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Thread: Please rate my pokemon mystery dungeon Team

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    Default Please rate my pokemon mystery dungeon Team

    Hi guys , i have problems with my movesets any help?

    I have a pikachu level 50 with the moves : thunderwave , Agility , Discharge , Dig

    And My Squirtle : Aqua tail , water pulse , Vacuum cut , hydro pump. He is also level 50 . Please help !
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    Um i dont think you know what competitive means

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    Hi, This isn't really the section to post this, try in the Other Pokemon Games>Mystery Dungeon Discussion
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    There's not much to say about PMD teams...those movesets and typing should cover a lot of Pokemon though. You should be fine.

    There's a reason there isn't a PMD RMT section...

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    They look fine Most thig in PMD do..., Foucus Punch is kind of cool,
    Also I'dont think that this is the place to post this.

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    Other pokemon games please, and read the rules.

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    Pikachu should ditch Thunder Wave and have another move besides Dig. Thundershock sounds decent, Discharge is saved for multiple foes/running out of PP.

    Squirtle shouldn't have so many Water moves! Water Pulse and Hydro Pump pretty do the same thing anyway... Try different typed moves like a Fighting type move and anything with a different type.

    Also, switch Vacuum Cut with Blizzard, the accuracy is reliable enough but you have a LOT more power than just 30 damage you get with Vacuum Cut. Either way, I wouldn't bother with Blizzard because you only have one room clearing move.

    I would do something like this:


    - Thundershock
    - Agility
    - Discharge
    - Dig


    - Water Pulse/Hydro Pump
    - Brick Break
    - Ice Beam
    - Rock Tomb/Bite/anything!

    Hope that helps!

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    Alright, let us see...

    Pikachu and Squirtle don't get much synergy anyways, so a cleric like Chimecho will definitely benefit you. Chimecho gets great supporting moves and access to the coveted IQ skill Nature Gifter, allowing him to heal your whole team with an Oran Berry.

    Pikachu should run an anti-Monster House set. Discharge, Shock Wave, Grass Knot, Agility. Discharge murders Monster Houses, Shock Wave gives him a ranged attack, Grass Knot can hit Ground types that take little damage from his other attacks, and Agility lets him support Squirtle a little better.

    Squirtle makes a great tank. Give him Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Protect, and Bite. Water Pulse and Ice Beam are good ranged attacks, hitting everything bar other water types pretty hard. Bite is probably your best melee option, and Protect lets him take on bosses and outlaws with ease.

    Next, invest in a Chimecho. Chingling can be found in Drenched Bluff and evolved with a Lunar Ribbon. Chimecho should run Safeguard, Heal Bell, Calm Mind, and Psywave. If you're really dedicated, you can try to get a Chimecho with Wish, but seeing as Wish is an egg move, that requires a lot of effort.

    Now, Pikachu hits hard, Squirtle can take hits, Chingling can support... All that's left is a decent sweeper. Darkrai immediately comes to mind...

    Darkrai should run Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Dream Eater, and Focus Blast. He can be found in a number of dungeons after you acquire a Secret Stoneslab or Enigma Machine. The easiest is probably Miracle Sea BF3. Note: Bring a Golden Mask/Friendship Scarf and a Pokemon with the IQ skill Fast Friend. I believe Pikachu gets it.

    Or, if you have a qualm with using Legendaries, Houndoom can do the same thing, but his offensive qualities are much lessened, and he doesn't get access to Time Tripper.
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