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    Default Digimon - The Digi-Crash

    A message just at the start – the places I'll be using in this Fic, at least, in the Digital World, will be Original places, and there will be references in this to most Digimon series here – enjoy guys!

    And yes, this is a Tamers story, set twenty-five years after the events of the D-Reaper.

    And I should have put this in the title, but as I'm not sure where it'll reach, I'll say PG-15, although it may not get that violent etc. Heck, who am I kidding, it's Digimon. PG-15.

    Prologue – Twenty-Four

    Motomiya Academy, New York City, USA – Planet Earth, 2027

    T minus twenty-four hours...

    Time – 00:05am

    “This concludes our special on the Digi-Tex D-Power.” The news-reader lazily shuffles his papers before talking about the weather. What he has to say, however, never reaches my ears – the ears of fourteen-year-old Tyler Phoenix. Instead, I change the television set to a different channel, watching a very old show my father used to watch, known as Digimon Adventure – not that the story was far from the truth now, as everyone seemed to have a Digimon. In fact, since an event twenty-five years in the past, Digimon slowly became more and more common and more people knew of their existence, and they became a household pet after the release of the D-Power Digivice in 2017. When it was released, there was a mix of widespread awe, marvel and excitement, but with a shadow of doubt, fear and aura – the people of Earth had seen the dangers of Digimon fifteen years prior to the release of the D-Power. There were those who were scared their houses and their world were to be destroyed by such strong creatures.

    Yet the device was a widespread success, and now, in 2027, everyone seemed to have them. I, however, was not one of these people. With a father who shunned the devices, despite him owning one himself, and a mother who seemed distant when Digimon were referred to, I was forbidden to own one. Now, sitting in a New York Private Academy, thousands of miles away from my family, I lash out at a cushion on my bed, frustrated. It goes flying across the room, hitting my door with a thunk and falling to the floor. Regardless of my prohibition, I had attempted to get one on more than one occasion, unfortunately with no success. I made up for it by learning the card game in and out, and was a regional championship winner, only three people in the academy who could even rival me. The Academy was home to many good Digimon players; the only thing all of us definitely shared there was our knowledge on Digimon.

    I run my hands through my mop of dark red hair, before slipping on my fire-patterned headband, doing this to hold the stray locks of hair that would fall from falling completely over my eyes. I glare at the television, as usual, before letting myself relax once more, watching one of the protagonist's Digimon hit it's Mega Digivolution, a WarGreymon. I grab my rucksack, like I do very episode, from the side of my bed, heaving it up onto the bed and then opening it. I rummage around the bag, ignoring folders and boxes filled with different types of Digimon Cards, and eventually find the box I was after. A Digimon Card box labelled 'Animé'. Going through it, I find what I was looking for; the WarGreymon card. I smile at the card, before scanning it's statistics once more, and placing it back in the box. I'm a little tired, and venting my frustration out at a news-reader was never the best idea, especially due to the fact the news-reader couldn't even hear me. While I was examining a folder filled with Digi-Modifications, I hear a knock on my door, and I recognize the knock instantly.

    “What is it, Nate?” I call out to my friend, not bothering to get up and open the door yet. It's only when he knocks again, squealing “Let me in!” at me that I drag myself off my bed, walk across the room and open the door. Before I can even move out of the way, the fifteen-year-old bursts in, sending me flying to the floor. Luckily, the cushion I had thrown in anger earlier softens my fall, preventing any bruising to my butt. I winced in pain nonetheless, but stand up, staring at him with a cold glare. He glares back at me, and I ease a little. Nate is not one to piss off – his temper makes BlackWarGreymon look like a kitten.

    “So, what do you want then? It better be important... It's ten past midnight.” I'm damn annoyed he's burst in, and that he's even knocked at such a time. But he wouldn't do this if it wasn't important. He stares at me again, before pointing at my rucksack, a huge smile on his face.

    “Bring that bag with you, and be prepared to see something amazing. Mr Wong's room is glowing!” So, our Headmaster and IT teacher's room was glowing... Maybe his Digimon was evolving or something. It couldn't be anything special. I'd seen his Digimon evolve countless times. Unlike the usual circumstance, the room never glowed... and Nate looked truly excited. His personality was rubbing off on me, and I smile.

