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Well, i have to admit that I love pkmn but i don,t know why i believe that unova pokemon are combinations of old generations: example:
Pidove it's a copy of Starly, druddigon reminds me Salamence, and since the hoenn region all regions have the basic pokedex complex:
1.- starters
2.- normal pokemon
3.- three guardian pokemon
4.- a non legendary pokemon
5.- story legendary pokemon
6.- extra unobtainable legendary pokemon
Not "copy", it's basically a counterpart. Each region has it's regional Birds. I don't see any comparisons to be made with Druddigon and Salamence though, they are just Dragon types, both having very different designs and battle styles.

Also, each generation has had similar formats for the Pokemon, not only since Hoenn, it's changed a little since Hoenn but we've always had the starters, regional Rodent, regional Birds, perhaps more.