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    Default Shadow War Trilogy Book 1: A Returning Darkness

    Well, if I keep tinkering with this, I'm never going to get around to posting it, so here is the reboot of the Shadow War Trilogy, Book 1. Warnings/rating for this book include dark themes, violence, occasional cursing, and fair amount of blood. If you like it, awesome, and when you see areas that need improvement, let me know. Thanks, and enjoy.

        Spoiler:- Chapter List:

    Shadow War Trilogy Book 1: A Returning Darkness

    Prologue: The Meeting

    I hate being lied to. As I write this tale, I do so knowing that much of this is a truthful lie.
    ~~R. I. Ram

    Under a midnight sky, a warm breeze swirled across the small plain. In the distance, a chorus of laughter, singing, and enjoyment resonated as residents of a nearby village partied. It had been twenty years since the end of the Meteor Catastrophe, but the town's inhabitants still glorified the day. Around Rescue Town, festivities were underway: dancing, gossiping, games, mock brawls. A towering sculpture, made of pure marble, guarded the center of Pokemon Square, the plaza where most of the townsfolk had gathered. Its creator -- Team Tectonic's Smeargle, Leo-- had opted to set aside painting, switching instead to stone crafting. A renowned artist at the time, nobody would deny that this was truly his life's work, and thus, he retired after its completion.

    At a juice bar gazing up at the obelisk, two figures sat: an albino Ninetails and a Glameow, one admiring the work in great detail while the other scowled at it unimpressed.

    “It's been a quiescent decade, hasn't it; at least in terms of world events.”

    “Aside from Darkrai's failed coup for the world, many would argue too quiet, Resh. Now, why are we here?” the second figure said with a sigh and a hint of impatience. “I didn't return for you to drag me around at your whim just so you can enjoy a little music.”

    “Do you not comprehend the understanding of our arrangement to meet here? Look around you. Take in the reality of your coup as I ask you if you even know what this monument is, Gina.”

    “I better. There names are on the mouths of everyone from here to Treasure Town two island-countries over. Yes, I've heard the tales of Leafblade and Zix: assisted in stopping the meteor-apocalypse, heroes of the Human Conflict, and yes, I even know one is an ex-human, Resh,” Gina said as if reading out of book. “Of all reasons for knowing them, that is the only reason why I came back. You are well aware of the Pact. Humans and Pokemon, never molding into one species. Even if he wears the skin of the green jungle lizard he is now, he is still at root a human. I want to know why it has taken me this long to hear second-hand information instead of hearing from Brother, Sister, or Mother herself?”

    “I don't have the solution to your question; why don't you inquire about it to all three of them and note their responses. Why drag me into it?”

    “You are just as guilty as far as I'm concerned. Everyone who didn't tell me is guilty. This was a matter that needed my approval,” stated Gina condescendingly. “And I question why you never spoke a word about it beforehand. You never lie or hold secrets. You are-”

    “I don't answer to you, Gina; embalm that thought into the nous behind that golden mask you currently conceal. It never was a secret, only information you never heard. Nothing more, nothing less. I told you readily as soon as you asked me. Understood,” barked Resh while a small bit of fire escaped the tip of his center-most tail as Gina realized she slightly overstepped in her statement. She, however, didn't flinch and returned to gazing at the statue. A rather elderly Alakazam had been watching the exchange, much to Gina's displeasure, and quickly resolved the situation by sending shadowy threads of darkness his way to scare him off. To her satisfaction, the other left the scene quicker than Latios could fly.

    Minutes ticked by and finally deciding the awkward silence between herself and Resh was over, she chose her words a little more carefully and continued their civil conversation, “No, I won't bring my thoughts to my family; they left me in the dark, so I'll leave them and their little champions in the dark too. An eye for an eye. It was long ago decided that I was charged with maintaining balance between my family, yet they didn't consult me before continuing with their little scheme. I am meant to be the judge, but now I am forced to play jury and executioner.”

    “You don't mean to-”

    “I do, Resh. The scales are unbalanced, and I mean to correct them on my terms.”

    “But they have families, both of them. Even then, only one of them is human. Why target both of them?”

    “To send a message, that's why, and because I abhor the idea of having that monster breeding more human-Pokemon offspring. The other is too involved. My family needs to be reminded that I am still around, and I'm still watching to matter how long it takes to find out their secrets. I will always find out. They went under my shadow, so I will do the same.”

    “Careful what you wish for, Gina. I hold the prophecies of the world in my library, and there are a few lying around that foretell such involvements.”

    “Prophecies are never guaranteed, Resh. You know that. After all, how many other would be heroes have been ‘prophesied’ to defeat me or other legends, but those ‘heroes’ failed to do so?”

    “What about the Team Pokepals from Treasure Town? I don't hear you crying foul play with them when the human then turned into a Turtwig and defeated Darkrai several years ago.”

    “Hahaha,” cackled Gina as she explained why between fits of laughter. “Why did I have to? Darkrai caused the entire thing, and he was justly punished. Lost his memory and hasn't thought of anything idiotic since then.”

    “You always find some way to correct me don't you?”

    “You may be the being of truth, but that doesn't always make you right.”

    Another moment of silence passed between the two before Gina turned away to take leave. Resh watched her, but before he left, he stated with a hint of displeasure, “I don't agree with your decision, but then again, who am I to say what you can and can't do. Just know that you can't hide your presence forever, and when Arceus and your siblings hear of your return, you better hope that your plan is beyond failure, for the rest of the legends will move against you. You may think you are doing the right thing, but your actions are about as extreme as Kyurem's can be. Be wary of that fact, Giratina.”

    Only bowing her head in acknowledgment, Gina silently walked away and directed her steps toward the immediate edge of town. When there were absolutely no witnesses, she shifted to her more natural form and took off into the night on silent, shadowy wings. Resh watched her leave and continued to stare at the clear sky above. He gazed at the heavens above deciding whether or not to alert the rest of the legends of Gina's plans or to let them figure it out. He truly didn't care. As long as a story was to be told after the events transpired, he wasn't in a place to decide what was needed to be done. Resh took one final look at the obelisk before following suit to leave town. Like Gina, Resh gave a quick check to make sure no unwanted witnesses were around before shifting from the pale white skin into the plumy feathers of what his true form. Powering his turbine tail, he took off into the night as well and returned to his library to plan.

    The party behind him lasted well into the night before things started quieting down. By the first rays of dawn, the décor was being dismantled as many took the day off to rest. A few Rescue Teams checked the Job Bulletin by the post office to see if any interesting jobs were posted before heading out. By noon, the town was silent and no one was even aware of the conversation that took place between the legends that night.

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