    “My cards? Okay, I got some. I'm not taking them all though.” I reach in and grab my deck and favourite cards, pocketing them, and escort Nate out of my room. Locking the door, I run after him, straight for Mr Wong's room. Sprinting down the corridor, I can feel the adrenalin kicking in – I knew it's going to be his Digimon, but I feel so on edge for some reason... I try and shake off the thoughts and keep up with Nate, us now arriving at the Teacher's Corridor.

    The Teacher's Corridor always seemed a scary place to be – a tall, two-storey open plan area – balconies separated the upper floor from the lower, and you could see over the edge and stare down. The teacher's offices were on the ground floor, their rooms above their offices, overlooking it – here, there would be patrols from the teachers every half hour or so. Luckily for us, it was only fifteen minutes past midnight, so patrols wouldn't be for another fifteen minutes – enough time to prove to Nate it's only a Digimon. More specifically Mr Wong's. There hadn't been a Bio-Emergence on the site for more than six months, and that was dealt with swiftly by the guard Digimon. I double-check that the coast is clear, before turning to Nate.

    “C'mon then, show me this 'light' so we can get out of here. The coast may be clear now, but if a teacher spots us, it'll be detention for a week!” He nods, then points to the office in the far corner. Mr Wong's office is a large office, more isolated from the others. That said, he is the headmaster, and we all know that was to be expected. He is, however, a friendly man. I know him well enough to judge that – the only reason I was here was due to his friendship with my father. Slowly, I approach his office – if it wasn't his Digimon, he might have his television on – and I do not want detention for Nate's idiocy. I look through the window, and sure as anything, the television is on. But there isn't a channel on... The screen's filled with binary code, zeroes and ones flickering all over the blue screen in weird details. In the middle is this weird yellow symbol... I can't get in, but I gasp in awe.

    “Nate, check this out!” I say, before face palming. Nate had already seen it. “The TV looks awesome... All that binary code whizzing around...” Nate looks at me curiously, and stands next to me. He stares in at the television, and looks back at me rather oddly.

    “Uh, Tyler, I don't know what you're on, but the soccer is on... Earlier I saw an original Digimon Episode and was going to suggest we game next to it. There really isn't anything weird with the TV.” I frown at him, my eyes flickering back in. The binary code is still scattered all over the television. Nate looks back in again, and glares at me. “There's nothing there Tyler. It's a game of soccer.” He turns to walk away, and I just don't know what to do or say. But I'm angry at this trick – it could land us in detention for a week.

    “So all of this was for a game in the teacher's area, just because a freaking Digimon episode was on?” I hiss.

    “Uh, yeah. Sorry, I didn't think you'd take it badly!” He hisses back, a cold stare in his eyes. I turn away from him again, angrily, looking back at the television for a third time. And sure as anything, there was a soccer match on. Hm, maybe I was just seeing things. I look to see where Nate has gone, but see the door of the teacher's area close with a rather loud thud. I then see a flashlight scan the area; a teacher is awake, and I know who it is.

    Whoever is here, show yourselves!” the teacher calls out into the darkness around me.

    Mr Wong.


    I sigh, stepping forward into the beam shining down into the darkness from above me. Shining down into my eyes is an intense, white light, and it stings. I blink frequently, then Mr Wong recognizes me.

    “Phoenix, what are you doing out this late?” he calls down to me. I sigh again, and call back up, a tone of dejection in my voice.

    “I came to inspect your office sir. I'd heard from a fellow student that there was a 'weird light' in your office. You'd just left the TV on...” I hear him grumble, and see the flashlight flicker away. Then, I hear the sound of a pair of squeaky slippers move across the upstairs balconies, and down one of the spiral staircases. The light flickers back towards me, and the next thing I know, Mr Wong is standing in front of me, glaring down at me. His spiky hair is a mess, and he's wearing a robe with a dark top and shorts underneath. Trying to keep myself calm, I think of his slippers. They're hilarious. They squeak continuously, and I had to stifle a laugh as he first approached. On his shoulder was his Digimon. It smiled at me, and sees my panicked expression.

