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    Games rules
    What are games without rules, eh?

    1) General rules
    All of the General SPPf rules apply in this section. If you don’t know them, read them here.
    The only exception is that a Game Creator may bump his/her thread when it has been approved (check this in the approved/disapproved games thread). The game creator can only do this once, and any further attempts will be considered spam.

    2) Game Creation
    - The game must be original. Pretty simple. If you create a game that is similar to an existing game, it will not be approved. The Games and Face-Offs Index will help you out there, as it has all the active games listed.
    - A notable exception of the above rule are Mafia games. Only three versions of Mafia games are allowed at one time. In the interest of allowing a fair chance for anyone to take one of the spots you are not allowed to reserve a mafia game, it is first come, first served. Because of the competitiveness of getting to run a mafia, the forum-standard 30 day inactivity rule has been cut to 15 days. This means that if a Mafia game haven’t been posted in for 15 days, it will be considered inactive. This encourages that active users create Mafia games, in order to avoid inactivity.
    - If the game is a remake of an old game, make sure that the old version is already inactive, and/or you have the permission of the previous owner to create a new version. If a game hasn’t had a post in 30 days (excluding Mafia games), it will be considered inactive, and other people have the right to re-create it. If anyone wishes to remake a game that is still ”active” (has had a new post the last 30 days), or that is part of a series (these games usually have a ’version number’ in their titles/first post), then the person wanting to re-create it has to have the previous owners permission PMed to one of the Games section moderators (Schade, Hydrohs, Sweet May) before starting the game’s thread.
    - The game must not promote spam! If the mods think that the thread is only there to create meaningless spamfests, conversations or whatnot, don’t count on it being approved. This also apply to counting games, after earlier experiences.
    - To be more precise on the counting games. Games resolving around players posting a number until something/Someone resets the count are not allowed! Earlier experiences with such games have resulted in spamfests and meaningless conversation.
    - The game must be just that – a game! There is a fine line differentiating games from Face-offs and RPG’s, who both have their own sections on the forum.
    - Be creative! Nothing bothers us more than seeing the lack of creativity in games. Examples of this would be short posts containing little content, stating obvious facts etcand so forth. These short posts will be considered spam, and will be taken care of.

    3) Game content.
    - The game must not be a purely survey-type game. Here, that is what we call a Face-off, which has its own forum, and its own set of rules.
    - The game must not purely contain RPG elements. That means that games must not require you to take on a role of some sort, and be part of a story arc. Those games, called Role-Playing games, have their own forum as well. Note that by saying ”purely contain” means that games may still have some RPG elements, but it must not be the dominant aspect of the game.
    - The game must not promote spam, flaming, or any misbehaviour. Pretty much self-explanatory. Any game caught having these will be dealt with immediately!

    4) Game approval
    - The game's first post must contain some sort of rules. In some cases, a simple guideline detailing the games mechanics is enough. This depends on the game though.
    - Be patient! As soon as you create your game, it goes to the Mod control panel, where it will await the approval/disapproval of a moderator. We try to approve/disapprove the game as soon as we can, but don’t PM us telling us to rush things. Chances are, we will then disapprove your thread no matter how good it might be.
    - Check the Approved/Disapproved Games and Face-Off’s Thread. Here, you will see whether or not your game was approved.
    - Should you have any objections with an approved/disapproved game, don’t hesitate to PM us. But be reasonable, don’t send us ”y u no aproove mah gaem?!?!1” and stuff like that. That’s just annoying.

    5) Game Etiquette
    - Follow the main etiquette promoted in the SPPf rules. That means don’t flame, don’t bash etc.
    - Don’t spam up games with pointless conversation! In Face-Offs, this is what we call ’free chat’, and this will be treated as spam. If you are burning inside with something to reply with to a users post, take it to the VM or PM. Pointless chat in a game is pointless.
    - Don’t bump inactive games. The act of ’bumping’ is posting in thread that has been inactive for 30 days or longer. If a game hasn’t had a post in 30 days, it is inactive, and subject for closure, and people posting there after the 30-day limit will be bumping the thread, and will be warned appropriately.
    - Use the report button, don’t mini-mod. That triangle with an exclamation mark is there for a reason. We will deal with whatever is wrong, it is our jobs, after all.
    - If things are getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to PM one of us. Schade,Hydrohs and Sweet May are more than willing to help you with whatever Game-related issue you may have.
    - If you’re requesting to move, close or rename your game, please provide a link to the game in question. This helps us by saving time searching for it, and risk moving, closing or renaming the wrong game.

    6) Have fun. Yay!
    - You are, after all, in the Games section, which is purely for your entertainment. Just be sure to read and follow the above rules, and you should be fine.
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    Because of the forum downtime, backupdata from Tuesday last week has been taken into use, meaning one week of Forum activity have been lost

    If there is anything you guys notice is missing, let it be a game you got approved, something that shouldn't be there etc. Please PM me, Hydrohs or Sweet May, and we'll try and fix whatever may be the issue.
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    With the new rule recently added to prevent way too large images to potentially slow down your internet, I remind you all to read it and follow it. this primarily applies to the image-related games.

    21. No large images in posts.
    You may not direct-link (i.e. using the [img] tag) more than 500 kb worth of images in a single post. Exceptions include VM walls if both people using the wall are okay with it and it is not large enough to crash the page, and the opening post of threads in Fan Art and its subforums. You may be allowed to exceed this limit if a moderator approves it, but this will only happen under special circumstances and you must ask before adding the images. If you exceed this limit from special permission, you must add [Images over 500 KB] or something similar to the topic title to warn users with slow internet. If a thread is already posted and you gain approval for large images after, PM a moderator of that section and they will edit your title for you.

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