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All forum rules apply, but I’d like to put down some additional ones to keep a similar tone throughout:

- PG-13
- no too detailed descriptions of violence, in Pokémon battles
- no guns, rifles, rockets, etc.
- more will be added when I think of it...

Based on the Pokémen series second season fanfic, this is the story of many more trainers that were changed into Pokémon by the mysterious malfunctioning of Prof. Kristof Ball's Pokémon genes replicating machine. And had to hide from far more powerful forces that have sinister plans, but more on that later.

Although it is advisory to read the Pokémen fanfic seasons themself, to get an idea of how the transformation came to be and what subsequently followed, nonetheless, I'll put a bit of it here for those who'd rather figure it out themselves. Or are just too lazy right now

Prof. Kristof Ball: the creator of the capture device with the same name, as well as the Pokémon genes replicating machine. Kristof prefers to study any kind of data before anything, although he does occasionally invite people to take a look inside his lab and gaze at his inventions, and explain to them how everything works subsequently.

"Professor Kristof Ball, inventor of the capture device of the same name, has invited the most famous trainers for the proud presention of his latest breakthrough, the Pokémon genes replicating machine..."

As professor Kristof Ball walked around his awe-inspiring laboratory he continued his complicated explanations of the inner workings of his inventions: "... With this machine, we're composing a gargantuan database on the DNA of every known Pokémon, with which we'll also hopefully learn something about our own..."

The Professor showed the trainers which Pokémon's DNA they were replicating and analysing at the moment... "Here we have for example Combee, Kricketot, Wurmple,... a whole line of simple bug Pokémon," saying that last bit without showing much interest in it.

"What is..." he said as he suddenly heard a strange noise.

The lab monitoring system spoke out in its metallic voice: "Danger, danger! Machine, override! … Unauthorised procedure activated, please move yourself to a safe distance!"

- Short black-out -

When the trainers recovered, they'd found out they had been turned into Pokémon!
... Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound that original. Of course, this story wouldn't be called Pokémen, if I didn't get the idea for them to also acquire a secondary form; with thanks to the professor; known as a 'Pokéman', a very humanlike form, but with the appearance of the Pokémon the trainers turned into, in the form of ‘clothes’, which were actually part of their body. This form allowed them to feel somewhat human at the cost of only minimal Pokémon strength. Then again, when talking about characters bonding or hating, you can’t make a Drapion smile, or have a Serperior point fingers. They switch forms through turning a button on their wristband.

This was the beginning of Pokémen: season 1 the RP. Since then, many teams besides formerly ‘Team Alpha’ made their own contribution to solving the mystery of the Pokémanizing accident.

Alert, spoilers: one of the Pokémen betrayed them all and wrestled power from Kai, the mind behind the incomplete Pokémanizing process. The ensuing fight involving two Legendary Pokéwomen washed away all the Pokémen’s forces out of Kai’s lair’s tunnels.

Even now, months after the event, many of them are still missing. Rescue teams have been sent out to find and retrieve them. Meanwhile, those smart and enterprising individuals that are better suited for field work, have been sent out to research the local shrines, former mining facilities and all kinds of habitats to find information about the Legendary Pokémon that inhabit the Reminisce region. Maybe their DNA will provide the edge the Pokémen need over Nicolas Draken, leader of the Retroments, Pokémon turned into Pokémon-human hybrids, Eevee girls that can switch between evolutions and of course, the Legendary Pokéwomen. But there are other forces at work that pull the strings of Nicolas.

What are universal plot developments appearing sooner or later?

- Your human DNA slowly gets replaced with your Pokémon DNA completely and so you’ll become more like a Pokémon in appearance and strength even in your Pokéman form.

- Nicolas spies on all teams (except the lost ones, for now) that roam around researching or looking for lost team mates. If he thinks that you’ll discover something or someone you shouldn’t, he’ll attack like a very smart, competitive player, though his strategies lack room for improvisation. So he’s flawed, but not an idiot. He’ll use the best species of Pokémon in the form of Retroments to attack or capture you. He won’t kill, but will ruff you around thoroughly. He never appears in person, preferring to work through puppets, lieutenants and when the situation calls for it, terrifying powerhouses and Retroment experiments. He keeps his ‘pet’ Legendary Pokéwomen for the main fanfic

- Your character might recall what he supposedly did during season 1 or in between the two seasons, which might clue us in about things you have planned or just showing your character’s personality and its development.

- Pokémen can’t go into places with human populations because the first episode basically made them outlaws and easily recognizable as true hybrid monstrosities, instead of people dressed like Pokémon. Isolation from ‘normal’ people sets in, as well as a want for all this to stop and to be able to go home. Sadly, this will only happen when this season ends and Prof. Ball finds a cure… or not?

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Sign-up sheet

Prof. Kristof Ball: So... First I have to ask... Are you a boy, or a girl? ... A giiiirl? (You can tell I like the Super effective comics)
Gender: (fill in)

Prof. Kristof Ball: And what is your name?
Name: (you do know your own name, right?)
Age: Not important. (optional if you want to)

Prof. Kristof Ball: Now some personal questions...
Description: (Describe your character in his new Pokéman/-woman form, which you were transformed into to be more powerful and more efficient (OU, that sort of thing)
Personality: (fill in)
Role: Rescuer, Lost Pokéman/-woman or Researcher? (other options can be suggested)
Teamed up with? (You can team up with other RPers, or create small crews; loners are also possible, but only when being lost); as you might’ve guessed, Prof. Ball believes in missions being a team effort
History: (A small history of your characters life before all this; short but original )

You can allude to in which Team (starting from Gamma, going into Delta, Zeta, Epsilon) you were previously and what you did to get placed into a ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ team, depending on how well you performed in your missions. Remember, the farther you were placed from Gamma, the lesser importance your missions had (you were grouped according to when you woke up from the flash… and Prof. Ball’s whim)