    “Momentai,” it says to me as always. The small Digimon is a cute species, but powerful enough. A rookie level Digimon, Terriermon. I calm down at the comment, but still feel nervous and worried. Mr Wong may be a family friend, but I'd been expecting the same punishment as any other student. Instead, he puts a hand on my shoulder.

    “Tyler... you seem nervous... What''s up? Do you want to talk about it?” he asks. I stare up at him, fearful, and nod slowly.

    “Yes sir, I saw something on your TV...” I whispered. He stared blankly, and put a hand to his ear. He hadn't heard.

    “I said, on your TV, I saw something unusual... it wasn't soccer at first, but when I looked again it was.” He frowns, and starts to walk towards his office. A look of concern is on his face, and the laid-back Terriermon pricks his ears up, alert.

    “Something is here...” he shouts, before jumping off Mr Wong's shoulder, and darting over to the office. Something is here? Is he referring to something, like, A Digimon? Maybe a guard has mistook a Digimon as a wild animal? Mr Wong, oh forget it, Henry, sprints towards his office door, his slippers squeaking continuously as he runs. It was definitely a Bio-Emergence, it had to be! I knew what was going on now; the numbers I saw weren't just random! But something was off... The Academy hadn't had a Bio-Emergence in six months, so why one in the middle of the night? Needless to say, I'm sprinting after them, desperate to know what the heck is going on. I burst through the now-open door to Henry's office, and stop dead in my tracks, utterly astounded.

    Boy, was I greeted with a weird scene.

    Henry is standing there, watching... a soccer match replay. Terriermon is sniffing a Digivice, which appears to be a school-grade one that's lost. Henry notices me, then sighs.

    “Tyler, you've been pranked by your classmates. Someone set this up, and Nate brought you here, knowing something would happen. Sorry, but you need to go back to your dormitory. I'll let you off the detention this once, but I'm telling your father you're sneaking about at all hours.” I feel relieved that I've been let off for a stupid prank by Nate, but at the same time, Dad won't be too happy with me... I turn to leave, when Henry obviously notices the card folder under my arm.

    “Hm, Tyler?” I turn to him.

    “Yes, sir?” Staring at him, I feel a little confused. I often had a folder of card with me. Even in lessons I had a deck next to me, or a folder of my cards.

    He put his had out to me, and it had a single card in it. It was obviously mine, so I took the card. I couldn't see very clearly, but it must have been a card from my deck.

    “Thanks sir. Anyway, I'll be going back to bed now.” I said politely, before slipping out of the room. Slipping the card into the folder, I left the Teacher's Corridor, and quickly darted back to my room, avoiding questioning from a passing Angemon guard.

    Upon arriving inside, I place the deck down on the desk beside me, and put my folder next to it. I'm feeling pretty tired, so I just want sleep. It doesn't want to come easy, but I just relax, and let myself think about Digimon once more. Slowly, everything fades into a silent, black peace.

    The Digital World – Darkspire Caverns

    Deep below the surface of the Digital World, ChaosGallantmon stood over a map of the human world, surveying it with a very close eye for tiny details. He was scanning for certain heights and mountain ranges, areas where he could base himself and his fellow Lords to ensure safety once the Digi-Crash had taken place.

    Moon=Milleniummon had succeeded in forcing the beginnings of a full-scale Bio-Emergence on Earth, but the actual Digi-Crash itself would split the dimensions into two new ones – Digi-Earth, a ruined, apocalyptic-looking Earth, inhabited by Moon=Milleniummon's hordes, and the Digimon or the Digital World. The second world would be inhabited by the human race, a mimicry of the Digital World, with human settlements scattered across it. ChaosGallantmon laughed at this. The humans with their Digimon partners, all artificial, not actual Digimon from their world. The select few who did have real Digimon, however, would be a threat, albeit a tiny one. ChaosGallantmon once again stared at the map, pointing at New York City – a Digimon who had Bio-Emerged had told him of a central hub for Digimon-kind – a small academy in New York, home to around fifty students. The Motomiya Academy. He would Bio-Emerge there. He already knew that the Seven Defenders were working on summoning new Digi-Destined, and if they wanted to do this, why not target a small Academy that would be in ruins after the Digi-Crash? It would be easy pickings, and it would mean the new Digi-Destined would never truly become Destined at all.

