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he is now into yu-gi-oh and bakugan, just saying
Well, i haven't the faintest notion of what either of those are like, so I'm not really sure what to make of that. n_n

However, this was a bit more illuminating:

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see, thats exactly what i said, exactly, but "no" he said "its not the same"
He just sounds like he's done with the game and ready to move on to something else. But instead of recognizing that, he's blaming his doneness on the game, even though there's really no rational reason for him to do so. (emphasis on rational.)

Ironically though, Pokemon is pretty much the best series ever for allowing players to keep their favourite old Pokemon relevant in the newest instalments. In that sense, it's amazingly good at preserving the good old times through the new games. But what are you going to do? If he wants to move on, let him. No point in trying to urge him back. If he ever wants to, the games are there for him to play, and if not then hope he enjoys whatever he does with his game time now!