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    Default G/S/C Rules, FAQ and Help Thread

    Welcome to the Gold/Silver/Crystal section! This sub-forum is just for those three games that hold a special place in many of our hearts. This thread contains the rules of the forum and FAQ about the games. You can also ask for specific advice or help here.

    The G/S/C Rules and Regulations

    1. Follow all SPPf Rules. Read and know the General SPPf Rules, because it’s all the same stuff. This includes no flaming, double-posting, or advertising outside websites.

    2. Search before posting. Use the Search bar near the top of the page to see if your question has already been answered.

    3. Only talk about Gold, Silver and Crystal. This section is only for these 2nd generation games. Don’t talk about other games or make recommendations that aren’t accessible in G/S/C. HeartGold and SoulSilver are 4th generation games and don’t belong here, either.

    4. Do not discuss ROMS, emulators, cheat devices or codes. If you don’t have a legitimate copy of the games, don’t discuss it, and if you want to hack your game, don't discuss it.

    5. Do not bump threads. If the last post of a thread is from more than 30 days ago, do not respond to it. You may post a new version of the thread, but please leave dead threads dead.

    6. To get your in-game team rated, go here. Be sure to read the RMT Rules before posting.

    7. Please post general help questions in THIS thread. Don't make a new thread just for a simple help question!

    That’s it. These rules are simple, and you are expected to follow them.

    Useful Threads

    These threads answer some of the more popular questions we get here, so please read and use them. Since they are stickied, you may bump them.

    If your game ISN'T SAVING, Read This: Info on how you can fix your game if the internal battery is dead!

    The Official G/S/C Programming and Beta Glitch Thread: Information and members' finds on the many glitches in these games.

    The Official G/S/C Shiny Thread: Information and general chat about the Shiny Pokémon in the first games they appeared in.

    G/S/C Recent Happenings Thread: The place to talk about your recent progress in-game.

    G/S/C Basic FAQ
    Compiled by Psychic


    What Pokémon are unavailable in each game?
    Pokémon not in Gold:
    Ekans + Arbok (can obtain Ekans in the Game Corner)
    Vulpix + Ninetales
    Meowth + Persian
    Ledyba + Ledian
    Phanpy + Donphan

    Pokémon not in Silver:
    Sandshrew + Sandslash (can obtain Sandshrew from Game Corner)
    Growlithe + Arcanine
    Mankey + Primeape
    Spinarak + Ariados
    Teddiursa + Ursaring

    Pokémon not in Crystal:
    Vulpix + Ninetales
    Mankey + Primeape
    Mareep + Flaaffy + Ampharos
    Remoraid + Octillery

    Pokémon not available in gen 2:
    Bulbasaur + Ivysaur + Venusaur
    Charmander + Charmeleon + Charizard
    Squirtle + Wartortle + Blastoise
    Omanyte + Omasatar
    Kabuto + Kabutops

    Which games can I trade with?
    Gold, Silver and Crystal can only trade with Red, Blue and Yellow. They are also compatible with Pokémon Stadium 2. They can not trade with 3rd gen games and beyond.

    Which attacks are Physical and which attacks are Special?
    In the first three generations of Pokémon games, instead of individual attacks being either physical or special, entire elements were considered either physical or special.
    Physical Types:

    Special Types:

    What starter will your Rival pick?
    If you choose Chikorita, Silver chooses Cyndaquil
    If you choose Cyndaquil, Silver chooses Totodile
    If you choose Totodile, Silver chooses Chikorita

    What will your Rival's final team be?
    Depending on your starter, Meganuim or Typhlosion or Feraligatr, and
    Sneasel, Golbat, Magneton, Haunter and Kadabra

