" Kari asked. "They call themselves the Advancers and hardly any of them mention Cynthia. They're not protecting you two because Cynthia told you to, they're doing because they want to."

    "Wow," May gasped. "Who would knew that we were so popular?"

    "I bet you that if you told them to do something that they would do it," Kari said.

    "Why would they do that?" Ash asked.

    Kari crouched down to Ash and May's level. "It's because you two are heroes. "Think about how many times you saved the world. Think of how hard you two worked to become the people you are today. Hardly anybody gets offered a position as a frontier brain and nobody can say that they've seen over twenty legendary pokemon in the world. You two inspired a generation of people."

    "Beautiful words," Sara said, clapping her hands as walked upstairs. Orange, Gavin, Yoh and Curtis were behind her fighting the tears.

    "Couldn't have said it any better myself," Yoh said as he nodded off his tears.

    "Ace is gathering everybody here," Gavin said. "He's lost his weapon and wants to check if anyone else has lost theirs too."

    Just as Gavin said. Ace had gathered all of the Advancers onto the top room. Ace marched into the centre of the hall with his back resting against the pillar. His hands looked empty without his bat that was veiled in electrical barbed wires.

    "Has everybody got their weapons with them?" Ace asked.

    Everybody raised their hand.

    "Okay, that's good." Ace's accent was smooth. "Everybody has their pokemon with them right?"

    Everyone once again raised their hand."

    "Then who the **** stole my bat?" Ace spat. "And if I don't get a confession within the next ten minutes, I'm letting no one eat or rest till I find it."

    "Ace," Aly said patting his shoulder. "That's a little extreme and some of us need to be on guard to protect May and Ash."

    "Wait, where's Dawn?" May asked. "I haven't seen her in a while."

    "Dawn said that she had to go the bathroom," Iris responded. "But I haven't seen her since."

    "She must be the one who stole my bat!" Ace said. "Let's look for the *****."

    "Don't jump to conclusions," Matt said. "Dawn could have easily have been kidnapped and your weapon was stolen."

    "To be fair you shouldn't be leaving your bat laying around," Kari told Ace with her hands on her hips. "Even if you were going to the bathroom."

    "Oh man," Ace lowered his head and whispered, "I just got owned."

    "Okay guys!" May snapped. She leapt to her feet and hopped besides Ace. "Let's split into groups. I'll give you all a number. If you get one you'll be looking for the bat with Ace. If you get two, you'll be going into Icirrus City with Orange and ask if they've seen Dawn. If you get number three, you'll be looking after our family with Sara. If you get number four, you'll be patrolling tower with Jake and if you get number five you'll be guarding the outside of the tower with Drake."

    Everybody got a number apart from Iris. She looked up at May and asked, "What am I going to do?"

    "Oh you'll be with us," May told Iris. "We're going to look for Dawn."

    May's godmother looked at Kari and winked. "See, I told you they would listen to you."

    "If we haven't found Ace's weapon or Dawn I'd say we'll all meet here tomorrow and talk about any clues we've found," Ash suggested.

    Everyone nodded and shot straight into action as if their godmother had twisted fate.

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