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    Name: Shiro
    Age: 15
    Shiro lived a peaceful live until the age of 10. On his tenth birthday, he wandered alone into a nearby forest, and saw a Sunkern being attacked by a swarm of Spearows. Shiro jumped into the fight, and scared the Spearows away, and gradually earned the trust of the Sunkern, who eventually became his partner.

    Shiro is relaxed by nature, the only things that can make him worried are the Pokédex entries of certain pokémon, as Shiro has complete faith in his Pokédex. He also cares for his pokémon very much, sometimes even going a little too far, like keeping Cherry in a child carrier that is placed in front of him, enabling Cherry to see around, and enabling Shiro to ensure that she is safe.
    Speaking of things that make Shiro scared, that is one big list. Ghosts, swamps, or anything creepy will make him pass out after a while, leaving his pokémon the task of defending his unconcious corpse self.

    Shiro's hobbies include getting lost (not on purpose though), and caring for pokemon and plants (with flowers taking preferance over other plants). On a related note, he adores pokemon that have flowers or other plants on them, making him favor grasstypes the most, but still caring for each type equally, wanting a diverse team. (Or not, we shall see...!)

    The Team:

        Spoiler:- Cherry:

        Spoiler:- Cherubi:

        Spoiler:- Venipede:

        Spoiler:- Zigzagoon:
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    Coin Case:
    2,280 coins

    Key Items:
        Spoiler:- My Key items::

    Nothing yet

        Spoiler:- My items::

    Pokéblock Case:
    Nothing yet

    Berry Bag:
        Spoiler:- My berries::

        Spoiler:- My pokéballs::

    Astoria - The Enchanced Forest: Toxic Marsh
    Shiro and Cherry venture into Astoria, aiming for the Divine Woodlands, but get lost and end up into the Toxic Marsh instead.
    But what happens when the duo get attacked by an angry Toxicroak, only to get saved by the mysterious Squirtleman? Read to find out...!
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