The Akatsuki. A feared gang comprised of S-Ranked criminals, who all joined forces to plan for world domination. The infamous criminal organization that once terrorized the shinobi world, was broken down, and each member was killed one by one until nothing remained of the organization. The ninja world continued without the worry of the Akatsuki, and over the years, many of the countries have been at peace, and there hasn’t been a major war for many years now. After the defeat of the villainous gang, the world returned to a happier state. The economy was good, and the absence of war sparked an increase in population. But as the world population grew, so did the demand for resources. Later as the years progressed, some lands were getting more and more poorer, with the exception of the occasional rich person here and there. Lands such as the Hidden Sand Village is now in a dire state, as the resources there are scarcer than they were before. Medicine is hard to come by, and food either comes by hunting whatever the residents find in the wilderness, and in food packages that get shipped there from other places. The shinobi world is in a bad state, and it doesn’t seem like it will get better any time soon.

People resort to stealing, as compensation for the raise in prices of food, clothing, etc. However, little did people know, that the revival of the Aktasuki was at hand. Discreetly taking place over the course of 4 years, was the effort of finding criminals whose rank was high enough to be considered for the position of being in the gang. However, these days, the Akatsuki’s goals were not as ambitious as the previous Akatsuki. Instead of world domination, the current Akatsuki focus on things like assassination requests, stealing, selling weapons, etc. Nowadays, the Jinchuriki are nowhere to be seen, so the focus of capturing the Tailed-Beasts is gone. The very few people that know about the second Akatsuki , and know where to look for them, sometimes may try and find the members and request for assassination quests, or another type of quest, in return for large sums of money. Although the ambition of World Domination is gone, the Akatsuki are still a force to be reckoned with.

Where YOU come in:

You are a relatively new member of the Akatsuki, joining sometimes within 2 years. You are considered an S-ranked criminal, and are on high alert. You are very wealthy, and you can pretty much buy anything you desire. You literally have money to blow. You are currently in the Akatsuki hideout, located in the Land of Lightning, hidden on a small island near the Hidden Cloud Village. The island is cloaked from radar by the jutsu of Kuro, the Leader of the Akatsuki. You have a partner, and you are about to leave, to either go on a mission, or out of pure boredom and to just see what you can find.


1) Obviously All Serebii Rules Apply
2) No godmodding
3) No bunnying(unless you have permission)
4) Keep swearing to a minimum
5) If you’re going to be away, just let me know

-----WORLD RULES-----

1) Each player will partner up with another player for missions. You guys can switch partners if you want, as no players are stuck with the same partner forever.
2) You guys can make up your own missions, as it is highly encouraged. I don’t want to make it seem that I own everything in the RP, so when the RP begins, you guys can partner up and make a mission, or I can give you guys one if you can’t come up with one.
3) Currency is the same as regular dollars.
4) If you want to make two characters for more interactions then go ahead, but remember only one of them can be part of the Akatsuki.
5) Your character may die if it is part of your agenda(e.g- if you have two characters)
6) If your character is going to have some sort of relationship with another character, then make sure you don’t go into ‘details’. (kissing is fine, just don’t make anything explicit).
7) Fights between Akatsuki members are allowed
8) Have fun!

-----Akatsuki Members-----

Kuro: (NPC) The leader of the Akatsuki. His age is 30 years old, and is from the Mist Village. Although his true intentions are unclear, he makes it obvious that missions need to be completed without fail, and he usually never turns down a request. He doesn’t personally go out on any missions, but he does go out often, and usually not coming back until days later. Nobody really knows where he goes, as nobody seems to ask. His jutsu is somewhat unknown, as he nobody has ever seen him fight, except for his partner, Reiko. Kuro wears the traditional Akatsuki outfit. His hair is grey and long, and goes down to his neck. His eyes are soulless, and grey-blue colored. His skin is white, and he has the word “DARK” tattooed on the left side of his face in Japanese.

Reiko: (NPC) Kuro’s trusty partner, and the reconnaissance of the Akatsuki. Although he doesn’t fight directly, he often goes out with Kuro, or does scouting missions requested by Kuro. He claims that Kuro has tremendous amount of skill in his Jutsu, and should not be underestimated. Kuro is 20 years old, and wears a black owl mask, that looks similar to the ANBU Black Ops mask. He has short black hair, and wears the Akatsuki robe.



