Ch403: The aim of the Queen Dowager

-Everyone in court were shocked that the Queen Dowager wants Sanyou and Choyou. She explains that most of the officials in that area are already from the harem's 3 major families anyway and she wants to take over officially to invest in the major construction work there.
-Ri Shi argues that this needs to be discussed but she rejected his idea as it will waste too much time. She then proceeds to introduce Rao Ai/Lao Ai to the court and announces that the 3 major families of the harem has recommended him to govern the Sanyou area after the harem takes over.
-Most of the people in court do not know who Rao Ai is, with the exception of Ryofui and Ri Shi, so they were quite shocked that a relatively unknown person is suddenly taking over a city.
-After some consideration, Ryofui agreed to the Queen Dowager's demand. Even though SBK strongly object to the hasty decision, the Queen Dowager argues that majority wins(Ryo's faction+harem faction vs king's faction) and the matter is settled.
-Back in the bedroom, Sei questions Kou about the identity of Rao Ai but Kou do not know much about him despite knowing his name.
-The big guns in Sei's faction all saw something strange about the Queen Dowager's move and concluded that both Ri Shi and Ryofui knows who Rao Ai is, but do not know what they are planning.
-Sei also suspected the disappearance of the Queen Dowager in the past 2 years to the old Qin capital of Yong is very suspicious.
-Kou then suggests that since the Queen Dowager is back she wants to show her to meet her own grand-daughter. (im guessing that will be next chapter)
-Meanwhile, Ri Shi has sent an assassin(from the same tribe who killed Hyou in the first chapter, forgot the english name) to Yong to gather information regarding the Queen Dowager's bold move.
-That night, in the bedroom, the Queen Dowager explains to Rao Ai(and the readers) her reason for taking Sanyou. The area has been tormented by war for long and as long as the harem invests a huge amount of money in that area, they could easily build up and army and create a new state for themselves.
-Just as they ended their conversation, their 2 children entered the bedroom and the assassin was shocked to find out that they already had kids.
-Before he could recover from the shock, a poison dart hit his face and killed him. Isn't that the dart assassin that Shin killed and Ten got her blowing darts from? Probably not the same assassin but definitely from the same tribe. Can't believe Hara sensei still remembers him after so many years.

Lao Ai taking over Sanyou is part of actual history:
Annals of Qin Shi Huang:
Lao Ai was awarded the title of Count ChangXin. He was also awarded the land of ShanYang[Sanyou] and ordered to reside there.

Queen Dowager having 2 kids with Lao Ai was also part of history:
Biography of Lu BuWei:
9th year of Qinshihuang(239BC,current year in manga), there was a report that Lao Ai is not a eunuch and had and affair with the Queen Dowager. They had 2 kids and were hidden away from the public.