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Thread: New to Manga, looking for some recomendations!

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    Default New to Manga, looking for some recomendations!

    Hey, I've just recently watched the epsiode "Gotta Catch you Later" and I'm so bummed now that Misty is gone. Are there any good mangas about Misty or featuring Misty to help fill the hole?

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    The Electric Tale of Pikachu, Ash & Pikachu volume 1-3 and the movie 1-5 manga adaptions.
    The movie 1-5 manga adaptions were never translated since at least the first four ones were only one chapter each and probably the fifth one as well. The six volume long Ash & Pikachu manga was published by Chuang Yi - who closed down earlier this year - in Singapore and is out of print.
    The four volume long The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga is by far the most popular anime based Pokémon manga until this day. It was created by hentai mangaka Toshihiro Ono and let's just say that the girls in the original Japanese editions are "well-equipped" and have revealing clothes. VIZ censored all of that stuff by redrawing clothes, minimizing boobs and such when they localized EToP though. Chuang Yi then sub-licensed VIZ's work and added an Engrish translation of the infamous hot spring scene that VIZ had removed.
    EToP is out of print, but it is available second hand from Amazon, eBay and second hand book websites (Google Shopping can compile quite decent result pages from those sites, it leaves out Amazon though). Volume four is extra expensive and a bit more rare though since it includes chapter 16-20 which were not published in magazine format, so get the volumes and not the magazines. The volumes have quite similar covers as some of the magazine issues, so compare covers and ISBNs by using this list over The Electric Tale of Pikachu volumes.

    Are you only interested in Pokémon manga with Misty in them or would you want suggestions for some game based and original Pokémon manga?

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    Thanks alot for all this info! Super helpful!

    I haven't really been into any games past the original and Fire Red games. I just never had the systems to play other games. I'm also only interested in reading some manga to help fill the hole that Misty used to in the show. (Unexpectedly and quite silly, I have become super depressed over her leaving the show. I know, its something that happened over 10 years ago, but binge watching like I did, then leading to her exit was very tough!)

    Thanks again for the help. I'll see what I can do. (BTW, I've looked for help with this problem elsewhere and everyone just shoves it into a "pokeshipping" category. I'd just like to state I'm not a shipper, just a super fan of this original trio and its hard to say goodbye!)

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    Yeah, nothing beats the original trio. *Ducks and takes cover.*

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    Misty appears BRIEFLY in Magical Pokémon Journey, in some bonus material. She isn't in the main plot, but there are some gag comics in the back of some volumes where they cross over with the show.
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