Name: (Japanese names)



Hometown: (What village)



Criminal History: (Give pretty brief description of their criminal background, and what makes them an S-ranked criminal)

Jutsu: (give 4-8 Jutsu skills. Make sure they are not too overpowered. Remember to put in a ‘ultimate’ Jutsu. Also, you will learn more Jutsu throughout the course of the RP.)

Nature: (Element of your Jutsu/chakra)

Bloodline Trait: (Any family-only jutsu?)

Weapons: (Does your character use any weapons?)


-----My SU:-----

Name: Tanaka Hokkaido

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Hometown: Hidden Leaf Village

Personality: Tanaka was always the type of kid who was underestimated. When in school, his classmates wouldn’t expect much of him, so they picked on him. Over the course of his teenage life, he built up this sort of anger inside of him. Although he released this anger through his gang life, it was eventually gone when he joined the Akatsuki.

Ever since he joined the Akatsuki, he has been more carefree. He loves making money. Speaking of which, money is something Tanaka loves. He constantly wakes up in the morning and often enough counts wads of money that he has counted before. He loves the fact that he doesn’t steal anymore, as he can pretty much buy anything he wants now.

Tanaka hates going on missions, especially Assassination missions. He’s more of the lazy type, and would rather stay in the hideout and do nothing. He’s not the type to get extremely angry either, although he will stand his ground is provoked. During missions, he is the type to not get his hands dirty. Although he has a sword, he rarely takes it out for use, and only uses it if he knows he is going to face a tough opponent. Otherwise, he sticks to using his jutsu through the use of his bloodline.

Appearance: Tanaka stands about 6’2”, and wears his traditional Akatsuki suit only when going out. When in the hideout, he wears a dark, navy-blue t-shirt, with somewhat longer black shorts. He wears black close-toed shoes, and wears black and grey finger-cut fighting gloves. He has medium length black hair and light brown skin with black eyes. He has pretty good build, in that he isn’t skinny, but he isn’t gigantic in terms of muscles, but it is kind of noticeable.

He also has a brown satch that goes in front of his body, similar to the strap of a backpack, that he uses to carry his sword around.

History: At around age 14, Tanaka joined an infamous gang in the Leaf Village. During his time in the gang, he was forced to do petty things such as vandalism and then eventually worked his way up to stealing, and then killing. This was done secretly of course, but he had eventually dropped out of school as he couldn’t keep it in any longer. By the time he was 18, he killed the organization leader, took all of his profits, and in turn this caused the organization to break-up, as after the leader died, Tanaka left the Leaf village, and nobody would step-up to the plate as leader.

After this, he was a rogue for some time, and to find money, he would carry out secret services for paying customers, such as assassination attempts.

Join time: 7 months

Nature: Water

Jutsu: Water Style:

Barrier: Tanaka’s main defense jutsu. It is ninjutsu, and uses up a small amount of chakra. A wave of water spirals around designated target, and forms a shield/barrier around the target to repel attacks. Can also be used as an attacking move if opponent gets too close. However, it’s not durable enough to protect all attacks.

Barrage: Tanaka forms water into bullet-sized pellets and launches them towards the opponent. Uses small amount of chakra.

Freeflow Water: Tanaka’s main attacking jutsu. He uses the water and can command it into doing various tasks such as launching water at an opponent. Similar to Gaara’s usage of sand, except without the sand. The more chakra Tanaka puts into the jutsu, the more water he can use.

Water-Clone Jutsu: Straightforward, simple water-clone.

Aqua Blades: Tanaka’s ultimate Jutsu. Can only be used when he is using his sword. Water is infused with chakra around his sword, and he can launch crescent shaped blades towards his enemy. Uses a good amount of chakra.

Bloodline Trait:

Rokotsuseki: His Bloodline trait allows him to activate his chakra nodes without the usage of hand signs. Although it may seem like a good trait, it drains more chakra than usual, as to using hand signs which would conserve his chakra.

Weapons: He carries around a black sword, that he stole from an antique shop when he left the Leaf Village. It is rather durable, and he often cleans it to make it shine.

Other: Nothing else really.