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Thread: [SPECIAL/Adventures] Do you think Thu-Fi-Zer should fight against Kyurem?

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    Default [SPECIAL/Adventures] Do you think Thu-Fi-Zer should fight against Kyurem?

    In the Pocket Monsters SPECIAL manga, we saw a fusion between the legendary birds, which was named Thu-Fi-Zer and although it has no official English name, English-speaking fans call it "Zapmolcuno".
    Twelve years later, the games introduced Kyurem, a Pokémon able to fuse with Reshiram and Zekrom, and who'll obviously appear in the manga.

    Now let's look at those two trios of Pokémon. The legendary birds are bird Pokémon of Fire, Electric, and Ice types, who were fused once in the manga. The Tao trio is composed of three dragons of Fire, Electric, and Ice types, and who are able to fuse.

    So, do you think Thu-Fi-Zer should fight Kyurem in the manga? The Pokémon World Tournament is a good excuse to bring back past characters, and last time we saw the birds, they were in Blue's possession. If Blue appears, I can see her bringing the birds, and putting Thu-Fi-Zer against Kyurem. Kusaka already did a similar connection between characters in HG/SS, so I don't think it's too far fetched to think he would do this battle.

    So, what do you think?
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    It would be an interesting throw back.

    Despite Pokespe following game plots more closely nowadays, it never attempts to retcon past stuff, so Zapmolcuno could probably get even a mention whether or not it shows up.

    Considering how Kyurem will most likely be stronger than it, it probably won't even get to do much, though.

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