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    One thing I didn'y really like was how the Platinum arc took so long. Seriously, 10 months just for one volume. Another thimg I didn't like was how the HGSS arc was just a little rushed, and kinda too short. Another thing I hated was how there were two goals for the chapter: Find Lance and find Giovanni, but both plots went unresolved, and since this is probably the last time we see Silver, we may never now what happened to Giovanni. Also, how did people, who live in the Region of Johto, know about Sinnoh Pokemon, including Arceus, which not even the Dexholders from Sinnoh know about.
    Patient, HGSS volumes is still not over yet.

    Arceus is known not surprising, so does in the game.

    And Lance even know Lugia, Giovanni know Deoxys......
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