    What Pokémon evolve through new methods?
    Eevee to Espeon - Happiness (during the day)
    Eevee to Umbreon - Happiness (at night)
    Pichu to Pikachu - Happiness
    Togepi to Togetic - Happiness
    Cleffa to Clefairy - Happiness
    Igglybuff to Jigglypuff - Happiness
    Chansey to Blissey - Happiness
    Golbat to Crobat - Happiness
    Tyrogue to Hitmonlee - Attack > Defense at level 20
    Tyrogue to Hitmonchan - Defense > Attack at level 20
    Tyrogue to Hitmontop - Attack = Defense at level 20
    Sunkern to Sunflora - Sun Stone
    Gloom to Vileplume - Sun Stone
    Poliwhirl to Politoed - King's Rock
    Slowpoke to Slowking - King's Rock
    Onix to Steelix - Metal Coat
    Scyther to Scizor - Metal Coat
    Seadra to Kingdra - Dragon Scale
    Porygon to Porygon2 - Up-Grade

    What and where are the special, rare or one-of-a-kind Pokémon?
    Togepi - After defeating the Violet City Gym Leader, the man in the Pokémon Center will give you an egg containing Togepi.
    Eevee - Bill in Goldenrod City will give it to you.
    Lapras - Once you have Surf, Lapras is swimming in Union Cave on Fridays.
    Shiny Gyarados - The only Pokémon that will always be Shiny. It swims in the middle of the Lake of Rage.
    Tyrogue - In Mt Mortar, a blackbelt in will give you Tyrogue. You will need Pokémon with Flash, Surf, Waterfall, and Strength to get there.
    Shuckle - A man in Cianwood City will give it to you.
    Snorlax - Two block the way, one on Route 11 and one outside Diglett's Cave. Play the Pokémon Flute on the radio to wake it.
    You will need a free slot in your party to receive a Pokémon given to you.

    What Pokémon can I get from in-game trades?
    Onix: Violet City - Trade for Bellsprout (GSC)
    Machop: Golenrod City - Trade for Drowzee (GS)
    Machop: Golenrod City - Trade for Abra (C)
    Voltorb: Olivine City - Trade for female Krabby (GSC)
    Rhydon: Blackthorn City - Trade for female Dragonair (GS)
    Dodrio: Blackthorn City - Trade for Dragonair (C)
    Rapidash: Pewter City - Trade for Gloom (GS)
    Xatu: Pewter City - Trade for Haunter (C)
    Aerodactyl: Route 14 - Trade for Chansey (GSC)
    Magneton: Power Plant - Trade for Dugtrio (C)

    Which Trainers will call to tell me about swarming Pokémon?
    Quilfish - Fisher Ralph, Route 32 (GSC)
    Dunsparce - Hiker Anthony, Route 33 (GSC)
    Yanma - Bug Catcher Arnie, Route 35 (GSC)
    Snubbull - Schoolboy Chad, Route 38 (GS only)
    Remoraid - Fisher Wilton, Route 44 (GS only)
    Marill - Hiker Parry, Route 45 (GS only)

    How do I know if two Pokémon in the Daycare will produce an Egg?
    You will get an Egg if the Daycare man tells you:
    -It appears to care for the other Pokémon.
    -It shows interest in the other Pokémon.
    -It's friendly with the other Pokémon.

    You will not get an Egg if the Daycare man tells you:
    -It's brimming with energy.
    -It has no interest in the other Pokémon.

    Which Apricorns produce which Pokéballs?
    Wht Apricorn - Fast Ball
    Grn Apricorn - friend Ball
    Blk Apricorn - Heavy Ball
    Red Apricorn - Level Ball
    Pnk Apricorn - Love Ball
    Blu Apricorn - Lure Ball
    Ylw Apricorn - Moon Ball

    When is the Bug Catching Contest and what prizes can I win?
    The contest takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and you are judged on the species and level of the Pokémon you catch. The prizes are:
    First Place: Sun Stone
    Second place: Everstone
    Third Place: Gold Berry
    Consolation Prize: Berry

    What prizes can I get from the Game Corners?
    Goldenrod Game Corner
    5,500 Coins - Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast
    200 Coins - Abra
    700 Coins - Ekans (Gold), Sandshrew (Silver)
    2,100 Coins - Dratini

    Celadon Game Corner
    1,500 Coins - Double Team
    3,500 Coins - Psychic
    7,500 Coins - Hyper Beam
    3,333 Coins - Mr. Mime
    6,666 Coins - Eevee
    9,999 Coins - Porygon

    What days does the S.S. Aqua leave from each port?
    Vermilion->Olivine: Wednesdays and Sundays
    Olivine->Vermilion: Mondays and Fridays
    You can battle the trainers onboard once every trip. To end the trip, sleep in the bed in your cabin.

