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Thread: stall team help! (total newb)

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    Cool stall team help! (total newb)

    I've never done competitive battles.. I have no experience, I have no idea how to get ivs, or evs w.e they are called; but I am learning!
    After some studying here is what I have come up with... please let me know flaws or better suggestions! I only have access to W2 so that limits my choices. (Just beat Elite four eager to start the egg grind!)

    I got the suggestion for Skarmory, and Blissey as a start for stall team from a couple of people on here. After looking up that core I found that it suggested Gyarados to beat Infernape because he can 1HKO both of them.

    Skarmory @ leftovers
    252hp, 232 def, 24 speed
    impish (+def, -SpA)
    - brave bird
    - roost
    - spikes
    - whirlwind

    Blissey @ leftovers
    Natural cure
    252 hp, 252 def, 4 speed
    bold (+def, -atk)
    - wish
    - protect
    - seismic toss
    - toxic

    Gyarados @ leftovers
    252 hp, 252 def, 4 speed
    impish (+def, -SpA)
    - rest
    - sleep talk
    - waterfall
    - roar or dragon tail


    Because of my lack of knowledge that is about all I can think of >.>
    Also I should add I am not doing pokemon online; but the GL Battle stuff.. I like the idea of working for a solid team and ranking I will update the post as I get suggestions and such thanks, in advance!
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    Sorry, but you need descriptions for each of your Pokemon. You also need to have a full team of 6 Pokemon before posting a RMT. If you need help finishing your team, you can always try the Team Building Help Thread.

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