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    Quote Originally Posted by lolipiece View Post
    (Thank goodness none of this crap is actually canon. Marrying, paying taxes at 10? What kind of sick world is this place?
    A fictional universe that isn't ours...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Trutown View Post
    I can suspend my disbelief for a lot of things, but the whole "a full adult in the eyes of the law at the age of ten" is stupid. The only universe where it works is in Mass Effect with the Salarian race. his makes sense for the Salarians. For humans, even in a whole different universe like Pokemon, this would not make sense. We live to 80 on average, not 40. We age twice as long as Mass Effect's Salarians.
    It does make some sense as all universes play by different rules. Pokemon's "humans" != Real Life's humans. Different environments results in different biology and Pokemon's environment most likely calls for more maturing of the brain quicker to survive with creatures with super-like powers and superhuman-like strength.

    And if you consider the anime's thought of the pokemon being more intelligent than the humans, then it makes even more sense. Pokemon's humans' brains might be more beefier than ours and can handle "adult" things at a lower age to insure survival (even if they're lower in intelligence). We don't know anything about the physiology or the society of the humanoid species in Pokemon's universe, so we can't say it doesn't make sense just because it doesn't fit our way. Lower chances of survival also helps make sense of lower age of marriage.

    Just because they look, talk, and act like us doesn't mean they are us. Age is relative, ours only hold on basis with our species; you can't use our measurement of "adulthood" to other universes (especially when it barely works for us anyways). Physical age hold not that much influence on maturity levels/brain age.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamingflower View Post
    The only one I've seen is in Lilycove, are human lives less important than Pokemon there?
    This is a great question. It seems they are on equal ground; respecting the pokemon might be an important aspect of the humans' culture. Considering how pokemon aren't totally hunted by most of the humans and how they treat the pokemon as more like partners rather than pets. Maybe the humans have better healing abilities than pokemon do?
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