    What are the TMs/HMs and where can I get each one?
        Spoiler:- List:

    Pokémon Crystal

    What is the Odd Egg?
    The Odd Egg is an egg the Old Man from the Daycare Center gives you. It can Pichu, Igglybuff, Cleffa, Tyrogue, Magby, Elekid or Smoochum.
    They each know Dizzy Punch and have a 50% chance of being Shiny in the Japanese version, and a 14% chance in other language games.

    What Pokémon learn new or different attacks in Crystal?
    Dugtrio: Tri Attack (C) - naturally
    Magneton: Swift (GS), Tri Attack (C) - level 35
    Cloyster: Spikes (C) - level 33
    Eevee: Focus Energy (GS), Baton Pass (C) - level 36
    Spinarak: Screech (GS), Agility (C) - level 45
    Ariados: Screech (GS), Agility (C) - level 53
    Hoppip line: Synthesis - naturally (GS), level 5 (C)
    Yanma: Swift (GS), Wing Attack - level 37
    Quilfish: Spikes (C) - naturally
    Sneasel: Metal Claw (C) - level 65
    Swinub: Amnesia (C) - level 55
    Piloswine: Amnesia (C) - level 70
    Suicune: Water Gun (GS), Bubblebeam (C) - level 11; Roar (GS), Rain Dance (C) - level 21; Bubblebeam (GS), Aurora Beam (C) - level 41

    How can I find out more about my Pokémon?
    A seer in the northern part of Cianwood City will tell you where/when you caught your Pokémon and how well you've cared for it.

    What Trainers will call to give me items?
    Berry - Bug Catcher Wade, Route 31
    Leaf Stone - Picnicker Gina, Route 34
    Fire Stone - Schoolboy Alan, Route 36
    Thunder Stone - Lass Dana, Route 38
    Water Stone - Fisher Tully, Route 42
    Tells you about deals at the Goldenrod Dept Store - Camper Todd, Route 34

    What prizes can I get from the Game Corners?
    Goldenrod Game Corner
    5,500 Coins - Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast
    100 Coins - Abra
    800 Coins - Cubone
    1,500 Coins - Wobbuffet

    Celadon Game Corner
    1,500 Coins - Double Team
    3,500 Coins - Psychic
    7,500 Coins - Hyper Beam
    2,222 Coins - Pikachu
    5,555 Coins - Porygon
    8,888 Coins - Larvitar

    Where is the Move Tutor and what will he teach?
    After defeating the Elite Four, a Move Tutor appears outside the Goldenrod Game Corner on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For 4,000 coins, he will teach Thunderbolt, Ice Beam or Flamethrower to one Pokémon once per day.

    How does Buena's Password work?
    Buena is a radio host in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. Get the Blue Card from her and listen to the radio every night between 6pm and midnight to hear the daily password. You receive a point for each correct answer. Trade in points for prizes.
    2 Points - Ultra Ball, Full Restore
    3 Points - Nugget, Rare Candy
    5 Points - Protein, Iron, Carbos, Calcium, HP Up

    Legendary Pokémon
        Spoiler:- Obtaining the Legendary Pokémon:

    You CAN NOT obtain Celebi in Gold, Silver or Crystal.

    • Celebi was ONLY available through an event in the Japanese versions of the games featuring Kurt and the GS Ball.
    • The only LEGIT way to get it in the English versions was at a Nintendo Event. These events were much like the current ones where rare Pokémon are given away. They don't do this for older games anymore. The event took place in July of 2001 and at Six Flags in September of 2001.
    • The only other way is by using a glitch within the game.

    The "bad egg" glitch can also be used to get a Celebi, but it also risks glitching up your game. Please refer to the Official Glitch Thread for more information.

    Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, or things you would like to see added to the FAQ, please don't hesitate!

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