    The largest problem was the Defenders themselves – even after the murder of all of the Sovereign, their apprentices formed a Terminal where the Seven Demon Lords could not reach them – it was from there they were working. ChaosGallantmon was to stop them by any means, or he would face the wrath of his creator. He could pin the blame on the ones who patrolled the Terminal itself, accusing them of failing their duties, but it would link back to him somehow, and Moon=Milleniummon would be sure to punish him severely for his failures. He paced around the dimly lit cavern, the small light source of a wax candle flickering gently as a small gust created by him caught it's flame. He was waiting on just one report – he needed to know if Reapermon had managed to capture the young but powerful Calumon. As ChaosGallantmon's thoughts strayed to the Digi-Crash, a huge explosion ripped through the cave, and ChaosGallantmon was seared with a huge blast of heat. He leapt out of the room, his lance and shield armed, ready to attack. It was only then that he saw Reapermon, his clawed arm over Calumon's neck.

    “Reapermon! What treachery is this, bringing this child scum here?” ChaosGallantmon angrily called at the skull-faced Digimon. Reapermon turned slowly to face ChaosGallantmon.

    Treachery?” he hissed. “ I have brought thissss scum child here to ssslaughter him, ChaosGallantmon. Was that not your wishhhh?” he hissed again, his free hand raised up at ChaosGallantmon.

    “Hey, let me go! I want to play!” Calumon shouted out at the two Mega Digimon. They both looked at him, and glared.

    “We will resolve this quarrel later Reapermon... For now, we have more important matters. This Defender must be killed NOW! If he summons Destined...” ChaosGallantmon gulped. Reapermon simply stared, and leered at the small Defender.

    "It is time to die, Calumonnnn,” he whispered. “This will be painful, but quick... Grim Slasher!” Reapermon lunged his scythe down swiftly, straight at Calumon. The impact would kill Calumon instantly. As the scythe impacted, Calumon screamed out and sent a burst of light from his body. It lit up the cave, and Calumon's voice was heard echoing around the cave for ChaosGallantmon and Reapermon to hear.

    I pray to you, Digi-Destined! Hey, Digi-Destined! Come and play!!

    Reapermon was too late. Calumon had ripped his own body apart in order to flee and return to the Terminal, even in Data. And he had prayed. The summoning was starting, and there was no way the Demon Lords would be able to stop the summoning...

    The two Mega's stared at each other, each with a lump forming in their throat. The Destined had indeed been summoned. As the two stood there, shaking slightly, a small portal of pure darkness opened next to them. They looked away, quivering. A small crystal appeared through the portal, floating in the air. It didn't speak to either of them; it merely created a pressurized gravitational field around the two Mega's, placing them under conditions of gravity stronger than a black hole itself. It started to rip data from the Digimon, and as they screamed in pain, the small crystalline Digimon stopped. He finally addressed the two Mega's, lying on the floor in a bundle, both twitching from the pain.

    “YOU SHALL NOT FAIL ME AGAIN,” his voice echoed through their minds. “IF YOU DO, I WILL ENSURE YOU DO NOT EXIST.”

    The two Mega Digimon merely murmured to note their understanding, before shuffling back into their foetal positions. Moon=Milleniummon tuend away, floating back towardshis portal. As he wet through it, forcing it to clsoe behind him, he thought of the summoning of the Destined. He was powerful, but he could not stop a summoning from takinng place... He would just have to kill them when they arrived...

    When the Digi-Crash happened, and they were forced here. He would wait for now, and he would swiftly take revenge for the failures before. He wanted revenge.

    He would get it.
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    Moving this to the Non-Pokemon Stories section for obvious reasons. :P


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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychic View Post
    Moving this to the Non-Pokemon Stories section for obvious reasons. :P

    Yes, blatantly obvious reasons that I didn't notice myself not follow -_-

    Thanks for moving it and not closing, Psychic.

    Guys, the next chapter should be up soon. Any reviews will be greatly appreciated - this is my first full-length attempt at a non-Pokemon fic.

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