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I guess I wouldn't have minded the Crystal spotlight if it had lasted for only one volume instead of two. Really, Crystal and Eusine were around the Olivine City area at the end of volume 10 anyway. How about instead of chasing Suicune back towards Ecruteak and Mt. Mortar, he leads them to Whirl Islands instead, possibly with the intention of helping them find and help Gold and Silver? Really, those two were supposedly main characters of the arc, yet the treatment they got in those two volumes was disgusting. Nobody in-story even pretended they existed for most of it, and the manga itself even went completely out of its way to NOT mention or show them whatsoever. I mean, at least when it happened to Red, we had everyone in Kanto worrying over him, and he wasn't even the hero of the Yellow arc anyway. But Gold and Silver WERE two of the heroes of the GSC arc, and yet they were just left to rot! That is, until Surge decided to go looking for them. Isn't it hilarious how Surge, a former villain, was more concerned about Gold's well-being than freaking Professor Oak? I think it's hilarious. Oak was never worried that he hadn't heard from Red for a month during the Yellow chapter, either. Silly senile old man. Methinks PokeNation needs to crack down on its child safety laws.

Lol, you actually forgot some of the plotlines. How about Bill and Daisy? Or Gold chasing the Masked Man to Ilex Forest? Or the freaking Radio Director and whatever the heck he was doing at the time. Seriously, why should I care what such an insignificant character with no name is doing, especially when he's not doing anything another character could've just as easily given to the storyline? Useless. My favorite (except not) part though was when Gold destroyed the Masked Man's mask. We then immediately turn to Whitney and Morty figuring out his identity on their own. Then we switch to Crystal, Eusine, Misty and co. and whatever they were doing at the time (I can't remember), then to possibly something else, and THEN it's revealed to us that Pryce was the Masked Man, as if it was so hard to figure out anyway given the large number of clues thrown at us beforehand.

So that's pretty much my earlier GSC climax rant condensed down. On a more positive note, I did enjoy the gym leader tournament. I just wish Gold and Crystal had had more panel time during that part of the arc.
That would actually be a lot better than what we got.

Lol, I didn't actually forget Gold chasing the Masked Man, because that was after what I had mentioned.

LMAO at your Oak rant. But I guess you're right.

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That would've been interesting.
Yes, it would. But as I said, I think Suicune had made his choice immediately after the battle with Crystal, when it decided to keep her earring with him at all times.

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Yeah, RS had a lot of characters running around as well, but I never thought that Ruby and Sapphire's screen time was really sacrificed for it, unlike the Johto gang in their arc. So it doesn't annoy me nearly as much...or at all, actually. Really my only beef with characters in the RS arc was Tate and Liza's very minor roles. They should've been battling Groudon and Kyogre with all of the other gym leaders imo, instead of being shipped off to Mirage Island with Juan (although I did like his role ftr).
I actually didn't have any problems in the RS arc. It would be nice to see Tate & Liza fighting the ancient Pokémon, but I don't see how that could happen, given what happened to them at Mt. Pyre.